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It doesn't seem that bold to say Florida wins the East next year, I tend to believe they'll win the SEC completely
I'm a pretty big fan of him not being at UGA tbh
He'll get there more consistently as the season moves on, hopefully it won't cost you guys many games because seeing how he handles March would be fun.
For sure, there are a ton of variables that went into Burrow becoming what he is this year. I just don't see any other QB's coming up in similar enough situations to make a jump massive enough to make them a full on star next year.
I imagine you wouldn't mind if neither took a step forward lol. But I agree that both are certainly capable of doing so.
Especially since he just avoided signing anyone for the OL for a good 3 years
If Evans lands at LSU LSU it's going to be an interesting few years
For a while there I thought you guys would get Tank. Glad he chose Auburn though. It's gonna be fun these next few years with these kids in the SEC
That's why I would put them in there
2017 Auburn should definitely be on this list somewhere, and if LSU wins it all this year they should top it.
I've heard a lot of people bash on Stingley, but I think that's just general jealousy that he doesn't play for their team. I know I'm jealous
If they're going off of college production it makes sense
I believe Georgia has the talent to beat LSU, they match Auburn in defense and are in a lot places better. The offense is obviously the issue right now.
Agreed, but he was a cheap guy so they don't lose much by firing him, and that's all the AD really cares about.
This man does not speak for all of us.
The only reason to bring up the LSU game is to highlight how strong the Auburn defense is. Outside of that there's no real data to show that will tell you who wins this game.
Fine, bu your logic we can shave 14 off of Bama's score for the unlikely Punt Return and massive blown coverage on Bama's last touchdown. Don't only count the anomalies that hurt your team.
Auburn's D isn't much better than Mizzou's? I have to disagree
Aubie is one of the most recognizable and decorated mascots in college sports, maybe, just maybe the ax should be swung somewhere else
9:12 Auburn's D-line likes taking out QB's knees? If Derrick Brown was that kind of player Burrow wouldn't have gotten back up
True, I'm just hoping our defense won't take a massive step back next year
Even with Tua back I think LSU has the advantage, the offense's are closely matched, but I'll take that LSU defense over Bama's every day
Agreed, I do believe Justin Jefferson will have a big day though, I don't think it will be a career day however
Maybe he went back and checked the stats, because it was a very productive day on the ground