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Bo's performance on Saturday looked worse on the stat sheet than it actually was because his receivers dropped so many fine passes, he was probably 30/43 without those drops. Doesn't matter much for this week, Georgia's pass rush is going to absolutely murder him
I think it's less that Gus was kryptonite to Bama as it was as a school everybody hates that school across the state and we'll leave everything out on that field just to beat them. Granted I haven't been to every school in the SEC but Jordan Hare is rocking when we play any close conference game and I can imagine that's hard to play in. I think depending on how many interceptions Matt Corrall throws (I think he leads the SEC in interceptions this year) we can beat Ole Miss, TAMU is incredible overhyped, and Miss State and arkansas are wins. We just have to win three of LSU, Georgia, PSU, and Alabama to have a great season.
Again though, like Weagle99 said, we only kept any of those games close because our defense was elite with Steele. The offensive mastermind of the RPO hadn't changed anything since 2013 when the no huddle hurry up revolutionized CFB. The common thread in the Oregon, Washington, and LSU games was that our defense kept them out of the end zone. Hell even alabama in 19 was a won because we had two pick sixes!