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What has the Missouri football program done the past few seasons to warrant this much smack talk from its fan base? If beating Arkansas is your answer that’s not much of a compliment.
I think I’ve asked you this before and didn’t receive a response but I’ll ask it again. What has the Missouri tiger football program done in the past few seasons to warrant such smack talk from their fan base? If the answer is beating Arkansas that’s not much of an accomplishment.
I get what you’re saying but this is a terrible angle to view it from. The other angle shows contact between the LSU receivers shoulder and Catalons ribs. Also I don’t know that he “launched” into the receiver. He clearly left his feet but not until contact had already been made.
I don’t think anyone is saying it’s a guarantee that Arkansas is going to beat Miss state but y’all aren’t exactly a juggernaut of a program over there in Starkville and the transition to Leach’s offense is going to be an adjustment, no disrespect just saying.
Wolfman isn’t the one on this thread talking smack lol. While I agree with you that history in sports doesn’t matter as much as the now I still have my question unanswered, what has Missouri done on a football field that warrants this much smack talk from their fan base.
Lol trolling hard this morning I see. My question is I get Arkansas football has been a joke lately but what in the hell has Missouri done on a football field that makes Missouri fans think they can talk that much smack. If your answer to that question is beating Arkansas you’re going to have to do better because that’s not an accomplishment.
I agree Arkansas football is a joke at this point but what in the hell has Missouri done on a football field lately that warrants trash talk from it’s fan base. If beating Arkansas is your reply then you’re not far from the bin yourself.
If Arkansas wanted Drink Arkansas would have him. Drink was offered the job true BUT his agent attempted to turn it into a bidding war. Hunter Yurachek refused to overpay for a first time power 5 head coach with limited power 5 experience. While it is true that Arkansas did sign a first time head coach they did not overpay like they absolutely would have with Drink.
I’m cautiously optimistic about Pittman but the coordinator hires were very impressive. There’s enough talent for Briles on offense to compete and with Odom I think we field a competent defense. On the topic of Pittman though I couldn’t agree more that he’s probably exactly what this program needs right now, someone that wants to be here and will build it right tough, aggressive, disciplined and confident.
I don’t think I would be asking what Mike Leach has “proved” in his career if my coach was a first time power 5 coach who is the definition of unproven. Drink may well wind up being a great coach at Mizzou but Leach has consistently churned out top 10 offenses and turned two programs around from irrelevant to contenders. I don’t know how well the air raid will work out in the SEC but it was a great hire for state.
Wolfman, the only reason I commented on this thread is because a Mizzou fan implied that Pittman lied to a kid he had never met to get him to flip. The family’s tweet disproves this in my eyes but for the sake of being open minded I went down the rabbit hole. I think Pittman is very excited about flipping Curry as he is a very gifted OL with a very impressive offer list and that’s Pittmans bread and butter. EVERY program partakes in dirty recruiting, it happens but I don’t see Pittman committing recruiting suicide for a 3 star RB. I think it’s much more plausible that Missouri liked this kid but planned on transitioning him to a LB in the future, there’s nothing wrong with that but when you imply that the the only logical reason he could’ve possibly flipped to Arkansas is because Arkansas got dirty on the recruiting trail that’s when I think it’s “hog manure”. Kids change their minds like they change underwear and I think that’s what happened here but Missouri fans being salty over losing a 3 star RB is amusing especially when you guys got a much better one signed.
Tiger TD, Jesus man calm down there’s no need to get triggered and why do you hate Mr. Rogers so much. I assure you I’m not sensitive in the least but I do believe you can be an SEC fan and act like an adult at the same time. Recruiting can be shady I get that but you can still be classy and act like an adult.
I misspoke you didn’t say it but you certainly implied it from the start. It is possible that Arkansas coaching staff lied to this kid but it’s not very likely. That’s recruiting suicide and I don’t see Arkansas reaching out to a kid that they didn’t know and taking that risk for a 3 star RB. I’m done with this debate, you’re obviously of the opinion that you’re intellectually superior to everyone else and there’s no debating someone like that. Feel free to continue to hurl insults.
No need to apologize you’re stating your opinion and you’re entitled to it. I get it the article implies something you don’t like and you don’t agree with but i was amused at how you flipped that around and said it must have been Arkansas because Missouri isn’t capable of something like this. Take the homer glasses off, they make it hard to think rationally.
I’m not asking you to concede anything, I could care less if you concede anything. Floating conspiracy theories that an Arkansas coach is telling lies to a 3 star RB with very limited offers to flip him from Missouri is delusional, one of us definitely has our head in the sand and it’s not me.
How would Pittman make it up, how would he sell to the family that he knew the internal workings and intentions of the Missouri coaching staff? That’s a tough sell especially to a family you have never met. It’s much more plausible that Missouri liked this kid but wanted to transition him to a LB at some point in the future. You were the one that cared enough about these kids flipping to Arkansas that you got on a comment thread and called someone a liar.
How would Sam Pittman even know that Missouri was planning to play the kid at LB moreover how would he even be able to convince this kid and his family that he knew it. You can look it up Pittman didn’t even know this kid up until hours before his announcement, he literally had to see film before they offered him because he knew nothing about him. I can’t wait to hear how Arkansas “played dirty” to flip Curry, again stay classy Mizzou fans.
So you really think that this kids family just made this entire thing up? Also there is no way you classify Ray Curry as “meh” the kid had offers from several top 25 programs. “Signed with the liar” lol stay classy bud.
It is a bit of a gamble but I LIKE THIS HIRE! I get the skepticism but under the circumstances this is a great fit for this program.
With the exception of a few rebuilding seasons his record at Washington State is 43-21 including an 11 win season last year in PULLMAN WASHINGTON. I’m sure it’s next to impossible to recruit to Pullman and he has still found success there to the tune of 9-4, 8-5, 9-4 and 11-2. His offenses are consistently ranked in the top 10 in the country and he’s found success everywhere he’s coached. I do agree however that the defensive coordinator hire would have to be a solid one.
It is inexcusable to lose to a team starting a WR at QB and then allow that player to to complete 7 out of 11 passes on your defense. My biggest argument in defending CM has been his stellar recruiting and I still stand by that but if this program continues down the path they’re on the recruiting WILL dry up, it’s already starting with de commitments. I’m not for firing him halfway through his second season because I believe that could cost the program more than just money but my goodness at times our coaching staff looks completely inept. You can win at Arkansas, it’s been proven time and time again but the clock is ticking on this coaching staff and they’re running out of time.
Arkansas is terrible no doubt and this particular loss is beyond embarrassing but an Auburn fan calling another program a dumpster fire is hilarious. Was it last year or the year before Auburn fans were literally posting pictures of the Gus bus in flames. Check back with me at the end of the year when you’re trying to figure out if you’re going to fire Gus or give him an extension.
He’s made some pretty bad decisions throughout his career, looks like he stepped over the line this time.