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And looked better doing it. Since then, cleaning up in the portal. LSU and Arkansas are the most formidable SEC baseball teams heading into 2023.
And apparently Tennessee's vaunted "Coach of the Year" can't call a game with his hotheaded pitching coach sidelined? Not a very flattering picture of Vitello...
You have an embarrassment of riches from which to choose. Great problem to have!
Arkansas hasn't been a "sleeper" in years, and won't be one next year. They may very well be the national champion a year from now, but not because anyone slept on them. Arkansas has been knocking on that door for at least 4 years and will kick it down soon. Of all the teams Ole Miss played in the NCAA tourney this year, including Oklahoma and at Miami, Arkansas scared me the most. And LSU will be back in its "rightful" place in Omaha, probably by next year.
A tip of my cap to Mr. Allen, and wishing him the best of luck as he continues his professional career.
I didn’t use any trigger words. I simply pointed out that if in fact “Rashada earned money to sign with Miami” that is not consistent with the limited NIL rules that do exist, contrary to the writer’s assertion that “those are the rules.”
Comment explaining NIL rules awaiting moderation...likely for eternity.
“Has there ever been one state that won back to back national championships in baseball?” Not counting repeat winners: Texas 2002 & Rice 2003; Arizona 1976 & Arizona State 1977.
“Did Ole Miss lose some of their best players to injury during the middle of the season?” Yes.
"It’s not just that that guy chose Texas, it’s that the Manning family chose Texas..." What tripe. This was Arch's decision, no doubt informed by but not forced by his parents. Period.
"When Texas joins the SEC for Arch’s junior season in 2025 (if not before), that will mean all 4 Mannings not only will have spurned LSU but chosen to play for one of the Tigers’ conference rivals." Archie grew up in Drew, MS, in the Mississippi Delta. He hardly "spurned" LSU to go down the road to Ole Miss...if he was even recruited by LSU, which I doubt but am not looking up.
Must have been a slow news day in the SEC for SDS to be spilling so much ink on a future Big 12 player…
Yeah it is, but the reason is rain expected in Omaha later tonight.
I thought the same thing…at two different places in the piece. Likely the writer thought Stovall is a Rebel, making a factual mistake, because the alternative would be the writer doesn’t know how to construct a sentence. That couldn’t be the case at SDS, though, could it?
Looking VERY good. I started paying attention to OU in the Big 12 championship and have kept a close eye on the Sooners throughout this tournament. Your team could certainly win it all, though at present I still hope you don't.
You were probably equally confident, if not moreso, with the Hogs leading Oregon State down to their last out in the top of the 9th in 2018 championship series game 2...or just before last year's Fayetteville Super Regional final game, which turned out to be Arkansas' final game. One would think Hog fans would have learned just a smidgin of humility over the last few years. There's a reason they play the games.
Maybe they were blaming it on A&M pitching, which was outstanding.
Correct. It's the University of Texas at Austin. I'm glad A&M retired UT(a) for the season, but A&M fans coined the TU to be derogatory, and to refuse to acknowledge UT as THE University of Texas. And what's up with A&M's baseball jerseys that simply say "Texas Aggies"? Insecure about the A&M on one-third of your game days? Best of luck and skill against the Irish!
I’m thinking there’s no one I’d rather have on the mound for Ole Miss on Monday night, but that’s just me. Looking forward to another great game.
The first 3 games this weekend are on ESPN. Ole Miss - Auburn is on ESPN 2. Full schedule & TV listings are on ncaa [dot] com…and ESPN I’m sure.
Wow, when you say it like that it almost looks like a...dynasty.
“[We] picked 2 of the league’s CWS squads (A&M and Auburn) but missed on Arkansas and Ole Miss, and assumed Tennessee would still be around.” So 2/5, or 40%. I did better than that on D1BASEBALL’s bracket challenge, although I also missed on UT.
Sure, more maroon aggies, I get that. Last year, my attitude was that I hoped MSU made it to the finals and I was 50/50 on who I wanted to win it. Since the Dogs clearly outplayed Vandy last year, I thought we got the right champion. This year, I'm glad you're team is sitting at home.