swine intervention

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Those highlights from that 7 OT game still drive me crazy to this day. 22 was a gamer and a special athlete, prayers for his family.
After all the roster lost last season I was in the group that didn’t think they had a prayer of making it back to Omaha. It was a hell of a season just making it back, I mean sure it hurts to lose those two games the way they did but DVH shows no signs of slowing down.
I’m excited to see what we get out of the TE’s this season with fresh QB play. Lunney has definitely loaded that position with talent and turned it into a position of strength for this offense
I disagree, I think it’s a very overlooked position in today’s game. A good TE can almost transform an offense.
I always liked Briston, hate to see him go like this.
What can I say Dave Van Horn is worth his weight in gold.
The talent is there no question, they’re just having a tough season in Baton Rouge this year.
Dave Van Horn is worth his weight in gold, the man can flat out coach.
Shouldn’t you be worrying about the Gus bus going up in flames in a Waffle House parking lot midseason.
You really can’t tell me with all sincerity and a straight face that you thought Bret Bielema was the answer at head coach. Recruiting was regressing and so was the on field results, I like him he’s a good man but you can’t play Bama football against Bama with 3 and 4 star recruits. I don’t know if Morris is the answer or not but two things are for certain, time will tell and the man can flat out recruit
I love this, holding everyone in the program accountable is a fantastic idea. It’s also a clear cut message to the stellar incoming class, earn what you get.
I haven’t really heard anyone blaming the players for the product on the field this year. What I have heard is that it’s taking time to implement his offensive scheme, which is a complete 180 from what we were doing, and it will continue to take time. Also some of the players on the roster, looking at you WR’s, just cannot physically do what he’s asking of them, it doesn’t make them bad players it just means they are not a fit for THIS type of offense. As far as blaming the previous coach, he does deserve to shoulder some of the blame, OL recruiting was horrendous his last couple of years. Morris looked like a guy coaching in a power 5 conference for the first time this year, he deserves time and he will get it be patient.
Agreed it was a moronic and senseless act but I did get a triggered vibe out of what he wrote. Also we don’t have “spidey senses” in Arkansas, we have spider pig senses. (Plus one on the score board for the Simpsons reference)
Wow this incident really enraged the author of this article, I could sense how mad he was just by reading it.
I assumed it had something to do with all the incoming talent at receiver in this class. I think he foresees getting pushed down the depth chart.
I had heard Coach Morris could recruit but man this staff is really building a great class.
I watched this kid play he’s a legit SEC linebacker, great speed.
Great pickup, this gives our younger guys a chance to mature a little bit.
I like Ty and he’s tough as nails but he’s just not a fit for this offense.
I agree, I always felt like he could have been more successful at Arkansas if BERT had got out of the way and turned him loose.
The jury is still out on his coaching but the man can no question flat out recruit.
It’s an even better hire if his defensive coordinator goes with him.
Great decision, could greatly improve his draft status.
They finished atop a computer ranking system that is recognized by the NCAA, if they recognize that computer system they didn’t have much of a choice did they.
Bbg0031 what’s disrespectful is claiming national championships that you didn’t win and what’s hilarious is continuing to brag that you’re the best team in college football after you got beat by LSU down 9 starters. UCF fans please stop you’re embarrassing yourselves.
All I have heard from UCF fans this past year is we beat Alabama back in 200 something, we beat this team back in 200 something and we beat Auburn. If you’re bragging that you beat Alabama pre Saban just stop, what teams did 10 years ago have no impact on THIS season. Florida is not afraid of UCF they have no reason to be, better recruits, better coaching, better facilities come on man just stop. UCF in my eyes is the modern day Boise State from the old BCS days, a good team from a small conference that doesn’t play anybody relevant and gets mad when they are left out of the big dance. It’s easy play somebody if you really want to impress college football, take the 2-1 and beat them.
He’s a pretty good play caller too, I think he could have done more had Bielema got out of the way.