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Yep this the year georgia wins it all. Lol. Just like last year and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that.....
No comments from georgia fans yet? Yall are slacking.
Dont be coming in here throwing around your fancy reading comprehension and logic.
Those numbers are for the season. GatoRay77 was referring to the last 4 games of the year. Nice try though.
Nobody knows for sure at this point the reason he gave Mullen for wanting to switch rooms back in JANUARY. We have only heard one side of the story. If he didn't bring up any issues about Jones in JANUARY and just requested a room change, the whole narrative of this story changes.
Not sure why you would be proud of giving up a 3 score lead...?
This is getting a little old. At what point do we just go ahead and change our name to the Florida Chokahoes?
We dont claim him. He's Auburns.
Props to the Miami fans that did this. That took some time. But good God I hope no Florida fans do something like this in Athens. I dont think there are enough mental health specialists in the state of Georgia to deal with all of the mental break downs of georgia fans.
Didn't do much with it? 2 of those first rounders were 3 stars.
I think the biggest takeaway from this is to notice how no Florida fans got their panties in a wad over this. Definitely a lesson for georgia fans.
Well at least the Sds staff put a positive spin on it for those teams. The only negative facts of the whole article were saved for Florida.
At least he didn't set cameras up in the showers like the weenie watcher at uga. Yall forgot about that didn't you?
Glad to see you pulled through your year long coma Alatide. Quick update for you on the college football season that you missed. Mullen took over a 4 win Florida team and won 10 games and finish 7th in the AP poll tied with georgia. Oh, and bama played Clemson for the natty and got curb stomped.
I suppose you think LSU and Texas have the same amount or more talent as georgia?
Good God! georgia fans are snowflakes. By the way, using your own logic, smart has never beaten Saban therefore he will never beat saban.
Mullen 2-2 against teams ranked at end of this season. Kirby 2-3. Might want to find another argument.
Maybe when they find him they will find all of the other Florida receivers that have missing over the last decade.
Even if you take away the turnovers from the Tennessee game, Florida would still be 1st in the SEC. Try again there buddy.
So do we. Maybe we wouldn't have embarrassed the SEC the way that y'all did.
Tennessee fans make Aaron Hernandez look like a decent dude.