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He was the third stringer last year. Passed by a freshman. That's what's known as an afterthought. There isn't any need to mention Hurts or Tua in a conversation about The Factory of QB Sadness, by the way.
Glad to hear about the best D in a decade. How long since you've had an offensive line that bad? Over a decade?
It's still amazing to me how a guy this incredibly good (per the accounts of the off-season CFB press) became such an afterthought at Ohio State.I imagine I'm going to be given this somewhat complex rationale that doesn't actually make any sense.
As for scheduling, Bama can't unilaterally schedule non conference games. If you think teams are begging to add an automatic L to their schedule, they're not.
The problem is I can't remember the last time we beat UGA in Tuscaloosa, and we've owned you in Athens.
Yeah. This site used to be decent bathroom/checkout line reading. I asked very little from it. I'm getting even less lately.
SDS seems to be trying out a new headline writer this week. It's going badly.
Maybe one day Saban will be the AD. Currently he isn't. This is an important detail here.
That's true. Bryant just couldn't count on auburn s***ing the bed that hard during his tenure. Didn't have a Gus back then.
He's also proven he's probably going to go 8-4 most years.
Well said Mr. President.I'd prefer to never lose to auburn, but if losing to auburn means they give a huge extension to my favorite coach, I'll find a way to get over it. I was sad all season long up to that point as his firing seemed inevitable.Which is the point here. If one ultimately meaningless win is the difference between a firing and an extension, there's a big perception problem.
I actually don't think Raekwon Davis' decision to be a first round draft pick will be tough.
I get the impression most Ole Miss fans think 99% of the trouble the program is in relates back to Leo Lewis and Rebel Rags. I don't claim to have been glued to the story, but that isn't what I'm taking away.
Believe it or not guns are legal here. Foster's gun charge involved a high capacity (aka normal) magazine vs. The five round mags CA stipulates. And the DA is dropping it so he can focus on the other charges he'll eventually drop.
It won't happen because Barnett would never ask for it. But its obvious Saban has been on the lookout for a camp arm/warm body/emergency garbage time hand-offer, and knows he could do worse then BB.
Anybody who thinks Alabama and auburn are anything other then perfectly average and completely fungible state schools needs help.BTW, the only other player in Hand's recruitment was Michigan.
Yeah. Putting aside the fact I've never seen those guys projected to go any higher then he says they should, he's not saying the players are overrated, he's criticizing somebody's mock draft skillz.
Ahhh yes. 10 games a season = always the bridesmaid. I'd rather be 8-4 every year then not being able to get over the hump, a la UGA. Hypothetical problems for Alabama, of course.Now that that's out of the way, I believe you were trying to somehow explain away a national championship. Go on, continue.
Poor guy. Sorry nobody is impressed with your Super Coach, bro.Also, let's chill on the inbred Wal Mart stuff. Your school has the weirdest football traditions in the world, some of them oddly homoerotic. Don't invite criticism there.
Right. Jimbo is a guy who ran the premier program in the most talent-rich state in the country for seven years, signed top five recruiting classes every year, and never won anything without a #1 overall draft pick at QB. I'd be more worried about Sumlin, he runs the kind of system that causes Alabama problems from time to time. Pro style teams get rolled up and smoked.
So you think players can just walk into the coaches office and announce they won't be taking any snaps in games this year to preserve their eligibility at the school they're going to transfer to after they graduate, but will be staying on scholarship?Are you secretly a Mizzou fan?
Questioning the character of kid who decides to transfer is about as ridiculous as it gets.
I was tempted not read a word of that, but then I saw the word "parents" and couldn't help myself. Good lord man. You honestly think Nick Saban cares about upset parents of kids that get beat out?Intramurals don't even work the way you seem to think D1 football does!
If he's okay with not being a starter, he can stay at QB then, right?
One way or the other he doesn't play in 2018. I'd rather spend that year redshirting at my new school learning the system, getting to know my teammates, becoming acclimated to a new town, etc then just sitting around at my old school waiting to graduate.I also don't think Alabama would accept the idea he's going to redshirt unless an injury occurs vs. play in mop up duty. If he's on scholarship at Alabama in 2018 he's going to have to accept what comes with it.
1) I'm sure every football player thinks about the NFL. It doesn't mean every football player gets to play in the NFL.2) Putting aside any differences between Braxton and Jalen and the offenses employed by Alabama and Ohio State, you forgot to answer my question. Which highly recruited Alabama player is going to the bench so Jalen can be one of the 11 players on offense? Maybe more specifically, which receiver does Jalen run better routes or has better hands then? Which H-back does Jalen block better then? See the problem here? A position change sounds great on paper until you think it through.
So basically the soul of your argument is "the entire team didn't transfer out which is proof they weren't lied to".So since they weren't lied too, I suppose the actual truth of matter is that the NCAA was only looking at Houston Nutt and Title IX sports? That's what Lyin' Ross said publicly at the time, and since nobody lied, it has to be true, right?