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Best of luck to him in his future endeavors.
Nah, he’s gonna go out of state. He’ll be in Columbia soon enough.
Gonna step way out on this limb here and say this will be the only time we see Carolina in a top 25 this preseason.
Now, I know I’m biased, but these folk are trying to tell me there are 210 places better suited for college football than Columbia? I’m not arguing for first, but dang these people are a hard sell. I also enjoy Knoxville and the experience tailgating by the river over Clemson and having to park 6 miles away and walk.
Fast, physical kid. I like the fit no matter his last name.
Please ban his IP, there’s not too many times you’re going to have all these fan bases agree on something.
It’s bigger than football dipsh*t, the score of a game kids play doesn’t mean a thing to me, the life of one on the other hand does. I wouldn’t expect less from you though. You’re a piece of sh*t, always have been. Make a kids life a joke, Life will even it out for you soon.
You’re an absolute piece of sh*t. I don’t know how SDS allows you to still have an account.
Great hire, hopefully we can pull in a 3 year guy at Running back now.
This one was main main concern over any of the other possible juniors that could’ve left. He will be a huge part of the offense next year and hopefully have a 1,000 yard year to get him in the 1st or 2nd round.
Jake Bentley is obviously better than Tua, check the stats. #BentleyForHeisman. Y’all wait til next year.
Yeah, well any news if Bryan Edwards will be training for his senior year in this breathtaking facility?
No need to comment on how embarrassing that was. I’m glad it is over, I’m glad this season is over and I’m glad Fenton is gone. On to 2019.
I believe the author may be confused with Shawn Elliot, he continued for a year under Muschamp then left for a HC position at Georgia State. Kurt Roper was fired, he did not leave.
As much as I’d like to see him catch a few balls and have a 1000 yard 12+ td season, I’m not mad at him.
The opening point spread of 3.5 should be something to make a statement on.
Sounds like the kind of team Carolina likes to make it a game with.
This game really brings out the disappointment of this season as a whole. Hopefully put up 40+ and Defense have a solid showing with a turnover or two and take he momentum into next year.
Bama is there... even with a loss to UGA. And Clemson gets who, Pitt in the ACC championship game? The only advantage they have is being The healthiest team in college football.
That he did. Our mix of 2nd and 3rd team defense makes this game look to have a larger talent gap than it really does. Tua May throw for 650.
I can only hope UF is having problems, because we sure are with injuries. Story of the last two years.’
What’d you say about Florida?
I feel like somebody was wear a hat with a “power” T on it when hey typed this up.
Tell me again what players from past rosters are playing Saturday? What kind of game plan is Fat Phil rolling out? How many yards Peyton will throw for? What about Tee Martin, you think he will have a big game? I bet Him and Kamara in the backfield is killer. Oh wait, the past is irrelevant.
I’m not saying #12 (Scar) isn’t good, or that Bentley is. I’m just saying Missouri has a soft pass defense, just like Carolina has a soft run defense, you’ve seen both at this point. Mizzou ran for around 7 ypc, that doesn’t mean their running backs are better than Benny Snell. I know Jake has never thrown for 250, 3TD’s and 0 ints ever in his career but that doesn’t mean he is better than Bentley. I’m all for playing who’s going to win, whether it be Bentley, Scar, Joyner or Ulrich. But I do not believe Bentley has done enough to lose his job, let him screw it up against A&M and then give it to who gives the best chance to win.