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I'd prefer Texas kicks rocks but this was a tad bizarre.
It's been a while since I heard a good Saban short joke. I kind of assumed it had run its course.
I've never been to a more overrated town in my life.
I like this post. I hope it comes down to a vote and they lose, just to enjoy them losing something.
How does the rest of the conference get more money because of Texas? I'm not saying you're wrong, only that I don't understand this aspect of things.
Even if true, I don't understand the importance of athletic budgets here. Does that lead to a larger annual media revenue distribution being sent to each school?
Nebraska was AAU when they were allowed into the Big 10, and later withdrew from it. I've never been able to understand what AAU has to do with college sports but that's another matter.
Yeah, which is why I think Texas needs to stop to think about this more - they don't seem interested in affiliations where they don't hold all the cards. They're currently the royalty in the Big 12, in the SEC they'd just be another team.
Yeah, the closest people I can compare them to are Ohio State fans, but those blind squirrels find nuts every decade or so, and at least they believe their lack of success is due to complex conspiracies. Georgia just loses games and talks like the won.
I do indeed have a degree from Alabama. Should I brag about it? Should I feel better than people who don't? Over football? What a smug dork I'd be if I felt like that. Right? Should I pretend a team that is favored by double digits in 90% of their games is lucky to win? Would that be a display of high character? Or would that just be sort of weird? I'm going with the latter. As I said, your friend doesn't actually think that, which hopefully you realize.
Your choice I suppose. I guess I've never really understood UGA fans. So much talking, so little results.
Your friend is either being fake-humble or is slow witted. Possibly both.
A win is a win, even if its over a GO5 team by a field goal, but I'm not sure I'd have mentioned NY6 Bowl games.
There are some Alabama fans who believe the head football coach is akin to a Pope who needs to be addressed by a title who act shocked when people don't do it, but nobody inside the program cares.
The good news is, regardless of what happens to the sport as a whole Tennessee will probably stay about the same and I'm guessing there's no imminent danger of your players showing up in Ferraris.
Tennessee is in a special category with Nebraska etc of Ex Blue Bloods that would get worked by most of the scrappy directional schools in the G05.
This reminds me of the time a "five star" OL narrowed down his decision to Maryland and auburn.
I was thinking that's the slowest I've ever seen anybody jog, but since it's Orgeron I just assumed it was his 100th mile or something.
Like I said, clickbait. They post these articles because they know all the right wingers will rush in to explain racism to the rest of us. 46 comments and counting on a topic completely unrelated to college football. Take the hook out of your mouth.
Gosh, 36 comments on the second SDS article on a completely uninteresting topic. Clickbait makes people into marionettes on strings, I swear.
It almost feels like he's ultimately saying "it's too many games but this would have saved me the years I inexplicably choked against bad teams while coaching Ohio State so there's that".
Apparently Ohio State plans to play him at 4-3 end, which I think makes the most sense for him. He's listed at 277lbs right now, which is kind of undersized for interior DL in a 3-4.
This should suppress any doubts they were right for each other.
Tell us more about these tennis championships. Oh, swimming too? How delightfully Auburn of you. :)
Holy $!@# man. I can't believe this is real.