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Yeah, nobody wanted to see UGA skull drag the Vols again on a neutral field in Atlanta. Thanks South Carolina for saving everyone from that.
I love current Florida! When y’all started the program in 1990 I was worried but modern era Florida losing to Vandy is the best especially when Florida has SDS #1 overall pick AR15 at QB! Florida Dukes Mayo Champion has a nice ring to it.
UTs best team in a generation didn’t find the endzone until 4:15 left in the 4th quarter. Bring on the rematch.
I don’t see how a neutral field will change the drubbing UT got in Athens. Dawgs fans will travel and fill up their half of the stadium. I like Hooker as a QB but he got real nervous in the service as soon as it became apparent his line couldn’t protect him and their were bodies at his feet every play. The disguised coverages caused him to be indecisive and pat the ball. Stroud has similar tendencies and will have a difficult time if/when they have to play UGA.
Your team didn’t find the endzone until late in the 4th quarter. How does that equate to “Vols almost had them”? The only thing the teams on that list have in common is they all need UGAs help to win the game.
Do you have money on this guy going in the 1st round? Because that’s not happening unless he switches to RB or TE. Richardson can’t hit wide open college WRs or read defenses it would take an idiot GM to draft him before the 5th round as lottery pick project guy. He’s a horrible QB and I hope he stays in Gainesville for another 3 years! Go Dawgs!
Garbage bad take article. Kirby can’t steal what was already his. “The Process” does not exist without Smart since he was there for its creation and accession. If any coach could steal the process then why isn’t Michigan State, Arkansas or Ol Miss undefeated and coming off Nattys? The Process only works if the university has the resources, total buy in at every level, and special Coach to make it work. Which only a hand full of schools have the first 2. Even fewer have the 3rd.
Through 3 games Florida’s QB hasn’t thrown a Touchdown Pass. Unless Hooker forgets how to play football on Saturday I don’t see how UT gets down in that game.
The one stat that matters: UF starting QB Passing TDs = 0 Tackles = 2 Tennessee covers but take the under.
Seriously, who gives a frick about A&M? UGA would have and will beat their App State losing asses any time in the last decade. I know UF cry about this like anyone cares. 8&4 make an SEC title game then we will talk. Other than that EH. We don’t make the schedule and the Barn moves the schedule whenever they feel like it so go talk to the Yellow Wood guy
How about instead of comparing him to a generational talent that won the Heisman and was an NFL MVP we compare him to some more comparable. Like Felipe Frank’s but turns the ball over more or Treon Harris without the passing ability. Those would be more appropriate.
ARINT fakes out 2 slow Mormons last week and the idiots from that I75 trucking school start building statues.
Florida can still play their home game in Jacksonville so people can spend every other year in that overgrown Hooters of a City. But UGA will be moving it back to Athens. You don’t spend 80 million for stadium renovations and give away the best home game. We can all drink outside in Athens.
I get that saying Tennessee will beat Georgia one of those lazy Talking Season Hot Takes, but man when you see it written out it just looks so dumb. Could UT beat UGA yeah maybe except there is no data point that says that should be so. Dawgs have the better HC, Staff, roster, and team. You’re hanging your hat on Hooker a ring more athletic than the mailman. UGA beat them by 3 score last year it would’ve been 4 except for a garbage time TD.
All Kirby has to do is convince UGA to Love the game which is looking more likely. Jax will have to pay UGA more money for them to stay especially since they know UF will keep the game there. Really it comes down to how much Georgia can squeeze from Jax and it would have to be a lot and more than UF gets
UF keeps it in Jacksonville and UGA goes on campus. Y’all keep the recruiting disadvantage and a couple extra mil and we get the best of both. Sounds like a plan
Yeah that’s the thing isn’t it. You still have to create a team and coach it to win. Will Jimbo be able to do that is the question because after this off-season if he doesn’t get to Atlanta and win or get into the playoff I imagine his seat will get pretty warm.
I think a bigger thing is the quasi status with NIL currently UT went from McDs bags to millions in NIL. All the numbers being thrown around this kid are insane. There was one report of 8mil and this article about possibly making 1mil his freshman year. This isn’t extra pocket money or a 1 dollar car lease, or even do nothing job opportunity. Somebody is going to have to file tax information on that money. And if that money doesn’t materialize or has lots of strings attached how long before those stories come back to bite Tenn or any program really.
It’ll be UGA vs Cincy and OSU vs Notre Dame in the Playoffs. And Georgia will beat OSU by 10-17.
Every prediction has an opponent scoring 17 on Georgia and no one has done that yet. And there is no reason to think that UT will be able to either without the Georgia Offense turning the ball over multiple times. And UGA is like 7-2 against the spread this season. UK back door cover and Missouri spread being 38pts. Yeah this is more like 52-14. So fearless prediction, UT scores more than anyone else on UGA this season!
If Oregon comes out of the Pac12 with 1 loss and Ohio St does the same Oregon gets in if there is only 1 spot. If they don’t we might as well go back to the BCS. You can get whipped at home by team and then end up with the same record and get rewarded over them. Makes no sense.
Dear Dan, You’re 50 years old please change everything about how you have done and do your 8 million a year job. Thank you. P.S. Don’t really but tell UF people you will so you get like 4 more seasons. Go Dawgs!
Can we get some receipts on Florida having an elite offense? So when Georgia crushes them and they score 10 or fewer points and runs for less than 100 yards we can drop the "Georgia hasn't played a good offense" narrative?
The only matchup for Florida that matters, really the only way they have a prayer in this game does Anthony Richardson get 90% of the snaps and then plays way above his head to put UF on his back? Other than that UGA covers handily, and if Dan somehow musters 17 pts he will be crowing about how they scored more on UGA than anyone you know the Mississippi State Standard
You’re seriously taking shots at Stetson for last year’s game when he sprained his shoulder 10 minutes into the game?
Why don't you just admit Mullen is a clown? You know how Mullen can fix Furidah? Resign and then work as an OC to whoever UF hires as the new HC. Cousin Eddie is less successful Gus Malzhan. Prove me wrong.
So you’re saying the guy that can’t recruit and refuses to make coaching changes and hasn’t ever won anything is having issues? Man who would’ve seen that coming……
Dave, You should go actually watch the game before writing about it. Writing an entire article based on the Box score and tired narratives look ridiculous. I hope they didn’t pay you for this or at least could they get the money back?
This guy just wrote a multi-paragraph treatise on why Orgeron will be fired for being an ineffective/incompetent coach. And then thinks that the "let Bo Nix run around and try to make miracle plays" will work against Kirby Smart's Georgia team. Those thoughts are incompatible and just plain idiotic. Stetson beat Auburn last year, and before he sprained his shoulder was up 14-0 on UF. Now no one wants to see Stetson continue to get a lot of time as UGA starting QB but it is what it is at this point. The Defense is so good it does not matter who plays QB until the SECCG. The only way UGA loses before the SECCG is by really helping the opponent with like 5 turnovers.