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How can the Tide lose with the Sarkisian and Butch Jones brain trust holding it down! I kid....I kid.....
I feel the play calling hampered Zeus during the Tennessee game. Every time he was in the UT D seemed to creep up and Monken didn’t make them pay with play action. So White was slamming into a loaded front while the other backs had a less sure D to run against. My observation anyway
Definitely the beginning of Mark Richt’s end. It marked the end of the resume years with 2 SEC titles and major bowls wins. And began the agonizing playing down to competition at least once a season and getting Smoked in big games by better coaching. 08 is also the year he got rolled by UF and Urban in the Cocktail Party then lost to Tech on a squib kick. Willie Martinez should’ve been fired in 06 but was allowed to remain. Such a let down game that was over at half.
I mean UF has given up 35, 24 and 41 so far. And while they will probably win on Saturday what makes you think they will stop LSU from scoring with them? UF pulls always late but LSU will be right there most of the game.
Mark Richt....errr I mean Dan Mullen to loyal to his guy Grantham to win anything significant but you guys enjoy. Grantham is who he is. UGA fans keep trying to tell you.
Grantham is a finished product as a D coordinator and watching UF players run around confused and missing tackles is what UGA fans saw during his tenure here. That isn’t going to get better.
How funny it is that Florida fans think after 2 games they are 2019 LSU. Your D coordinator is the same dude that took a more talented Georgia D into Jacksonville in 2014 and got mud stomped by Treon Harris and his 8 pass attempts. I’ll take our Todd of yours any day of the week. And your Head Coach can’t beat mine. So talent Georgia has more of it. Kyle Pitts is 1st round all the way no doubt but he’s only 1 man.
Watching the UF- USCe game yesterday was like watching the most infuriating parts of the middle Richt years. Florida can’t tackle and were letting Carolina WRs run free underneath all game. Instead of relentlessly attacking that and making Grantham pay Bobo decides to get cute on offense and shoots the team in the foot. That 4th quarter was a crap coaching clinic by both teams. I’m now officially more worried about Tennessee than Florida. Georgia’s win the Cocktail party is virtually assured.
Can we get an explanation on this College Football in the Spring nonsense? Are they thinking of kicking off in March and playing through May with Playoffs and maybe Bowls in June? THEN having a regular 2021 season starting Labor Day weekend?
He came up with Kirby as a coach on Saban’s staff, sometime last year or 2 he vested in Alabama’s teachers pension program, and he has done the same thing for 20 years probably wants to try his hand at on field coaching. Saban is winding down Kirby just getting started
I wonder if Jesus was on the NFL or staying at Bama side?
It’s 11/12/2019 and Tyler Simmons is still onsides in that National Title game.
If you want conspiracy or at least Saban’s actual plan is a 2017 redux. Tuna doesn’t play and Saban plays super conservative to keep the LSU loss close. Then closes out 2019 11-1. The CFP committee puts Bama in and Nick gets a week off, doesn’t have to play UGA with a banged up Tuna and slides into the playoffs.
Why is a UK fan pulling that UF line that College football didn't start until 1990 and only the past 40 years out of 150 count?
Ah the time honored tradition of hating on Gary Danielson! Is there anyone in the SEC who thinks he does a good job?
Been saying it all week Kyle Trask looks like Greyson Lambert. Give him a clean pocket, all day to throw, and wide open receivers he’s a world beater. He will have none of these against Auburn. UFs only chance is to put max pressure on Nix and pray the freshman folds and the game is a low scoring slug fest.
Seriously you think that Phil Fulmer is some kind of Machiavellian Genius who really thinks he’d survive firing Pruitt and installing himself has coach? What are you smoking? Pruitt maybe in over his head and probably will get fired next season but Fulmer would have to be an idiot to think he’d be able to fix the mess UT is in now.
Good for Baker! DGD! My first thought was Champ didn't win this award?
Yeah, but how did Danny boy feel about 2007 Hawaii? I need another hot take!
Georgia's Special Teams are better! We got you now you Bammer F*ckers!
Auburn has not scored a 2nd half point in Athens since 2009!
Ah Coach Cousin Eddie "That’s the gift that keeps on givin’ the whole year!"
Yeah but that goal line stand against Georgia was EPIC! I think UF enjoyed it more than any old win. You can’t be a Champion of Life without those moral victories.
Oh I am ready for the "Tua is Shook!" and "Put Jalen In" takes if LSU can beat Bama! Bring those on!
UF has 1 sack last week so I think UGA protects Fromm pretty well even with a banged up Offensive line that is finally starting to get better. I get the feeling that this will be another workman like performance from Georgia where UK hangs around until the 3rd quarter and then UGA will pull away for a double digit victory. Don't see a 1 dimensional UK Offense scoring (much) on UGA and UGA doesn't turn the ball over.