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Where’s Fantasyfootballgod when we need him??
Bama fans sure have become vocal on Gator articles lately. You guys ok?
You’d think he’d be more worried about the 6 game losing streak lmao
Gone after this season. Sign the recruits and move on
Oh and you were a 24.5 point favorite over a 2-4 Miss State. You won by SEVEN (7) hahahahah
But ND beating an unranked Louisville team 12-7 inspires confidence? Or Clemson beating unranked Boston College by 6? Teams have off games it happens. As others have mentioned, 11am game on the road with poor facilities will do that. TG does need to leave after this year though..
Clear front runner at this point. Fields with a 3 interception game and Lawrence hasn’t played in 3 weeks. Should come down to Trask and Jones
Imagine a virus so deadly and scary that you only have to stand 6 feet away from people and wear a piece of cotton over your mouth/nose. Sounds scary. The people who say “I love science” are the same people denying the facts you point out.
Oh yeah, and something about a squirrel and a nut
5 points in an entire half. Versus Arkansas. Nice try