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40 point favorite over Chattanooga (utc) by kickoff.
Edey is perfect for that classless purdoo program. GO PACK GO! Anyways, if purdoo gets by NCST, UCONN awaits. Bye by Edey.
"Gametime decision" RIGHT! Poor Nate He is such a whiner.He'd better go to some Coaching Clinics In the offseason & learn some Defense.
My my, I see NICO is definitely in somebody's head!! All Tennessee needs is a couple more pieces on Defense and uga won't be able to keep up. BUT be sure and turn those sound amplifiers up on 10 so you can artificially create noise in attempting to harass the Vols. Just like bama, can't win without cheating.. Uga MAY win in Athens but come 2025 in Knoxville with an All American QB lighting the Dogs up, and a much more talented team overall, the Dogs will get their butts whipped. Nico is an NFL star in the making. And you guy is?? NOT.
He seemed like the ultimate nice guy. I don't know why they can't stop cancer. Been "researching" for what; 75 years? Maybe there is just too much $$$$ in treatment.....
Good job you caught that Too. Otherwise the assessments on here could have proven meritorious.
That would require the ability to reason, which isn't available to many CTS. Just blind hatred.
It's people like you that give bammers their reputation of Ill informed no nothing bandwagon Igits.
You bammers are so full of it. "Repeat offenders" from a program that came close to being shut down for what; Cheating! "They were staring down the barrel of a gun" Actual ncaa verbage early 1990's.
Doug from "AL.com". LOLOL; like we really believe that. Talk about someone needing his attitude adjusted..
These people don't have a life , their claim to relevance is tied to their Sports team. Like they actually play?? The success of your adopted team makes you nothing; you attain status by Doing something, not by Being.
hung more points in the Hawkeyes.........Really Dude? And they pay you for this? C'mon Man. Proof Read! Professionals do that.
"Weaker Teams" LOL. What would lsu have done without Transfer QB Daniels? 6-6? Worse?
Total lack of character & respect for the game, the opponent, and his head coach. Typical from a guy who without his status; would have done jail time. Saints fans love him......
Good Pickup!! By most accounts, Tenn's backend will be much better in 24.
About done with the joke of College Football. It's the NFL Minor League. This is what happens when your Government gets involved in your Entertainment. Screwed up the best game ever invented. Change change change, so you don't really know who you were and will accept whatever they tell you. Bit by bit. Oh yeah, it is that big a conspiracy. Marxism.
THAT"S funny coming from a ga bulldog!
NO, He basically thumbed his nose at the Police, who were doing their JOB. Suspended License, and expired tag. All too familiar with these guys. Be Good Citizens! NO! Break every law you can! Entitled stupidity.
Aidoo needs to play more aggressive; and get tougher. It's a battle down low and the meanest guy will prevail.
UM, well this is the Coaches' poll. I think they know a little more than thou.
WHY does that bother you? Worry about bama this week.....
I think Dan Lanning was/is the best out there. BUT Elko has done a nice job at DUKE! If you can win at DUKE, you can win at A&M. I'm a fan of the Man.
Yeah Beautiful sight with that Chemtrail Sky for a backdrop......
Ok then while my comment is waiting approval, Here is the edited version. Drinkwitch is a PUNK. How's that? lol
Mash unit. 8-4 and a ton of ups & downs. Kinda numb.....