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I miss the days of the Vols being a good football team. It's in the best interest of the conference to have solid competitors. Coaches don't win football games on their own. Players don't win football games on their own. I'm tired of people pretending there's a single individual that's going to "right the ship". You need a good defense, which requires both talented players and a good defensive coordinator. You need a good offense, which requires both talented players and a good offensive coordinator. You need a pretty good quarterback. You need a head coach to oversee all of this. You're not going to get any of the above in an unstable environment like Tennessee. At best you're going to grab some overachieving players who are diamond's in the rough and lose because you don't have the framework to support them.
@jwl3gg Quite the contrary, I've studied it so much I can spot it a mile away.
@BlackandGold is correct. BLM has evolved from a movement to a Marxist political party and would also be labeled as a domestic terrorist organization if it wasn't for the Democratic party running interference for it.
Gundy is a coward for caving. Should have stood his ground and defended his beliefs.
The woke cult has gotten out of control. Dude's a conservative and wore a shirt from a conservative news outlet. No different than someone wearing a Fox News, CNN, or MSNBC t-shirt. College players aren't entitled to a "personal" relationship with their coach. There are a lot of players and there's no way for him to do so even if he wanted too. He can't mentor everyone and I'd think if this was a codified role in college athletics, it would mostly fall on the assistant and position coaches to say nothing of the senior players on the team.
Because his team got absolutely embarrassed against LSU.
No joke I was sitting there and told my wife, "watch this, Bama's kickers are always terrible" and them "doink" and she just looked at me. A special moment of the game all unto it's own. "ESPN had this remarkable stat earlier Saturday that said, “Since Nick Saban’s first season at Alabama in 2007, Alabama kickers have now missed 101 field goals, the most by any FBS team in that span. That’s 8 more than any other team." You would think at some point Nick would start taking kicking seriously and make it a focus.
Yet many an Auburn faithful that frequent these forums want to fire Gus... Bunch of fools!
If someone would have told me Bama would put up 45 and lose against Auburn, I would have of called the authorities to have you committed for insanity.
A couple of items: * Great game Bama, one we shall remember for a long time! * Great game Mac Jones! Tua wouldn't have thrown two pic sixes, but I can't say Tua would have put up more than 45 either. * To all of you "fire Gus" Auburn fans, yet another Go-F-Yourself from me.
I really can't argue here, I feel the same way. Wouldn't be overly surprised if we pulled it out though.
Different head coach, same result. UGA, like all Georgia based teams always find a way to lose a game they shouldn't. I thought Auburn had ZERO chance of beating UGA this year, until this last weekend. We at least have a shot as UGA just isn't as good as advertised.
Only a loon fires Gus right now. Dude's been a solid coach for us and we certainly can't do better.
Let's get one thing straight, Auburn wasn't going to the playoffs this year. The early predictions were an 8-4 record and that looks about right. We have a freshman QB who occasionally plays like it, but is improving. Alabama, Georgia and LSU are all playing on a different level this year and all should arguably (at the moment) be in the top 4. We could've won the Florida game, but just didnt play that well, as everyone saw. Everone calm down, there are no surprises here. You "fire Gus" fans need to get a clue and take a long hard look at Tennessee and a quite frankly, long stretches at Florida as well. We've got a couple of good years of Bo Nix ahead of us as a Junior and Senior, so just chill.
Many of you Auburn fans complaining about the occasion 8-5 (still go to a bowl game seasons) need to take a good long hard look at Tennessee and the bad stretch Florida has had. Both programs of which are arguable more prestigious historically speaking. We’re not even the best team in the state in the Saban era and you’re wanting to sack a coach that has chaired is to two title games? Has us consistently in the playoff hunt? You people have some very short memories, a gross misconception of the prestige of Auburns program, and no clue who you’d replace him with
Gotta say, suprised that Jaylon isn't getting any <3 for the Heisman from you guys. He's an SEC bred QB who is BEAST MODE right now.
Notre Dame not having to play a conference championship needs to stop or at least eliminate them from playoff consideration. I would put my money on Georgia against Notre Dame, Oklahoma, or Clemson this year. I hate UGA, but they're not a top 4 team, they're a top 2 team right behind Bama.
Here it goes, Alabama is about to come correct to Saban with a contract renegotiation. 12 million anyone?
Firing Malz would this early would be a devastating. There's only 1 Nick Saban and the rest of the teams out there need to figure that out.
As an Auburn man who's lived in Georgia for about 15 years now, I've always hated how obnoxious the fan base here in Georgia and thus hated that team for as long. That aside, I have the deepest respect for Coach Richt. Not only is he a great and consistent coach, but he's most likely the classiest coach in all of football. I have ZERO doubts about the character of that man. I disagree with all the silliness that college football is purely a business. The purpose of college is to shape individuals to go out into the world prepared for the life ahead. Coach Richt is and has been a leader of men. A moral compass for those thousands of young men he has guided. There's certainly no way to accurately quantify the good that he has done in guiding those players. The ray of sunshine from all this, is that Georgia, much like Tennessee and Florida, will likely suffer a good decade of mediocrity trying to replace him. They will day dream of the Richt days where despite Richt coaching against a grocery list of future hall of fame coaches, managed to put together 10+ wins and go to the SEC championship practically every other year. So here's to you Mr.Inbreedbulldagsfan, may you enjoy 10+ years of bad coaching. I certainly wish you all the worst.
I just stream all 3 on my PC. I generally watch 5+ games every Saturday and Sunday simultaneously.
I hope Les gets a job offer from another SEC team, takes it and beats the hell out of LSU every single year. The same LSU that will go barely over .500 without him. What kind of clown show is running things over at LSU where they think they can do better. Not only that, but I think the notion that they think they should be chasing a championship ever year is a joke. The ONLY team and I mean the ONLY team that can legitimately have that kind of expectation is Alabama.
LSU is about to spend the next 5+ years regretting this. I can't wait :P
I completely agree, but deep down you and I both know Georgia will find a way lose one they shouldn't this year and be out of the dance, despite their incredible team this year.