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Yeah classy like that time the Georgia team ran into the end zone, Because they scored a touchdown against UF
Yeah Dan lost a big game to a talented team. Kirby lost a undefeated season to Muchump!
I was hoping Coach Mac would shut the trash talk down, after the UT game. He said he liked the confidence. That's the main thing I respect about Saban, he doesn't put up with that BS!
Bulldawgrock know when to shutup! State got beat by South Nobody and you want to run you mouth about somebody else's team. SMH
He's was probably checking to see if they could use him on their coaching staff. After he gets fired this year!
Another impressive victory for Muschamps offense. King of barely beating inferior teams.
Trolling on the internet is a sure sign that you need a life!
Florida is still recovering from the Muschamp era, Coach Mac has to win with what he can get. If one of these QBs pan out, next years class will be in the top five. Coach Mac is doing fine.
You should really seek counseling. It's pretty pathetic that anytime someone mentions the Gators you piss yourself and bring up the drug issue. Let it go.
His offense smoked the Rebels which smoked your Bulldogs.
His offense smoked the Rebels which smoked your Bulldogs.
What about that really good head coach, OC, and DC in the talent rich state of Florida. Is an average OC going to beat them when they get that program running on all cylinders? I think not! But we will see that's why they play the game.
What is the problem Rebel_LandShart mommy or daddy issues. You are one bitter cry baby. I bet the only time you ever stepped on a football field was as a tuba player.
Rebel_LandSHART the defense hasn't changed, you know the one that only allowed 10 points in the game. I really wish y'all could've held the hogs on 4th and 25 so Florida could humiliate the LandSharts again!
Collin Cowherd and the word talent should never be used in the same sentence, unless the words (lack of) come before talent!
Out with Less, his teams never live up to their potential but most the players end up in the NFL. Big time recruiting classes and an average seasons. If they keep him that's great because Coach Mac will dominate him like Saban does.
BamaTime take your butt hurt somewhere else.
I'm glad he got the raise! It kept him from going to Florida.
Ole Miss got beat by 28 points because one guy put on 20 pounds. Please are y'all planning on having all of the Hogs tested to? You got beat because you wasn't the better team get over it!
IT would be much better if they put GATORS on both sides!
Oh snap, you're going to have to get by them GATORS! You see what Coach Mac is doing with Muschamps weak offensive recruiting classes just wait till his recruits roll in.
Could you please refrain from using that pic of Muschump ever again. Thanks on behalf of Gator Nation.
Coaching defense under Saban doesn't mean you're a great coach, just look at Muschamp. I would really question hiring Kirby Smart.
We don't know how Treon will play, but the Gators offense is much better than last year.
Muschamp deserves nothing, how much was that clown getting paid to recruit and field a winning team.
I was thinking the exact same thing, yeah they're not playoff ready yet, but I think they have some more teams to surprise.