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Huge Freeze wouldn't need Arch to have elite offenses in Baton Rouge. Which is why I'm against the hire. Surely there are some more position coach/recruiting coordinators in the Rolodex right?
Somehow his tenure in Oxford should count as "losing to Ole Miss as a head coach" in my opinion.
Even for the law bar set here, this is pretty lazy stuff. I'm not taking anything away from Kirby but people certainly complained about Alabama's defense after back to back losses to Ole Miss, Ohio State, etc. when he was still in Tuscaloosa. Then there's the part where sans-Kirby Alabama has played in four natty's and won two. This is basically the professional version of a Negan post.
What about the 50% completion rate? Enjoy the win, but why put it on Nix?
Yeah, come to find out bad players look less bad against worse teams. I know, right?
This isn’t mutually exclusive with Nix also being bad. I don’t understand the rush to always blame everything but him.
Articles about ESPN personalities get heavy engagement here due to people coming out of the woodwork to claim they don’t care. So as a result they write as many as they can.
Two pick sixes and a weird fake punt trick beat my team. Definitely not that scrub. You’ll be relieved when his eligibility runs out.
Feels like an overly complex metaphor for a bad QB that occasionally beats even worse teams.
But that's my point - why does a team with top five draft picks need to rebuild to the point of going .500 the next year? Alabama and Ohio State have had 12-13 players drafted and were still great the next year, is 14 this magic number where your program completely implodes, or are people leaning a little too hard on that fact? At this point isn't it easier to just admit Orgeron is the problem?
He needs to learn how to make a point without seeming enraged. I think he'll eventually get there. Ryan Clark also has this problem as well but I'm not as optimistic.
I think that's a valid take, X02. Its possible for Georgia to have a very good defense but also not have been tested by an especially potent offense. Arkansas has a run first identity and the other teams they played don't have identities one way or the other.
LSU wasn’t anywhere near this bad in 2017 or 2018. Why? Dave Aranda.
I think the point is more how did LSU find themselves needing to rebuild at all. It seems to be treated as a given by LSU fans that winning a championship causes you to lose all talent and start over from scratch. But nobody else seems to have ever had this problem. Alabama isn’t the only team that sends a lot of players to the NFL without becoming garbage the next two years.
It's time for somebody to plant some tomatoes in Orgeron's gumbo. He won't survive that scandal.
Yeah, it only counts if they get famous blue-checks to call Mullen an idiot, right?
Personally I think Mullen was a pretty good coach up until last year when amoebas ate his brain or something.
The comment about game planning for some teams and mailing it in against others feels dead on.
The outcome makes him look silly but I can’t argue with him that the scoreboard looks the same either way.
I guess you'll have to beat Florida and Alabama for Florida and Alabama fans to be impressed.
Listening to folks in Alabama criticize California is one of life's most precious gifts.
I'm glad I read the entire article so I could get to the buried lede of "ranked team Auburn".
It wouldn't surprise me to learn Lane prefers Oxford over LA. He gets labelled a west coast guy from his time at USC, but spent most of his life in the midwest.
I think if he'd gone to Bama he'd been kicked off the team.
I notice lots of intellectual Texas fans came here to post on obvious clickbait advertising platform. Imagine thinking this is a real sports website.
I honestly can't see any advantage Nix offers as a "veteran" at this point.
Hint: objections to Gameday/ESPN around here have nothing to do with sports.