Sugar Bowl NOLA

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OPPS! it was excited to relive those games!
in a galaxy far far away...1996...Manning to Kent! Manning "Boot Leg"... 41-14 "BLOW OUT" in Birmingham...start of 7 in a row...VOLS had belief of winning every year..."NOT" intimidated! now its been lost! VIA coaching?
view from NOLA...watching VOLS since 1969...was @ 1970 "Sugar Bowl" against Air Force...w/ Bobby Majors/Bobby Scott/Curt Watson etc..."BEAT" Red Elephants 24-0! was in Birmingham in 1985! competitive teams every year...expecting VOLS will be 31 pt. dogs...I believe it will be the largest line in "HISTORY" of series...even w/ "BEAR" Red Elephants were never that big of favorite...after hoping for CBJ to make progress it appears he's going backwards...VOLS should always play Red Elephants a competitive 2015 had lead late in 4th Q...very competitive effort! progress being made! there was "HOPE" for 2016 @ home! well, 2016 was a "HOME BLOW OUT"...embarrassing! now after another last second FLA "FAILURE" & UGA embarrassing "HOME BLOW OUT" it appears CBJ is "NOT" improving the team! i would give him 1 more year "IF" 121 regroups from "GOOD" coaching & finishes w/ 7>8 wins. then in 2018, to keep 2019 job...he must "IMPROVE" to 9>10 wins & wins 1 game against either FLA/UGA ALA...but it doesn't appear like that will happen! after recent games, "MAYBE" team 121's only wins will be over Vandy & So. looks like a 5 & 7! "NO" Bowl Game! hate to go thru another coaching change but!!! "COMES A TIME"...when your drifting....
Adams is a knucklehead! Great comments from MUTIGERSBALL... Adams stirs up stuff for opposing teams all the time, last wk. KY (UT blows them out etc..) im sure the UT coaches don't like giving the opp. bulletin board stuff! He's from Louisiana & probably a closet LSU fan! the name...lov UGA biting @ Auburn player! 1 of the ALL TIME BEST...SMOKEY took a bite at a BAMA player when Fulmer was coach, have it on video, cant remem what yr.? also...FYI, I didn't fall off a turnip truck but maybe I stumble on a curb on Bourbon St.! what WAR! seems liked it never ended? MOVE Mizzu to east so they have some traditional rivals in TAM & ARK & MOVE Auburn to west (GA. every yr.-a must have- & keep BAMA for 1 perm. east opp.) problem solved
b/c....."north vs. south" just sounds better & creates 2 new GREAT games each year... FLA-BAMA & TN-ARK
now 10...THE BEAR won 11... b4 MAJORS broke thru for 4 in a row....then Stallings took control...until FULMER won 7 starting w/ the help of PAYTON the series was a rivalry but until SABON' retires likely to remain 1sided. it was a close series like 43-38 ALA w/ some ties until this run of 10... OH WELL, vols still need to... STOP BAMA!
I just hope the SEC doesn't slowly become the BIG12...w/ NO "D" all "O" I say give Coach O a shot! everybody knows that when you change coaches (for what-ever reason) after 10-15yrs of doing nothing but winning @ high % you slowly fall off that pace & start losing more in transition. re-start w/ new coach takes 2-3yrs to adjust. while the FANS hope you can find another GREAT COACH that can start winning @ same %...NOT easy. usually takes the 2nd coach after 3yrs of LOSING! then 2-3yrs to rebuild 5-6-7 yrs go bye.... I remem ALA suffering thru some really down yrs. after BEAR & after STALLINGS...they got the mojo back now & until SABON' retires there king! BUT the future is bright when SABON' ends his historic run & ALA has to replace him, that will start the regression to the middle of the pack! think I was born @ the wrong time or wrong city...could have grown up in T-TOWN....w/ all due respect...BRYANT & SABON' have been tough!
seems like BAD scheduling long ago....those 4 teams in a row would be very difficult to go 4-0 for any FBS team...i agree, a bye week in between TAM & ALA would have made sense...& maybe produced a more competitive game. I didn't like reading in the "TALKING SEASON" that UT D-Cord. said "NO" body would run on UT! high hopes but now they sit, I believe @ #13 in conference rushing YPG, after 300+ by TAM & 400+ by ALA! OUCH!
some thoughts from a galaxy long ago....from all the classic Sugar Bowl games to the "FAN'S" enjoyment of coming to NOLA to celebrate has "SEC CHAMPIONS"! remember....the great times & games & SEC Coaches who coached in the Sugar Bowl...NEYLAND, BRYANT (KY & Ala), MAJORS (Tenn & Pitt), VAUGHT, DIETZEL, McCLENDON, DOOLEY (Vince not Derek!), SPURRIER, SABAN (LSU & Ala)...can I add Uncle LES....& all the great visiting coaches... BUD WILKINSON (Okla), DARRELL ROYAL (Tex), FRANK BROYLES (Ark in SWC), BOB DEVANEY (Neb), ARA PARSEGHIAN (ND), JOE PATERNO (Penn St), WOODY HAYES (Ohio St), LOU HOLTZ (Ark in SWC), JIMMY JOHNSON (Miami), BOBBY BOWDEN (Fla St) ...& many more I reason for this to start a rebellion to 1. END the over time MADNESS...I turn off the OT portion...i don't like the idea of a "CLASSIC" tough game ending 21-21 etc. & winding up 65-59! i'm sure ALL "D" coordinators hate it to!!! 2. only reason for OT is ESPN/CBS etc . TV $ 3.. because....there is nothing wrong w/ a tie! college FB was played for 125Yrs + w/out "OT"! if both teams are undefeated, a tie would surly not eliminate a team from the championship race! a tie is better then a "L"! some of the greatest games ended in a tie. 4. But... I feel the main reason to END for "Player Safety"...after 4 quarters of intense hits, the extra # of extra plays in OT w/ "TRIED" players is cause for concern! 5. anyway... a few more issues...still don't like fake grass! glad to see ole miss return to real grass!...don't like all the crazy uni's, hope ALA never gives in! rearrange division' 9 conf. games...NO patsy games after game 8...finish w/ conf. games... now I can go to sleep