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I hope Tanner has learned about giving steep buyouts clauses to bad coaches. They need to earn those by at least winning the SEC East and not being a celler dweller.
Muschamp "they played their asses off" it doesn't matter champ it still wasn't good enough and at the end of the night add another one to the loss column. Need to start deducting one million dollars per loss from his buy out.
Tanner was a great baseball coach who hauled in back 2 back national championship, but he sucks as an AD and has sh_t for taste in hiring coaches paying them millions for a sh_tty resume. He put a Spurrier mural on the stadium right before Spurrier quit and went back to Florida. Still trying to figure that one out. He is terrible at hiring coaches, the baseball program is sliding into the sewer with the football program. Thank God for Dawn Staley.
Maybe all Gamecock fans should chip in 10 or 20 bucks to just get rid of this excuse making non head coach and donate some more to get a good head coach and finally fire the dumb ass that gave him an 18 mil buy out for doing nothing but sucking.
This game is going to be ugly pretty fast. The tigers defense is much better than last weeks A&M d that we could only put 6 on the board. I bought my last ticket the Florida game. No more for me until some big changes are made. Tired of paying to see this plane flown in the ground.
As a long time Gamecock fan I have never talked smack about an opponent especially one like the rich history of the vols. Both teams are pretty pathetic right now but somehow we did beat a top 5 team and who did you beat besides our pathetic no bowling this years team? A Kentucky team thats just as bad that we even demolished?
Brfore the Muscamp hire I would of loved to see them get Coach Leach but I think he maybe getting a little on the elder side but still would ba an improvement. The other devil that comes to mind is Mr Kiffen and hope he has learned something from his other ventures. Needs to be an offensive minded guy that makes good hires and good decisions.
Sorry but Will is not a head coach. He has had his chances at two different schools and now needs to go. SC fans deserve better. We have officially regressed back to the Sparky and Brad days.
Its too bad the game had to be stunk up with the bad officiating it was shaping up the be a close finnish. Congrats to the Gators. Good luck towards winning the East!
Long time Gamecock fan here. Been through the good the bad and the down right ugly 0-11. Remember going to the games with my father back in the 70s seeing Grantz, Bass,and Rodgers. On into the 80s witnessing the black magic years, get a ticket for 18 bucks great football. Took my 12 year old yesterday to the game dropped well over a hundred bucks into this one to see the worst officiating ever. My son from the upper deck spotted the holding call on the td run when it happened. They have the ability now and need to review every play and make missed calls or correct all bad calls since the clowns on the field can't do it. In a close game like this every call has a tremendous effect on the outcome. For the price you pay to attend these games you and I should expect better.