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Man, I stopped commenting on these board because for every decent conversation about football there were 20 conversations that devolved to bitter nonsensical arguments that added nothing of substance. (I mean I saw an argument between Ole Miss fans and TN ones... why would these two teams even argue over anything). Anyways I saw this comment and had to login. SevenT in those three lines you gave a backstory of how you became the man you are today. And I almost see you as more human than troll now. Continue to do you and let the hate flow through you......... BTW I'm aware of the irony that my complaint was about the lack of conversation relating to football and that this one has nothing to do with football.
I honestly don't know why he isn't excited. I know the SEC championship is a huge deal and there is a huge want to win every time you are there, but no one really expected them to make it this far (and congrats on the season btw). Florida really doesn't have anything to lose, while Alabama has has everything to lose. If Alabama wins everyone will be like "yea that was suppose to happen UF had a great run though." But if UF some how manages to get a victory then Coach McElwain will be a Hero and a Saint to UF. This may be one of the few times a team and coach can go to the SEC Championship and no matter the outcome know their fans will be extremely happy with the season. With that said I know a loss would still be disappointing but the it will sting a lot less than it would in most situations.
Man I want to hate this guy because he coaches Florida but I can't help but find him so dang likeable. Congrats on, what has so far, been an amazing season.
Is it wrong I'm more upset over the "Predators 3 and Kings 4" score at the bottom of the screen
Look this SevenT has it super easy ti be this terrible troll. If TN wins then it's like well TN was suppose to win but on the off chance they lose he gets to troll. See when your team has been nothing but a disappointment through its entire existence it's easy to be sour a piece of crap that no one take seriously til they get lucky.
you moron it's a guy from a tv show but I guess cable hasn't made it to Kentucky yet.... Trust me it will blow your mind.
Man are you still salty that a few people decided to celebrate their team in a dramatic fashion. I'm sorry that hope and faith has been drained from you, and all you can do is talk crap about storming fields.
I'm no fan of Debord and feel that his hire wasn't the best of decisions..... But, sometimes I get this inkling, this tiny little nag, that maybe just maybe he understands this offense better than us. I love Dobbs but I think he may not have a coach problem as much as he is just over hyped. I mean when he is good he is on fire, and then sometimes he just falls apart and his passing game just takes a big dump (and I get he's a dual threat not some kind of pro passer). And when it comes time in the final drives to get the needed points I think he cracks under the mental pressure. For instance during the final drive of the Alabama game everytime they showed him in the huddle he was twitchy and wild eye, he looked extremely jittery and needed to calm down. I get the fumble was a result of some poor blocking but I can't help but feel that even if he hadn't fumbled he still wouldn't have been able to march down the field...... Like I said I'm def no fan of Debord but sometimes I can't help but think and feel like maybe we are giving a few, just a few, players too much hype and faith.
I hate kickers in general they're all mental cases. Always being put in those types of situations just fries their brains and I think Medley's short-circuited at Florida and hasn't been right since.
haha glad you said something I thought I was losing my mind.
Ugh..... I'm not even mad. It was a fun game.
I'm almost over the whole Kiffin thing... Honestly I stopped being mad last year it's just fun to "hate" on him.
I hate these click bait headlines lol.... At first I thought there is no way Butch Jone's is talking smack (or taking a shot) at Alabama....
Yea, I would've love to have seen all the hate mail if that had happened. Seriously though people, you guys realize that these are people right, and that rivalries are just a chance for grown ups to make believe and pretend to hate each other. I mean do people really celebrate or believe that celebrating a player's injury is ok? Just because something like this happens in football doesn't men we should just brush it aside or belittle what happened. And you can say this wasn't celebrating a player's injury but instead celebrating a victory, but come one did they not have any other picture showing good hits or celebrations. But what do I know maybe I'm just P**** and should be driving the wambulance, but I was genuinely surprised at the number of comments that were ok with showcasing an injury.
I want to hate this guy, but I just can't...... Somebody please make me hate him lol
Man Butch needs to put a stop to this. Regardless of whether it was intentional or not. If the TN team honestly believe it was a purposeful cheap shot, then whining about it all the time only gives satisfaction to the accused. Butch already tried to have it reviewed and nothing came of it. So take that anger and disgust bury it deep and use it next year when they play them again. My personal feeling is that while it MAY have been dirty, I don't think that it had malicious intent I think he was desperate to make a block. There has been a lot of debate over who was the most classless team and who took what cheap shots. To me watching the game on TV it seemed as physical and chippy as most rivalry games with high passions, the only difference being, this time there were a lot of hurt players. Everyone always says "well that's football" until some of their brightest players get hurt.
Oh come on now..... Sure this is tasteless and classless, but anybody who is judging all of TAMU over this obviously never went to college. This kind of crap and things much worse are pulled by frats at every University. It cracks me up how everyone is so quick to judge an entire University's or team's "class" under the bus for stuff that happens everywhere. I would love to see a word count of how much the term "classless" is used on this site everyday. Anyways rant over... move along nothing to see here
Is one idiot considered "storming the field" to you. Are things so bad, in Athens, now that one person is considered and entire fan base?
Geeze! If this attrition keeps up they're going to have to make members of the band and cheerleaders put on pads so we can field a full team.
True that man.... I don't feel like he needs to be put on the hot seat yet, but he should feel it start warming up.
People saying he needs to be fired just need to take a chill. Should we be upset? Yes. Should he get a smack on the wrist and be told that this crap ain't going to fly? Yes. I mean we have been talking about this brick-by-brick stuff for years, and it's time for us to get a quality win. That being said, he doesn't need to be put on a hot seat yet. And despite the fact that everyone else mocks us when we make excuses that we have a young team, it's still true. I'm mad at him, but I still have faith.