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Is marijuana dependence a real thing? Asking for a friend
Hahahah. Can’t make this stuff up
*comment deleted by failing sports blog for hate speech*
Excellent post. Keep up the good work sir
This is absolutely hilarious coming from a Georgia fan. The Heisman candidate left and Kirby stuck with the 5th rounder hahaha
Impossible to argue with stupid. Lmao stay woke
Does LegHumperU have anything else to do besides comment and write long winded pieces on the Gator page? Lmao what a loser
Crmsontide69 Of course universities are attempting to open a billion dollar industry “for revenue purposes”. Are you implying there’s some ulterior race related agenda here? The hardest hit populations in the US by covid19 are non-Hispanic whites at 39%, followed by all race-Hispanics at 25% and non-Hispanic blacks at 17% percent. The greatest percentage of these individuals are 65+. Of all covid19-related deaths, within the age range 15-24 only 59 people died. You know the total deaths and know how insignificant 59 is. All data pulled from the CDC website as of 10 minutes ago. But I wouldn’t assume someone who uses the words “gross” and “smh” to be able to articulate anything more then your naive points. This is a college football based website, stay in your lane and remove politics and race from comments.
Obsessed losers are obsessed. Imagine!! She's had too much heartbreak on the Georgia side so now its time to come to Florida and talk. Cute AND flattering
A quote from another article posted here: “Ohio State got inside Clemson’s 25-yard line 5 times: 3 field goals, 1 TD, 1 INT. We can talk about the officiating, but Ohio State blew its chances and let Clemson go 94 yards for the winning TD and that was the difference.”
Wait wait you’re telling me the #1 seed is the “favorite to win it all” because they’re ranked #1 and will play the worst ranked team in the playoff?? Woah never thought of it like that before