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I am really scratching my head with this move. Seems like a downgrade in jobs, but it is home.
Why listen to Kiper? He's a clown. He had Rattler as the number 2 overall prospect before this season and the first quarterback.
Bama always takes care of Saban. No need to worry about his pay.
I don't see how this isn't Fickell's job unless ND doesn't want to wait for him should Cincy make the playoffs. That would just be short sighted thinking though.
Venables seems like it'd be the right choice between the three listed.
I think a bump is an understatement. This hire will see them have a massive jump just this year and I think they'll get back to their top 10 classes again sooner rather than later.
Watch Michigan choke against Iowa. He'll be back riding him then.
Really? You haven't decided? If you don't go in the portal, then your football career is over.
Love that they're keeping it classy. You should see the meltdown on their SB nation site. Very entertaining.
With them coming to the SEC, it makes more sense for him to jump. Alma mater, and a history of being much more successful than UT, at least with these kids generation.
I don't understand the Stoops to Oklahoma thing. So his brother coached there, big deal. Any of you want to go to work at a place where your brother is a legend and you have never coached there? I thought Heupel, but learned about how he was let go, so I think UT is safe.
Being an Alabama fan, I hope it's not Aranda. He can flat out coach.
He should have said the refs just don't like Arkansas, regardless of the opponent. This is just a dumb take.
I don't get why Cristobal would leave Oregon. Big dog in the Pac-12, great facilities, money galore. Come to the SEC and go against Saban or Smart every year hoping you can just get to Atlanta once every few years. Don't see Kiffin heading to LSU. Miami could be intriguing. I think he's biding his time until Saban retires and will try to get the big chair at Alabama. Aranda makes so much sense for LSU, but he's a California kid. Would he go back home and Coach USC? LSU needs to go after Napier.
MSU will regret this contract in a couple of years. No reason to pay him as the second highest coach in the NCAA.
It's good to see the Big 12 is focused on the big picture, instead of worrying about your two flagship schools leaving the conference. At least you will have silenced a couple of commentators from Lubbock? Way to keep your eye on the ball.
Does anyone even really care who the 25th ranked team is except the fans of the 25th and 26th ranked teams? I mean seriously, they are in two different conferences and their ranking nationally will have nothing to do with their bowl invites. A whole lot of outrage over a mole hill.
Is this seriously your take or are you making a joke? It's hard to tell.
Over/under for Danielson's kick six mentions during the iron bowl this year? Or you could just do a shot every time he says it. You'd be passed out by the end of the first quarter.
Bama isn't getting in with two losses unless there is complete chaos behind them and it is a close one with Georgia. I am pretty certain they lose, they're out.
I don't think he's really hanging on to past glory. Isn't Alabama the current defending national champs? You're trolling on something your team hasn't done yet. In Saban's 14 or so years at Alabama, through his 6 natty's, he's only had 2 undefeated seasons.
Yes, this is absolutely a rivalry. I lived in Alabama for 15 years and they absolutely think it's a rivalry. I've now lived in Tennessee for 6 years and yes, they still think it's a rivalry. It has always been streaky so who cares Bama is on a 14 game streak. It'll change when Saban retires.
Jimbo has no buyout to pay if he leaves. I still think it's a pipe dream. So is Kiffin and Cristobol. They are not leaving their current situations this year.
Harsin knows what the recruits will take away? At least GA and Bama don't need to worry about the recruits there that night. They are the ones those two schools wouldn't want.