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Whoever is doing the voice over needs some tutoring . Abrasive to say the least.
OR, what about some disgruntled former players at Uga who have something to spill? Or bama? Plot Doth thicken then. I could see Pruitt getting Paid; but not by UT. Scenario--The Ncaa makes a deal with UT, provides the $$, Let's UT off the hook (Sanctions) to pay Pruitt off and keep things from escalating to their "Cash Cow" Programs.
And you really don't believe that BS; now do you? HaHa.
Right! So bama, Uga, and fsu should pony up Pruitt's "buyout".
I'm sure Uga wants UT to pay-------lol
I wouldn't pay him. Everyone can surmise he was dirty at Bama, Fsu, Uga----so there's the reason those fans want Ut to "Pay Him". UT's Attorneys know what their doing. Pruitt is fixing to be out of a job, So he really needs the Cash. Let him twist. Let SABAN pay him.
Exactly! You get "Justice" from the DOJ If You are the right Political Persuasion. The DOJ, CDC, IRS, DHS, have all been weaponized against Freedom Loving Americans. That's the Truth, Ignore it, Like it or not. Not much difference than the CCP Dictators.
Thank You! It is so nice to be more informed than those Talking Heads.
Same old same old. Time changes everything; for College athletes, that is.
That is a good question! But I'm sure these Good Citizens did no wrong.
Yep, Calloway Must catch that ball! What is He on Scholarship for? I always say--"If you don't make the play, you will pay". Every time.
"Awaiting Moderation"----OMG. This silly stuff is putrid.
No, I think he said you were one. But then I do tend to over analyze.
It depends on which "News" source you're referencing. Probably the same ones who slammed any and all Treatments and Preventatives. Visit the World Doctors' Alliance. America's Frontline Doctors. Gain a new perspective; as opposed to rinse & repeat.
"Awaiting Moderation". Man there is no escaping the over the shoulder examination. The good old usa is down the tubes.
If he doesn't get the job, I agree. And then Pound Tennessee every chance he gets. If I said that on Volnation; they'd Censure me.
Thank God somebody Get's It! Contrary to what the Media would have you believe, Most of the new Cases are "Breakthrough" Cases among the "Fully Vaccinated". Israel is 85% Vaccinated and experiencing a surge in covid Hospitalizations and Deaths! Meanwhile VOLNATION (espn) continues to censure any opposing views to the Standard Line--"This is our shot". Go Tennessee! Thanks for having a SET! Too bad Volnation doesn't.
What do you dogs have to gain by dissing Tenn? I would think with your talent and ranking you'd be over the Vols. Concentrate on Clemson; then Bama, then UF. You shouldn't have to study Tenn for 2-3 more years.
Ole Miss will be dangerous. LK can coach some offense.
Yeah well, once again Uk is the sec preseason buzz, and as usual, they will fold up around game 8.
Phil went way out on a limb! The first two years (at least) will be quite a task for JH.