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Jennings is an immature thug. He also doesn't get the benefit of the doubt End of story. He bad-mouthed the previous coaching staff so ardently that he got kicked off the team (because his minutes were clearly dictated by the coaches lying to him and not his sense of entitlement or work ethic or his weed habit). All you have to do is look at the transcript of his rant back in 2017 to understand the attitude that provoked this outburst today. If Pruitt has any integrity, he just needs to boot that jamoke. He's a senior. You're not going to miss him at this juncture. He helped win you some games this year, but he seems to be a real POS. I feel like Jennings would be genuinely gutted to miss the Vols' bowl-game, so it's a real punishment. You can celebrate and talk trash all you want, but when you're savagely ripping a guys helmet off and directing a spike at his head, that's just ridiculous. I agree completely with DJ Shockley that it was one of the dirtiest and lowest things I've seen this year.
What the hell are you talking about? The past two coaches completely disrupt your stated timeline. Franklin was much improved in year one, improved in two, and sustained in three... He left. Mason failed in year one, improved in year two, and reached a bowl in year three. Fell off a cliff in year four before getting back to bowl elgibility in year 5. Year six is the edge of the cliff, and it's completely unexplainable with competent QB development and a head coach who isn't clueless when it comes to hiring an OC. I also think it's silly to call Vanderbilt the worst job in the Power-5. The expectations are so laughably low, that you can have five straight losing seasons (Mason), and get a contract extension that likely will have Vandy paying him 10 million dollars to leave. That does not sound like a bad job. In the end, I agree that we cannot get high-level candidates or keep them at Vanderbilt, but why would you continue to pay Derek Mason millions of dollars to run this circus. It's David Williams fault he's extended... But it would be same old Vanderbilt to just say, it's too expensive to buy him out now, who cares it's football. You go out and you try to find some young coach and you take a chance... If things aren't better in three years who cares... Can it get much worse than losing to UNLV at home and a likely 2/3-win season?
Mason has to be fired. His first season was an unmitigated disaster. He was responsible for hiring Karl Dorrell who almost single-handedly destroyed the progression of Vanderbilt's highest rated QB recruit of all time in Johnny McCrary. He was able to bring some stability back to the program in Andy Ludwig and living off the Franklin success bring in Kyle Shurmur who piloted the program to two bowl appearances (losses, mind you). The offense is historically bad this year. Completely and utterly inept with legit top-3 round draft picks in Pinkney, Vaughn, and Lipscomb. All of this might be excusable if the defense was otherworldly, but it has been historically bad. Literally, 2017 was historically bad in points/game allowed. He benefitted immensely from the presence of the best collegiate defender in 2016: Zach Cunningham, but besides that year, both Bobby Johnson and especially James Franklin's defenses were far better, and that's just completely indefensible. So let's recap: historically bad offense, historically bad defense. This isn't the 80s and 90s when a handful of teams get all the media love, all the recruits, and it's an unrealistic arms race. James Franklin proved that winning at Vanderbilt is not impossible. I don't expect James Franklin-like results, he was a very good coach who has built Penn State back into a perennial top-10 team; however, six straight years of losing seasons and complete disasters spread throughout are just too much. David Williams gave him an undeserved contract extension after last year, much to the chagrin of savvy Vanderbilt fans, but it really doesn't matter how much it is, he has to be removed. The train is off the track and it's not coming back.
Well, when the team completely quits in a game against a 1-4 UNLV team, can you blame the fans for not showing up? The crowd wasn't really stacked for UNLV either, but again, who wants to watch a rather bad team play a miserable MWC team? Look, I'm a Vanderbilt fan. I've seen some disappointing seasons, but this one has taken the cake. The fact that Vandy beat Missouri is almost more miserable. Our defense looked terrible against bad teams like Purdue, Ole Miss, and UNLV. The coaching staff put their eggs in the Riley Neal basket despite his obvious lack of SEC ability. The OC for whatever reason seemed to forget about Jared Pinkney, a first-round TE talent, for the majority of the season (and still rarely gives the guy a bone). Vandy's football game-day atmosphere sucks, hard. I mean, as a student, I got trashed at the fraternity house and made it to some games, but going back as an alumnus you just realize how terrible it is. Nashville is beyond a doubt the best city in the SEC, but Vanderbilt and Vandy football just isn't fun and really hasn't been the majority of its existence outside of the Franklin days.
Clearly the incorrect call. A shooter cannot draw contact with a leg kick-out. It's been a rule in the NCAA since 2015. It used to be a common-place foul, and too many guys took advantage of it.
Cutler? Why not just give a job to an unopened pack of batteries, maybe a half-used tube of tooth-paste. Probably get more use out of either.
Who has ever asked if Vanderbilt is the Baylor of the SEC or vice versa? Vanderbilt has similarities to two Texas schools: Rice and SMU. Rice because of the small academic thing... SMU is kind of an older association, but there's still plenty of filthy, old money at Vanderbilt. Texas is easily the best academic school in the Big 12, anyway. Even if you're just talking sports, that analogy makes no sense. That was just lazy.
Are your referring to the Duey, the soul patch, or just his overall look. Maybe I'm wrong, but anybody whose neck is as big as their head tends to automatically be downgraded to "dumb" in my book.
