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As much as I’d like to see him catch a few balls and have a 1000 yard 12+ td season, I’m not mad at him.
The opening point spread of 3.5 should be something to make a statement on.
Sounds like the kind of team Carolina likes to make it a game with.
This game really brings out the disappointment of this season as a whole. Hopefully put up 40+ and Defense have a solid showing with a turnover or two and take he momentum into next year.
Bama is there... even with a loss to UGA. And Clemson gets who, Pitt in the ACC championship game? The only advantage they have is being The healthiest team in college football.
That he did. Our mix of 2nd and 3rd team defense makes this game look to have a larger talent gap than it really does. Tua May throw for 650.
I can only hope UF is having problems, because we sure are with injuries. Story of the last two years.’
What’d you say about Florida?
I feel like somebody was wear a hat with a “power” T on it when hey typed this up.
Tell me again what players from past rosters are playing Saturday? What kind of game plan is Fat Phil rolling out? How many yards Peyton will throw for? What about Tee Martin, you think he will have a big game? I bet Him and Kamara in the backfield is killer. Oh wait, the past is irrelevant.
I’m not saying #12 (Scar) isn’t good, or that Bentley is. I’m just saying Missouri has a soft pass defense, just like Carolina has a soft run defense, you’ve seen both at this point. Mizzou ran for around 7 ypc, that doesn’t mean their running backs are better than Benny Snell. I know Jake has never thrown for 250, 3TD’s and 0 ints ever in his career but that doesn’t mean he is better than Bentley. I’m all for playing who’s going to win, whether it be Bentley, Scar, Joyner or Ulrich. But I do not believe Bentley has done enough to lose his job, let him screw it up against A&M and then give it to who gives the best chance to win.
Who’s to say he’s not 100% if he could’ve played against Missouri. He’s had another week to heal.
What would you gain redshirting Bentley? The problem everyone is spouting is that he’s had no competition to push him to get better. Redshirting him would have him sit this year, then start back over with them same scenario we started the season with. Nobody behind him pushing him. Everyone now knows Scar is capable. Bentley is the starter, let him mess it up and then Scar will be in the game against a capable defense and we can really see what he can do. Missouri is not enough defense to say whether he should or should not be the guy.
That’s happening, but you can’t throw those guys in right away. If they don’t have time to gain experience, learn the playbook, and develop as a player in the weight room and mentally you guys would just be on here crowing about how we have big lineman that can’t play.
There’s no point in burning the redshirt on Joyner. If you were going to make a switch, Scar would be he guy. Joyner still has to develop, which could be an issue seeing as development is something that has not began to take place with Bentley, so why expect anything different from a freshman that lacked in ge throwing game from the start?
We can’t stop the run, we haven’t against a single team all year, even Coastal. Maybe slow it enough to give the offense a chance. Bentley will be the starter, it’s his job, his team. He knows he can lose it now. If he screws it up yank him. Scar did a good job against Missouri but with a softer opposing defense and a simpler playbook. He will have neither luxury this weekend.
The one thing that can’t be done is anyone doing a Connor Shaw impression. Not a single QB on the roster is near him in terms of being a gamer. Bentley is he starter, I don’t know why anyone presumed that would change. Scar had a great game, nobody is arguing that but it was against essentially the worst passing defense in the SEC. Just like Carolinas defense has made a many of RB’s look great, Missouri has done the same for QB’s and WR’s. Bentley is starting, give him the opportunity to be pulled and it will happen. Also, unsure of who Michael Parker is, glad he made the field goal though.
I completely agree. Having nobody behind Bentley to push him has bred mediocrity. That’s where he is, no progress from his freshman year until now on the field. Making reads is cool and all, but it doesn’t translate to gameplay and we are stuck because there is no better option behind him.
Just gonna sit fright here and wait on the comments about “Bench Bentley” and “Fire Muschamp”.
So he should just cede his very last year of eligibility to ride the line. Whether he will or will not play as a QB in the NFL is an entirely different conversation. The action of transferring shows that playing at the next level is the intention and he is not going to be evaluated by potential NFL scouts by how good of a practice player he is. You can’t compare Kelly and Jalen, it’s two different situations. In the end both are going to be at new programs as graduate transfers next year, the only difference is Bryant had to redshirt this year and Hurts will graduate early. He made the best decision for himself, you can’t be mad at that.
Except he wasn’t “following” his brother and Auburn was also a finalist. Classic SDS journalism.