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Like it or not, at the end of the day the Gators are still the Gators and that still means something to most people. And for good reason.
Seems to me that there has been more hype about Lagway outside of UF than there is with Florida fans. Maybe we've just been disappointed too many times lately.
They haven't lost a game yet with Cags on the mound. Hopefully that trend will continue until someone becomes reliable for Friday and Saturday.
"Arguably the best 2 way player in college baseball". Who is arguing that? And, what would the argument be?
Jesus. I'm starting to miss the good old days of articles about well made Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.
It's pretty clear outside of people like you that these coaches are seeing the writing on the wall and they know that Napier will not be here next year. He should already be gone but people like you are incapable of spotting a loser and wanted to set the football program back another year. Losers can't spot losers. And the worst part is you have been spewing your B.S. on here for the last 2 or 3 years and there are idiots on here who actually think you know what you are talking about. I keep receipts and can show everyone that you have been completely wrong on everything.
Yall miss a playoff for football and you revert to Mark Richt digs for an article about Florida Baseball?
A real Gators fan would have understood it. Clearly you didn't.
I wonder if they made him prove he could count to 6 before he signed.
So you think all of those 5 stars are contacting the collective at Alabama on their own? Has Alabama just been signing the people that Alabamas collective is telling them to sign. Do you really beleive that B.S.?
The NCAA and every college football fan in the country, including Florida fans, know deep down that the allegations are probably true. The issue here is that every college football fan and the NCAA also know that this is happening with every NIL deal at every major program in the country. So why are Florida and Florida State being singled out?
I wonder what would happen if Florida just refused to cooperate with the NCAA?
So I could pay a player to go to LSU and LSU would get in trouble for it?
That's actually Florida's jet. We are trying earn extra money for Napiers buyout next year.
For everyone excusing his play because of a thumb injury, all gator fans saw him play without a thumb injury. It wasn't pretty. He play like he had 10 injured fingers and 10 injured toes.
Miller was another product of Napiers great evaluation intelligence. I wonder how much that evaluation cost the boosters.
Actually all season last year you and your fellow Napier apologists kept saying that Napier would hire an O.C. and a special teams coach and that if he didn't he would be gone. I see you have moved on from that statement.
Vanderbilt has a full roster. That doesn't mean they are going to win many games next year.
You may not beleive in what hayes has to say but you should believe in what I have to say. I have the receipts that show I've been correct about everything regarding Napier, Etienne, and Florida football all season long. Napier will not be the coach for the 2025 season. Because of fans like you defending Napier because you don't want to start over, we will be a year behind where we could be if Napier had been fired after this past pitiful excuse of a season.
I wonder what Dan Mullen thought about that.
Billy needs to hire Dan Mullen to handle recruiting for him.
I'm excited about Lagway. Seems like a great QB that our next coach can build a team around.
That could be an accurate diagnosis. Or, it could just be a guy that watched a coach get payed 7.8 million dollars to put the product on the field that we all witnessed last year and is being realistic about the probability of that product getting any better while he watches Florida lose player after player to other schools.
I'm not sure where you and your little group of Billy Napier fan boys live, but around here all of the Florida fans share the same opinion on Napier as me and lake life. That's starting to make me wonder if yall are even real Florida fans or just a few trolls. Yall definitely are way different from most real Gators fans.
I'm beginning to think your faith in Billy is starting to fade. I'll give you credit though, you hung in there longer than 99% of Gator fans.
I already asked you why Billy would hire a play caller when he doesn't think that play calling was an issue. You said he had been ordered to.
You seem to be under the impression that Harris is going to bring a bunch of seasoned players with him. Hate to break it to you but he is stuck with Billy's recruits. Or, at least what Billy has left that haven't jumped in the portal already.