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In the 40 couple years of living college football I have never witnessed more hype around someone who really accomplished nothing. He’s going to get a GM fired
Actually hate Florida, but what Chris said is true. Also, there was just so much wrong with this whole scenario. Even worse, Florida is the new Tennessee when it comes bad coaching hires. It took way to long for Tennessee to get back on track. CBN is garbage, you cannot hang onto him to long. When he goes 5-7 this year, cut the leash
Rumor circulating that someone didn’t pay. A pac team is paying more
As much as I cannot stand Georgia…………I will say, just an absolute performance last nite. There simply was not a team in college football that would have even stayed close to them the way they executed last nite. Nobody. Go Vols!
It wasn’t the botched snap or the clock management. It wasn’t the turnovers. It wasn’t bad defense. It’s just a simple fact that the B1G needs to be viewed as the same cloth that is the MAC or Sun Belt, etc. if you have a conference champion go undefeated then they should be in consideration for a playoff. Any other team doesn’t deserve a playoff appearance nearly because they have viewership. That conference was basically Ohio state until a recent few years of success by Michigan. Penn State isn’t a top tier program and is only a minor challenge to what is a two team race. It’s a shame that they just don’t belong and are consistently overrated and continually disappointing to thier fan bases.
His questions were answered and he will go to the Barn
See Josh Heupel and Jeremy Pruitt. Don’t kid yourself. Florida has a Botch Jones impersonator
In other transfer news I hear Cade Macnemara from Michigan is going into the portal with Georgia, Florida and USC (Trojans) as players there.
It’s funny to me Florida fans are now what the Tennessee fans were before Heupel. You need elite classes like Bama & Georgia have been getting OR bring in innovative coaches who scheme. I hope Florida keeps CBN around for at least 2 more years. Why the hell would you abandon the run when it was somewhat effective when your receiver corps was decimated? Why not use AR15 strength’s instead of calling plays he can’t execute? He’s no more than Butch jones 2.0 true Florida fans know this is true. He’s isn’t going to out coach half the SEC nor is he innovative. He’s a garbage coach
The single greatest thing I cannot figure out is why anyone would think AR15 is a first round pick? How? Even with CBN’s lack of coaching skill he still misses sim many throws. I get his “frame@ and “arm strength “ but he’ll Milton lll has the same measurables, a much more powerful arm, and really is more accurate even though Milton tends to shoot ducks above receivers, is still better.
I remember listening to others about the Botch jones experiment at Tennessee, but I never defended him or wanted to hold on that long. When this script is the same next season will you be so loyal?
For sure he is. Sounds great in press conferences. Nice guy. But makes poor decisions. Coaches players to how he wants instead of teams strengths. Keep on believing he will build Florida brick by brick. Believe
Looks like Florida’s Botch Jones doing Botch Jones type things. Hope you keep that loser coach. Snake oil and hot mic mixture?
When Saban retires will be the end of that dynasty. He’s truly the only coach that has the ability to leave on his terms period. However, competition will become harder with how the NIL and transfer portal affects things. It’s not like Bama isn’t still Bama. Teams are closing the gap. Recruiting is now a 3rd of a teams strength. The NIL and transfer portal make up the other 2/3’s of the recipe. Recruiting and development are still the higher priority 1/3. That’s the foundation. You no longer can brutalize teams like Bama has with superior recruiting and great coaching. You can now pluck players that want thier pics of pie with NIL and snag your needs for a team in the portal. The competition is finding ways to compete in those other 2/3’s and the margin of error is smaller for Bama. They basically lost on two plays because of self inflicted wounds because the margin for error shrunk. A loss to both Tennessee and LSU with decimated rosters left for dead with nowhere near the recruiting talent Bama has in thier tool box, but made up from some transfer guys and kids realizing there is money to be made by putting in one or two good years. The landscape around Bamas dynasty is changing, but Bama is still Bama. The also rans are figuring out ways to catch up.
