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Don’t forget to take into account that Coach Pittman took over a team last year that had went 2-10 the previous two years including ooc scheduling. Also the bad look on recruiting effects that that had.
I wouldn’t presume every college team has ever done it. Some teams have integrity and pride. It’s as every game should be. Clean and honest as possible.
Woo Pig Sooie! I trust coaches Kenny and Sam to scout and analyze potential Razorback studs. Welcome to the wild band of Razorbacks family.
I’m guessing we took different math classes.
So no credit to the opposing player, team, talent, and place where duty is continually being performed in order to take a chance,or spend money on that.
An assortment of bad calls! Good/great game. I wish y’all wouldn’t threaten to beat us so much when we get to play at home. Treylon did seem to have a chip on himself, moreso, after the earlier incident on your sideline, I would care for someone grabbing my face mask and slinging my head wherever they wanted.
I agree , the defensive player played for the ball, happen to make contact with a person on offense. That’s considered accidental contact, ball tipped, and intercepted with O’ plenty time to put the game near away before half.
Quality depth before turning in star receivers. I’m so glad he turned and gave the U of A an opportunity to prove his invaluabillity at this next level and where he can prove it beyond.
I agree with the last few commenters on this. Coach isn’t one for excuses, nor am I. We were in that spot, it’s just how we got into that spot. Momentum is very important, as it is in basketball, I look for the one and only Razorbacks to regroup and finish strong. Im not sure on the suplex, or whatever it was, is in the rule rook. I know it’s not called forward momentum and dead until the whistle is blown for it. I just think, of course, we get more unfavorable calls than most other conference team, but LSU and state may be toss up games, I hope we can win, we should beat the rest, maybe putting up a good game with bama if we get it back together and get some players closer to healthy. We need depth from recruiting, coaching up, and restoration of what a rabid Razorback team can do in the coming years to get back to where the fighting Razorback hogs should be. Never a fair weathered fan, gotta keep the faith for the young men that continue to choose Razorback university.
That pi was uncatchable, prove me wrong. That was a big play. Kudos to you barners coming to Fayetteville and getting the dub. Nix had a pretty darn good game.
I don’t like making excuses or placing blame. The hogs hurt themselves on occasion, I’m glad someone else called it for what it has seemed, and sure seems obvious to us hog fans. Not sure why we are the red headed stepchild in the sec, I do get the red part. I don’t think our officials will ever help the underdogs, or give them the benefit of the doubt.
I’d say much more less favorable spots. When it comes to that, even though it is a game of inches, you have to make it unquestionable and not be put in those positions, but the officials sure didn’t help us on correctly spotting the ball, unless they were informed to do such. There was one point for a bit, that the Razorbacks we’re getting all the calls, as if the refs made it look too obvious and knew it, they went back to poor job shortly after that.
I second your comment. It’s as if some fans don’t understand that the referee’s can seriously influence the game with uncle momentum and the timing of the horrid calls. I’ll just never understand how some people, fans or refs, don’t understand the rules exactly and their intent. Just blinded because it works out for them. The game can change so fast with one blown call. We lost, we are beat up, and don’t have a lot of depth in sec talent. I’m sure looking forward to getting back to where we were when we consistently beat this team from auburn. Sam will build it, and the young men will come.
I give kiffin the edge or opportunity to push you further and harder than the vols are ready for. The west is loaded, for the most part to me. Hopefully it’s a great game. Woo Pig Sooie gents!
Not sure I agree with all the takes that the hogs were gifted points and such due to a poor defense and that we managed shortcomings with above average play from above average talent in positions. I’ll always give Kiffen credit. He knows O and how to attack, and he carved our good defense up. We are playing with numerous injuries, but guys stepped up and that is football. WPS! Go wild band of fighting pitt’shogs!
I guess we are going to get whooped so bad. As long as we don’t go down without a fight, if we go down at all. There’s definitely a recruiting advantage that I hope we can get turned around in short order. Woo Pig Sooie fighting band of Razorback hogs.
Could be the next Razorback great cornerback. You do you. Good luck young buck.
Thanks for the love ladies and gents. Gotta keep the mentality that I think coach will continually instill. It’s nice to have this support after moving past the era of the “coach” whom we do not speak of. I hope we can get healthy for Sanford stadium. Woo Pig Sooie! SEC!
Hit up Fayetteville and make it a tristate affair within the family. The hogs could utilize you and bring forth our program. I’ll guarantee the hog faithful would continue to love your family and bring you into the fold of what we’re trying to build. I hope you’re blue collar and ready to rock, as I think you are. Dust up your own path.
I was thinking the same thing. Not sure if it’s the same writer, but I doubt it is. It’s like they just look, it says home game, so it couldn’t be in Little Rock or Jerry’s world. We’re a formidable football team again. More to get cleaned up, as there always will be. Woo Pig Sooie!
Woo Pig Sooie, his family is proud, as should be. I hope he blazes that family with us fans, and with Kendal Briles showing off his talents to make things that much more interesting.
I’m an empathetic man. Put yourself in our fan’s shoes. We’ve been a bad place. I really like that video with the Pitt boss and master Hunter. That’s good stuff. It’s worth a google.
I think the max is $250k. I think we have plenty of alumni, boosters, and supporters to fit any bills needed. That is not including the Fortune 500 companies that back the hogs. Not to mention all the hog faithful feel as is representing the sec like a real team again. I can’t stand ole, get off my lawn, grouchy because I can folks, and I’m a military veteran that was taught not to walk on lawns or cut corners. At least some hammers are happy for us.
Somebody got caught…..Coach Pittman will teach them to explode and get off the ball, and explode again.
At least there’s a few decent games to watch at different times. If or when we Beat Texas, hopefully it is a good game. We would be close or ranked.