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Yeah, Sark is kind of a Kirby in that he's only had success with other coaches. It's frustrating when your assistants are Kirbys, but I guess it's better then your HC being a Kirby.
The NCAA seems awfully consistent to me - Quarterbacks are special and can always be immediately eligible without even really making a pretend case, everybody else sits out a year.
It's always fun to hear UGA fans talk about "winning the east" as if it matters when you lose in Atlanta.
Michael Thomas is childish and has weird ego problems, but "insane" feels like overstating it.
Note that even though this sounds mundane and reasonable, it's coming from Ross Bjork so it's probably all lies.
I dunno. I just don't see how it can be a real national championship without the dramatic iron-sharpens-iron experiences of Big 12 and Big 10 teams taking easy L's in the first round.
Exactly. Commissioners, NCAA execs etc are all just puppets for the presidents with the actual power, yet they're always made out to be a shadowy cabal or something.
Free advice: never attempt to communicate with that maniac. You'll die of terminal Okay Boomer.
The NFL didn't hold a supplemental draft this year, I wonder if they'll try to fit one in now. It would offer a lifeline to all the kids who came back for senior seasons that won't happen now.
...Beat me to it. Gus' goal is always 8-4, he'll find a way.
I almost feel bad for these kids. They've been gaslit by the 17 or so people in Brooklyn who determine our national news narrative into thinking everybody would cower in fear of them and immediately bow to their "demands". From what I've read, COVID concerns were the tip of the spear that got PAC leadership to the table, but things quickly shifted to money and then the adults quickly started laughing.
Holy ****. You think not choking against teams with dramatically less talent and resources is a war of attrition? You think MSU was ever "rolling"? I swear, the things Buckeyes have to convince themselves are true to stay sane is mind boggling.
I'm going to close my eyes and imagine what its like to be a blue blood program that says things like "bring some pain to West Lafayette".
It must feel great to be a "consistently good" team without much to show for it beyond wins over a has-been rival.
So what's losing to Georgia like? I have dim memories from school in the 90's, but they're fading.
If the MAC is only viable because superior teams write them checks to lose games, then the MAC isn't viable.
Alabama has been given an easy schedule by not having to play Alabama, you see. Other teams have to play Alabama! It's not fair!
It's fine for him to want this, but I'm not really sure why he'd admit this out loud.
Right - anybody who has ever been to a game at Tiger Stadium knows LSU fans are the epitome of class. Auburn fans can strut here but ya'll can sit waaaay down.
I love stories about Harvey because it brings out all the Vichy Bammers for a round of virtue signalling.
This feels weird to me. Why would a guy with such an obvious Big 12 quarterback name not be considering Oklahoma? Do they already have a guy named Mason or Brick or something committed in this class?
I always enjoy listening to A&M fans explain how they're absolutely definitely over their ex and never think about her ever.
I think it's more that the SEC's hand will be forced because all of the opponents of non conference games are going to opt out of them. In other words, the SEC isn't so much making a decision as just acknowledging the reality.
As best as I can tell, Saban has transitioned away from Strength coaches to Professors of Strengthology, so he was probably never considered.
There's this weird "Texas A&M is underrated because they only lose to teams better then they are" theory I see in the media a lot.
Exactly. ESPN wrote a horrible article that was basically "here's the list of coaches you should be mad at for not taking pay cuts purely for the optics regardless of the merits". I'm sure the author was gleefully hoping it would result in a huge social backlash or something.
That's a very good point. Alabama churns out first round DBs, but doesn't have a dumb nickname to go along with it, and recruits notice these things.
He's welcome to think that, but Emmert has a job description with a defined scope that doesn't fit with Finebaum's interpretation. I thought the general consensus among college football fans was the NCAA does too much, not too little?