Student and Worker at LSU. Geaux Tigers!

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At least they showed the Missouri vs Vanderbilt game of 2015. They showed the highlights of the LSU game from 2011...
He said he lives in Arkansas and watches just about every play of Brandon Allen and the Hogs. We all know the pig callers hate Tigers.
You know writers! Got to spice up the title to get views or else they won't have a job.
Man, that Tennessee Orange and White checkered seating is frickin' sweet! Gotta see that in person someday! Way to make the SEC proud UT!
Don't even talk about getting away with penalties. We got away with a lot?! What about the one where Key and Godchaux stunted and key was going to smother Prescott, BUT a Miss St. OL had so much jersey he couldn't fit any more in his hands? What did the refs do? Nothing.
Any given day. Any given hour. Any given place. There's ALWAYS a chance. Even for Fresno St. Geaux Tigers and good luck to MSU! Hopefully there's a good clean game not decided by refs or other bullcrap.
Bama fans forget that Fournette was also a freshman. Henry is a junior.
I mean obviously we love the SEC more and believe we are first in a lot of areas (if not close to all of them) because we are. But I mean we are 2nd in Running Backs?! Hahahaha what a joke. If we are going by most talented SEC destroys this. Yea Pac 10 is winning in yardage but who cares.
White at 9? I guess everyone has their opinions.
The fact that UK fans are arguing this makes me laugh. It was illegal. Drop it. Your own fan even posted the regulations and rules for the hit. "No player shall target and initiate contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, fist, elbow or shoulder. When in question, it is a foul. (Rule 2-27-14)" BOOM. It's over. Your argument is now invalid. However, the boasting about a big blindside hit is dirty and I understand it's a sport but he shouldn't have done that. You would be upset too had LSU done that to your player and so would every other team in the country. A blow to the head can do just as much to a person as a blow to the knees. A huge shoulder blow could have easily been just as big of a hit without being illegal. Now, research that video and tell me the CROWN doesn't hit Beckwith's helmet. It clearly does. You can hear it as well(unless you can't hear).