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What is your source of this information? I heard this statement was withdrawn
Baseball’s ok but football is not? Ok, explain that one to me?
I agree, if he’s healthy. I’ve maintained all along that Newman was overrated. He really struggled against the better teams on Wake’s schedule, and put up the majority of his numbers against weak teams. Of course, UGA fans disagreed with me at that time and declared he was the next coming. I’m still surprised he opted out at this late date
Keep Marcus! He’s better than any of the other candidates named. Why is he no longer there? I nominate James Bates and Chris Doering, lets just go all Gators!
Which begs the question, why isn’t Clemson’s staff getting raided? Why is Venables still a DC? The low turnover and stability on Clemson’s staff may be the great equalizer vs Alabama. I’m sure the working environment under Swinney is much more pleasant than under Saban.
Yea, I’m not a coach, but I could see A&M with zero losses the rest of the season, let’s see who comes the closest to being right
So youre already bragging about how much money you have in the orogram to buy out Fisher’s contract? Thats funny as hell. By the way, whats all this money your boosters have done for your program historically? Massive underacheivers!
Well that’s what I was thinking but of course I’m biased, glad yoi kind of confirmed that for me. A&M gets less “bang for its buck” than any orogram in the xountry. I do believe they will be successful under Fisher however.
This is the uniform combination we won our first National Championship in at the Sugar Bowl, don't k ow why we don't wear it more often
Mindless speculation with zero facts by a hack sportswriter
I could see Eason transferring but I don't think Fromm would ever leave UGA even if he wasn't the starter.
Spurrier didn't quit because of UGA, he owned your ass!
Scott Frost is a great coach with the potential to become an elite coach, somebody is going to be very lucky to get him. Wouldn't he most likely go Back to his alma mater, Nebraska?
Alexa is getting what he deserves, he's a low class jerk
Not a UGA fan but I have to laugh
Can't believe I'm agreeing with you. Yes, there are a lot of Gator fans butt-hurt about the way Urban left us. He was pretty messed up when he quit, but the guy can coach and recruit with the best of them
I have no problem with Murray's statements, but the offensive performance on Saturday cannot be blamed primarily on the QBs. The blame is squarely on the poor performance of the offensive line and questionable play-calling. The blame clearly falls on Mac and Niss
Chris left out The Swamp so as to. It be called a homer, you would have to include It in the top 4 in addition to Tiger Stadium, Neyland, and Alabama (I've been to all of the other SEC stadiums) IMO
As a Gator, I would agree that the Dooley era was a much better era for UGA than the Richt era. We owned the Dawgs through the Richt era and we certainly can't say that about Dooley
We'll see if the NCAA has any teeth left, this is just the tip of the iceberg with Ole Miss. Auburn is next.
yeah, I'd have to agree, I'd put him in front of Barrett and McIwain for sure. It might be because he's not expected to have an immediate impact where Barrett and McIwain likely will. I like our guy, 6'6" and 220 and very athletic.
Yes, he can (Muschamp)! at least if we all believed the pre-season Auburn hype, even though he was totally inept at Florida the media and Auburn fans would have us buy in to thinking Muschamp was some kind of great defensive guru and would turn Auburn's "soft" defense around immediately...guess what? Muschamp is overrated (don't know why some people haven't figured that out yet) and Auburn's defensive players are soft as charmin. ...and if Jeremy Johnson was so great how come he never beat out Nick Marshall? "Overhyped" is a dangerous thing, ask Tennessee
I would agree with most of that, ex. your secondary is not as good as ours and that could be the difference in the ball game, and the game's in the Swamp. I guess based on the fact that you are better than us or equal to us in all categories, you are predicting a blowout.
So I'm guessing based on the position-by- position match-ups SDS thinks UT will win big! I don't see how we can stay on the field with the mighty Vols.
Florida gained 168 yds rushing, ECUADOR was minus 13 yards, not sure what you were watching
First of all it MEYER, what is so hard about that? Secondly, you're only partially correct. He did lose control and things got in disarray his last 2 years in Gainesville, but his medical condition was not faked (I know that for a FACT). he did kind of "crack up" to be truthful. Also, he didn't leave Florida and move to another coaching job, he went to ESPN, if the Ohio St job hadn't opened up, he might still be at ESPN. I do have mixed emotions about that man, but one thing is for sure, when he's focused he can sure coach and recruit
I believe he'll improve your defense from last year but he's not a miracle worker, and your defense is soft and the secondary is weak. You've got to have great players to have a great defense, Auburn has a few but not enough.
Why should he be bitter??? he was given every opportunity to succeed and he couldn't do it. He's a very good defensive coach (not a "guru", check our 3rd and longs last season) but doesn't have what it takes to be a head coach. I wish him well