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Oh man, that would be a great reality show. Pick the nuttiest fans from each SEC school and put them in the wild to survive together.
The Bristol game isn't until week two. The week one game (Appy State) is in Neyland, smack in the middle of campus. Thus, the cancellation.
Lol. It's Piedmont Park in Atlanta. It's like someone googled "Georgia" and just threw up the first downtown image they found. I had the same reaction as you, and I'm a Tennessee fan. The thing with Austin and Madison is that they'd exist without the college. You take Auburn, Clemson, heck, even Penn State or Oklahoma out of their towns and what's left? THAT is a college town, where every single thing in town exists because of the college, regardless of whether it's sports related or not. Chapel Hill is another one.
This^^^^ Have one in Chicago, one in Detroit, one in Cincy and one in Philly. Then see how in favor of them the Big 10 is.
I actually thought the same thing. The way both Richt and Jones were viewed changed drastically because of that game, really even because of the last minute of the first half. Prior to those two quick scores Neyland Stadium was about as silent as I've ever heard it and Richt was on the way to winning the east. After, Tennessee finally felt it could close out games and Richt was on his way down the toilet.
Media here in Knoxville say that he has a stake in some Bud distribution plants in the Southeast. His arm might not be what it once was, but he's still a smart businessman!
Not that it changes the 0-fer, mind you, but Florida was 3-0 against Manning. A guy you might have heard of named Todd Helton started the game and played the vast, vast majority of snaps in Manning's freshman year. Acknowledging that it was 31-0 Florida, so it's not like he'd have made a difference, but still.
Having actually gone and looked at the graph, SDS misread the icon for Tennessee. It's actually sliders, not sloppy Joes. Which, let's be honest, we're talking Krystals. And yes, I could see that.
Been going to Tennessee games for 40 years and have yet to see a single sloppy Joe at anyone's tailgate. Tons and tons of fried chicken, with a growing amount of kielbasas and peppers, but nary a sloppy Joe. Also, there's quite literally one burger stand in all of Neyland Stadium, so I'm not sure whose filling this thing out. Also, UT is, cough, cough, cough, a dry campus...having said that, there are probably 3 empty Jack Daniels bottles for every one Bud Light.
I agree with both of you. As a Tennessee fan, it's crazy to me that at age 40 the Vols have played Georgia Tech in the regular season the same amount as LSU and Miss State in my life. That shouldn't happen. The whole "12 years between a non-rival visiting" is insane. Tennessee plays at A&M this fall, when my son will be in Kindergarten. He'll be a college freshman the next time they visit College Station. That's just not right.
I say this as a Tennessee fan, but if you don't want to hear Rammer Jammer then DON'T LOSE TO ALABAMA. It's that simple.
1997 was the last year before the BCS. The Big 10 and Pac 10 weren't part of the "Bowl Alliance" (the precursor to the BCS) with the other conferences because they didn't want to give up the Rose Bowl as the traditional "big game" for them. So in 1997, undefeated Michigan met Ryan Leaf and Washington State in the Rose Bowl, while Manning and the Vols played undefeated Nebraska in the Orange Bowl (which was the top game for all the other conferences). Michigan and Nebraska each won, and the AP voted the Wolverines No. 1 while the coaches poll picked Nebraska.