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Putting aside that Mike Leach can barely keep his head above water in the worst P5 conference, you could find a dozen other coaches who run the same system and aren't so weird they'd be fired before media days.
I figured he was offering his consultation services as an expert on terrible rosters.
I dunno. SMU being undefeated feels like a greater transformation then LSU going from very good to excellent. It's a good feeling to beat a team that's had your number for most of a decade, and frustrating to have that game define your season when it's a loss, but it's not like LSU was a bad team that needed "transformation".
Incorrect. It's because the SEC office is in Birmingham. Everybody knows this.
In my mind it doesn't really have anything to do with LSU or Alabama's respective resumes, and everything to do with Oklahoma losing a second game. If that doesn't happen, there's no chance the loser of LSU/Alabama makes it. If it does happen, either loser is more or less assured the spot. (Obviously all these scenarios involve winning the SECCG as well).
We've been hearing a lot in the lead up to this game about the playoff prospects of the loser, and I think it's odd speculation, personally. Any situation in which a one-loss non-conf-champ gets in is going to require a meltdown to occur in the Big 10 or Big 12 that isn't especially likely. The idea that LSU has a better schedule because Texas isn't going to make it to December.
Ugh - mentioning Verne you just reminded me I'm going to have to sit through a few Gary Danielson faux officiating conspiracies that have zero impact but he'll claim everything hinged on.
Yeah, not many people can overcome the career-ender of having a 11th ranked recruiting class in November. The reality is with FSU's star having faded, Mullen will have the first shot at all the Florida kids. Soon he won't have to pick between Felipe and the kid who couldn't beat out Felipe either.
Some college kids have to borrow money from IRL banks that charge interest. Really, this is kind of a compliance fail. The school should have known, self reported in the summer, and had him sit out the first game against FAU.
Right. Certainly no precedent for NCAA overreaction towards Ohio State.
A person has to be paid >$40K to warrant the team logo.
Agree. The FSU job is pretty much a tear-down at this point. From what we're told of "Jimbo leaving a mess" (I'm always skeptical of mess-leaving narratives), they're going to need an entirely new roster.
Agreed, due to the strangest phrase in all of sports - "controls their own destiny". I think completely pointless navel gazing on rankings should be left for crucial Baylor vs. Minnesota debates.
So basically, Gus doesn't need to win, but the losses can't seem all Gussy.
Agreed. Those people understand football, which is mutually exclusive from understanding auburn culture.
That's kind of odd. There was likely a time when Orgeron's dream job was USC vs. LSU, but times change. They had their chance there.
He doesn't seem like the sharpest tool in the shed, but he has to have figured out he's getting fired by now.
Hard to believe somebody was okay with hitting send after writing this mess. Third graders are embarrassed.
The Notre Dame thing is kind of interesting. As you point out, at USC or UCLA he could dominate the PAC but eventually he'd be called on to do more. But at Notre Dame, all he has to do is selectively lose one game a year (he's good at this, it seems) and he's 100% assured to not have to play in an important game that will stress him out.
You know, I kind of roll my eyes at the folks who do the "lol 1980" thing to Georgia fans here, but where does all this confidence actually come from? This is indeed a thread about a coach who did anything he wanted against your team.
Hate to be the one that has to tell you that "we" don't give a n F about Missouri either, and never will.
Give him time. I have no idea why he hasn’t gotten in trouble though.
It seems you could have saved a lot of time by simply saying it was a mistake for him or anybody else to take the Arkansas job. The biggest problem is the odd assumption that when it comes to recruiting, where there's a will there's a way: he should be bringing in stud OL who are ready to start by their second year at the latest. He should be beating out the more prestigious Texas schools for talent. It's nothing to do with Arkansas and their reputation you see, it's because he's simply not trying hard enough?
I dunno, I think its generally smart to stay in places where you're worshipped. In fact, Michigan seems to have more or less formally announced they're lowering their standards as to their football program solely to make him look better - can't beat that gig, right?
Because part of "SEC culture" is loathing the Big 10. Really dumb IMO, but its hard to deny.
It wasn't going to be Joe Burrow, and being compared to just about any other QB in the conference would be a diss, so yeah.
ProudtobeRight - USC is a school in Southern California with a full trophy case. You're referring to SCAR, a bottom-dwelling nothing of a team. Happy to help.