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Can anyone say ‘transfer portal’? Factor that in to the cost of sh:t•canning Coach Shrek.
Dude, YOUR coach will at least get a call. They’re going to be calling everybody with a pulse & a .500 record. We’ll see if Lane is really interested in jumping from a just tamped•down dumpster fire with some promise (hope) and a far more reasonable fanbase to a raging dumpster fire with over•the•horizon prospects whose fanbase is delusional.
That’s funny. “Perennial: lasting for an indefinitely long time; enduring.” In my dictionary there’s a photo of Saban illustrating the definition.
So true. A football program is a terrible thing to waste, and O set us back years. I’ll never forgive Pete Boone for hiring him.
You really went there? In 2019 Arch was 14 years old.
LMAO at "This is basically the professional version of a Negan post."
As a fan of a team that was very recently tested to the limit by Arkansas, I can say that Arkansas was a test for Georgia as well, just one that the Bulldogs aced. I agree Kentucky is another kind of test, just not the first one.
Correction: Sports writers en masse DID really, really hate they LOVE the Wildcats, but the oddsmakers still hate KY. Prediction: If #11 Kentucky does lose to #1 Georgia on Saturday, the 6-1 Cats don't drop below #17, and probably not that far.
Which fanbases understand and which ones don't?
"Second Best Coach in the SEC" to replace Orgeron??
That's one of the sourest takes I've seen. While it's true that if the mere mortals in the SEC beat Alabama every other year those fans would get tired of rushing the field "just" because their team beat Alabama, the fact that they're not tired of it yet does not make them "losers."
LSU certainly should not evaluate him before October 23. He's doing a great job and has never lost to Ole Miss as a head coach. It would be rash to make any change before Halloween.
That's funny! I'd kind of like to see it, too, though I'd rather he stay in the East. But hire Hugh Freeze and find out for yourself why Arch doesn't go to LSU. And Kiffin's not looking for a job.
Either that, or no Kentucky, Florida, Auburn and Missouri.
Saban's won 4 NCs after a regular season loss. Anybody counting Alabama out is a fool.
"I’d love to get to the day where a Bama loss is 'regular.'” And the rest of the SEC agrees with that sentiment.
"Their [Georgia's] D looks like something out of a Terminator sequel." Just...perfect.
Parody or parity? Probably equal measures of both.
"You don’t win a Natty by just being there." That's true, poptiger. In Orgeron's case, he won it by being there, recruiting well - and having the good sense to stay out of Burrow & Brady's way.
36 hours after Alabama took it on the chin…trying to protect the site from getting updyked, I guess.
Reading SDS with every comment section “temporarily disabled” is about as satisfying as watching the Ole Miss defense (not) play. Next time you break or turn those off, expect your “readers” to disappear.