The narrative: Bama is a few plays short of 4 losses. The other side: Bama is 2 plays away from possibly being undefeated. I’m glad they have the 2 losse. A thing that’s not often talked about is the distraction the NIL is now. Bama has been a force in both play and recruiting. A whisper of an issue is the brand is so big there that some of the 5 star players get there and are more focused on cash than giving all they got to playing. Who blames them. It’s clear that some players are there proud to be a crimson tide player and some are there riding the bus and making coin. This is a factor. Some of the distraction, focus and lack of discipline can be attributed to Alabamas success and those using it for bank.
It’s Georgia and then the rest of the field at this point. Georgia Michigan TCU Ohio State Tennessee Oregon USC LSU Ole Miss Bama
As much as it’s so hard to say it because I despise Georgia, but great game plan, very impressive defense. Georgia was ready! Happy to have had a shot at the east this year. Georgia is hands down going to be tough for anyone. I still feel Georgia played thier best game today on the biggest stage. Vols are closing And looking forward to more big games with these guys. Go Vols!
Mostly because I’ve been to Athens 3 times and seen a bunch more games at Neyland between these to and by far the fans are the worst. The best thing to happen to Georgia in the last 40 years was you winning a national championship finally. I was hopeful your fans would be more gracious. There isn’t a team in the SEC that has consistently done less with more than Georgia. Historically your recruiting classes since the 90’s was insane. Yet only one title in 40 couple years. It’s easy to see why Tennessee has stunk it up for years with terrible coaching hires and failed recruiting classes. But Georgia? With that much talent and some really good coaches you certainly should have had more championships. Kirby is what 6 years or so there? One DEC title and one national title in that span. With how bad the SEC east has been, your nowhere near Bama dynasty level. But y’all feel that way. Funny Heupel has a chance in year 2 to accomplish as many titles Kirby has in his entire tenure there. Georgia has been a consistent 10+ win team since CMR was at the helm. Glad you finally won something
When Heupel said that ask different people who they dislike the most and you’ll get different answers. He’s right. I hate Georgia more than any other team. I hope Tennessee rocks them this weekend because if they do my trolling will be as potent as Tennessee’s offense for the rest of the season. I will troll Georgia relentlessly
Gig ‘em’s post was accurate. Out of all the position groups this game will come down to the Tennessee run game. If Tennessee gets 4 ypc this game will not even be close. There will always be a player that has an advantage on offense for Tennessee and Hooker has been surgical. This will also be the game where hookers legs are going to be the difference. He hasn’t really had a ton of designated qb runs plays yet. You’ll see them Saturday. Vols 41 UGA 33
Any kind loss at home squarely puts Georgia behind Bama as the top 1 loss team. Regular season wins for Tennessee over both teams also puts Tennessee in front of a one loss Georgia team. The loser of the SECCG would certainly get in over them OR they “settle” for a Sugar Bowl bid. Georgia loses Saturday and it’s the citrus bowl for them. ?
Funny how Georgia fans point to other teams for perspective. Even funnier that they think they are Bama and have been a juggernaut and consistently think they are a winner. He’s some perspective for Georgia. Tennessee and Josh Heupel have an opportunity to win as many SEC championships and national titles as any Kirby Smart led Georgia team. 1 of each. In year Two under Heupel. So Georgia in reality had one anomaly winning a national title being completely uncontested from the SEC east. Until now. If your a Georgia fan you want Tennessee to lose because they can claim as much bling this year as you have in all your years with Kirby. Perspective
Extremely unlikely Georgia would advance if they lose this weekend. Then, Even if Tennessee gets be by double digits by Bama in the SECCG Tennessee still holds the cards with 2 regular season wins over Bana & Georgia, both top 5 teams during a 12-0 regular season. Georgia wouldn’t jump that with haveing only one top 10 win all season. What could even be a bigger disappointment for Georgia would be to lose this weekend and watch Tennessee beat Bama in the SECCG sitting at 11-1 and some of those other weaker conferences have undefeated champions they would likely get in. Then a 11-2 Bama team would likely be headed to the Sugar Bowl while the Citris bowl would have Georgia. All the marbles for Georgia in this game. Could happen. Could you imagine?
