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Pat Mahomes won a super bowl and signed a deal with about half the guaranteed money Dak turned down. I'm actually not sure who the bigger idiot is, to be honest.
Good point, let me get out the ancient stone tablets and read more about the last time Tennessee fielded a good team.
Is English your native language? If so, I need an apology.
You could expand this metaphor by pointing out Sessions was basically on probation in this election, creating an essential component for a Tubberville win.
Hang on, let me get out the SEC homer handbook: "Even in 1941, the SEC was the toughest conference and the grind week in and week out is much tougher then any other conference. Ergo, despite losses to tough and salty teams like Vandy and State, does anybody *really* believe that the third ranked team in the SEC that year wasn't the real champion? Sure, Minnesota was undefeated and topped the AP poll, but c'mon, they don't play real football in the Big 10. If you disagree, you just don't 'get football'".
You know you can wear any number you want to in college ball, right?
Somehow he'll prove to be overrated at getting 7th and 8th graders ready for high school. It's just in the guy's DNA to be overestimated for some reason.
Soon, Chavis will develop a reputation as an elite high school coach despite not winning many games and constantly changing jobs.
I've already declared Alabama to be the national champions of the 2020 season that isn't going to happen, and it already feels more legit then 1941 to be honest.
You might be right, but the idea was if everybody had stayed home a bit longer, it would have died out. But this is how it worked in smaller more homogeneous countries. In America, this became about politics from the first second, and this we were doomed.
8% feels too high for me as well, but 4% death rate is still terrifying.
He's got a point - Carolina had never seen this alternate Cam he speaks of. I'm guessing the Patriots never do either.
I think the problem is more they sat down to come up with multiple scenarios and contingency plans, realized it was all nonsense, and threw their hands up in the air and hoped to get lucky. Sadly, we didn't get lucky.
"Balls out" to me entails having a season worthy of being a first round pick. Daniels has already missed an entire season to injury, don't assume he's going to try to milk everything he can out of college.
I guess this is the NCAA formally throwing in the towel on free agency.
Lack of interest in Larry Scott's health will be attributed to time zones and east coast bias.
Just opinions from a scared old man though, nothing to see here.
I would put it like this - the prestige of the HC in waiting led to a situation where Muschamp has the brand of a good coach without being a good coach. Hiring him at Florida was a legitimate mistake, but we knew who he was by the time SCAR decided to go with a name everybody knew vs. a good coach.
Yeah, Paul doesn't have any bad news. Nothing is going on in the world right now. Everything is fine.
On the surface, everything they're saying makes perfect sense. But other takes I've seen on it point out how little time there is between the playoffs and spring workouts beginning - you're lucky if you get two months off.
This is really just Stanford entering the modern era and abandoning some of their faux-ivy league pretenses. Cal dropped these same sports a few years ago under the auspices of budget, but I think they were mostly just tired of supporting "sports" of zero interest to anybody but the "athletes" and their parents.
....okay. Apparently the real winner is your meth dealer.
What actually happens is he becomes very comfortable once games are out of reach and plays great in garbage time.
Just make sure 24 hours have passed since your last paint-huffing adventure and read it again.
I like how it's going to be better not because the players are more talented but because they'll be better friends.
The reason I'd disagree that Newman has a wide range of outcomes is admit it or not, a 1-and-done grad transfer QB has high expectations, and UGA football in general has high expectations. I'm not going to believe any Georgia fans who tell me next Spring this was a rebuilding year and they were cool with a mediocre outcome.
Huh. I wonder what NFL scouts do all day since NFL teams allegedly use third party scouting firms?
The problem with what Chiz is saying here is since he's been in the league we've had eyes on Cam "in the building". The in-game mood swings, the towel on the head, the wardrobe distractions - that's all in the building. I actually don't have much insight into "outside of the building" Cam other than lots of kids with weird names.