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How in the world is the line against auburn closer than against Florida..
Sucks for the team... They are playing a good game and leading in the 4th Q..
Not going to lie, I was just looking at this list to make sure she wasn't on it...
Usually happy with McElroy calling our games.
As long as we don't have to play Michigan I'll be happy.
What a game LSU. I can't believe we strung together so many drives.. and then stopped doing what was always working. It was going to come down to the first mistake, and we definitely had that one in the endzone with that throw. Now everyone run the tables and lets meet back up in Atlanta!! Hell of an atmosphere tonight tigers.
Yeah I'm stunned for UGA today.. I was assured we would both be undefeated coming into jax. I hope for a great game with LSU tonight to top off a ridiculous day of CFB.
Football is more physical in Texas, what a joke. Have you seen your own tackling...
I really and just blankly assumed you would be undefeated when we met in Jax...
I just don't understand, I really only watched the 2nd half, but was SC's secondary just that much better than GA receivers or what?
Ummm, why is a Vandy fan trashing FL? Or anybody for that matter right now? We like our Vandy bro's usually...
I won't kick them while they are down, I only say I don't want to hear jack from any GA fans for the rest of the year.
Greenard is a big difference from last year.
GA by 28, sorry scar TN by 3, I think TN starts turning around here maybe Bama by 21, the more I think of this game the wider this gap gets.. Vanderbilt by 13 Kentucky by 17 FL by 3, this is going to be razor close either way imo. Missouri by 6, assuming KB is 100%.
Agreed, BUT, they are beating them like the should be every game, unlike Clemson.
A man with a level head, only ranking I care about is the one when it is time to pick bowl games :)
Yah I think Dan talked before he really saw that hit... Our lineman kinda threw the defender into Trask's leg.
4-6 are pretty much all the same to me currently. LSU I can put higher if I see some defense and I think they will get there before bama.
I would go right now: 1. Auburn 2. Clemson 3. Georgia 4. Oklahoma 5. Alabama 6. Ohio St. 7. Wisconsin 8. LSU (Sorry you gave up 40 to a not very good vandy...) 9. Florida 10.ND
Wait muschamp still has a buyout after this many years?! What is it? Also they know the cure for CTE.. Don't get repeatedly hit in the head...
Everyone told him he needed another year. What a waste of talent. Imagine our Defense this year having him back as well...
I don't see either of these things happened. You have to give Pruitt at least a solid 4 years to make sure he can have a full cycle of recruiting before you deem the wheels have come off imo. There isn't another head coach out there currently looking to move etc. I think they did go wild hiring an assistant directly to a program as big as UT. Most other saban assistants went to HC at smaller schools first. Think of McElwain here.
Yep, I mean we see what happened to Eason when he transferred.. he ended up getting benched from time to time. Fromm is far above Eason. He will be playing on a many Sunday to come.
Agreed, I don't understand how UT is not using their talent in any meaningful way it seems??
Yeah was wondering why he left out the vols upcoming game after the bye week....
I just don't know how they could call this an upset... Cal was ranked... Ole miss wasn't... Same thing with auburn upsetting A&M.. even they were ranked 100% higher in the polls.