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Given his analysis of the 2016 Championship game, I'm not sure they did.
Gosh. I've seen players quit before, but this is the first time I've ever seen a dude attempt to escape from the Oklahoma drill.
The most amazing part of this was how the author referred to auburn as a blue blood.
If you're going to write a nonsensical post, at least keep it brief.
Yeah, that and most SEC fans are still really butt hurt about Meyer whipping their ass years ago.
Also, if Tua had been able to compete in the Spring, it would already be over. That caused it to drag out even more.
It's easier when it happens mid season. Eason/Fromm would have been the same scenario if it had happened in the second half of the last game.
It's amazing how recruiting websites are able to convince some folks its a sport.
It's hard to look past the fact dude took a big bite out of an orange like it's an apple. I'm guessing right after the camera flashed he spit out a bitter mouthful of orange peel. Great photo though.
I'm impressed. Usually when one of our own gets caught in my net it isn't quite as dramatic.
There's an old saying - "Home is where the REC buys your family a house". Can't you just see that cross stiched on little pillows and stuff/
Perhaps any system that concludes Delaware is the top party school is suspect?)
Agree with Cowherd. I'd also remind folks this isn't the 9/11 commission here. There's a pretty finite amount of data to parse over and it certainly wouldn't take longer then two weeks.
I don't think many of you folks are carefully following this story. They didn't fire the guy in 2015 because he didn't do anything in 2015. He didn't do anything in 2018 either, they fired him over bad PR.
There's no way Pruitt actually thinks that, I think he just got a little carried away with the example. And if I'm wrong, well, I'll be happy to have him back as DC after that approach gets him fired.
I think there is room for optimism for LSU fans - For better or worse, the Les Miles era will formally end when Orgeron is let go. You'll have a complete fresh start, not the retread whose interim status should never have been made permanent.
As an adult who only uses social media the responsible way (defined as using an anonymous instagram account to follow lingerie models), it amazes me how many people consent to doing this to themselves.
If I'm a coach, they can appreciate their second amendment rights following their free education. Along with weed, hookers, and other things that make life fantastic but not when you're an athlete.
Huh. What could also make it easier is just to not let folks have weapons.
Really, ordering his henchemen to choke slam the Ole Miss fan pales in comparison to ordering the NCAA to choke slam Ole Miss's football program.
This is the single dumbest thing I've ever read on this board. For full context, that means it beats the Missouri kids - that shouldn't be possible.
If you don't think Hurts is a stack the box guy, I'd put the metrics down and watch the games again. Don't let yourself get thrown off by the fact Alabama has enough talent on the roster to murder 90% of their schedule irregardless of who is under center. For instance, you bring up the Mississippi State game. A lot of the drama in that game had to do with third string linebackers vs. anything to do with the QB. The rest of the drama had to do with a predictable offense being shut down. Guess how it was shut down.
Wait a second. Did you just say "Mark Dantonio"? As an upgrade for an SEC school?
I sort of expected worse when I clicked on the headline.
Conference/division/etc championships are an excellent way to seed playoffs in professional sports that have parity. In college football, it's a great way to have a really boring playoff with low ratings that nobody complains is "unfair".
Yep. Back to back shutouts isn't a very good look for the best and deepest conference.