Mason should absolutely be in trouble. Williams is gone after this year, and Mason has a terrible record. It's Vanderbilt, he's piloting the ship, we don't have a bunch of rapists and drug-users on the team... The BOT is satisfied. But if the university has any aspirations of not being the worst football team in the SEC (we've still got games against UT and Arkansas), Mason has to get to 6 wins or his ass needs to hit the grass. The performance against Notre Dame was deplorable. Wait, SD, that was a close game??? We couldn't contain Notre Dame all game long, but like the K-State game last year, their OC gifted us a deplorable second half of play-calls. The fact we didn't win that one is indicative of the gulf in coaching between Jimbo and D-rock. James would have won us the Notre Dame game... Mason couldn't win that game with a tactical drone strike taking out Notre Dame's offense. I miss James Franklin, he's in a tough job now, competing with Ohio State every year, but I'll be damned if I wouldn't give him a hand-jo every day if he came back to Vandy. Give me somebody who isn't a complete disaster. Mason can't even get a vest right.
Wiggida-wiggida-wiggida whack! These predictions are at a loss, like they were written by Kris Kross.
Notre Dame is always overrated. Granted they're a top-25 team based on talent alone. Brian Kelly is a leprechaun who has no gold and probably beats women on odd numbered days (I'm just guessing)... Vanderbilt may be the best team in the SEC East not named Georgia. If Vandy had one more outside player besides Lipscomb, they beat Notre Dame easily. Tennyson had a TD easily, but couldn't catch a ball with fresh super glue all over his hands or with the arms of Vishnu. Who do you really have faith in after Georgia? Kentucky? This isn't basketball season. Mason has a legitimate job this week, and that's to get his guys ready to beat USC. He has to find a way to get the second-half effort he's seen in games 1-3 in the first half from now until the end of the season. If Vandy beats USC, 10 wins, still a pipe dream, but it's a pretty comfortable pipe. Mizzou? Florida? Kentucky? Tennessee? Arkansas? Come get some. I'm not saying that this will end in anything other than a Music-City Bowl invitation. Vanderbilt could go undefeated and struggle to get an Awesome Blossom. To me, Mason needs to farm 9 wins out of this team to even remotely tap the talent on West End. Shurmur leaves at the end of the year, and he's easily the best QB in the SEC not named Tua.
Interesting argument from a Georgia fan. What about Auburn with and without Kerryon Johnson? Is Auburn's home-field advantage and three weeks of prep-time equivalent to a 45 point turn-around? Or was the inability of Kerryon Johnson to play at 100% the critical swing-factor in Georgia blowing Auburn out of the water. I'm not arguing Georgia would have lost, but clearly, Kerryon's shoulder injuries were a major factor. Georgia's QB loss is a false-equivalency. UGA won it's games dominating at the line and with two all-world half-backs in Michel and Chubb (not to mention a great defense, much like FSU's). If Georgia had lost Chubb AND Michel for the season in the first two games (meaning they had to rely on Holyfield or some other unproven commodity at the position like Blackman, then you'd have a real equivalency for what happened to FSU).
Reading comprehension isn't a requirement at LSU? I wouldn't expect it to be. Kansas is a conference game, a bad team that OU gets to play every year. One of the recurring arguments is that Bama played Mercer at the end of the season, that things would be different if the SEC played a 9-game conference slate, but the difference between playing a ninth conference game against Illinois or Kansas or an OOC lay-up like Mercer is negligible. Vanderbilt also beat K-State, who happened to get to bowl eligibility and beat Oklahoma State, I'm not touting the superiority of Vanderbilt over Kansas. As a Vandy alum, I'm well-aware of our terrible football program, but that's not what this is about, and if you can't re-read that post and get it through your brain, well, there's no point in arguing with you.
So, Herbie agrees that Bama should be in? If you've watched much football on ESPN or ABC, you've heard the same sound-bite with him saying the committee's job is to "select the four best teams." So, yeah, I agree. It's Bama. 13 points. That's the combined points by which FSU lost to NC State, Miami, and Louisville. People act like FSU at 6-6 this year was a complete dumpster fire, but if you honestly believe that DeAndre Francois doesn't mean 13 points over those three games and a 9-3 record with losses against Bama/Clemson (and a dog at BC, I'm not going to give them speculation credit in a 30+ point loss), you obviously didn't watch much football last year. Yes, Bama played Mercer in the second-to-last week of the year. OU played hapless Kansas that week. Ohio State played that vaunted Illinois team that won 2 games all year long at the same time. Plenty of garbage at the bottom of the power-5 conferences so that the 9-game conference schedule argument is just plain stupid. Last year shouldn't count, but the committee gave Ohio State a bone last year, and they spit it right in their collective face. Nobody wants to see Clemson annihilate OSU (outside of Ohio State fans, but even some of them don't want to get that 4-seed). I guess it's possible that Clemson could shred Bama, but for my money, that's the match-up we want to see, those games have been epic showdowns the past two years. We saw what happened when the "more-deserving" team got in over Penn State last year who was playing the better football, was the better team at the end of the year last year. Above all else, since I don't happen to like any of the top-4 teams, I just want to see good quality football games.