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I definitely expected more out of Lawrence's career as a whole. I think if the BYU guy played against stronger competition or if Fields could read defenses Lawrence would be the third guy taken this year. Still first overall in the Hair Draft, though. He's beautiful.
I kind of expected some long political ramble or something from the headline. Not much of a "rant".
I guess the actual people who vote didn't agree?
I wish Connor would have gone into more detail about why playing road games in tiny GO5 stadiums is obviously a good move for SEC schools.
I think in this case it's more a matter of not quite living up to his rating by recruiting wesbites. He had a couple years head start on the lesser ranked players who passed him on the depth chart as true freshmen.
What's embarrassing about the situation? He got benched, wanted out, and they were perfectly willing to move on from his huge contract.
Okay dude. The next time you take a job you can introduce yourself to your new colleagues by mentioning all the better jobs that exist. After all, it's not really awkward as long as its true, right?
4 does seem way too high, but I also see a lot of speculation that they'd use that pick to try to teach Justin Fields how to make reads in under five minutes, so...
It's not so much not an argument of where UCF is ranked as the lack of awareness of declaring something "top 20" in a press conference. Would you turn to your wife and state she's in the top 20 of women in this restaurant right now?
I'd like more information on "where AU fotball is set up to be by the powers in the SEC" when you have a moment. Thanks!
About half the league is looking for an upgrade at QB, it could easily happen if the right teams trade up.
Right, it's not like the only thing Gus can do is beat Bama - he can also usually not beat Bama and lose 4-5 games a year. In addition to sneaky penalties on punts, his elite coaching prowess leads him to being 0-11 in Tuscaloosa, Baton Rouge, and Athens. I'd be pretty glad this guy wasn't my coach anymore and I didn't have to fluff him up any longer.
I'm picturing being an Athletic Director/President/etc and hearing your new coach refer to you as "top 20". Good 'ol Gus.
I have a feeling Gus settles in at UCF. I think he's best fitted for the southeast, and I don't think any of the P5 teams in the region would be interested. He'll do as well or better then UCF's previous coaches, and wouldn't be as inclined to use the for a stepping stone.
This is what I'll miss about Gus at auburn - it's not about how he lost 4-5 games every year, it's that he beat Saban three times. He was the living embodiment of your culture.
It takes a lot more then all caps to equal Negan. He's a rare gem of the internet.
I'm not saying you're wrong, but the other side of this coin is looking at GO5 players and just assuming they'd put up better stats with more talent around them. Both approaches are problematic, which is why so many teams are always looking for new quarterbacks.
The Bears coach/GM are on pretty thin ice, they know they have to find a QB this year or be fired. Thus, don't be surprised if they reach (again) - it will either work or be somebody else's problem.
They've been convinced for a decade that their problem is facilities.
I'm glad the important part was highlighted. I'd say next time maybe include a table of contents and an appendix.
Those things aren't important unless you don't have anything else.
The good news for Fisher is there are only 12 games in the college season, so 7-5 will look better then 7-9.
The Rams didn't trade two first round picks for Stafford. They gave one for the player and the second as a payment for Goff's contract. I doubt the Lions keep Goff around.
Don’t get in a man’s way when he’s Gumping.
I guess they have garbage time in the Senior Bowl too.
True, but I don’t think the Alabama coaching staff expected Jones to be a starter. He was brought in at a time where transfers had gutted the QB room to the point there was almost no depth beyond walk ons.