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Their stadium holds 44K people. The SEC and ACC both already have the Florida TV market.
Penn State allegedly passed on recruiting him due to character issues.
People love to pretend that lots of P5 schools want to put Alabama on their schedule but Alabama won't pick up the phone. I wish this were the case as Alabama football has become awfully boring, but athletic departments like to play it safe.
It's always fun to listen to Alabama fans talk about how bad the NFL is because all our players don't become All-Pros. I'd stick with Saturday ball.
So basically, the narrative has evolved from discipline issues to a sick grandmother. In other words, the transfer was coming anyway, he's just making an immediate eligibility play.
There’s this weird cottage industry in pretending Alabama fans secretly care about ancient losses.
Conference affiliation certainly has an impact on game time when it's a Sun Belt, MAC, etc team. The problem is Klatt is among those who think Alabama's AD is bombarded with offers to schedule them and they're all being turned down.
I have to say, I felt kind of let down reading a Ryan Mallett DUI story that involves being right at the legal limit and cooperating with police. Such a waste of potential (the story, not his talent or anything).
Yeah, because after all this is the only state a program can find itself after a legendary coach retires, right? Never any other outcome, huh?
Kellen Mond is never going to be good, btw. Don't worry, he's tricked me before too, so don't feel bad about falling for the time you saw him making amazing throws in garbage time, etc. Oh, and after another offseason with Jimbo? Will still be bad.
I don't buy this at all - if you can't get your players to buy in after a year you can't do it. I think Florida fans became too invested in "culture" arguments due to having two bad coaches in a row.
(That's a terrible analogy because it worked out amazingly well)
"Atypical" is a great way to describe Gus. Yeah, getting his QB reps, that's probably it.
What will we use to quantify officially going off the rails? I'm asking because "lose back to back games to Georgia State and BYU" was my previous benchmark for off the rails, so I'm going to need help refactoring things. TIA.
The problem is we were already at "who in their right mind would want the job?" when Pruitt was hired - and Pruitt wasn't necessarily in his right mind, it was more of an offer he couldn't refuse. Right now Fulmer is thinking delusions of grandeur that he can right the ship and hand things off to a qualified caretaker in a couple of years. He can't, he will definitely make it worse, and it's going to rule.
Anti-climatic? Oh no. Phil naming himself coach isn't the beginning of the end, merely the end of the beginning. We haven't seen how much fun this can become yet.
Anti-climatic? Oh no. Phil naming himself coach isn't the beginning of the end, merely the end of the beginning. We haven't seen how much fun this can become yet.
I’m very high on Pruitt but following up a year two loss to Georgia State with a loss to BYU gets you fired.
You were wrong I’m afraid. This site is an excuse to sell ads with some random words bout football.
If you say so, but trust me that Gumps don't remember what worrying about LSU feels like. Also, we have the best offense since [arbitrary date] and the best defense since [arbitrary date], so we're pretty pumped too.
Bayou Tiger, level with me for a moment - Why the $@%* would Alabama fans be nervous about a home game against a team they shut out on the road last year? Because you beat a Sun Belt team? C'mon man.
No see, we've seen him play an entire season. QBs don't go from average to great in year 5.
I'm surprised his response wasn't "LOL guys I'm Will Muschamp, this is what I do, why are you surprised?"