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Then he should be made to by his superiors. Granted, the only Liberty game I watched last season was the one against Ole Miss, but Malik Willis was completely underwhelming. Drafting Pickett over Corral can at least be argued, but not Willis.
Agreed, that was a long way from going “off the rails.” SDS reminds me of the brat little brother tattling, “Mommy, he said a bad word!” Who cares?
Romans 8:28 - Paul’s Letter to the Romans about the time he tried to drive his chariot over his wife.
Thanks, Greg, but we know how brilliant you are because you never stop telling us. I would’ve thought you were smart enough to recognize that comparing your intelligence vs. Kayvon’s has zero relevance to his [stupid] point about the quality of education available from the University of Alabama…but it did give you an opportunity to remind us of your genius.
This isn't strange at all. When Bob Stoops was head coach at OU he hired his brother Mike as an assistant; Mike is now working for his brother Mark at UK. Chris Kiffin worked on Lane's staff at FAU. A few years ago, Tulsa's head coach Bill Blankenship had two sons working as assistants. I could go on and on. All of these schools are public universities.
Maybe you’ve been getting snacks when he’s been loving (rightly) on Will Anderson. But I think you more than any other recent commenters pegged how this game was going to go: neither team will be able to run on the other. I think you expected more pass completions and less FGs, as did I, but tip of the hat for understanding the battle at the line of scrimmage. Anybody who finds this game boring is nuts. Wishing for more explosive plays? Maybe we’ll see that in the 2nd half, but this game is gripping. May the best team win!
Jameson Williams transferring to Alabama helped ruin college football? OK.
Jags better protect 2021 1st round pick with every draft decision they make.
This projection is a joke…Sam Howell of NC is projected as 1st QB taken at #9 (WFT) and Kenny Pickett of Pitt not even taken in the 1st round, behind (at least) Howell, Corral and Malik Willis. Every other projection I’ve seen has Pickett as QB1, and I can’t argue those…but leaving Pickett out of the 1st round altogether is absurd.
Caleb Williams is not following Spencer Rattler anywhere. Look for the other OU QB to end up at the other USC.
ESPN teases before halftime of LSU game that Caleb Williams has made his decision, and announces that CW…has entered the transfer portal. Thanks for the news.
Although it appears they’ve since fixed it. At least somebody on this site has the ability to edit their posts…w/o acknowledging the original error. On the substance of the article - based on a 4-word tweet, ignores the glaring fact that Mario Williams essentially said he is going wherever Caleb Williams goes…which will not be SC… …unless Caleb perversely wants to beat out Rattler one more time.
Saban himself said at SEC Media Days last July that Bryce Young had inked NIL deals worth nearly $1 million without even throwing a pass. Cash App, Leaf, Onyx, etc. All before Logan's Roadhouse deal this fall, and who knows what else.
So… • Language/geography issues; • Dropped too many footballs; • Harsin building a program not a team; • Uncoachable; • Not because he dropped too many footballs; • Bad attitude…
What do you think those HS seniors are signing in early December and early February? Contracts.
Then, adios. I didn’t know enough about his performance this year to understand the move.
Thanks for the insight. Sounds like a better WR coach wouldn’t hurt: “Stop dropping the ball!”
War Eagles, why might he have been kicked off the team? Doesn’t make sense to outsiders.
Why not require those who commit to a transfer school sign a national letter of intent like HS signees, with obligations on both sides?
That's a ridiculous take. I think it was a bad call, too (and a bad decision not to kick the FG), but let's say Tennessee scored the touchdown. It's just as possible that Purdue would have played accordingly, scored a TD as well, and the game went into a 2nd overtime period. Absent the bad call, UT still can't count the game as a win.