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Good for Baker! DGD! My first thought was Champ didn't win this award?
Yeah, but how did Danny boy feel about 2007 Hawaii? I need another hot take!
Georgia's Special Teams are better! We got you now you Bammer F*ckers!
Auburn has not scored a 2nd half point in Athens since 2009!
Ah Coach Cousin Eddie "That’s the gift that keeps on givin’ the whole year!"
Yeah but that goal line stand against Georgia was EPIC! I think UF enjoyed it more than any old win. You can’t be a Champion of Life without those moral victories.
Oh I am ready for the "Tua is Shook!" and "Put Jalen In" takes if LSU can beat Bama! Bring those on!
UF has 1 sack last week so I think UGA protects Fromm pretty well even with a banged up Offensive line that is finally starting to get better. I get the feeling that this will be another workman like performance from Georgia where UK hangs around until the 3rd quarter and then UGA will pull away for a double digit victory. Don't see a 1 dimensional UK Offense scoring (much) on UGA and UGA doesn't turn the ball over.
Don't have a dog in the fight? If LSU wins they are in the driver's seat heading to Atlanta where UGA will probably be waiting for revenge game. And what non-Bammer clown is rooting for Alabama? Geaux Tigers all the way on Saturday!
I think you are kind of reaching to put that trash Sand Storm music as "iconic". Its late 90s house music that's only been being played for 10 years there.
Chaney and the offense didn't do them any favors by abandoning the run after the first quarter. Forever in my mind will that game be Holyfield's 8 yards per carry and UGA completely crapping the bed.
I thought this was going to be analysis that UGA has a massive Quarterback advantage over LSU and that the LSU defense has to get after Fromm to be able to stay in the game. UGA's Oline is just as banged up could be starting 3 freshman.
They got rid of paper tickets for Students like 8 years ago in most SEC schools some farther back than that. So now all tickets are attached to IDs students can return their electronic tickets to the school though I am not sure if they reimbursed for returning the ticket. So they limited the available supply of tickets that would be available to the public that probably wouldn't go through a scalping website like Stubhub. Can't have students making money off of their football tickets... nope... nope... nope. It was just one more step in College football becoming a semi-pro. Alabama I think is even taking out like 10 thousand seats (that they put in relatively recently) to put in more luxury boxes.
It's nice you guys can talk yourselves into believing in Franks again. Seeing that kind of faith I am totally sure he won't let you down.
LSU is going to stop the run and put an enormous amount of pressure on Franks to turn him back into the indecisive turnover machine that he is. Florida's Defense will keep LSU's passing game in check but get worn down by LSU's rushing attack and the fact that the UF offense won't be able to move the ball. LSU will easily cover the -2 points. This is probably a 24-6 game in favor of LSU.
I don't think UK is underrated. They beat over-hyped South Carolina and Miss State. They went on the road and beat a crappy Florida team whose only good win is beating the same over-hyped Miss State team. Kentucky goes into Kyle Field and gets a Win then I'll believe they might have a shot of playing with UGA. Same with Florida playing LSU they get the Win at home then I'll believe until then both teams are where they should be.
The next question is will you be writing this same article about Kentucky in a couple weeks?
It is mostly the media trying to pump up outrage over a nothing event. But of course Jimbo can't just say it was passionate moment between competitors and I probably shouldn't have grabbed it that it was bad optics obviously, but the player and I have spoke and we have a good understanding going forward. Instead of an easy statement that it was in the heat of the moment type deal he's got to deny that it every happen when we have video of him doing it. IDIOT! Take responsibility and move on! Now we get another few days of this crap.
I saw somewhere that it was suggested that the large amount of Rush yards UGA gave up was just scheme and that Georgia just chose to stop Lock so they didn't really stack the box. Not sure how much of that I believe totally because the front 7 was always a worry. Roquan on D was the biggest loss to the draft. Hopefully, more sacks are on their way.
I don't want to see any injuries. Burn clock and move on to Missouri.
I thought, "This week, they play Purdue, which could be an exciting preview of the Music City Bowl." was pretty funny.
Gary Danielson is annoying because he says really obvious/dumb things and will go total homer during a game is getting out of hand. In short Gary Danielson sucks.
Is Alabama loaning Missouri their defense for that game... and offensive line. Oh and their running game? I get that Drew Lock is going to throw the ball 65 times and will connect on a few to make the game appear closer than it actually will be, but Come ON! LSU is looking less like a train wreck I thought they would be now that Burrow is at QB. But beating an Over-Hyped Mark Richt team that hasn't practiced was never the ultimate test for anyone. If LSU steam rolls Auburn then you can pencil in LSU as favorite over UGA in mid-October. As for Auburn, Georgia gets them at Home and Auburn has not been fairing well lately when it comes across the border for a game in the Peach State.
Yeah, if I remember that game correctly didn't Bama lose a few guys so i'm sure Saban was running the ball just trying to get out of the Stadium with his team intact. FSU line sucked last year and Taggart can't polish that turd this season. Same with Florida their Oline sucked last year and now "Oh NO! We Suck Again". The knock on Fisher is that his talent evaluation sucks and he is to loyal to guys on his staff that aren't getting the job done recruiting or coaching wise. Maybe he has more resources at TA&M will help this, but if you can't pick good players or coach them up then you average 9 wins a season and get fired in 5 years unless your Mark Richt then you hang around forever.
Florida Fans if you liked all those missed tackles well you are in luck because if there is one DC that knows how to teach missing tackles it's Todd Grantham. Todd Grantham proves that somehow can fail upwards.