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Congrats, LSU. No excuses. Finley will be a good one. Still believe we're on our way back.
Agreed 100%. I'm hearing the Hog defensive line is decimated, and that could be a source of great ugliness, too.
LSU being favored is as it should be -- given the ominous quarantine hints coming out of Fayetteville and the years of Tiger recruiting superiority. Now to pull for the upset.
I don't see anybody in this thread saying Arkansas was anything good. All the talk I see is whether Florida can stop Bama enough.
With my team having been whipped by both Mond/A&M and Trask/Florida (with a probable whipping by Jones/Alabama on the schedule), I can only say: 1. At this point, I'd rather play A&M again than Florida again; 2. The SECCG looks like a shootout that could go either way, with both teams scoring 30-plus points; and 3. If you put a gun to my head and made me bet, I'd guess Tide receivers John Metchie and Devonta Smith outdo the career night Arkansas's Mike Woods had last night, and Alabama running back Najee Harris helps play just enough keep-away to put his team over the top.
Congrats to the Gators. I know we haven't played Bama so we have no right to make comparisons. But I think the SECCG is gonna be a tremendous shootout that could go either way.
Seems like coach and players -- whoever called the fake -- would know to save the play for a game when it might make a big difference. It's not like throwing in a few wildcat plays to make future opponents spend time and effort preparing for them. A fake punt is probably only good once a season -- or two.
Since Mond sliced us up, I figure Trask will do as well. DC Barry Odom may scheme to prevent the big play (especially to receivers out of the backfield), but if Trask is patient the Gators can sustain drives. Meanwhile Franks probably hits one big one to Burks and a couple of short ones, but that's likely not enough to keep up. In the end the Hogs beat the spread but lose the game, say 42-28, but as Pittman says, the Hogs are in the "winning business," and that's (scoreboard wins, not spread victories) all that counts. It's not last year, or the year before. I don't think the Gators will overlook the Hogs.
Agree with the trash/treasure analysis. If Feleipe didn't have pro ambitions that compel him to come out this year, I think we'd welcome him back.
Unless weather conditions intervene, I expect Trask to have success similar to that Mond had against us. It'll be tough to keep up. I hope that Franks and Burks can hook up a couple of times to keep things interesting into the final quarter.
Not looking forward to facing Trask this week; he's amazing. Glad Feleipe saw the handwriting on the wall, though. He's been a Godsend for the Hogs. '
I have no inside insights, but personally I think Franks will be ready to try his hand at holding a clipboard on some NFL sideline. If he comes back (as the COVID eligibility rules allow), I'll be delighted. If not, I'll be grateful.
Hope Guarantano is okay. Odom is sure earning his money. Talk about halftime adjustments! Florida, I know you're delighted with Heisman contender Trask, but thanks for sending Franks our way. Glad he decided not to just ride the pine for the Gators this year. Burks is one to watch for the rest of his SEC career.
Alabama and Florida have explosive enough offenses to just overwhelm Odom's scheming--like A&M did--but I don't put the rest of the teams on Arkansas's remaining schedule in that category. Guess we'll see.
Odom schemes to stop the run, and does pretty well, but the Vols hit a couple of big play action passes and get out of town with a 28-24 win. Hope I am completely wrong.
Nah. With A&M, Auburn, and Florida left as chances for the Vols to prove they are headed in the right direction, the game against 2-3 Arkansas just doesn't loom that large. I believe Tennessee opened the year with higher expectations. Now for Arkansas the game is huge, coming off back-to-back 0-8 seasons. Should be a good one.
I can't see us making it, but it's nice to be mentioned. I guess stranger things have happened.
Hey, the Hogs have already won twice as many SEC games as in the last three years *combined.* If we show up ready and give A&M the fight we have in the last few years, many of us will still feel okay. There's one or two more games on the schedule within our reach.
Toughest test yet outside of Georgia -- and we saw how that came out I figure the Hogs make the Aggies sweat some, but in the end its A&M 31, Arkansas 21.
Sorry to hear this. Wishing him a complete recovery and a bright future.
Gus played us like a $2 fiddle to get his extension at Auburn. That's fine; it's a business, and he has a family to look out for Just don't ever darken our door again.
Franks may not be Mac Jones or Trevor Lawrence, but he's a Daveu O'Brien Award candidate compared to what we've had during the 0-for Chad Morris years.
Congratulations to Alabama. Must be nice to be excellent on one or both sides of the ball year after year after year. Georgia put up a good fight most of the way. Hat tip to them. I'm betting the Dawgs get another shot. Trouble is, Clemson may be the only team in America that can match or exceed Bama's offensive prowess. d
Officiating errors were made, but it will go down for all time as an Auburn win. You just can't count on getting the right call in the final moments on the road. Lesson learned. Next time maybe we don't chase the missed extra point, or put the true freshman QB in for a goal-line package, or fear to throw for the clinching first down. All that's on us.
Lane would have been all right, but it all worked out for the best. Happy with Pittman.
Congrats Auburn. For all eternity Tigers will go down as the winners. No sense in claiming anything different. Poor tackling, special teams errors, and questionable extra point strategy left it in refs' hands. That's no recipe for victory on the road in the SEC. Time now to try to figure out a way to slow Ole Miss's potent attack. s
No way Malzahn lets the University of Arkansas put him on the hot seat. He digs deep into his bag of tricks with more talent on the roster and wins by 10.
It'll be a hard-fought game, but no way Malzahn lets the University of Arkansas seal his fate at Auburn. Tigers 28, Hogs 17. Bo Nix figures it out a bit.