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Because; the Crusaders were CHRISTIANS fighting Muslims. That is strictly TABOO amongst the WOKE.
I think you just nailed it. Enough will never be enough until all US History is erased. It's the Marxist Blueprint. Unfortunately; Marxists are in control of Most of our Universities. Blm & Antifa are their tools.
I can understand that; the further North you get, the more oppression from the Govt.
Great that these people are highly successful, AND UT Alums.
"Aerosol Geo-Engineering". Making for all the weird weather conditions; crazy winds. CIA Program. Messing with Nature yields disastrous results. Like they really GAS.
Seems ominous that Pruitt had to take the NFL route also.
I heard Tee was lazy and was more into Netflix than attending Coaches' Meetings. (RUMORS) There's that and Tennessee's WR's weren't that impressive this year. We'll see how it goes.
No Doubt. Peerless' Mom did him a huge favor. And She named him after some Company; I forget ...
LOL; Well Einstein, FYI, UT hired the best Law Firm available to conduct the in house investigation; (With Mr Pruitt's Contract stipulations front and center) and when the NCAA is finished, Pruitt will have a 5 year show cause that will keep him subbing in the NFL. UT will not be obligated to pay Pruitt a dime. Cheating and Paying Players is a violation of the Contract. Plowman handled this with aplomb. UT will be penalized, but less than they would because they were proactive. Just watch it happen; exactly as I say it will.
With all the turnover; don't you keyboard jockeys think that if this guy could play a Lick and was going to be eligible; that UT would have kept him? Really. Yall want to pile on so badly you are willing to dismiss the Rest of the story. Like why is the HS Coach making such a scene? PRUITT'S Buddy in Alabama? Nothing to see here; huh? Wow. Kick 'em when they're down? I get it. Yall were sad to see Pruitt go----lol.
Peterson stirred the Gatorade. C'mon People; some real news---Please.
Based on what? UCF was the top non Power 5 Program when Frost Left. They ain't now.
Well that is probably it. I've expected an announcement this week; so . I've not been impressed with Josh at UCF; and one would think that the AD would have avoided taking him. (That was way too easy) FREEZE is the only instant winner for UT. Oh well, by now, Vol Fans' interest has waned to the point of apathy.
Kerryon Johnson. He doesn't get hurt, Auburn wins the NC. Hands down.
Sounds like a Man with plenty going on in the Cranial Dept. Tennessee may Finally get headed in the right direction.
The Problem is the Big 10 and their stupid 21 day quarantine for a Positive Test. We are rolling over for a "Pandemic" that has a 99% recovery rate; and kills people over 75 with other issues. Add to it that there are 100% Treatments (Not Allowed by the fda--Vaccine Pushers) and Preventatives. The entire shutdown was a farce. Take temps, wear a mask, go wherever you want. NWO Control of the population is the agenda. "Stay Home" . Indeed. Where they can watch you.
I've heard that too; and Charlie looked totally lost on the sideline. Maybe some type of Dementia.
I agree. Get it over with so a new guy can recruit. OR, just go ahead and cancel 2001. CRAZY that I would even think of such! But when you get beat down for 15 years; you look for a respite. APATHY. Roll Tide!
LOL. I see Draftkings isn't sticking their neck out Very far; as they will only let you win $100; KNOWING that if you play more; you will give that back PLUS. The BOOKS always win.
Not to mention Fulmer extending Pruitt back in August!! Slick Move; PF!
Tennessee always does everything backward. I wonder how Loyal Fulmer will be when the Class sucks and A&M blasts the Vols.