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First of all.... thank you to all the other SEC fan bases that support Gator fans in rejecting the Autocratic move by our school president. Me thinks that the author of this article is a little young and naive in what MANY Gator fans think about this. I have been a season ticket holder since 1974. My family has had tickets since the 1950’s. Unless something drastically changes, this will be the end of my family’s season ticket. Me also thinks that Kent Fuchs has NO idea how much money the big boosters will cut off With this insane announcement. Very sad day for not only Gators, but all of the SEC and beyond. This is coming to everyone eventually.
I like the idea of Virginia Tech. They fit. Now I’m gonna throw one out there that NOBODY has mentioned.... TCU. We stay within the recruiting hotbed of Texas. We already have the Houston market covered with Texas A&M. Now we pick up another huge TV market in Dallas/Fort Worth. They’ll be willing to come in “solo”, unlike Oklahoma/Oklahoma St. It’s any easy trip for A&M, LSU, Arkansas and Mizzou. They’re usually pretty competitive in the big 3 men’s sports. What’s not to like?