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Yeah, I’m enticed about our QB room. I think there is potential and I think leadership. We shall see. Woo Pig Sooie!
I missed it due to my son's peewee game. Apparently my recording didn’t record either. Best wishes and grace to the Tilmon family and the tiger family.
Da** it, Bobby. -Hank Hill...... At least we got some more practices in. I wish we could find a team to fill the vacancy. Good luck to the rest of the sec programs!
I don’t jump to joe pa and think that, when I think of him, and that program. .
Tigurrr sounds like he’s got to be going on 15 years old with these mature posts. Hope things are indeed trending up for the hogs.
Thank you. Well said. All good points.
I’m hearing return trip to Fayetteville in 2025. Texas, Miss state, and auburn as home games next year. Bama, LSU, ole miss home In Fayetteville on alternate years. Hopefully Notre dame at home in 2025. Something along those lines.
Seems he has a commitment to performing well and doesn’t lack our Razorback pride. Couldn’t be more proud of the young man and hope he keeps working on his game to the best of his abilities. Could become a great leader. WPS!
Move that ball back, or maybe call the holding call and that “game winning field goal,” misses with its trajectory, as it didn’t go in by much as it was.
A different team still gets no respect. I get it. We’ve been under dismal times. That was then. This is now. And it’s 2020.
Glad to see them back to respectable again. Wooo pig Sooie! They’ve got this. Hope everyone, from both teams, Is good and healthy for the next game.
I hope he is actually considering his future in Fayetteville as well. It just takes a few building blocks to build around. We need just a few o-lineman to start something in the middle to blow up this line of scrimmage league. Rakeem and Mr. Franks or King will keep us movin’ on up, in the win column.
Be careful what you wish for. He didn’t ask for the situation he was presented in Houston. Hopefully he proves his worth wherever he goes, best of luck as well! WPS!
Yes sir, now let’s get these jimmy’s and joes in great positions to further themselves.
I haven’t always loved CHDN, but I sure miss that passion and fire.