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I have a feeling that whatever school he winds up at, he will be showing up on his first day in a 100+ thousand dollar ride.
What you saw last year, as good as it looked, was Mullen making lemonade out of lemons.
I have a feeling we are going to be seeing a ton of articles with "Florida" and "Gators" in the headline this year because, thanks to blue state georgia fans, those are some of the most clicked on articles that you can possibly write. But, could we lay off of the "generational talent" title? That term is WAY overused and very rarely correct.
Yes I'm well aware that Alachua is a blue county...just like every single other college town in America. Then people enter the real world. Just saying.
I've gotta admit, it is a little amusing seeing all theses out of shape, fat, blue state people with a black and red green bay logo beside their name talk trash about Tebow's athletic ability at something.
Just wondering why the media is calling this a brawl but the Florida-Missouri fight was referred to as a riot? Maybe some of you "woke" folks can give me some insight?
So if bama curb stomps Ohio state, will everyone have to admit that a full roster Florida was at least the second best team in the country this year? Or will everyone's bias keep them from seeing that?
At least all the SEC East teams got 1 non-conference game this year against Missouri.
Funny how recruiting rankings all of a sudden don't mean anything to yall. If you look at the recruiting rankings of the players that were around these qb's this year and hold them to the same standard that you do the rest of the year, then clearly Trask is the God of gods when it comes to the quarterback position.
I wonder if Stephen a. Smith is laughing now or is his face stuffed with fried chicken and watermelon?
I was a little annoyed by this stunt until I looked closer at the pictures and realized that the alabama fan clearly has down syndrome. So, good for you, little buddy.
Stop gap between what and what? You act like you know you have something better coming up. You don't. If any fan should know that stars don't mean shiate at qb position it should be Georgia fans. I think everybody here thats not wearing a G on their hat knows who the dumba$$e$ are here.
I'm sure he'll do great until his next drug test.
Probably would have been a possibility if it weren't for the cheapshot.
Apparently opposing offenses understand it really well. That's the problem.
Apparently they don't think miss state will score anything.
This looks more like a Georgia fans comment than a sensible Alabama fans comment.
So he got developed at Florida, then undeveloped at Florida then developed again at Arkansas?
Only 81.7% against LSU? Is Joe Burrow returning for that game or something?
Florida is averaging 4.8 yards per carry vs Georgia's 4.2 yards per carry. Georias offense is zero dimensional.
These fights used to happen either before, during, or after almost every rivalry game. Never heard them refered to as a "riot". Lol. I guess thats the snowflake world we live in now.
I'd like to see at least one of these sds writers grow a pair and put out an article about Florida's offenses vs Georgia's defense.
Seems like a risky move to fire a coordinator with a top 10 unit like Grantham had last year even if he could see what was coming this year.
Granthams defense sealed the deal. Not turnovers.
Mullen makes $6 million dollars a year to make tough decisions. Firing Grantham should be an easy decision.