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I gotta apologize y'all i did not mean to insult Potatoe heads because of that INSUFFERABLE man, I can't take it. Y'all have ZERO clue as how much sleep I lost during the CLOWN SHOW and waiting for. Now we got the coach the boosters wanted so I can sleep better at night. But you can all rest assured that if anybody on this site mentions that INSUFFERABLE man, I will be here to pounce like a bulldog on a piece of prime T-BONE! And not cause I am obsessed or anything like that but hearing that name makes me MADDER than a hive of hornets!
I already said there MUST NOT be anyboy coming in from west of the Mississippi River!!!!! NO MORE CLOWN SHOWS FROM THE WEST COAST! The only exception would be Kevin Steele because he coached at Baylor. After losing out on 5 seasons of HORRIBLE recruiting by the last CLOWN SHOW, we need a proven guy like Kev!
funnier than your drivel at least i posted facts unlike you wasting time.
wadda you mean if Auburn hires a strong recruiter? Now that the CLOWN SHOW is over, 8 star recruits will be banging down the door to play here and saban will be quaking in his boots
yella-wood is NOT calling the shots how many times do you have to be told this? This was a CLOWN SHOW led by a very insufferable man as many thousands of insiders have called and tole me. When you see Derek Mason flee to OKAY State for less money you know that is a problem. Don't let Okay states 119th def ranking or their 48-0 loss to K-state tell you different!
At last I can finallllllly get some sleep knowing the CLOWN SHOW is over with. I told all of you doubting-thomases that my super double secret probation sources told me Harsin would be fired and you all doubted me and laughed at me! Now who's laughing all the way to the yella-wood bank account! Now for the task of finding a coach who can recruit SEC FOOTBALL. I don't want to see anybody west of the ole miss river unless its Derek Mason who made the right call to flee the CLOWN SHOW for Oklahoma State for a pay cut. Don't be fooled by OK states 119th ranked defense or their 48-0 loss to K-St last weekend. Mason is CLEARLY a top contender for the job mark my words.
If not bringing in Kevin Steele, the new AD should stick it to the CLOWN SHOW and offer the job to Derek Mason. He was forced out and took a pay cut to go to OK State as DC. He's clearly a top choice. Don't let Oklahoma State's 119th defensive overall ranking fool you or their fluke loss to Kansas State 48-0 last week deter you. Mason knows his stuff!
I'd also like to add that I was 167% consistent in everything I told you non-believers! I only changed my post views ONLY after a new anti-Harsin article was written on al.com, SDS, yahoo sports, ESPN online, the sporting news, sports illustrated, usa today and maybe another 20-25 news sources!
It is now 11:57 CST and Mr. Insufferable has not been fired? WHAT MADNESS IS THIS CLOWN SHOW! How am I going to get any sleep knowing he is still coach and maybe till the end of the season? If they had just listened to me in the beginning and hired Steele, we would be in the hunt for a Natty right now. But Nooooooooo we had to bring in the worse CLOWN SHOW ever! I would take the Gus Bus and 7-6 seasons for the next 32 years over this CLOWN SHOW!
I wish someone would give them the Buyout Bar already!!!!!!!! Why is he still hwew, he should have been gone already. Do you fools realize that I haven't slept in months?????? I wake up every hour and check my sports app to see if the firing took place only to see it has not!!!!!. This delay is truly INSUFFFFERABBBBLLLLLLLLEEEEEE
Welllllllllllll we know what that means............another quality player leaving because of YOU KNOW WHO! MR. INSUFFERABLE STRIKES AGAIN!
Big deal. Harsin picked up a 4* lineman. 2023-2027 is already toast because he cannot RECRUIT! Hate to say I told you all a thousand times already but I told you so. If you had just listened to me, uh I mean the Money men, we would have already had Steele as coach and we would be top 2 in recruting. The next coach had pay heed to my advice if he wants to survive more than 2 years here.
You sound as insufferable as Harsin who everybody I know tells me that he is insufferable. And when I say everybody I know, I'm talking thousands of people. So don't act like you are not insufferable when your posts tell us all that you are very insufferable. The best thing that happens this week is that you beat us 63-0 so we can get rid of our insufferable coach. As for my fellow Auburn fans who are mad at me because I am rooting for us to lose too bad. You may enjoy insufferable people leading the charge but I do not. So stop being sufferable already.
Realistically, Freeze or Steele are our best bets to get out of this clown show.