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Tua plays like a champion. A couple of uncharacteristic mistakes coming off what he’s been through the last 3 weeks is understandable. Hope he kills it the rest of the season. Go Tigahs!!!
I can’t imagine how upset you’re gonna be when you lose to Auburn. Geez.
I was really nervous about this game. Then Colin Cowherd picked Bama to win big. So naturally I mortgaged my house and sold my children to put $500,000 on LSU.
Thank the heavens he didn’t pick LSU. A Cowturd prediction is the kiss of death. Good luck Bammers. Gonna be a good one.
Like most people here, I couldn’t care less where Gameday goes. Pretty rare to have a #1 vs #2 matchup like Bama and LSU (but not that rare for the SEC. And secondly, does anybody else find it weird that the Minnesota head coach seems more worried about where College Gameday will be than the undefeated Penn State team that’s headed his way?
So you’ve got an undefeated Penn State team coming to your house and you’re worried about who’s hosting College Game Day? When and where can I bet the farm on PSU?
May be off topic, but I’m smiling as a remember the first two weeks of the season, when SEC haters mocked the “It just means more here” tagline and questioned (yet again) whether our predominance was waning. What a difference 6 weeks makes. 5 of the top ten teams in the country. Including #1and #2.
Nineteen-year-olds do stupid things. I know I did. But this was epic stupid.
I’m interested to see how Florida and SC react following their big games this past weekend. Seems like there are a few key injuries on both sides. Could be really interesting. An SC team with wins against UGA and UF would be something else.
I’m just glad it’s finally here. So much hype. I’m exhausted already. Good luck Gators. Let’s do this Tigers.
Always a fun night at our house, with my Gator wife and her Tiger husband. Good luck, UFers (not You F’ers). In the immortal words of Marvin Gaye, “Let’s get it on.” May the better team win.
If LSU’s O-line can give Burrow time to throw, and the D-line can stop the run, LSU wins. It ain’t rocket science, but it also probably ain’t gonna be that easy.
Sad thing is they'll say the same thing about UF if LSU wins by more than 7.
I concur with Coach Mason 100%. Nashville needs to up its booze game if it’s to be a respectable SEC host city.
I was never a huge FF fan. But an injury like that is never something I want to see. I wish him a full and speedy recovery. What I think will be interesting is to see how Mullen reacts if Trask continues to play at the level he played Saturday night. Sure, Franks is a “vocal” leader with talent, but if Trask mows down the competition week after week, some Gator fans and people like me will wonder why the QB whisperer didn’t recognize the talent that’s apparent in him from the getgo.
Wasn’t Ehlinger’s fault that guy dropped the ball. His pass was on the money. Mom and girlfriend have a lot to be proud of.
Well the fact that LSU finally made a change should give you renewed hope. I never dreamed I’d see anything like this 3 years ago. But here we are. Good luck.
Very solid performance. Good to see him putting his money where his mouth has been.
I’m more concerned with the defense after Saturday night. If UT can hang 38 on us, I wonder what some of our division opponents could do. I’m looking at you, Bama.
True. Seems like everybody is stumbling over themselves to praise Burrow (and deservedly so), but you’re absolutely right. At least call out Jefferson, if not the whole bunch.
That LSU - UT game was one for the history books. Two really impressive offenses tearing up two solid defenses. Crazy. And really fun to watch.
Gotta give the Aggies credit for having the toughest schedule any team has had for a long time. It's a meat grinder.
I refer you to Charlie Strong on this one. There were one or two Oscar-worthy performances for drama though. But I'll take a win against a team like UT any way we can get it.