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Yep Bo, and those Auburn Kids are going to get ragged bigtime after that butt kicking Saturday. JMHO. lol Bama by 35.
Tennessee has no Leadership; Coaches or Players; that is obvious by the second half collapses. The Pruitt experiment "Ain't" working. We "Done" made another mistake. HUGH FREEZE. Imagine what he could do with Harrison Bailey. Top 10 offense; Instantly.
espn dug their own grave. I'd never watch except for the SEC. You stick your neck out with opinions instead of broadcasting sports, you give up a good % of audience. Gone.
Worries, what worries? LOL. The worry is Spelled Pruitt. There is something askew in Knoxville Town. I don't know how this continues; the Titanic has hit the Iceberg.
I have no dog in the fight, but the ball clearly changed rotation after going past the AU returner. "course" it IS Halloween, LOL.
Pruitt had better stop worrying about supporting BLM and start worrying about his future!
FOURTEEN STRAIGHT! Wrap your head around that; Vol Fans. I remember when Fulmer was hired; the adage was "He Better Beat Bama." Lowered Standards?
So Jackson St paid $300.00 to a recruit's "Godmother"? The AUDACITY!! LOL. Meanwhile, big programs pay 300K. Sounds about right! The ncaa used to get Mad at Bear Bryant and put Slippery Rock on Probation! LMAO.
This season is over. Put Bailey in and let's see what he can do; ESPECIALLY since this year doesn't count against eligibility. Pruitt had better make the change, cause he is catching hell with JG, and He at least can quiet the Natives with the switch.
If Freeze has served his Show Cause; Stinky can't prevent any hire.
Your just ticked that SC won't get Freeze when he does take an SEC job again. Yall stuck with Will. LOL.
We shall see. Freeze was obviously all that at Ole Miss; and didn't cheat any more than the others; (Including your boy) SAINT Nick just couldn't stand losing to OM so he sicked the ncaa on him. And those as they say, are Just the Facts. On a level field, (Which Saban doesn't ever want) Freeze coached the pants off little Nick. And that IS a fact.
Well they are cloning up air in Knoxville--------------
Somebody's gotta take the blame. But the DL Coach? Seems to me the OL Coach has failed as badly or worse! Maybe Brumbaugh's buyout was the smallest? "We need a Volunteer Scapegoat"! Far as I'm concerned; just fire 'em all and FOLD THE TENT!
I don't think there is any such thing as a "Biden Supporter". Just Trump haters that believe in nothing; but everything anti-Trump. Good that we can be on opposite sides; and yet be on the Right Side too. Go Vols.
AND The TENNESSEE Brass passed on this Man. Just another in a long line of screwups.
Asked postgame if it was a good day; "It's better than Average; I can tell you tell you that." (pp)
Tennessee better get better quickly. Four point win over a new OC, QB (Colo st)? Another gut-wrencher between those two. Egads. The only thing positive I took was the W.
What Conduct? Anybody know? Good Gosh. Spring FB will be a Joke; BTW.
I think you nailed it. A Stink; that may never be overcome. Karma for not allowing Bobby Bowden one last year as he basically Begged for? Suck it up Fsu! Miami (not a fan but) Rolls the Noles!