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If yall don't stick with mathis its only because georgia is a racist school.
Yeah that tends to happen when you score like Florida's offense does....see 2019 LSU.
Georgia fans talked trash about LSU's defense all year last year. How'd that work out for you?
Let me guess....Arkansas is gonna much improved and gonna be one of the best teams in the SEC this year? Lol.
This, boys and girls, is why you don't talk trash all off season to your rival.
Well, you keep watching for the potential upset here while the rest of the country is watching the Auburn-kentucky game for the likely upset.
If Florida beats Ole Miss Saturday, clearly, Florida will be the best team in the SEC.
I think the only "malpractice" here is SDS letting this guy write articles for their site.
I'm gonna try out this ucf logic: I can throw a football better than my 8 year old son, therfore, I'm a better qb than Tom Brady.
Does anyone know why georgia has been so secretive about their covid testing/cases? I read that they have been ignoring multiple FOIA requests by AJC and several other outlets.
So Coach Bangs going to the NCAA to whine about how Florida does their warm-ups means he is in Mullens head? You should get a job at CNN with your ability to spin things.
"UGA’s offense was as bad as bad gets last year." Yet,they would still probably be one of the top 5 offenses georgia has had in the past 40 years. Don't get carried away and act like georgia has been a perrinieal powerhouse over the past 4 decades 'cause we all know better.
"Defensively, the Dawgs haven’t been able to establish a consistent, effective pass rush, so if Trask (who threw just 7 interceptions in 354 pass attempts in 2019) is given the time and opportunity to make plays, it might be a long day for the secondary."
"Administrators fear turning a one-year problem into a two-year problem, they say. “It’s not going to work". Why would they think that covid is only going to be a one year problem in the first place? I've seen no reason to think this won't be a problem for many years to come.
At least you know smart is an inferior coach. I cant even be mad at ya.
Yeah I'm pretty sure they didnt have to blow smoke up a 3 star receivers butt to get him to come to Florida.
Just like while he was at Florida, Franks will be the reason Arkansas wins some games they shouldn't have, and also the reason they lose some games they shouldn't have.
Well considering he referred to 1964 as modern, I'm guessing he doesnt attend too many parties.
I've gotta say, it is rather entertaining watching SDS slowly destroy their own website.
I say anything with ncaa on it should be burned to the ground because they are anti-southern.
Welcome to SATURDAY UP NORTH. The website that makes a living off of southerners by bashing the south.
4 and 5 star recruits aren't everything. You georgia fans dont have to look far to see proof of that.
To be fair, I dont think anyone has expected georgia to play for a natty in the past 40 years.
Mcelwain won 2 division titles while at Florida. Do you think he is a better coach than Mullen?