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Not enough caps/insanity, but he got the length down.
Good time to start working on those Playoff Antibodies.
The "personal doctor didn't clear him" story always had the feel of fake message board insiders.
Perhaps Kirby will learn from this situation that sometimes there's no need to keep your cards close to the vest, you can just be candid about what is happening. I think most people could deduce the situation, but in hindsight was there really any need to be so mysterious about it?
Smoking crack and keeping quiet are probably mutually exclusive fwiw.
I don't really get the tone here. Was the idea South Carolina was going to get better after firing its coach in November?
Pitt and Virginia Tech could be required to wear clown masks on the field and I'd be none the wiser.
I think Heisman voters value "signature wins" over anything else including TD passes. I'll never understand how USC managed to fill a trophy case with Heismans despite their time zone.
He's probably right, but it's hard to gauge. Ohio State will finish their schedule without even playing an average team.
Heisman voters will still find a way to give it to Lawrence or Fields IMO.
Hopefully Leach has at least 11 players left. High-character non-malcontents won't have any problem playing on both sides of the ball.
Yeah, his NFL audition is about over. He's either turning the ball over or he's too hurt to turn the ball over.
This case has been so weird I'd wait for it to be totally over before the victory lap.
Yeah, this space might have been better filled with details of a walk-on transferring or what uniform a .500 team will be wearing this weekend.
Seems legit. I commend you for your calm and rational explanation.
Right - after all, there's no proof Covid is actually a problem.
Ohio State hated the "eye test" methodology of the Playoff committee when they were conference champs despite being blown out by Iowa, but it will save them this year as I don't think there's any way to leave them out with an undefeated record, regardless of how many games they play.
I look forward to the "Social media roasts Gary Daniels for the #NULL game" thread.
Sounds like Tim Tebow can't exist in normal people land if you ask me.
Some teams are having much results then others. Given this is a situation where its possible to do things differently and thus better, it's reasonable to assume LSU isn't very good at this.
I think he's on to something. Kirby was known to pay huge bounties at Alabama. I'm making this up but I like the way it sounds.
Yeah, I think he's just not recovered from his injury, and I'm not completely sure why Kirby doesn't just say this out loud and not have him dress for games. After seeing Mathis I refuse to believe that guy has beat out anybody for any depth chart position.
Yeah. I mean they don't just let anybody into auburn fandom - its an elite minority.
Forget Newman and Fields. If the two goons that played yesterday are the best quarterbacks Kirby has in year 5 it means he's a bad coach that happens to be good at recruiting and coaching linebackers - also known as a defensive coordinator.
As a fan, it's going to be hard to go back to cupcakes.