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Huh. It seems I can't give my opinion without the author responding that his feelings are hurt, so I'll just sit this one out.
I wish every Mizzou fan that wanted to post on this site had to first complete a training course on NCAA revenue streams. It just doesn't matter how many times I explain that the NCAA makes money on NCAA tournaments and FBS football doesn't have a NCAA tournament, the "cash cow" myth will never die.
This is the part where I point out how obvious it was I was joking and you pretend you knew I was joking.
Nothing to see here, folks - those of us in the know have known UGA's women's golf and equestrian programs have been dirty for years, but there's just too much money involved for the NCAA to do anything about it.
Agree, which is why I'd give Florida the nod here. I'd be curious what other schools have enjoyed a sandwich made out of revenue sport nattys.
Would you prefer to read on Fox News about how Mike Leach always has his foot in his mouth for saying dumb things?
I hope this issue drags on longer, so you can keep showing up reminding us white people have died by hanging as well, thus making it null and void black people in Mississippi could have a problem with it. You're really smart.
My favorite part of this article is where teams are showing a journalist their actual draft board.
Huh. You sure have made up a lot of nonsense out of whole cloth here. I wonder if you can do it twice in a row?
But see, you're missing the "screw up under pressure" part. Tua's 11 interceptions in three years prove he's just this wild turnover machine, you see.
Yeah, Coach O had a lot of touch on his throws this year. Really good instincts in the pocket.
I'd agree MSU is silly. What's funny is you can make the same argument for all of the not-Clemson teams on this list: that its a result of AP voters from different parts of the country biased towards their local conferences, but none of these teams ever end up winning any noteworthy games, regardless of their final rankings.
Two rings, both wins over Alabama. Helluva cheerleader right there.
Rex Ryan traded up to use the number 5 pick in the draft to select Mark Sanchez. Maybe he's a bit of a gambler himself, or maybe he's bad at QB evals. Either way, Rex Ryan sure has stolen a lot of money over the years for pretending to know about football.
You know, I think Boochie has a point. Does Mizzou really need to be in the NCAA at all? I'm sure they'd be better off withdrawing from the NCAA and focusing on intramurals, most people wouldn't notice a difference.
If I were a fan of any of the big hoops schools, I'd probably absolutely positively keep my mouth shut literally always when it came to other people cheating.
Huh, this makes total sense. Oh wait, they rubbed USC's face in dog poop. Nevermind, not a word of that makes sense.
I don't think the NCAA is in on it, but consider - the NCAA doesn't make money off of football, and they enforce compliance relentlessly in football. The NCAA *does* make money off of the NCAA hoops tourney, and couldn't care less that basketball has always been filthy dirty. Hmmmm....
The way USC dominated the BCS before the SEC took it over was very irritating because the ultimate flaw of the BCS was if journalists picked you to be the pre-season #1, all they had to do was not choke away easy games and they won it all, nothing anybody else did mattered. That said, irritation over the system + bias towards our own conference makes it easy to forget how good those USC teams were. We also REALLY like to forget that time in 2003 when basically the same teams played each other in auburn. I can't wait for the "yes, but, you see, the thing is...." I'll get from the barners on that one.
I'm reading all of these comments about how the problem with the Heisman is historically there has been one additional game played and currently there are two additional games played after handing out the award. Really? This is a problem? Vince Young is the only scenario I can think of where the outcome might have changed.
I was actually hoping Alabama's defense was going to practice less social distancing on the field this year but oh well.
It seems to me that since he's been tagged, have him play on the tag this year under a new coach and see how it goes. If you were already planning on making him the highest paid player, he can't really Flacco you, right?
It's got to be weird when your boyfriend has better hair then you.
It's just so easy to picture Bill Belichick and Cam Newton working well together. Basically identical personalities and priorities.
I stopped reading this article around page 100 as it was just a tad too long, but I always felt DMAC got robbed. It goes to show the Heisman is a strange award that is as much about a player's narrative as it is their performance. I mean, if the only game Darren McFadden ever played in was the 2007 game against LSU, I'd give him the Heisman just for that.
In addition to Cam's skill set, a factor in free agency is going to be his, how to say, "colorful personality". If he's not 100% going to be your starter I just don't get why you add him to your locker room dynamic.