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Well we’ll just have to see how well Mr Dabo does this year. Lest you forget about the Sugar Bowl when we Spanked them and they didn’t even make it to the Championship Game. Also, Dabo made a mistake thinking Bama was dead and placing a grave marker for it. All that does is anger the Tide to the point that I’m glad I won’t be playing them. Things will be a little different. See, Saban always keeps it professional, never trying to one up anyone like that smug Dabo has. He has a ways to go to be called the best coach in college football. Teams lose sometimes, but to accomplish what Saban has in such a short time has not been matched. Don’t think Dabo has wrapped up the recruiting battle either because Bama if not in first place right now, it close on their heels. There have been others that have doubted Saban saying his dynasty was over and all and Saban just keeps proving them wrong. So you keep adding fuel to that fire and you will see that that’s not the thing to do. Definitely a biased account of things. All these haters out there are really wanting Saban to start faltering, but I don’t see it happening for a while. Hell, Saban had hip Surgery so he could coach for many more years to come and you can bet it will involve more than just two Championships.