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I saw the video. It wasn't worth 75 cents. Plus,she kept looking at the camera,which is almost proof positive she knew she was being filmed.
I understand there is a position AND apartment available in College Station Texas. He may wanna check that out.
If you are using a computer,and don't have ad block installed, you might be a redneck.
I can't believe Auburn and Georgia aren't on this list.I mean,come on! Neither of them lost this weekend!
We have been programmed to fear authority. We are a nation of pussies.In any European country,those two security guards would have been beaten like a dog. When are people going to learn to stand up for themselves?
Sir Charles said he was ashamed of his alma mater,and wouldn't stay at home if they played in B'ham,but rather would stay in a hotel. Hey Charles. We don't need people like you to pull for Auburn anymore. Fair weather friends and fans are a waste of time.
I went to Tampa for the Auburn/Ohio state matchup in Jan.1990. You will enjoy that city.Tons of stuff to do,and the weather is usually great.
Without a doubt,that was the worst decision I have ever seen a college football player make.What was he thinking? Oh,I know.Hero or zero.
Maybe I can ask this Coke bottle in front of me where he is going.
Wait.WHAT?? Denying a person of ANY color for the sole purpose of hiring another color is PURE discrimination.
LMAO! The ref continually blowing the whistle reminded me of Barney Fife in the big traffic jam episode of Andy Griffith!
Well now I've heard it all.Playing the race card in high school football. Get prepared. They will now make refs wear shirts with no black stripe in them.It is racist.
Auburn used the same play,also with linemen too far down field,resulting in a touchdown against LSU. You don't see them crying about it.Grow up,Saban.Take a loss like a man.What kind of message are you sending your players if you don't learn to lose like a good sport?
It's hard to take her seriously about the players being "boys", and having feelings,seeing the fans leave and boo them,when she hold up a sign so derogatory towards Auburn.Does she not think the Auburn players have the same feelings? Or is it ok to bash the kids playing in the southern part of the state,but not the boys playing in Tuscaloosa? She decries sportsmanship while being a prime example of poor sportsmanship.Where is the dislike button on here? P.S. Is she Finebaum's daughter?
You gone be sho nuff upset when them blue and white uniforms of Kentucky spank that ass this Saturday.
LMAO! That dude "singing" sounds like a scared Chris Rock!
While you idiots are removing all traces of "slavery", (the flag has nothing to do with slavery), why don't you make them raze all the antebellum mansions in Mississippi? Those were slave owner's homes. I tell you why. Rich white people own them,and government doesn't mess with rich white people.Only the ordinary rebel flag waving people.Jeeze.Get a life,people. 1865 was a LOOONG time ago.
730 days? Hell,I still scream "punt Bama punt" at my brother in law when he reminds me of an Auburn loss.
This is taking the whole "keep up with the Jones' " thing a little too far!
The Lane train turned out to be a train wreck.
Paul Finebaum is the Alex Jones of sports. He keeps bringing this idiot on his show because rednecks love to hear rednecks rant. It's all about ratings.Sad,but his listeners make this entire state look like an utterly un educated population of fools.
Too bad Harvey Updyke wasn't that reserved.