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I like how everyone says lsu doesn't care about this rivalry. They always seem pumped when they win. To me it sounds like they only don't care when they don't win.......But that's none of my business.
This conference is to horizontal for that to work. They would more likely move teams like mizzou to the west, and Auburn to the east.
Excellent point. A team getting a higher bowl game just because they played one less game doesn't make any sense to me.
Glad to see this kid turn it around. I always liked him.
Glad I wasn't the only one who noticed that. I'd you watch the play Cleveland got hurt on the pile got pushed around for at least 5 seconds after it was dead. They just never blew the whistle and it may have cost that kid his season. Hope he heals quickly, and I hope something is done about that officiating crew.
I blame the officials. They wouldn't blow plays dead early enough. They kept letting the pile get pushed around for 4-5 seconds after it should have been dead.
Well at least you are enlightened.
Why would you say that when you just got beat by Kentucky...
Would you a$$ hats back off coach B. His team has one bad game and you guys blow your tops. He inherited a dumpster fire and is making a solid team. You shouldn't call your selves hog fans. Keep your head up and woo f'n pig.
Why the Hell is Auburn picked to win by so much? They have a better chance to lose by that much..
You've got to be joking.. Not saying Arky Is a shoe in to win, but seriously? Auburn couldn't even dream of putting up that many points on any one but teams like state and ulm... you Auburn fans can be worse than bamers sometimes.
I honestly think that it's less Dupre heating up, and more coach O fielding an actual offensive game plan. Dupre has always been a beast, he just hasn't had anyone to get him the ball this season.
You act like you're the first person to make this joke... Hope the ole (burning) Gus Bus has a more original play book than you do comeback set.
I know. I can't wait for bama $hits on Tennessee part II. I've seen so many delusional vols fans in the comments crying about how it will be different in Atlanta. As if getting waxed at home means you will win away from home.
I actually think he is showing the guy giving him the bird the "A" on his glove. It's just a bad camera angle.
Ya know, I think you're right. It's just a bad camera angle. That guy on the third row is definitely giving bo the bird. Good catch.
Please don't ever compare Arky fans to UT fans again.. that hurts my feelings more than anything else I've read today.
Never said bama shouldn't be number 1. Just saying that this doesn't reflect how well teams are actually playing.
I really doubt lsu beats ole miss. Ole miss is gonna be playing pissed.
Seems like more of a popularity contest than who is actually playing well.
I don't get the Vol hype train. Its more like a train wreck right now if you ask me. They have yet to play a decent team (other than Florida) and win. Plus getting waxed by over 30 points in front of 102 thousand of the saddest fans ever doesn't really help. Hopefully people will begin to see how overrated this team really is.
Yeah, 0-2 against the SEC west.... you guys are smoking right now.
Sorta comes natural at this point. My dad is from Oxford and I've lived in Fayetteville my whole life. Honestly I don't even use it as an insult anymore. Just what I call ole miss.
Agreed. I don't know why everyone hates arky so much.
You say that but your baby vols are 0-2 against the west. And let's not forget that arky walked into Neyland and won last year. Come down of what ever you smoked.
And the vols have beat someone? Ok sugar cake. Keep dreaming.
Plus Auburn will be in a higher bowl. They have been surprisingly good this season.
Am I the only one wondering why the vols are in a new years six bowl? What have they done? Beat a crappy Georgia team, a mediocre Virginia Tech team, and one good team in the gators... Let's not forget they lost to TAMU (not that that's a bad thing) and got waxed by bama. Arkansas got beat by TAMU and waxed by Bama, BUT beat TCU and Ole Pi$$. Why does that make arkansas less than Tennessee?