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It's like all of these writers are writing for the high school newspaper without a computer that has spell check.
Written into his contract was that Joel Klatt has to give him lap dances every commercial break.
Love listening to Eli Gold. Hopefully he'll have a speedy recovery.
Both Florida and LSU seem a little low to me. Really can't argue much with the list until they start playing the games.
I just read the headline of the article and I knew all of the Georgia people would be chiming in. Jeez, give it a rest. He was at Alabama 12 years ago. Why not blame his NFL coaches too?
Hiring Herm Edwards by his former agent has set ASU back years. Granted, we are no powerhouse but a decent team for the PAC. I know I'm biased, but I think this was the worst hire.
I think I'm in the minority but I can see LSU finishing second in the west. Kelly is a really good coach and there'd just too much talent down there to be in a full rebuilding mode. Then again, I could be wrong.
As a Pac guy, I can't even take anything Kiavkoff takes seriously. I may be in the minority, but let us and the other three schools move to the Big 12. Have the Big 10 take those that it wants and dissolve the Pac. I'm over it.
I agree with 1998Vols, Tostitos Fiesta Bowl was a great match. Hate to see it go.
I was always a big fan of Tua and hope he succeeds. He was ungodly accurate at Bama. I do agree that he was handcuffed a bit with Flores. I think this new coach is all in on Tua and hopefully we'll see the old him slinging it this year.
So Leghumper is counting 4NC's won under Saban? What is the logic here?
They'll be the biggest 4th place in juggernaut in their league when they move to the Big 10.
2022: rank 3 2021: rank 4 2020: rank 1 2019: rank 2 2018: rank 1 Seems to me he's doing just fine in recruiting even with his "disadvantage" of having to play in Jacksonville every year.
If he committed to either UGA or Bama I bet he would still be the consensus number 1.
"Smart believes this is a simple argument: Playing a neutral-site game against Florida in Jacksonville every year is detrimental to his ability to recruit." Really? Doesn't he have a top 5 class every year? Weak argument.
Outsider here thinks this is written as a Bama hater article. Comparing guys that don't even play the same position? Come on.
Couldn't this article be written in 2016 in relation to Texas? "Tom Herman is bringing Texas back". Isn't that what this article basically is?
Such terrible news. Wishing this kid the best in his speedy recovery.
I can't really argue with the east. You could flip a couple teams here or there but seems reasonable. On the west, the A&M love is still baffling to me. A perennial 8-4 team getting that much love.
I like how he addressed the situation, but I agree with most on here that he is a dead man walking. He'll be okay, I'm sure his buyout is astronomical and he'll head back west and coach somewhere that probably suits him better. The question becomes, what coach would really want to be a part of all of the fighting, meddling and back stabbing that goes on at Auburn? My guess is it'd have to be an Auburn homer to step into that. Then you wonder, is that a step up in coaching or a step back?
It's a college football fan. I'm not upset about them winning the title, it's the keyboard warriors proclaiming a dynasty. Yeah, my team sucks, I know that. Doesn't mean I can't call a spade a spade.
I swear I don't know which keyboard warriors are worse on this site, Georgia and their one year dynasty or Texas A&M defending their bought class and 8-4 coach over and over.
I'd like us to go to the Big 12. I think the new commissioner shot himself in the foot with the "alliance" to thwart the big bad SEC. Short sighted and stupid. I have to admit, I loved the fact that one of his "alliance" partners stole his flagship university and the entire LA market. He is just desperate now to partner with anyone to try to save his sinking ship. I say my Sundevils, the redheaded step children in Tucson along with Utah and Colorado should bolt for the Big 12. I'd be happy with that.