Son of one UF and one Auburn graduate. Graduate of Auburn University; B.S. Economics, 2013. Lawyer. I'm an Auburn man for life, married to another Auburn grad. War Damn Eagle.

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This is a relatively minor issue, but it's actually called "Gulf Coast State College" since it became a four-year university a couple years back. Source: I'm a lifelong Panama City resident.
That's some pretty lazy clickbait for ad rev.
actually the buyout provisions remained the same.
A little surprised its not AU v. Clemson. But Lambeau will be rocking
36 years since UGA's last natty, and 11 since the last SEC championship . . .
Why is no one talking about Miami? He's a former Miami QB, they have an opening, and it wouldn't be a step down.
If he does coach again it would have to be Miami right?
That Tennessee alt. is incredible. Should be much higher on the list.
I just can't see LSU winning the West and Tennessee topping UGA this year.
+1, its a pretty good sign what comes next is going to be a smidge racist
@AUFan_205 What the hell is wrong with you? Your "non-racist" question is why an asian wrote this article? Jesus man.
Reggie Ragland goes to Alabama, not Auburn.
Bottom line: its great. However, the Xbox one app is still a little buggy. I use it on an amazon fire stick and its perfect. Awesome high def, no cable box, simple remote+remote app for your phone with voice control. Sling even has an offer now to get the stick free when you pay the first three months. Pretty decent deal. War Eagle. 92 days till Louisville.
yes. He was Coaching at Samford.
Auburn has got a pretty good claim on the first being in 1909, in Auburn:
We all know Cam is going to be somewhere in the top 3.
Yeah, lets go ahead and add Cody Parkey too.
Currently #9 in the CFB playoff poll and AP, #4 FPI
Yeah idk about this one... That was an insane game for Marshall. No disrespect to Bama and Cooper (both are clearly incredible) but Sammie Coates almost matched his yards on 5 catches. Why? Nick was TORCHING that secondary...
Very classy of Ole Miss to give them a bus to use.
Yeah, as an Auburn Graduate, neither of these people are great representatives of their schools. Charles from Reeltown and Tammy are the two worst people, IMO, that they put on Finebaum regularly, and i'm an Auburn fan 'till I die. Can we please quit giving both our schools a bad name by putting idiots like this on the air? I actually think Jim is fairly reasonable most of the time while Charles flies of the handle into some geriatric rage over nothing everyday, and it doesn't help that Paul eggs him on . . .
Say it with me; Vernon Hargreaves intercepts Jameis Winston three times. UF by a field goal.
We would love to have him at AU. War Eagle and later Ellis Johnson.