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Unless something changes on Defense, I could see 6-6, 10-2, or something in between. Ball St - W Pitt - W Akron - W FL - (Toss up but with the history an L) LSU – (Toss up, always talent there) Bama - L UT Martin - W KY – (Toss up and a shoot out again, history favors Vols) UGA – L Mizzou – W USCe – (Toss up with what Beamer is bring in) Vandy – W
UGA is the reigning NCs…should be #1 until they are beat. TN should be in the 23-25 range at most.
@APT congratulations on your NC!! I appreciate the sentiment on what we achieved this past season. However if CJH doesn’t fix some of out defensive shortcomings like LBs and DBs, I fear our ceiling will be 7-8 wins next year.
In my opinion it will now be harder to achieve a Saban like run with the money being thrown at NIL and how fast players hit the portal now and days.
Wow!!! I am all for rivalries, but the guy grew up in Athens and plays an entirely different sport.
First, congrats UGA on your NC. Now, I think the numbers are down because the game was played on a Monday night at 8pm. That can be tough on folks that have to get up early the next morning. Maybe start the game at 6 or have it on a Saturday night.
Any player leaving this team now will hurt. Already short scholarship players!
Whether Batch meant this, the A&M rumors or the Barstool sports payout is true or not. I don't feel like this is what NIL was meant to be used for. If this is the type of money being thrown out, it will not be good for any sort of parity in CFB.
Finebaum is wrong!! TN finished 7-6, no matter how anyone try’s to spin it. That game is should have never have came down to 1-2 bad calls by the refs.
I maybe in the minority here, but I am not sold on Rattler. Tons of talent but has potential to be a locker room cancer, hopefully Beamer can keep his ego and attitude in check.
This rematch is really tough to call. I think it will be a slug fest!
Corral is an outstanding player and sounds like a great team leader…..best wishes to the guy for a speedy recovery!
You are absolutely right SEC….. I let a troll get me worked up over one of our players!!!
It’s a precarious situation like everything in life. Play and get the accolades….opt out and prepare for the draft and maybe get in a car accident. Again, you never know what ole JC I’d going to throw your way. Live life…if you want to play….if not opt out!
You still haven’t addressed whether you would engage me in mutual combat for $10k to a charity of your choice.
I never threatened assault…if you could comprehend, I offered $10k to a chesty of your choice to enge me in mutual combat. That’s not a threat that wa San offer for your favorite charity. BTW not 19 retire Army Ranger.
On behalf of everyone on this site!!! Straight up f-stick!! 10k to a charity of your choice to engage me in mutual combat. I look forward to raping your face!!!
I can respect that analysis!! Appreciate the honest response!
I absolutely knew IGA fans would be the first to post about how he wasn’t a good player Facts: Cade will get drafted and the negative UGA posters will still be in that mid tier tax bracket!
Unless you as deep as UGA and Bama which no team is, opt outs hurts teams bad. For example, Pitt doesn’t lose their bowl game with Pickett playing.
Boon Google is your friend. Nothing you just said is accurate. This year's Tennessee-specific data revealed an overall multi-year Graduation Success Rate (GSR) of 91 percent—the highest in UT history. It marked the ninth straight year of improvement in Tennessee's multi-year score. For the second year in a row, eight sports posted a 100 percent multi-year GSR.Dec 2, 2021
A team that didn’t win an SEC game and came no where close to being bowl eligible should not be talking smack!
USCe looked good in this game and CSB rightfully blasting this guys is spot on!!!
We have had our differences but I enjoy football and can call it how I see it whether it benefits my team or not. We have about 16 years between us….lol, but I respect and enjoy the game of football. My upbringing in NE TN and military background taught me call things like I see them!