Honestly the toughest defense you have played was Mizzou actually. Think about that. How did your offense do there? Tennessee has down there damage against bsma, lsu, and Kentucky. Georgia can’t get into a shootout with Tennessee. SB isn’t Hooker on throws all over the field. Princeton Fant throws a better ball downfield.
Important for Tennessee to have a 2 score lead at halftime. If Tennessee can make SB press, Tennessee wins. If they are not leading at half and SB is comfortable Georgia will close the door.
I hope so. Won’t have to be concerned about Florida for a few years then. Honestly though his resemblance to Botch Jones is remarkable. His mic skills and lame cliché. Unwillingness to change his system s and putting his players in positions to not have success versus playing to the team’s strengths. Questionable calls. Not complete buy in. After seeing Tennessee struggle for years with bad hires I wouldn’t have expected any other teams hoping to hit a diamond in the rough hire. If I was a Florida fan I’d be pissed. The guy is disappointing. But yeah keep him there for a few more years
This dude got chewed up and spit out. This league is tough. But by year two, if you can’t notice much change then change you must (yoda voice) Napier will be next. The signs are already there. Don’t ignore them if you want to be successful
Nothing in the world would please me more than Beating Georgia this year. But you know what? I don’t expect them too. However Georgia has been really good while the rest of the SEC east has been pretty much garbage other than Kentucky, yes Kentucky being a pestilence it’s good to see a new player enter the arena. There has not ever been a better turnaround than this in the SEC. What Heupel has done is nothing short of amazing! Let us not pretend he hasn’t found the talent in the players who want to be VFL’s Hyatt, Tillman, Hooker, B young, Mincey, on and on and on. Remarkable. I’ve eaten gator and smoked a cigar and watch goalpost get tossed in the river! I was on the field once for that as a fan in the 90’s. My son is jealous, best dad story ever. Anyways I’m sure you Georgia Bama Florida fans be like “ oh we heard this about Tennessee before” you probably have. But it’s undeniable that this Tennessee team is a real contender and you see it on the field on Saturdays. You see a second year coach that took a meager pantry full of tools and bring a fresh exciting brand of football to the SEC. It takes a team of brothers playing for a purpose for a team goal. So you herd it before but never seen it and quite frankly you won’t want to now. The joke is over and every coach in the SEC will now change how thier game will be played. Every cycles on this SEC madness. Heupel is like Spurrier 2.0 with a flashy new toy. So I am thankful for my gator, cigar beer barrel and I’m excited to watch the Vols new Chapter.gonna be a great game.
My hope is the media mob doesn’t ruin a good thing. Kentucky in my lifetime has never been much of a threat to win the SEC until Stoops got onboard. Going all the way back as an alum of Tennessee in the 90’s if you lost to Kentucky something was wrong. Not anymore. What Stopps has done is build a VERY competitive program. Recruiting is exactly easy there, but he’s a great coach that does develop some really good players. The turnover at some of the coaching positions hurt but this dude is good enough to know what he puts on the field too. Furthermore the fan base is engaged. They have a great stadium. They are also some of the classiest fans in the SEC. Tennessee thumped them yes, but some of the best coaches also didn’t have an answered for Tennessee either. Cannot argue that Tennessee is just doing really well with a scheme that with good players is a matchup nightmare. Please don’t write call for his head articles about Stoops and the wildcats. 8+ wins a year in the SEC isn’t easy. Some teams make runs of success for years. Eventually reality and other things end the great runs by teams in this conference. If I was a Wildcat fan, sure I want to win titles, but I’d also be proud Kentucky competes well. They can make a run too. I wouldn’t be suprised.