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"Okay Drew, what you want to do is kind of grip the ball by the laces like this, then have one good game that forces the organization to pay you half their salary cap so they can't afford anybody else. Then you just kind of phone it in from that point."
Tell me more about the auburn offensive players in the NFL. Let's not count scout teams and Canada. TIA.
Gosh. It’s done. Connor can’t slobber over Drew Lock and make him about to be 10x better then he actually is anymore. Will be a different board. I guess I’ll always have fond memories of the “Missouri fans” who demanded people listen to them saying there was NO CHANCE Lock wasn’t the first QB taken.
You seem surprised to encounter auburn fans who don't know anything about football. Remember, it's a softball school.
Instead of flaming you, I'm just going to ask you think about your mistake for a moment and then apologize.
Top caption: Gives Ed Orgeon extension Bottom caption: Steps down weeks later
I think you have to add the "in Gainsville" caveat. Nobody else cares at all.
I stopped reading after the part where Ronnie Harrison was going to be covering Justyn Ross. Football bloggers should really watch football from time to time.
What's funny about this is Ronnie Harrison is the WORST possible example for Saban to have used. Another year in school wasn't going to turn a run-stuffing box safety into a center fielder. Not that the center fielders haven't seen their value diminished as well.
Correct. You shouldn’t have choked away either of those Bama games. Kirby should be ashamed of both of those games.
There's a first time for everything. (Here's where I take a cheap shot at Georgia for all the times they've come close but no cigar)
He’s right though. Clemson showed the world the formula to beat Alabama: combine Trevor Lawrence with Clemson’s defense. Now that the word is out I’m sure we’ll be an 8-4 team like auburn.
I can't believe I just read an article in which the author suggested the NFL is really really excited to find out a QB prospect is 5'10 and not 5'9 as some feared.
Calipari coaches one-and-dones. In other words, the equivalent of the first round picks Saban encourages to leave. I don't follow hoops but I'll bet if a role player decides he wants to play in an Italian summer league Calipari explains the pros and cons.
I get the impression that these days it's hard to go in the first couple of rounds for non-pass rushing linebackers. Rashaan Evans for instance was an inside backer but with the ability to be a rusher on passing downs. Teams can draft very good run stoppers in later rounds. Wilson is a good athlete but is neither a pass rusher nor a very good run stopper. It's true the league drafts around talent vs. skill, but they're also wary of "Al Davis Bait", twitchy athletes who are questionable football players.
Possibly. But "potential" implies a player isn't already at their ceiling, and when you don't get any better (and by some accounts get worse) between your second and third year of college, then that might be the case. It's no secret he's no fan of the film room and has lots of bad tape at this point.
I would probably have waited for the comment section of an article that isn't about auburn whining to the league office to accuse UGA of whining to the league office in.
I feel if auburn prefers to take that L in October instead of November it’s their right. It’s no fair auburn doesn’t have the ability to set conditions around their annual 8-4 showing.
Counterpoint: Barry Odom in fact lost the off-season by virtue of being Barry Odom and coaching at Missouri.
"Hey folks, we're going to pretend an affectionate nickname is a derogatory nickname! Click on an ad or seven after you're done reading!"
It would be nice. But I'm going to go ahead and congratulate UCF on their second consecutive World Championship. That's just how it works when one team is playing for an imagined trophy and the other team is playing for a Best Buy gift card.
Huh. I didn't realize non-Mormons went on Mormon missions. Seems like it could get awkward.
Agree. When they waste snaps putting him in the game, he seems to be on a very short leash. Seems like just a guy.
I dunno. Fromm played great in his most recent game but he can be hot and cold. I don't see a sure fire first rounder (yet).
Those people literally don't watch football. I used to see Robert Lester in first rounds of mock drafts.
Well, say what you will about Stiddy, but I'd say the Winnepeg Blue Bombers won't be any worse with him on the roster.