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Swing and a miss on: both Stoops’ brothers, Franklin, Campbell, Allen, Kiffin, Kelly, and Meyer but hey a power 5 coach woah!!
Congrats on the South Carolina win this year! You ignore my point that UGA has only 1 NC in the last 40 years and instead respond with cute insults. Stay mad
Obsessed as always. Meanwhile in those 50 years of supposed failure, UF has THREE national championships and the real failure that is UGA has one....from 1980. 40 years is a long time friend. Stay mad
Solid comments by the very well educated fans of Georgia
"It’s been a frustrating week in Columbia." It's only going to get worse after an L to Tennessee
They're still crying!!! hahahahaha
King's last 7 posts were about Florida. Obsessed much? Too bad the cute little puppies lost to a team Florida just beat. Also you noted that "I hear things!!!!"... really explains a lot about you - don't forget to take your meds kid. 20-17 truly embarrassing.
Imagine losing to an unranked team. Coming up on what 40 years??