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That's a classic example of feel-good sportscaster cheese.
I've always been opposed to free agency in college football but I honestly doubt very much will change. Not many relevant teams will be interested in your scrubs, and if your coach can't keep your stars from leaving that's on him.
I thought the same thing. I don't recall seeing Kenny Mayne on ESPN in a very long time, I had no idea he was still there. I guess his job was to talk about Baseball or NBA during the 8 months my TV is off.
I don't believe most G5 schools insist on home and home. I can't think of any beyond UCF that have the hubris to demand that. Think of it this way - the Big 10 doesn't play FCS teams, and they're certainly not offering home and home to Bowling Green.
Right - at the college level he won’t be able to recruit or give financial aid anymore so the advantages will dry up.
What a team that sucks does is lose four games, including a GO5 team. Sound about right?
I’d say Chase by far - all he needs to be successful is a good QB.
I guess Griffin put those teddy bears in the background so he's not the softest thing in the room?
I think they could have pulled it off if they tried - at least moved to the end of the first and get another fourth rounder or so. They had to realize nobody else thought the same way about this guy they did.
I wonder - are there ACC conference homers who appreciate Danny always being this? I just don’t understand the point.
A guy that’s been enrolled four years has more then likely graduated. His football future doesn’t seem especially bright.
I think it’s considerate of a guy who has made one tackle in two years to free up his scholarship. I’m sure the coaches are secretly happy he’s gone.
The transfer portal is mostly just a way for kids passed on the depth chart to find new depth charts to get passed on.
The real winners of a six team playoff would be the teams you mention, as they'd have less margin for error and an even larger chance of making the top six every single year. The losers would be teams like auburn whose typical ceiling is a New Years six bowl game, which would be made even less relevant by an expanded playoff.
Yeah, Alabama's recruiting didn't really gain steam until the playoffs.
I think this is pretty reasonable. I was honestly kind of confused when I saw his name begin to pop up on mock drafts during the season. He seemed to be the best guy in the rotation but didn't strike me as a star. That said, it's not like falling out of the first round means you're a bum who can't play or something - he'll do just fine.
Won't happen. I watch a lot of ESPN so I know a QB has to run a 4.4 40 to be successful in the NFL.
"Kirby Smart and Scott Cochrane both built bama, not Saban! And yes, it shows." Kirby and Scott did such a good job building up the Bama system its won two rings without them. What a solid foundation, thanks again guys!
Imagine thinking teams are scared to play Rutgers. That’s really pretty amazing.
I agree. I can't really connect the dots between donating money to a university and getting condolences when a relative dies. Sure, it could have been done, but throwing a public tantrum that it didn't? Weird stuff.
Holy cherry picking, Batman! Did you kind of blush when you came up with that weird stat?
Schools under federal investigation for sexual assaults are also a sad group.
Gosh aubie, that post seems like what the kids refer to as “triggered”. Hope everything is okay.
Yeah pretty amazing that a click-farm would post about something that gets clicks, huh?
Exactly. Every prospect has legitimate highlights and lowlights. Fields is a freak athlete with a cannon arm who only usually threw to wide open receivers and checked down a total of 7 times. Take the bad with the good.