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People that think losing Bo Nix and Derek Mason is a good thing are nuts. We will all be missing both of them this Fall. And again, lots of blame to go around but paying Gus 23 million to go to Orlando to bring in Harsin is going to go down as the biggest mistake in AU Football history. Going to take years to recover from this.
The defense will be above average but will just be on the field long. The loss of a great D coach like Mason is not going to help either. Boise St South is not going to cut it in the SEC. I see a 5 win season at best.
I admire you optimism. I see 4 wins.... We have no depth and the worse staff in the SEC with the exception of Vandy. Losing Mason was a huge loss and he basically promoted lackies out of desperation.
This situation is more complicated than good guy /bad guy. The people responsible for this are the boosters and BOT that approved Greene facilitating a 23 million dollar buyout for Gus to go to Orlando to bring in bad fit Harsin. (Which Greene did not want to do) Harsin's issue is being a complete JA his first year as HC where he pretty much alienated himself from everyone. We got a 23 million dollar downgrade.
People who attack Nix are crazy. He ran for his life and tried to make it happen. He transferred 100 percent because of Bryan Harsin. I know that for a fact. It is pathetic that we had a SR legacy QB transfer
This is ridiculous I would say the whole team will sadly be worse. It is a regression and there is lots of blame to go around. Paying Gus 23 million to go to Orlando to bring in Bryan Harsin is going to go down as the biggest blunder in Auburn Football history. Worse than jet gate and Barfield. Tank is great RB but the O line is going to struggle with SEC D lines. The only good thing about all this is it is going to get so bad the only way to go will be up. I would hope that there is already a preliminary plan in place to bring in a competent world class HC that can turn the program around after all this.
This is what happens when you have good coaching. Auburn sports is excelling because of good coaching in every sport but one.... I am looking forward to Omaha!
Really need this one. I still do not understand why they are staying an hour and a 1/2 away... I know it is being downplayed but that cannot help Hopefully they will get the win tonight and move on to Omaha!
Did Kirby have multiple complaints, large number of players transfer, lose his OC and DC, and have a legacy SR QB go to Oregon?
With all due respect I disagree on Harsin. He is an average coach that was brought in with the catalyst being a 23 million dollar buyout for a better coach to leave. That is the problem. Now AU is buyout weary with a average coach that is a terrible fit. This is the quiet after the storm but the big one is coming.
I agree with you but I personally think things are going to get so bad that there will be no choice. I see 4 wins next year. When that happens things will get bad...
Bottom line is Auburn is just not ready for SEC play in regards to depth and coaching staff. Lots of blame to go around but it all started with the timing of making a change with Gus in regards to paying Gus 23 million to go to Orlando while bringing in Harsin. Not saying a change did not need to eventually be made with Gus but the program would be in much better shape under Gus. We downgraded for 23 million.
This is juts practice for when he ends up on an ESPN sub next year.
I got no love for Nick Saban and as I matter of fact I cannot stand him but what he said about TXAM is spot on. They did buy players. It is what it is. The NCAA is to blame because they are useless.
The first thing that need to happen is the feckless NCAA needs to figure out a way to manage NIL. We have gone from ridiculous rules to wide open. If not there will no longer be college football. Expansion, recruiting schedules etc. will all be effected. Sadly the only organization that did not try to get out ahead of the NIL ruling is the NCAA. Currently IMO college football does not have a governing body and changing that should be first priority.
Not only am I a fan but an alumni and a resident. I am just telling this truth This was a bad hire and all this drama bad nonsense was avoidable Just wait until he only wins 4 games …
No but timing is everything and that was not the time to facilitate a 23 million buyout. I blame the BOT over Greene. Green was given a bad blue print.
I wish I could but the "fun" has even started yet. Just a few months away....
Rane loves Auburn. He puts his money where is mouth is and the bottom line is Harsin should never been hired.
They are decent players but the depth is not there. The Memphis transfer will help. I will give you that.
This whole thing has become ridiculous. Having said that TXAM did take advantage of the new rules on steroids.
I have but the second and third sting are not ready. Sorry
I think this Harsin thing is going to be the end of him but to his defense he did not want to fire Gus.