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I like Hurts at 12. Probably could’ve had him at 5b, because his willingness to step aside in the championship game, while then helping Tua the entire next season, deserves as much credit as you can award him. I don’t usually follow specific players in the nfl but I pull for him just because he’s clearly a good guy.
Bama this year has to be top 5, even if they don’t win it all tbh. Also if Clemson or Ohio state beat bama, they deserve top 5 as well. Maybe that’s recency bias but bama passes the eye test better than lsu last year. Win it all they’re on top.
I counted by hand so it might be wrong but 4-21, but 3-12 since joining the sec. if you include top 10 teams though that number looks a lot better
Cal said early on that Kentucky would have a lot of issues with playing so many experienced p5 teams while having no returning minutes at all. I'm not concerned honestly. He's done well in the past with inexperienced teams, and this year will simply be the most challenging yet. I'm excited for the growth of these guys, especially given how hard this year has been for them. If I know anything about Cal since 2009 it's that he knows how to develop and refine talent, and I can already see that happening this year. It's rough, but there's growth.
Cal has said, more than once, that this team is gonna require a ton more patience than usual. We didn’t get our exhibition games in, and the circumstances are tougher. This is a totally new team, even by cals standards. We play a tough schedule early on, so losses should be expected. Cal at the end of the game was giving basic coaching to our guys, teaching Devin Askew how to do a post feed mid game. We’re young, it’s ok. Richmond is a tough team, and they deserved that win. I was happy for them, and I think they’re gonna be a threat all year long no matter who they play against.
I wish John Schlarman and his family the best. There are a number of great articles that various sites published where Kentucky players talk about what he means to the team, and many said he was always the funniest in the room. We lost a great person today. That being said, I’ve watched what stoops has built at Kentucky, and honestly their biggest asset is the heart of the team. They’re a true family. Every year, we might play against more talented teams, but it’s tough for me to say that we’ve gone up against teams that had more heart on a year by year basis. Teams, and players, have a history of stepping up their level of play after a close family member/friend passes away. I wouldn’t be shocked if the same thing happens with this Kentucky team. The key is our wide receivers getting open - you can’t throw a ball to a guy who’s covered. All the other pieces are there, so we’ll see if there’s change in our wide outs this week and going forward. It’s a very sad day in Kentucky football
UGA Bama, as usual, is the game of the year. At least one thing in 2020 feels normal
Bro Kentucky’s third string qb had a shoulder injury in that game, hence the 7 points. When kentucky switched to Lynn Bowden, after multiple injuries, they went 6-2. South Carolina was just an adjustment game
I’m pretty sure she forgot Davis and that’s it. She’s admitted it was a mistake, and meant no disrespect. People saying she shouldn’t have a vote are dumb, but people who say “she knows what she’s talking about and if she says Davis isn’t good then that’s that” are also dumb. It’s just been blown up
So if Lynn Bowden was listed in the header for the article, why wasn’t he ranked?
By infrastructure, they also mean the road system, and the general capacity to house 14 entire football teams and staffs for an extended period of time. Bringing all 14 teams into a town that’s too small would end up causing the residents to be constantly stuck in more traffic than the city can handle, which wouldn’t be respectful to the people who live there. They’d kinda have to pick a larger city, and the largest 2 are lexington and Nashville. Vandy lacks the stadium, but Kroger field would be a pretty decent option. They also have a pretty decent amount of large roads around the stadium.
While it wouldn’t prove Kentucky would win the sec East by any means, Kentucky winning at auburn would prove they’re enough of a headache for the road trip to Florida, and more importantly when they host Georgia. Kentucky could catch Georgia off guard in Lexington, which would leave the door wide open for Florida to win the East. It’ll be a good litmus test when Kentucky opens at Auburn
I’ve seen people list drake Jackson as the best center in the sec, and this website has had both darian kinnard and drake Jackson listed as top 5 offensive linemen in the sec. you can’t leave them out of a top 50 list
Look at the average age of deaths? Look at the states where they’re dying? Are you saying I should just stop caring about people if they’re too old or from certain states? Don’t minimize this pandemic and don’t minimize the deaths. It’s a horrible thing to imply, even if they’re more susceptible. Honestly that’s even more of a reason to call things off; concern for the portion of the population who’s immune systems cant take care of them. I worry about a whole lot of my family members, and I worry about myself. I’m in my 20s but I have asthma and a heart issue which genuinely scares me if I ever test positive. Call this pandemic what it is - a living nightmare
More people have died so far than the entire population of 10 out of 14 sec college towns
How do people feel about the number 3 spot in the East? Kentucky or Tennessee?
Auburn is like a purple blood. Rich history but not nearly on the same level as some of the other true blue bloods
Something I’ve seen calipari do, especially recently, is he sometimes will take his young teams who are full of themselves and just kinda coach a loss. He humbles them by not trying too hard to win a game and letting them lose if he needs to. He tried to get Nick Richards to play more safe, and to get the team to use two hands on every catch. I saw multiple turnovers due to just sloppy play, i.e. only using one hand to catch a ball. He’s coached losses like this before, kinda like how Kentucky lost to Duke by 34 at the beginning of the year last year, he just sat down and let it happen. It’s November and these kids are 18, he’s letting them coach themselves and lose so they’ll listen more
What juco did we pluck Josh Allen and Benny Snell from? And yeah I’ll agree that we’ve had bad luck with quarterbacks, but Stephen Johnson was a dramatic change just a couple years ago, and terry wilson showed lots of improvement over last year until he went down for the year
Kentucky didn’t just lose their starting quarterback, but their backup has been playing through injury ever since the Florida game with no real qb3. They’ve also been working with a limited secondary after last years draft, which has also seen injuries this year
South Carolina, Mississippi State, Missouri, and Kentucky all had more players of the week than Alabama. I know others did too, but those 4 teams usually aren’t in the category of “more players of the week than bama”.
Hey you mentioned Gunnar Hoak, and I know he’s a grad transfer but he’s from Kentucky so he technically counts I think.
Gus won’t be fired anytime soon since his buyout is like $50 million or something dumb. But, it’s auburn, so I guess if anyone would fire someone with that buyout it would be the tigers
I think a fair comparison would be to Will Grier at West Virginia in his first game in over a year and a half, against a top 25 team (Virginia tech), he threw for 371 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception in a 7 point loss. It’s not unfair to criticize franks here
They wanted to get New York City as a possible market for the big 10, and hoped it would bring fans in to support Ohio State, Michigan, penn State and the others