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Yeah, in what crazy world does last year's backup have the inside track on starting?
If you're giving an assistant a promotion to coordinator, there's no poor form. If somebody agrees to a lateral move for whatever reason, it's not poor form. So what's left really? It's annoying for fans and head coaches but there's no real tangible problem there.
Look, I personally am kind of a mess right now knowing Georgia hired a new assistant coach. I'm probably going to relapse on PCP, in fact.
Agree. It's not like you really need to hire somebody just to get a modern playbook. Georgia's offense begins with a ball control philosophy, and they'll either change that or they won't.
Also, while I don't gather fear of embarrassment is much of a factor for you, please don't ask anybody to care about championships in non-revenue sports. Gumps are mildly proud of our gymnastics trophies, but aren't going to try to pad any stats with them. See also: that stick and ball game.
Somewhere in Kentucky, people are wondering where all the Sudafed went...
I'll preface this by saying I'm not a stick in the mud and I don't care how LSU celebrates. But given O's roles in past celebrations and having said roles captured on video multiple times, I wouldn't predict he uses it as a teachable moment. I'd say he just reiterates he DGAF what people think of LSU's celebrations - and good for him.
Better to get kicked in the nuts then listen to Danielson if I'm being honest.
Alabama’s only shady title claim is 41. We’ve beat Clemson in Natty games the same number of times you have. Now, see if you can think quickly enough to put your retort in one post. TIA.
You’re the worst LSU fan here, not him. He acts like a dope all the time, where as you switch between dope and self righteous windbag.
It wasn’t a one man show. It was a two man show, and both men are gone. LSU isn’t going to garbage next year, their floor is still about 10-2, but I don’t see any reason to expect More of the same.
Burrow is gone and you’re back where you started. I know it’s the day after but I’d settle down.
I'd say something conciliatory like "nice try", but it really wasn't.
Shhhh it's okay sweetheart. Your team won, now isn't the time to be worrying about how to read.
Here we prove LSU fans aren’t even smart enough to be trolled properly.
Obviously LSU was only good this year because they were getting cash from Beckham. Season will be vacated as it should be.
Just navel gazing at this point, but I think Richt came closer in 2012 then Kirby did in 2017. Keep in mind the SECCG was absolutely the natty that year and UGA had the ball last.
I'd hate to be the school that has "special" years that end in championship losses. You're veering into auburn territory.
If Richt beats Saban in 2015 he stays. If he beat him in 2012 he definitely stays.
I’d be more worried about what you’re losing. You might have noticed over the past decade or so that Alabama tends to work these things out.
I hope you’re right. Part of me is worried some of Alabama’s inexperienced freshmen will just be mediocre sophomores next year.
Not to teams that run an offense from 1979 they don't.
True. LSU and Alabama will break the 40's, but you should be fine other then that.
Well, consider this as well - Fromm will probably have a great combine, both throwing and in meetings. Tua might not be able to throw and might get a medical report of "how is this guy even alive?". Suddenly, the narrative changes totally.
Agreed - this wasn’t even on my radar as I get he was definitely coming back.
Now that I realize "beat both teams in Mississippi" is an A&M bucket list item, I'm not going to make fun of Jimbo ever again.