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I agree. Florida is more far this young season. The Gators git er dun.
The only one I see wrong is Bama at Kent St. Miss. St. plays at UMASS.
I disagree. Ole Miss should have a better passing game and FSU should have the better run game. Who is going to win? I hsve NO earthly idea. It could be close or a blow out by either team.
Their war chant is so irritating. They run it in the ground. I plan on watching the game on MUTE. I'll have David Kellum on the radio calling play-by-play. Fins Up! ✋✋ Beat the NOs!!!
Their war chant is so irritating. They run it in the ground. I plan on watching the game on MUTE. I'll have David Kellum on the radio calling play-by-play. Fins Up! ✋✋ Beat the NOs!!!66
I think Mullen is more likely to leave (at the end of a 6-6 season) after he loses 3 Egg Bowls in a row. Shea leaving the school he picked over LSU, ALABAMA,FLORIDA, etc. Keep dreaming...aint gonna happen.
Chris found out...dont phuck with a man. Tunsil was the "jewel" of the NFL draft. He was a special player at Ole Miss where we just "reloaded" the LT position with another NFL #1 draft pick, Greg Little.
Hope he's able to talk after the Landsharks shove his head up his arrogant asp. Fournette tried making a statement against the Rebels and he got his 100+ yards but the Tigers LOST 38-17. Hot Tee Tot Tee y'all
This is great to here. Isaac Gross is a beast...the whole Land Shark D line are hungry SHARKS. Cant wait to see the Rebels, the #10 preseason AP POLL team take on the Florida State team which is ranked #1 in some preseason polls. Should be a super matchup. Fins up!!! ✋✋✋
Trey Smith at RT AND Greg Little at LT. HOTTY TODDY!!!
Well, we will surely find out on September 17th. In case you lost you SEC stats...Ole Miss went 10-3 last season ending up the AP Poll ranked #10. The AP preseason Top25 poll has Ole Miss ranked #10. Coaching makes a lot of difference in whether a team is successful. Ole Miss has an excellent coaching staff. They dont have a team with 5 star players from top to bottom but have managed to become progressively better each season Coach Freeze record Year one 7 wins Year two 8 wins Year three 9 wins Year four 10 wins Year five ?
Take the record books and put em in the trash. Georgia will not survive their trip to Ole Miss. The Rebels have too much fire power and will not lose at home in 2016. That goes for Alibama and Mizzippi 'Tate. Hotty Toddy yall
The NaziCAA has so many damn picky rules that most football coaches will reluctantly tell you that they "unknowingly" break rules every day. The NaziCAA has literally thousands of fcking rules and its impossible to remember them all. I will also add that it is impossible to control what 'boosters' do and the schools are punished for their actions. If Ole Miss committed 'serious' infractions and its proven beyond a shadow oF doubt then they should be penalized, but I dont think any of the allegations that the football program is charged with rise to the level 1 that the NazICAA has put forth. But what can you do when IMO there is some backroom strategy going on to hurt the Rebels. Afterall, the head of the NaziCAA use to be Nick Sabans boss when they both were at LSU. Something to think about.
Just sayin' WHAT? This deal is between Tunsil vs. step dad who is a real nutjob.
Freeze is trying his darnest to stay out of this crap 'tween Tunsil and his step dad. It doesn't have anything to do with Coach Freeze. Get a life people and...also, get some mentholated cream for those sore rears. Ole Miss is going to rip sum more Tide & Dog rears AGAIN this year in Oxford. hahahahahaha
Poor old Mythtippi 'Tate. Day so po, the aint gotta bucket to piss in. Another Egg Bowl win in November for the Rebels in Oxford. You want some whine with your Cheeros? LMFAO
Chad Kelly will destroy the Criminoles. Machine Gun Kelly will be up for the HEISMAN TROPHY. HOTTY TODDY GOSH ALMIGHTY!!!
Robert Nkemdiche is going to have a rookie year that will amaze the NFL. He has unbelievable talent and the size to back it up. Make all us Landshark fans proud Robert.
Not to be insensative but what is the difference in a State student falling off a jumbotron and tragically falling to his death, and Robert Nkemdiche jumping off a hotel balcony and hurting no one nor himself? Again, not meaning to be insensative, just curious. God bless this family in their loss.
Old Danny Boy is gettin' desperate. Like he really GIVES A SH*T (GAS). THIS IS SOOO TRANSPARENTLY OBVIOUS. Mullins is an assshole...period. I would hope these kids recognize how disingenuous Dan is....
No my friend. Mullens day is coming after Ole Miss wins the Egg Bowl for the third consecutive year. Even you will be shouting "pan Dan". Hahaha
Hugh Freeze would not have taken an offer from Florida to begin with. He was right where he always wanted to be: Ole Miss. Florida is nothing after Urban. Just bitterness because Freeze convinced Tunsil to play for the Rebrls. So this jerk at whatever rag he writes for can kiss my Rebel ASS.
Talk about someone's butt still burning after his po lil pachyderms got beat by the Ole Miss Rebels with mostly 3 and 4 star players. Yeah buddy, the Rebels cheated by out coaching Saban. Hey, try some metholated salve on that redass.
WTF YOU smokin'? Rebels have the BEST receiving corps in college football. Put down the crackpipe. Malzahn is on his way out. Another 6-6 season spells D-O-O-M for Gussy boy.
MSUx and Bamma fans really are hoping they get back those two BIG LOSSES administered by the Ole Miss Rebels the last two years. LOL P.S. NOT GONNA HAPPEN hahahahahaha
Of course! Haven't you heard of the Ole Miss Tigers? Who is the dumbass who wrote that article. He must've had Tiger-on-the-brain. IF Coach Freeze signs Jeffrey Simmons and ME-KAY, the Landsharks will be bad bad bad 2 the bone!
WHY do they keep saying Chad Kelly is a Clemson transfer? That is no true. Swag transferred to East Miss. Community College from Clemson. THEN, he transferred from EMCC Ole Miss.