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That last section shows why you guys need dedicated school content authors instead of trying to have people generate content for the whole league. Luke isn’t getting fired this year. OM didn’t get a new AD or chancellor; they are both filled by interims currently. There’s not going to be a new chancellor until probably October-November, which means no new AD until after that. Neither interim has the authority (nor political capital) to fire a head coach for performance. If Luke gets caught with the same phone call sheet as Freeze did, then maybe. But neither interim “leader” can pull the trigger on a multimillion dollar buyout because of a poor season record. Anyone who is remotely following the program knows that. Come on, now. Don’t start the hot takes when you don’t even realize there’s not a real AD or chancellor. I would venture a guess that even State fans know this, so someone writing about a school’s record and trying to be in-depth should do the research, too.