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Because it will get them to log into the site and activate a tracking cookie by asking "why should we care?".
Remember, Georgia fans were beyond insufferable when they'd never won in their lifetimes. Now the floodgates are open.
Only at West Virginia do you need to worry about trusting a couch, as it could be set on fire at any moment.
FWIW Eric Fisher was drafted by the Chiefs, not the Lions.
I'd like to see a touching instagram post from an equipment manager saying he's thankful for all the love from Bama nation but its time to make the jump to teaching fourth grade PE.
I didn't know that, pretty amazing. I guess that explains how he reverse engineered our offense.
The idea is fake football player majors are 100% fungible. Not one sane person is capable of believing KT is smarter today because he went to Oregon vs. Alabama. But don't worry, you don't need to feel any astigmatism for your views.
Harris might on talent alone, but Henry should definitely come back.
Do you remember how Jameis Winston was going to become a podiatrist and dismissed Alabama's "Semi-good" education? Heck, or how DaShawn Hand was going to get an engineering degree?
Even if that were true (and I'm incredibly skeptical), it was assembled in Japan with 99% Chinese parts. There's literally no way this isn't true.
I don’t thing SBIV has a future on Sundays, and I get love for the game, but why not just begin his post-football Georgia legend for life days on a high note?
All posts today will be troll headlines that end up being about walk ons in the portal.
I love hearing football players and fans debate which schools have the best sports information studies programs.
Without disagreeing, I felt Trevyon Diggs was drafted a bit too high. And then? Roll Tide.
There's a 100% chance the device you used to write that post was made in China, you genocidal maniac.
I think you're pretty dead on with this. When I was old enough to move out of my parent's house, I took my dad's nickel corner with me without asking. We weren't cool for a while, but then we both kind of got it.
There is no difference - you don't understand the shame I feel because of the way our society treats contact lenses.
Huh. It's like there was NIL before there was NIL or something. Anyway, his entire three year career statistics playing against tackles who will go on to be gym coaches looks almost exactly like Will Anderson's sophomore year, so good luck in the league I guess?
Dude, if you think that's what data mining is, be sure you never find out what it really is - ignorance can absolutely be bliss.
Yeah. If I didn't like a website I probably wouldn't create an account and let the mine my data, but that's just me?
I think Will Anderson probably picked him up and threw him through the transfer portal.
Man, if I knew winning led to relative Negan brevity I'd have been okay with Bama punting on first downs.
After the initial 10 minutes or so of disappointment wore off, I'm genuinely happy for Georgia fans right now. I remember how I felt in the stands of the Rose Bowl after the 2009 season and what an incredible feeling that was. Bama championships still make me smile, but nothing compared to that feeling again. Enjoy this, guys. (We are going to to massacre you next year though FWIW lol)
Actually I was thinking Negan, but really same answer applies.
I think they either IP banned him or he died of the fake cold that's been going around. No way he'd just not be here.
Honestly I don't even think the bottom 1% of methlab freaks are still mad after the first hour/pint of moonshine.
No, I'm remaining you that playing freshmen all year isn't the same thing as subbing them in without significant reps in January. I enjoyed the game, congrats.