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Auburn has no o line I saw it in the Samford game This is not on Freeze but on Harsin This is a 2 to 3 year fix and Harsin is the worst hire on AU history
Our OB is at Oregon because of Harsin We have no O line because of Harsin Feeeze had to use the transfer portal to piece together what we have He will fix it
Harsin is the gift that keeps on giving Freeze can fix it but it will take time I knew we were in trouble when Sanford was getting or penetration
Auburn is going to be just fine. A. I think they will exceed expectations this year B. The last "coach: we had was USDA Nuclear terrible so Freeze will be given some time.
The only coach on that list that got screwed was Tuberville. Bowden had serious issues, Chiznik won 3 games and lost the program, and Mahlzhan got complacent. Just like with Mark R a change needed to be made but Greene could have not picked a worse coach.
AND the wives of the coaches were constantly bad-mouthing the city of Auburn. Publicly. My wife plays tennis with a group, and they basically stopped inviting the Boise women to things because of this. The whole dynamic was a disaster.
If you utilize the resources and do your job like recruiting you will be fine at Auburn. Gus got complacent and Harsin is a tool.
Just wait until Fall. This team will be vastly improved under Freeze's limited tenure. That will pretty much expose Harsin for who he is. It is never his fault because he has the plan. Puke
Are you kidding me. This guy and his staff were a disaster. They were not recruiting. He has no idea how to manage a SEC program. It was dysfunctional, toxic environment. No matter what you think about Bo Nix he said he was miserable under Harsin. Once he left the facility things improved immediately under Cadillac. Then Freeze comes in and fills holes etc. The other thing is every school has boosters, but this guy upset everyone before he knew where the bathroom was. He just needs to quit talking and get a job at a lesser conference if anyone will hire him. He should have never been hired at Auburn and it was a complete waste of time and resources.
From what I understand the relations and the filming were consensual. And Hugh Freeze had nothing to do with it. But it violates policy to post type thing on social media.
Hugh Freeze knows what he is doing. The last guy should have never happened. I suspect the turnaround will be faster than expected. I think AU is going to surprise some people.
Gus is extremely frustrating. He has the ability and had all the resources but just got complacent. If you want to win big you can do so at Auburn. Freeze is going to bring this program back like Dye did on steroids. We just need a QB and he knows it.
Auburn is built for Championships. Facilites, resources and support. Gus got complacent and Harsin was a USDA nuclear disaster. Auburn is like a NASCAR Cup Series car that just needs a good driver. We now have a good driver. With the resources Freeze will bring this program back to where it deserves to be. The only good thing about the Harsin hire was it led to the right guy IMO.
Because it rained like a monsoon and was cold. The weather was terrible. Hello
This has become ridiculous. What he said was not that bad. He answered a question.
Well, so obviously he did not bring it to him with the intent of him killing.... The police are not charging him for a reason.
I just don't understand it. I got no love for UAT but he basically was asked why the kid was playing and he answered it. If he was there but not involved he should not be charged. What am I missing?
I do not understand what the controversy is about. Oats was asked a question and he answered it. He was in the wrong place at the wrong time and not a suspect. We live in sensitive times.
Greg is whiney, has always been whiney. I got not love for UAT but I do not find what Oats said offensive at all. If the kid was in the wrong place at thew wrong time and the cops have cleared him ....well that is the facts.
I like Kevin Steele and think he will do a good job
DA! Auburn has had 3 HC’s since 2013 One really bad hire that lasted a year and a half Go be stupid somewhere else
Congratulations Jason! Having said that I wonder the REAL reason why Stan resigned..... I went to HS with Stan White but lost contact. His kids are older and I know he loved to be in the booth. Hmmmmm
This guy had it made and ruined his life over terrible decisions. I am not saying he pulled the trigger, but he apparently was hanging out with the wrong crowd. He basically just blew it in one night.
Freeze has already turned around the program. It is amazing to watch. Auburn has all the resources and Freeze is not wasting them.