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You aren't wrong, but you said it yourself, they get paid for sensationalism and creating a buzz. Just enjoy the hype on both ends and get ready for (hopefully) a great showdown!
I feel like you're reading into this a little too much. A highlight, not THE highlight.
They did, but we still aren't at the place that I'm sure a lot of fans and the players themselves want to be. I'm seeing a lot of improvement in problem areas but there's ground to cover. I just hope we can get another few wins, salvage the season and chalk it up as a building year. I still think Muschamp was a good hire and will work out in the near future but whether or not the people paying his and Malzhan's checks have the patience for that is another story.
"From the quarterback derby between Jeremy Johnson and Sean White, to the dismissal of receiver Duke Johnson" -- Indeed
Duke Johnson's dismissal would've been more newsworthy for that cool name alone. :)