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I’m happy we had him under Pinkel. I’m not happy we made him head coach instead of having him under somebody else. Especially coming off the last eleven seasons where we’d just had 9 bowl game appearances, 7 wins, five ranked season endings (2 inside the top 5), and 5 division championships. We could’ve actually grabbed a respectable head coach who was looking forward to improving upon a team on the rise. We got Odom instead.
No. They proved that the more complete teams win. Bama has an elite offense and a better than average defense. (No they haven’t looked as elite as they have in the past. Yes they had one terrible game. It happens. Most teams in the country would still kill for their defense.) UGA has an elite defense and an average offense. The more balanced team won. While it’s true that defense no longer wins championships, neither does just offense. Look at Oklahoma’s terrible performances in the last couple years in the playoffs. They can’t finish. Look at the teams that have won in recent history. LSU last year, and the Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and even Auburn teams before. They all had elite players making elite plays on both sides of the ball. Our coaches and athletes have gotten too good to expect any sort of serious success from anything less.
He’s a terrible head coach. He did a terrible job at Mizzou and I’m not sorry we fired him. But he’s one the best defensive coordinators in the country right now. His defense is the only reason we went .500 and didn’t get absolutely blown out continuously. He had one of the top performing defenses in the SEC just about every year he was there, both as DC and HC, and that was wait a team that was lucky to get a recruiting class inside the top 30 and had several outside the top 40 under his recruiting. Awful head coach. Doesn’t make his defensive skills any less impressive.