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Canes by 14 huh? I'll post your prediction in the comments section next saturday night after the game. Feel free to drop in and explain yourself.
Daddy Disney forcing little espn to sell Disney tickets.
"All programs have problems with 18-22 old young men breaking rules." Totally agree. How about trying to get some of your fellow dawg fans to understand that.
Just want to point out that there are no Gator fans on here giving yall crap about this.
Unfortunately there has been a lot of talk on miami and florida state boards for weeks now about suspensions coming for these players. Particularly a title 9 investigation involving Huggins. Looks like they may have been right.
Because that's when the sec championship games started. Not surprised yall dont know any sec history. By the way, Florida owned Georgia in the 50's and 60's also.
$29,000 dollars a year to attend LSU and they still need donations?
This has got to be the biggest meltdown in the history of saturday down south. Lol.
You should go to the defensive play callers article and see how pissed uga fans are that Grantham is on that list. Lol.
Guarantee you he never heard of coley before georgia hired him.
I say Florida should switch to playing miami every year in Jacksonville and re-rename it the world's largest outdoor cocktail party. Just make the florida georgia game like any other sec east game.
Did he say "delicious turd"?
I think what he was saying is that if georgia doesn't get it done this year with all the pieces that they have, some doubt may start creeping in about this coaching staff/program. That could effect recruiting significantly.
"UF is is in a temporary down phase, and rebuilding". This is true but the fact that they still finished 7th last year in the AP seems like a good reason for players to flock to Florida. How many other teams that finish in the top 10 could be considered "in a down phase"?
Yep this the year georgia wins it all. Lol. Just like last year and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that and the year before that.....
No comments from georgia fans yet? Yall are slacking.
Dont be coming in here throwing around your fancy reading comprehension and logic.
Those numbers are for the season. GatoRay77 was referring to the last 4 games of the year. Nice try though.
Nobody knows for sure at this point the reason he gave Mullen for wanting to switch rooms back in JANUARY. We have only heard one side of the story. If he didn't bring up any issues about Jones in JANUARY and just requested a room change, the whole narrative of this story changes.
Not sure why you would be proud of giving up a 3 score lead...?
This is getting a little old. At what point do we just go ahead and change our name to the Florida Chokahoes?
We dont claim him. He's Auburns.
Props to the Miami fans that did this. That took some time. But good God I hope no Florida fans do something like this in Athens. I dont think there are enough mental health specialists in the state of Georgia to deal with all of the mental break downs of georgia fans.
Didn't do much with it? 2 of those first rounders were 3 stars.
I think the biggest takeaway from this is to notice how no Florida fans got their panties in a wad over this. Definitely a lesson for georgia fans.