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Starting to hear his name in Knoxville today
I believe Butch is handling the situations as they arise properly. I also believe it is fair to question why this keeps occuring. My bigger question is whether it is coincidence that these incidents started popping after Tim Rogers quit over interference from Dave Hart on discipline matters. Are we to believe that there were very few problems under Dooley and Butch's first year, and they started with arrests at Feb. Party ? If that is true, then Dooley must have recruited better character. I dont think so, I think Hart got busted for obstruction and cant sweep things under the rug anymore.
umm, ever heard of a family from Tennessee named Majors ?
Some of the names listed may not be interested in following Saban. The only Coach that comes quickly to mind that succeafully followed a legend was Tom Osborne at Nebraska. Even with his record, Les Miles stayes on the hot seat. Holly Warlick is 100-28 at Tennessee and more and more fans are starting to call for her head, because she is not Pat Summitt. Sometimes it is better to be the coach after the coch after the coach.
I think Butch Jones should be on this list. The hype and expectations on Rocky Top has gotten ridiculous for a team and Coach who is still around .500 There has been a lot of talk, its time to back it up with wins
Are any of the voters over 40 ? Dye over Shug, Miles over Cannon ,Vaught. These are the true legands of the SEC
Woa, don't get me wrong, I believe Butch is doing a great job and going to turn the Vols into contenders again. But the hype is starting to get ridiculous. Butch is still sub .500 overall and 2-8 against the big 5 on UT's annual schedule. His biggest wins are against a down South Carolina and average at best Iowa. Barnett had a great freshman season, but McKenzie, Phillips and Tuttle haven't played a down yet. The 98 and 99 lines were all great in college and the NFL. Lets get a few games out of these guys before we enshrine them. Not trying to be negative, just been a fan over 45 years and have several teams (1980, 1986 and 2005 come to mind) that did not live uo to the the preseaon hype .
was really surprised at the lack of Mizzou fans in town for today's game, especially with so much on the line.
Where are all the Mizzou fans ? Usually Gatlinburg is flooded with visiting fans. Bam and Georgia usually bring about 10,000 + fans to Neyland. Missouri returned over their ticket allotment. You guys gottas represent on the road
Got a nightmare scenario for you, UF beats Georgia, South Carolina and Florida State and your stuck with Muschamp
You do realize, Apples are the only healthy item on the list ?
Among the laundry list of reasons I have to despise Kiffin, this is the top of the list. His two recruiting classes looked good on signing day, but there was very little production. With consistent Quarterback play, I believe there are several games over the last 4 years that might have turned out different.I am not a Bray hater, but he was unable to pull several close games out at the end. Ofcourse, if Dooley had won a few more, we might not have Butch now, so maybe in the end things will turn out for the best.
Evaluating Junior High talent is probably what he needs to do. While he was busy offering two Legacies who were more then likely coming to Tennessee anyway, he was telling Taj Boyd and Bryce Petty they would not make it at Tennessee