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Literally one writer comes from Missouri
I think that’s a pretty good preseason ranking. It’ll be interesting to see how it looks at the end of the season. If LSU, Ole Miss, or Tennessee have another record like they did last season, they could pretty easily end up down a tier. And if Arky, Mizzou, or Miss. State hit a good growth spurt in their second year with the new coaches any of them could move up a tier.
Arkansas doesn’t bring much of a tv market or a winning records
Throw Auburn on the list of teams they’re not equal to as well.
I’m not saying Mizzou is as good as A&M right now. Because they just clearly are not. But I really don’t get the A&M hype. Sure on paper they look great, they’ve got the money, recruits, players, facilities, a coach that’s won at the highest levels, and all the things needed to look like a great football team, but so did Tennessee and Michigan. We all know that those things don’t actually mean anything. This was by far their best season in decades. They haven’t had serious, continued success since the 90’s. Over the past 20 years they’ve looked no different than Mizzou. Several good seasons, a couple great seasons, and the rest is nothing but mediocrity. The only difference is that Mizzou’s best was seven years ago instead of right now. They have the potential to make the leap, but they haven’t yet. They had one good season. It’s probably not lightening in a bottle, but it very well could be. Nobody knows. They certainly shouldn’t hold the same amount of respect as Bama, LSU, Florida, and Georgia, all of whom have played in and three have won multiple natties in the past 20 years. I just don’t understand the hype.
Seriously question, what do think Arkansas’s ceiling is? At this point in time, I’d argue it’s the same as Mizzou’s. I’m not saying either program has national championship potential right now, or even in the foreseeable future. I think it’s a little funny that people take Arkansas so seriously but don’t for program that’s been far more successful over the past 20 years.
I’m under no false pretenses of the respect Mizzou’s football program deserves. They’re relevant at a national level for a two or three year stretch every decade and then fade back into mediocrity. I also don’t think Bazelak is the second coming incarnate on the football field. But it’s not ridiculous to say that Nix, who’s legitimately had one alright game all season, and Bennet, who’s only played one more game than Bazelak and put up worse numbers, should both be behind him in the rankings. Brennan is a toss up. He’s a three year back up that has finally gotten his chance to shine. He’s put up good numbers though so whatever.
I was gonna say. Wilson is nowhere near the qb Bazelak is. The guys got the 7th highest completion percentage in all of cfb (3rd highest in the sec behind Jones and Trask) and the 10th highest passer rating in all of cfb (4th highest in the sec behind Jones, Trask, and Corral). His performance against Kentucky wasn’t flashy, but it was certainly outstanding and much better than what their opponents the last two weeks had shown. To have Bo Pix, who’s finally had one kinda good game after a terrible season so far, and Bennet, who’s good for what he is but will never really be more than what he is, ahead of him is kinda ridiculous.
As shown last week, Mizzou can play the same way, and did it against a much better defense than yours. And as seen in the LSU game, they have the capability of torching poor defenses in the passing game too. I’d really think that Mizzou’s gonna win, but if I were the Gators I wouldn’t feel over confident about being able to just easily command the time of possession and being to able to outshoot us on command.
Honestly, I think that’s Tennessee’s biggest problem. JG is not a bad quarterback when they’re playing good. I know that sounds redundant but my point is this, when Tennessee has bad plays and other teams force turnovers JG seems to get exponentially worse. He instantly goes from a top half qb’s in the SEC and looks like he did when he played Mizzou, to one of the worst qb’s in serious power five programs. And the coaching staff doesn’t seem to give him the play calling he’s comfortable with to build his confidence back up and so they keep failing and keep making negative plays and the system is self feeding. I’m glad we’ve found a coach that’s able to do it the right way. It’s key when trying to both build up a player and rebuild a program as a whole. It’s nearly impossible to do either if players don’t believe they can execute what they need to.
Dude, chill. I’m as excited as you are about our wins and to see where the program is going. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.
I’m happy we had him under Pinkel. I’m not happy we made him head coach instead of having him under somebody else. Especially coming off the last eleven seasons where we’d just had 9 bowl game appearances, 7 wins, five ranked season endings (2 inside the top 5), and 5 division championships. We could’ve actually grabbed a respectable head coach who was looking forward to improving upon a team on the rise. We got Odom instead.
No. They proved that the more complete teams win. Bama has an elite offense and a better than average defense. (No they haven’t looked as elite as they have in the past. Yes they had one terrible game. It happens. Most teams in the country would still kill for their defense.) UGA has an elite defense and an average offense. The more balanced team won. While it’s true that defense no longer wins championships, neither does just offense. Look at Oklahoma’s terrible performances in the last couple years in the playoffs. They can’t finish. Look at the teams that have won in recent history. LSU last year, and the Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State and even Auburn teams before. They all had elite players making elite plays on both sides of the ball. Our coaches and athletes have gotten too good to expect any sort of serious success from anything less.
He’s a terrible head coach. He did a terrible job at Mizzou and I’m not sorry we fired him. But he’s one the best defensive coordinators in the country right now. His defense is the only reason we went .500 and didn’t get absolutely blown out continuously. He had one of the top performing defenses in the SEC just about every year he was there, both as DC and HC, and that was wait a team that was lucky to get a recruiting class inside the top 30 and had several outside the top 40 under his recruiting. Awful head coach. Doesn’t make his defensive skills any less impressive.