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Congrats Mizzou!! That was a thorough butt whipping!
I hate their fans with a passion. They bad mother Pat Summitt and John Ward!
Ain’t no one being quiet Supra!!! You are one of teh biggest POSs on here!!! What do you want me to say other than#1 team in country on struggle bus with SC!
Pipe down Nancy…far from a troll…give what I get from UGA fans!
Couldn’t happen to a worse fan base!!!! Disputed so many teams and posters on here over the past couple years! Worst fan base in SEC! The deserve the loss today if it happens!
About as confident as Willock was with that air bag!!
It’s week 1, everyone need to relax until about game 4.
He is a POS!! Smoked a cigar in Neyland and posted it to social media, like he coached Bama to that win. Hope he suffers and fails the rest of his life!!!
Was at a sports bar in Georgia today watching games and you would have thought UGA won another NC the way the bar erupted when Colorado won.
I going to celebrate your ole lady giving out free handles….you POS!!!
Wait till everyone has film on Heupels offense…they will shut it down!!
I don’t hate blowing your wife’s and daughters o-ring out. Sit down Nancy!!!
@2008 was 13 the amount of minutes your hero watched his boy bleed out before he left the scene?
Yeah he is good at watching his teammates die as he flees the scene. Stand up dude!!!
Fuzzy…he isn’t worth it. Facts are he literally encouraged a vet to kill himself. The guy hates anyone who served. Said that veterans are a burden to society!
@bill No one is whining! You factually said that veterans are a burden on society! Don’t walk it back now blaming one guy. You are a straight POS!!
Ignore him! He encouraged a vet to kill himself last year and thinks veterans are a burden on society!
Or were you talking about when Brandon Kublanow went low and broke Shy Tuttles leg. Of that want your worthless ass is referring too?
Jesus Leg you are one dumb Dog!!! Sweep the leg is from John kreese! You troll non stop….don’t cry now when you get it back Nancy.
Well if it isn’t the virtue signaling POS!! How is Devin doing?
Who has a better season Mertz or Devin Wilcock?? Now that is how you post with flair you POS!!!
Yeah about the same number of arrests you have; at least your deaths is at only 2 and you only have one convicted rapist.
Such a great season from where TN has been minus a couple beatdowns. On another note it looks like TN may miss out on a NY6 bowl. OSU has officially requested to the Rose Bowl that they tale Penn St instead of OSU if OSU misses the playoffs. This would then put OSU in Orange and Penn St in Rose.