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Not only did we just throw away our entire season, we gave a glimmer of light to LSU's season for 0 reason. Came in flat, no one wanted to play. Toney was the only one out there giving it his all. Trask throws away the Heisman and CFP. Marco Wilson better not be seen in a Florida jersey ever again.
Agreed, but do they have that control of the schools themselves? Or do they only have the power over the sports? Although all schools could have just agreed.
Nice amount of money for sure! Since the players get drafted to teams, what is the point of giving huge signing bonuses?
Yeah I have 0 problems with what he said. I have said it before.. Hitler was a genius. What he did with that genius was atrocious as hell and one of the worst things in human history. But he was a Genius.
It was the best choice, imagine going to Florida and having HUGE expectations based on what your dad did.. That would be a tremendous amount of pressure to fulfill that legacy.
It does really baffle me the insane recruiting CKS has been able to do but it just doesn't seem to translate on the field. I want nothing more than UF and UGA to go head to head for the east every year (Sorry UT, I think you still have 3-5 years to go unfortunately). I feel UF is still on the rise, while UGA got there very quick and then just plateau maybe? They fired richt after 10 win seasons. How is everyone feeling about Smart?
Ummm.. not seeing how FSU scores freaking 28 on our Defense but okay...
What in the world does that have to do with this article?
Wait wait, how in the world does Stoops have a buyout anywhere close to $20 million at Kentucky...
I think some is hype for a night game in death valley, lets be real it just sounds hostile lol. I think what really drove this for so long is the insane record LSU has at home at night.
Except he has been recieving those 320k a month buyout checks for what, a year or 2 now right? He has money...
Really don't know what I would have done, but I would think it would be better to play to try to show you are better/improving in hopes of getting picked up down the line?
Could be homer, but I believe had it not rained on Saturday, Trask would have sliced up SC the entire game and we would have seen more 2 QB system, not that I am specifically a fan of that mind set. Currently with recent performance I would have: Burrow Tua Trask Fromm The caveat from that list is Fromm should be much higher, he just hasn't been playing well lately...
I'd counter and say the weather is the only thing that made that game close. You take the rain away and Trask is throwing all over that field.
How in the world is the line against auburn closer than against Florida..
Sucks for the team... They are playing a good game and leading in the 4th Q..
Not going to lie, I was just looking at this list to make sure she wasn't on it...
Usually happy with McElroy calling our games.
As long as we don't have to play Michigan I'll be happy.
What a game LSU. I can't believe we strung together so many drives.. and then stopped doing what was always working. It was going to come down to the first mistake, and we definitely had that one in the endzone with that throw. Now everyone run the tables and lets meet back up in Atlanta!! Hell of an atmosphere tonight tigers.
Yeah I'm stunned for UGA today.. I was assured we would both be undefeated coming into jax. I hope for a great game with LSU tonight to top off a ridiculous day of CFB.
Football is more physical in Texas, what a joke. Have you seen your own tackling...
I really and just blankly assumed you would be undefeated when we met in Jax...
I just don't understand, I really only watched the 2nd half, but was SC's secondary just that much better than GA receivers or what?
Ummm, why is a Vandy fan trashing FL? Or anybody for that matter right now? We like our Vandy bro's usually...