Born in Gainesville, grew up in Central Florida, graduated from UF.

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yall are a bunch of haters. lol, let them celebrate. their a small time school that got to play on a big stage and did well. this isnt like UT calling themselves the champions of life lol.
certainly is. while the ron zook hire was questionable from the start, both these guys were wanted by many. best of luck to Mac.
most of those players would not have played. scarlett was replaced by davis and perine. callaway hurt, but franks can't see the field, so it would not have mattered.
....so far. they're doing great this year, but mind you. its one year. even muschamp had a really good year.
haha typical Lsu fan. Uniformed and delusional. Alleva ONLY care to play in Baton Rouge. Read the facts buddy.
youre kidding right? It goes: Alleva/sankey THEN foley. Get that nonsense out of here.
The schedule outside of a few, is super soft. The Tennessee game should be good, I'm not worried about Georgia, they have as many if not more questions than we do.
Despite my disdain for UT... I see my Gators or UT winning the division. It's rather perplexing how Georgia is predicted to finish 2nd....at least with UT it makes some sense...some.
FSU endowment 624 million UF endowment 1.52 billion....shhh thrasher
Poor auburn, they have go play in Birmingham and listen to beth....
are you insane? robinson pancaked him to the ground and then jones held robinson down by the back of his helmet. a pursuing robinson??? lol you need some new glasses, it was clear that robinson was trying to get away.... robinson never wants contact with anyone.
where the heck is Jalen Tabor of the Gators???????
Only geographically? You know very little of FL then. Central FL north is part of the south. South FL? Not so much.
It's not random hate on Bama' , I only said it because Alabama often acts entitled and underrate the losses and overrate the wins.
it felt like he was going to be held to around 100 at times. he's so good at getting hit, then still getting 4 yards. My Gators have yet to learn that you can't arm tackle an elite big rb like fournette. he's a stud no doubt, hopefully we'll see yall in the SEC title game for a rematch. Screw Bama'
Mizzou didn't sack Grier 5 times. I think it was 3
LOL. I agree that many Gator fans need to chill out and stop acting like we're the best team and nobody can beat us. That's simply not true, we're getting better and better each week and that's what we need to do. Mizzou has a nice D, but yeah we'll skip their offense. To address the man comment. Mizzou is not THE man. That would be Alabama. Last year's game was wrapped with a bow by driskel. We should win and the gators won't be underestimating yall at all.
It's a stupid chant, it's not clever and sounds childish. Plus if we're losing and the other team still gets a flag, how is it that they suck ? Lol I'm happy it's gone, it wasn't mean, it was just plain dumb.
Muschamp didn't ignore discipline issues at all. I recall him kicking janoris Jenkins off the team for pot.
apparently bold also means stupid/silly. yes my Gators will struggle to score against one of if not the worst teams in all of division 1 football. i understand that the line is inexperienced, but my goodness they are on the team and playing for a reason, they aren't just some scrubs. They'll get their feet wet and do just fine against NMSU 55-6.
Florida is probably one of the few programs that operate in the black. Foley runs the athletic program like a business and prefers not to run deep into the red like Tennessee etc.