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I don't think you understand that using "corrupt" to describe any football program (collegiate or professional) is an oxymoron.
Auburn per capita violent crime rate is 2.41. Atlanta's is 14.23. Auburn is well below the national average of 3.9. Most of the crime in Auburn is property based (theft, burglary, etc.). So when you say Auburn is a dangerous place, to where are you comparing it? Because, no, it's not the safest place in the country, but it is by no means a "dangerous" place.
I don't understand how anyone thinks Gus should leave. One assumedly 8 (possible 9?) win season isn't anything to complain about. The issue this year is defense. The coaching test will be seeing how he regroups in the off season. If we're down to 3 wins next year we can return to this conversation.
Once the receiver catches the ball and turns upfield he is no longer defenseless and the targeting rule doesn't apply until he is down. At the time the contact with he helmet was made, the receiver was laying on the back of the auburn defender and was not down yet. Even if he was, it would have been impossible for the ref to make a definitive call, and therefore the "no call" was the appropriate response. The original tackle was clean because the defender grabbed the jersey and not the inside of the pads. It was a clean tackle that unfortunately ended badly.