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how ironic that you are complaining about no flag being thrown for horse collar on Washington, but yet in that very same play, after Fitzpatrick got up and ran off the field, #26 Humphrey just blatantly punched a Washington player in the face as he ran off with Fitzpatrick, but I see no mention of that in your comment of complaints? refs were bad all around, but Humphrey should have been flagged for that and should have to sit out the first quarter of the national championship.
Last time I checked, L'ville was ranked 5th in the CFB playoff rankings, not 3rd. I know they'll drop further after tonight, but come on man, it's the little things. This doesn't even require research.
agreed. at least franks wouldn't underthrow 80% of his throws down field, we know franks has an arm, just worried about his throwing motion a little.
it's tough to watch an offense like ours, when you'd rather have your defense on the field than your offense.
you are spot on with your comment about last season. just hope they can finish strong, that's all I can ask for. better team won today.
agreed. guys are taught to play until the whistle blows, both teams suffered cause of that, but injuries didn't cost us this game. You guys just wanted it more and you guys deserved to win, outplayed us all game.
Congrats to the hogs. You guys out played us on every possession and deserved to win. We can't rely on our defense to win us every game ( who was outplayed all game as well) I'm not jumping ship with coach mac, but something has got to give with the offense. we have no identity when it comes to offense. All in all, congrats again to the hogs, well played.
I was thinking the same thing 😂😂😂
@96gator I'm shaking over here 😭😂
lol you don't know me. but I'll let you assume. I know that Atlanta is your super bowl, there's still a chance for that to happen, just have faith young one.
Actually, I been a gators fan my whole life, my family is split between noles and gators and they've basically destroyed us in last years but I never jumped ship, so trust me I'm no bandwagon but yes I do know the history and I don't shy away from it, I was just stating my claim. don't make excuses when your luck runs out. vols didn't quit, and they never gave up but like I said before, A&M was a team you couldn't come back from behind against. Florida, yes, you guys deserved that win and rightfully so but a&m is a different team.
one win in 12 years and all of a sudden all these vols fans come out of hiding, so why don't you go back to your bunker?
This isn't englsish class, don't need to use grammar, also I nocitced how you guys switched the topic real fast to Florida lol. If you read my comments from before I agree that are game should have been played. nobody is scared of a struggling lsu team. And that was not a forward pass, for whoever said it was, ball clearly was knocked out before his arm came forward. Ball came out when arm was back and then arm came forward. Who's making excuses now ?
so when vols win, no complaining from bold fans and when vols lose, it's on the refs, how ironic. there's blown calls in every game but maybe you should be looking at those 6 turnovers if you're looking for something to blame for this loss.
but yesterday the weather wasn't looking good for Saturday. we can't just predict that the hurricane will pass on some. trust me I'm upset the game isn't being played even when the hurricane was heading directly for us, so no excuses here
Although a gator fan, I agree with most of your guys comments on that this game could have been played Sunday or Monday, I am not disputing that, I just find it funny that after 1 win in 12 years against us Tennessee fans feel them and their team are relevant once again. We get it vol fans, Atlanta is your Super Bowl. The reason why Vol fans are so persistent on having this game played is cause they know this is truly their only chance of making the trip to Atlanta since 2007. like I said I agree this game could have been played and I understand the outcome of the game and the factors is has, but ever since the vols best us, they act like the trip to Atlanta is destined. Also don't understand why people are saying gators are scared to face a struggling lsu team. We are struggling with injuries, but lsu has been struggling all year injuries and no injuries. whatever floats your boat and helps you sleep better at night.
you say college station is no factor but if anyone dared to tell you that neyland stadium isn't a factor, we would all witness the hypocrite inside of you urging to get out.
The swamp is an amazing atmosphere, but I would love to make the trip to Kyle Field on every of these days!
the vast majority I've heard from are in orb of his comments that's why I changed my words to most Bama fans but not all. My apologies.
I should have said the majority of tide fans, not all, my mistake. but Saban needs to put his ego in check and wish the kid best of luck. when athletes are asked questions by the press, they are supposed to give a "athlete answer," or response. This is where Saban should have given a "coach like answer" regardless of what he believes.
It's the same exact thing that Saban did, but these tide fans always look for loopholes and make excuses as to why Saban is always "right" you guys act as if the dude is God and can't do or say no wrong. you guys stay sucking this guy off.
I'm not just talking about the UT and UF game I'm talking about all season they get off to a slow start. We drove the ball down to the red zone on two plays if I'm not mistaken. but still you're exactly right, a lot of dropped passes in the first half, do that against bama and the game will be done by half is what I'm trying to say.
don't know why I put "should" before offense lol typo
Lsu's defense hasn't played any strong offenses this year besides Wisconsin, and they only had one big showing which was against Michigan st. Their offense struggled the week before against Georgia state who is 0-3. Auburn' should offense hasn't had a pulse all year. So in all fairness, Lsu defense may not be weak, but it's no where near strong or good.
No disrespect to UT, but they have shown us this year in basically every single game, that they are a second half team. If they play like they did against UF in the first half, against Bama, they'll find themselves down by 35 at half. And unlike my gators, Bama won't choke. In all honesty, A&M looks like Bama's toughest and most important game. Like I said, no disrespect to UT, but they gotta bring their "A" game all game, not just the second half.
Although I picked Lsu to win over Missouri 24-17 that would be my upset pick of the week, to have Missouri win, but going off of how Lsu has played this season so far, and the new coaching change, it wouldn't be much of an upset at all, at the same time.