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Excellent. You must be from the cosmopolitan, basically-Los Angeles part of Mississippi.
It's funny when you read an article this long by a guy who doesn't actually understand the topic. Alabama is preparing for the contingency of neither Hurts nor Jones being on the team next year. Hurts will transfer of his own accord, Jones will likely be politely asked to transfer (Sabanese for GTFO).
Agreed. Its well known a school has to sign the #1 class literally every single year to be relevant. It was a good run, hopefully we'll still beat Vandy and Kentucky from time to time.
Josh Allen may or may not be overhyped and overrated, but in the grand scheme of the NFL draft and the QB position, it barely moves the dial either way. Darnold, Rosen, and Mayfield get 10x the mentions. The NFL doesn't have to apologize for having a prototype at positions either.
Perhaps Edwards should turn his attention to the people in his state who signed off on these stupid contracts.
Good article. It has me thinking though, were we really just running Kiffin's offense last year? Obviously it can look different based on who is calling the plays, but it felt very different to me. What they have in common is kind of a pro-style shotgun psuedo-spread, but where as Kiffin's offense seemed to be be based on testing the edges with sweeps and screens before going for a home run, Dabol's offense seemed based around....Hmmm. I'll have to get back to you on that. :)
I definitely don't see him making a lateral move, as it seems he turned down that opportunity from Florida State. I might be jumping to conclusions here, but he's from the DC/Maryland/Virginia area, and has already been fired from Maryland, so it doesn't sound like there's an obvious dream job he'd leave for.
Agree. And while I'm not going to pretend it doesn't matter who our OC is, I'm more interested in his recruiting prowess. X's and O's are more important in the NFL where there is more parity in talent.
I thought Tech as well. He'd be a great triple option QB, and I don't think the Service Academies take transfers, so...
Wow. Usually when I read "admit it - you were worried for a minute there" posts they're from auburn fans.
The best part is presenting this as secret inside information. Even the gumpiest of Gumps didn't believe Lil' Marino was going to wait two more years.
Pretty standard boiler-plate Jalen defending here. Incredibly obvious he's not a very good QB, but supporters always find some meaningless metric to inflate.
Good list. The only question mark for me is Pierschbacher. He's a three year starter who has been in school for four years, but like all of Bama's OL, seems to have good days and bad. I'll bet he asks for his grade, is told mid to late rounds, and stays.
None of these problems are the type that get corrected between years 3 and 4, FWIW. Not an argument for him leaving early, more saying the guy likely is who he is at this point.
Sad but true. One of the oddest things about being a Bama fan is thinking back to 2009 and wondering how Mike Johnson and Drew Davis could be so much better then the blue chip OL we have now.
Alabama is definitely worse on account of losing so much on defense. It doesn't mean they're bad, but definitely worse then 2016.
Bunky,If you don't understand what about your post led me to that conclusion, I have to wonder if you actually speak English.
He'd just have some recruiting restrictions in his first year. Wouldn't be that big of a deal really.
He's talking about Tunsil. Please please please tell me you still don't think Tunsil took money to sign. It will make my day.
I'm curious about this as well. In addition to all of the above, he's told some blatant lies during the process. I'd want him run out of town on a rail.
The NCAA waiver is what will determine if he doesn't sit out. Grover is correct, in/out of the conference has nothing to do with if you have to sit out a year.
The answer is "the team that didn't hire Matt Luke".
Been a member for years, only comments in the once per blue moon auburn has a good team.Yep, that sounds awfully auburn.
Two years later, I'm pretty tired of hearing about Hurts' "cool". I'd prefer an easily rattled headcase that can go through his progressions at this point.
Yeah, I'm thinking the west coast isn't a very good fit for a personality like Leach's. He'd fit in much better in Mississippi, the sort of place where different is celebrated.