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Fine, bu your logic we can shave 14 off of Bama's score for the unlikely Punt Return and massive blown coverage on Bama's last touchdown. Don't only count the anomalies that hurt your team.
Auburn's D isn't much better than Mizzou's? I have to disagree
Aubie is one of the most recognizable and decorated mascots in college sports, maybe, just maybe the ax should be swung somewhere else
9:12 Auburn's D-line likes taking out QB's knees? If Derrick Brown was that kind of player Burrow wouldn't have gotten back up
True, I'm just hoping our defense won't take a massive step back next year
Even with Tua back I think LSU has the advantage, the offense's are closely matched, but I'll take that LSU defense over Bama's every day
Agreed, I do believe Justin Jefferson will have a big day though, I don't think it will be a career day however
Maybe he went back and checked the stats, because it was a very productive day on the ground
I love the Auburn defense, but Burrow can make the quick throws consistently that those guys have trouble dealing with. I'm thinking it's a 35-27 game
I think the Auburn is one of the best defenses in the country, but that LSU offense can attack where they struggle, quick passes
Agreed, their defense amazes me, I can't wait for them to match against Ohio State
Agreed, there aren't many coaches who can do at Auburn what he's done with the boosters constantly undercutting him
"At best" I believe you mean "At worst" At best Auburn is is a top 4 team in the Nation, very capable of beating the 3 teams you mentioned
I believe that facing a passer like Trask will be good for the D-Line as they'll finally get to hit a QB who isn't dumping the ball off immediately or prone to scrambling
I don't think they would hang with Alabama or LSU, but I also don't believe their a tier above Auburn or Georgia, the style of play for our guys just allows for games to be closer
I imagine LSU and Bama have better defenses than they've shown to this point, I just don't believe their elite like they usually are
I guess he didn't watch the Notre Dame game, too bad it was a fun one
The entire country watched the Miami game because it was Week 0, so let's not exactly cite that. I do agree with the other points though.
Why does the comparison of wins between Auburn and Georgia matter?
Very unlikely we lose 2 games and play for the SEC championship. Unless that 1 loss is to Samford somehow