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It’s pretty great how auburn fans will always have a championship to hold over their fellow bottom feeders.
Tua's family lives in a two bedroom apartment in Alabaster. His dad is an assistant coach and his mother is a secretary. Real pay for play disaster going on there, huh?
My thoughts at the time were That State was getting hosed, but nobody is going to beat Alabama using the 1889 Yale offense so it doesn’t matter much.
Definitely called for. Every Missouri poster here is awful.
It must be pretty frustrating watching a team keeping beating you over and over again because they're cheaters. I have to say, if it were me, I'd find a new sport that was fair.
Have you ever read anything here that couldn't?
Good article, anonymous SEC assistant nailed it. Burrow is hailed as this hero due to sort of late game heroics in games that wouldn't have been close were he an efficient passer.
That was a fun game to watch on a Thursday night, but it erased any questions about UCF. They got every break, were benefits of what I felt was uneven officiating, and playing at home against a team that lost to Buffalo. And it was close for 3.5 quarters or so. Sorry, no.
Perhaps, but there are no metrics to suggest otherwise. We're 2/3 of the way through the season and Burrow is a 50% passer who doesn't throw touchdowns. This is relevant because we're in the comments section of an article about how Joe Burrow is clutch. He's not.
I understand LSU fans have nothing to grasp at besides the strength of Alabama's schedule, but that doesn't explain why if you take away Ole Miss and Lafayette then Burrow's stats get even more terrifyingly bad. Alabama's defense is a lot better then the teams Burrow has been 50% with 0 TD against.
It's funny to read this article about big bad Joe Burrow being all the difference when you're aware he's a 50% passer that hasn't thrown a TD in October. Bama ain't scared of Zach Etling or whatever you call him this year, Tigers.
Freeze will coach again, and probably in the SEC. If Alabama really wanted him they could have pushed the issue, courts generally aren't fond of telling people they're not allowed to work.
I can see pissed off, but confused? Who else would POSSIBLY have taken that job?
It's okay to hire a coach that a different school fired for being bad - as long as you're a mid major that's happy to make a bowl game. If you're another P5 school hoping for results, well...
I can't tell if you really struggle with dates this badly or not
The point is your #$%@ program couldn't beat a directional group of five school.
Oakland basically had Cooper going deep every single play, so...
Agree. Leach feels there is this desperate desire across college football fans to see a three loss PAC champion get smoked so we can create a bracket. There isn't.
There are a lot of players who "know" as recruits they won't be handed a starting job who also "know" they will win the job. 18 year old jock logic. Fields is named the starter in November or he gone.
I'm sure the recruiting website folks will be happy to overrate another back to #1 for him.
Stidham makes terrible decisions. Regardless of if we're talking about turnovers or the fact he decided to hitch his wagon to Gus Malzahn, he makes terrible decisions. His best decision would be to play at another school as a grad transfer next year. Nothing he does at the combine can erase this year from his record (and to be perfectly honest, regardless of what some claim, he wasn't that great last year either).
Only being able to hit deep balls means you're a product of the system.
Here's a thought - will there ever finally be a consensus that despite the name recognition Will Muschamp isn't a good coach? Not even really as a DC? Or will 7-5-ish type teams keep hiring this guy for the next 10-15 years with the idea that they're a "better situation" then all his other failures?
I'm not sure how one can say it's not Stidham's fault. Did he not know about Gus' three play offense? Did he not see who his OL was going to be?