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So basically, he's saying Kentucky is a below average team with no expectations that occasionally experiences a flash in the pan where they exceed expectations but still don't win anything of any significance. Yeah, I'd say he nailed it.
I think this was pretty obvious to everybody but the Mizzou kids.
All I'm going to say is if Mac Jones lights up Georgia in the 4th quarter I'll be promptly going to jail. Not exactly sure for what, but book it.
Right, but because it's SDS and their strange obsession with Kentucky linebackers we otherwise wouldn't have ever heard of, we get "Kash" instead.
I dunno, he's apparently not willing to pretend Steele is a good coach, which means he's at least honest with himself.
I have to kind of laugh at how even Gus tries to count the year he was OC. I get how the fans feel a need to fluff his resume, but seeing him do it himself is cringe.
Riiiight - auburn, the fanbase that never complains about dirty hits, never accuses the refs of being shady, and never claimed their rivals paid anybody. Sounds good, Weagle8-4.
This is the single most predictable thing among auburn fans - they'll cry all day about unfair play against them, but in the same breath mention Fairley's "gritty, hard-nose style" and how anybody who disagrees is "butt hurt".
As much as I hate to lean in the direction of excuse making, not being completely exhausted is also part of being the better team. When one team's final two games are UGA and Oklahoma, they're probably going to lose to the team whose final two games were Pitt and Notre Dame.
"Spurrier's five-year, $25 million contract with the Redskins was the most lucrative coaching contract in the history of the NFL at the time."
Well in that case, I’m going to ask “Dana Holgerson after 4 rum and cokes” be added to the list.
That's a good point. It's called media days vs. fan days for a reason. It doesn't serve a purpose for anybody but SEC bloggers. The bit about tearing down the Galleria was a bit out of left field though.
Matt Miller is clearly a NFL guru. “Jake Fromm is a better bet then EJ Manual” - quite a controversial statement, but he just might be on to something here.
Because we are supposed to puff out our chests and claim even though they just wasted the best team the SEC has to offer, they can’t handle the SEC.
UGA doesn’t get every five star in the country, just all the four stars in Georgia that 247’s UGA reporters pretend are five stars.
I dunno, I think Dan kind of stepped out of bounds on this one. (Sorry, had to)
I don't really see South Carolina as a team that gets better or worse.
Okay, it's official, this isn't just a coincidence - Tua is a very skilled QB who is made out of glass.
Again, it's hard to make a completely accurate assessment because I'm describing an era in which Alabama's defense was designed to beat LSU, which involved 270lb Donte Hightowers vs. 220lb Reuben Fosters. But sacks went up big time after he left. Sure, a lot of that has to do with third and Pruitt etc, but I think it's in the DNA of Smart and Saban both to not rush more then four unless you absolutely have to. The defenses were always towards the top of the lists as a natural consequence of holding teams to 17 rushing yards etc.
Kirby Smart is obviously an excellent defensive coach but I wouldn't agree his Alabama defenses were especially aggressive. I saw them as being built to make running impossible and to take your chances in the passing game. Obviously there are many caveats here, like the extent of his vs. Saban's control, a rapidly evolving game, etc.
If auburn has problems with a team like Oregon it's going to be a long season. The fact Alabama can't find anybody else to take an L in the season opener doesn't change that fact.
I think you might be confused as to what SDS is.
Odd analysis even considering the source. Top QBs prefer top schools - not merely ones close to home. The state of Georgia seems to be producing more elite QBs then the SEC has elite teams. And not all of them are dopes like Fields who think they can push the rest of the depth chart aside.
Yeah, I’ll bet Zion decided to be the top pick in the draft to avoid an NCAA investigation.
Maybe they factor the lows as well as the highs?
Maybe if UGA didn't lack the "killer instinct" of Florida's championship teams their trophy case wouldn't be so dusty.
I think the NCAA mostly just cribs off of pro sports when it comes to banned substances - there's nothing unique to the NCAA here. Osterine is apparently banned by most sports leagues worldwide, but it's not a masking agent and is sold at GNC etc. After the Starcaps debacle I just can't take any of this stuff seriously anymore.