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Alabama is definitely worse on account of losing so much on defense. It doesn't mean they're bad, but definitely worse then 2016.
Bunky,If you don't understand what about your post led me to that conclusion, I have to wonder if you actually speak English.
He'd just have some recruiting restrictions in his first year. Wouldn't be that big of a deal really.
He's talking about Tunsil. Please please please tell me you still don't think Tunsil took money to sign. It will make my day.
I'm curious about this as well. In addition to all of the above, he's told some blatant lies during the process. I'd want him run out of town on a rail.
The NCAA waiver is what will determine if he doesn't sit out. Grover is correct, in/out of the conference has nothing to do with if you have to sit out a year.
The answer is "the team that didn't hire Matt Luke".
Been a member for years, only comments in the once per blue moon auburn has a good team.Yep, that sounds awfully auburn.
Two years later, I'm pretty tired of hearing about Hurts' "cool". I'd prefer an easily rattled headcase that can go through his progressions at this point.
Yeah, I'm thinking the west coast isn't a very good fit for a personality like Leach's. He'd fit in much better in Mississippi, the sort of place where different is celebrated.
If Mullen doesn't take this job, I think it basically means he plans on being coach for life in Starkville.
I'm not sure why a win over an Alabama team with such an unimpressive resume is a boost for auburn.
Somebody had a little too much moonshine I suppose.
So yes, Guice led the SEC in rushing last year.
And Gruden never won without teams built for him, either by Al Davis or Tony Dungee.
Hilarious. Yes Vols, keep on thinking the reason Gruden hasn't coached in almost a decade is purely of his choosing. Coaches retire in their mid 40's all the time, after all.
The NFL is the ultimate Golden Goose, and everybody involved seems to want to kill it.
This is fantastic. You honestly and truly think your team doesn't suck.Just for fun, explain to me why you're not the same team that lost by 32 points to a 4-6 Purdue team.
About time. I'm tired of people smuggling strollers into the games.
I do my best to avoid Transitive Football, but sometimes its required. If Miami were REALLY good they wouldn't have squeaked by Georgia Tech at home, come within a TD to a 1-8 UNC team, etc.Isn't it easier to accept that Notre Dame is overrated? Are you old enough to remember when Notre Dame wasn't overrated? I'm not sure I am.
When your resume involves pretending Notre Dame is good, expect to get exposed.
Because you want to see a bunch of two loss teams get blown out?
I love the fear coming from those Big 10 fans that Wisconsin might not be able to pull off the "Baylor Gambit" of playing nobody, beating nobody, and declaring what the committee MUST do. I'd actually kind of prefer they get in and bring the Big 10 to three straight playoff shutouts.