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I suppose the enlightened people are the science deniers who refer to men dressed as women as "she". If he was born a male, and has a penis, he's a boy. It's called biology. You're welcome back as soon as you understand these things.
The "Trump cult" doesn't find joy in murdering unborn babies like the democrat death cult. Heck, the only people democrats don't want dead are all the murderers and rapists currently locked up on death row. How very enlightened.
Just more dadgummery from the dadgummest football program in the country.
Another pathetically weak schedule. It’s the Dadgummest thing!
Yes. Because an idiotic former player randomly handing out wads of cash amidst thousands of people on camera as part of some pathological craving for attention is exactly the same as your coach and program illicitly paying a player. Forget apples and oranges. You’re comparing apples and orangutans.
He’s lucky that cop didn’t taze him in the face. NOPD usually gives zero f**ks about who you are once physical contact is made.
One of those things I feel fortunate I’ve lived to experience. I’ve resigned myself to the reality that a season like this won’t happen again in my lifetime. And I’m okay with that. This season was magic. Thanks for all the congrats from our fellow SECers. Makes this whole thing that much more special.
I believe he lives in Tennessee now. Smart man. But his sons play for Clemson. And we all know how sensitive Dabo can be to snarky criticism. Hope the Herbstreit twins don't find themselves scrubbing jockstraps after practice as a result of this honest assessment.
St. Dabo the Martyr. How does he muster the strength to get out of bed each morning with all the world lined up against him? Such a brave and selfless soul. If there was an Olympic crying team, St. Dabo would have more medals than Michael Phelps.
I’m wondering if UF’s rising star will put pressure on KS to open up his offense and move to more of an RPO-style like LSU. I’d love to see it.
It’ll be interesting to see if UGA makes any significant changes to open up the offense with so many new personnel changes coming. Seems like a great opportunity to do something big. I know a lot of SEC fans would love to see it. And it may be necessary with Florida continuing to rise.
SEC officiating has been bad all year. It’s been a common subject on the PF show. The scoop and score is a perfect example. You’re supposed to have irrefutable evidence to overturn the call on the field. I didn’t see it. Just my opnion.
They plucked him from the Saints. And he came. The question is whether he wants to go back to the NFL after just one season with LSU. What I wonder is if the College bug has bitten him and whether he may want to pursue a head coaching position in a couple of years.
This gives the committee cover to keep lsu at #2, so they’ll have to play Clemson in the playoff, by pointing to the weakness of LSU’s opponents, which is ridiculous on its face. If LSU beats Georgia this weekend, look for the same thing to happen to the dawgs. They’ll drop to 10 or 11.
It sounds like Saban may be setting everybody up for an Alabama loss. He doesn’t seem very confident. It’ll be interesting to see how Mac Jones handles a responds to a really good D in a very hostile environment. If I were a bama fan, I wouldn’t be looking forward to the pkayoffs just yet.
Send both teams onto the field to start tackling the protestors at full speed. It would clear off quickly, I imagine
Nick Saban showed absolutely no class or character when he played an injured kid for style points. Shameful decision. Total bum.
So somebody got shot in the back of the “head/neck area” with a shotgun and was released from the hospital with non life-threatening injuries? Thank goodness for that, but at the same time...huh?
Tua plays like a champion. A couple of uncharacteristic mistakes coming off what he’s been through the last 3 weeks is understandable. Hope he kills it the rest of the season. Go Tigahs!!!
I can’t imagine how upset you’re gonna be when you lose to Auburn. Geez.
I was really nervous about this game. Then Colin Cowherd picked Bama to win big. So naturally I mortgaged my house and sold my children to put $500,000 on LSU.
Thank the heavens he didn’t pick LSU. A Cowturd prediction is the kiss of death. Good luck Bammers. Gonna be a good one.
Like most people here, I couldn’t care less where Gameday goes. Pretty rare to have a #1 vs #2 matchup like Bama and LSU (but not that rare for the SEC. And secondly, does anybody else find it weird that the Minnesota head coach seems more worried about where College Gameday will be than the undefeated Penn State team that’s headed his way?
So you’ve got an undefeated Penn State team coming to your house and you’re worried about who’s hosting College Game Day? When and where can I bet the farm on PSU?
May be off topic, but I’m smiling as a remember the first two weeks of the season, when SEC haters mocked the “It just means more here” tagline and questioned (yet again) whether our predominance was waning. What a difference 6 weeks makes. 5 of the top ten teams in the country. Including #1and #2.
Nineteen-year-olds do stupid things. I know I did. But this was epic stupid.
I’m interested to see how Florida and SC react following their big games this past weekend. Seems like there are a few key injuries on both sides. Could be really interesting. An SC team with wins against UGA and UF would be something else.
I’m just glad it’s finally here. So much hype. I’m exhausted already. Good luck Gators. Let’s do this Tigers.