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Just like while he was at Florida, Franks will be the reason Arkansas wins some games they shouldn't have, and also the reason they lose some games they shouldn't have.
Well considering he referred to 1964 as modern, I'm guessing he doesnt attend too many parties.
I've gotta say, it is rather entertaining watching SDS slowly destroy their own website.
I say anything with ncaa on it should be burned to the ground because they are anti-southern.
Welcome to SATURDAY UP NORTH. The website that makes a living off of southerners by bashing the south.
4 and 5 star recruits aren't everything. You georgia fans dont have to look far to see proof of that.
To be fair, I dont think anyone has expected georgia to play for a natty in the past 40 years.
Mcelwain won 2 division titles while at Florida. Do you think he is a better coach than Mullen?
If there is anyone who would really be "surprised" by that they haven't been paying attention to college football much. Or, they are a georgia fan.
Pickens was the obvious choice considering he's the only decent receiver on the team.
Somebody do me a favor and read this long winded piece of trash and let me know if this sister raping retard said anything important.
Surely you Georgia boys have something else yall can do other than comment on Florida stories all day every day. I hear that jumping in the back of pickups and hunting down black kids that are jogging is the new cool thing to do in Georgia. Maybe yall could get in on that.
The good news is we all know that Tennessee is pretty close to hitting their ceiling.
Pitts will go before every player on that list.
I was surprised nobody thought the red and black green bay helmets needed a redesign. Maybe to something a little less stolen?
Wouldn't hurt my feelings if they all left. Maybe white could get a roster full of players with some fight in them.
Well now we know what he did with that georgia money. Nice pool.
"Before that plan went out the window". Am I the only one that got the joke?
"Tebow would be met and tackled at the line of scrimmage often." Lol. I think you need to go watch some film of Tebow before you comment again on this subject.
He says the same thing every year and somehow it's big news every year.
He's a Tennessee fan. Can't really blame him for wanting to hide his identity.
I think a lot of people, including myself, expect Florida to have a top 10 defense and a top 10 offense. Seems to me that it would be illogical not to pick them to win the east.
Difference is no one was predicting Trask to win the Heisman before last year because that would have been as ridiculous as predicting that Newman will win it this year.
What Newman is, is a 3 star dual threat qb who chose Wake Forest over Vanderbilt and East Carolina. Nothing more, nothing less regardless of what anyone says. It will be interesting to see what that looks like against sec defenses next season.
Since when is a player saying that their team is going to win a championship a bad look for the school? I think it's time for you to go back to your safe space.
I think what most people mean when they say "great leader" is very effective leader. And it's kind of hard to deny that if he could get an entire country to follow his crazy ideas and beliefs, he obviously had some pretty effective leadership skills.
Wow. You georgia fans have gone from "wait until next year" with Mark Richt to "wait until the year after next" with kirby smart. Seems yall are going backwards.