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You Ugas might wanta tighten up your Athletic Dept.
Follow the Money. The officials simply cannot be that inept. Huge $$$$$ being bet on these bowl games. Betting in most every State. Corruption....
What I've heard this Morning is Death is Imminent. I just wonder if it's related to these blood clot issues (shots & Boosters) that are rampant today. Clots are the main cause for Strokes & Heart Attacks. Very Saddening. Love Coach Leach!
The question is "Why do uga fans feel the need to Troll on a UT Story? Too worthless to do something productive with your time? Bingo.
NEVER heard of him. I'm sure it Sucks like all the rest. No real music anymore; especially in "Country". Not going to waste my precious time on it.
Brain damage is not that hard to facilitate. Stone cold Idiot.
Most OVER-RATED Coach since Umm----Let me get back to you.
"old Farts". Older & WISER "Farts". You May get there; IF you're lucky.
Wasting your breath on the Newbies. Stoops & Beamer both need to learn some Class. Beamer saying Fricking in the post game right in front of his Kids--------yeah that's real cool. The more is see Beamer, the less I think of him.
Bama is one of the most penalized teams because----They are taught to break the rules. "Hold & Hook". And that's a fact. The Refs are afraid of Saban; as is "Stankey".
YEP! Bama's DB was on the WR a full 2 seconds before the ball . HOW do you not see/call that? Just give us a Clean Game; REFS!!
Welp, IF the oficials had called the OBVIOUS PI, and IF the bama timekeeper had any integrity, Jimbo would have had one more shot. But we ARE talking about Alabama. Same old same old.
IMPRESSIVE! Not.. Finebaum is struggling for airtime fills; Jim and Iman have worn thin.
Bet She can't carry a tune in a "Lard Bucket". Computer autotuned probably, and the song likely sucks as do most of the stuff these days. How you get that much pub out of bs is beyond me.
Yep vs SFla, I thought UF would blow them out. Tennessee should beat the Gatas by 14; IF they just play their game. If they don't, all the hoopla will be for nothing.
Why the hell not UT? Cameron Indoor Arena?? Thompson Bowling Arena?? A gym vs an Arena.
Wow! What's got you all butt hurt? The Vols look too good for your liking? Maybe you hate it that UT has 2 QBs that absolutely will play on Sunday? Stetson will hold the clipboard.....
"overthrow Joe" struck again! But this time He redeemed himself with that Laser shot on the deep slant. Tennessee could have scored 75. Their offense is clicking.