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Rutgers is an AAU member. UCF is little more than a community college. The Big Ten isn't taking UCF and neither is the SEC. Missouri is also an AAU member as is Texas A&M. The writer of this article needs to remember that university presidents make the call on conference membership. Not fans or sports writers.
Spurrier should have declared that the State of South Carolina is national champions for the bowl season. That would have gotten a bigger applause, and made Dabo look weak in the process.
And as for Missouri being in the SEC, as an Auburn fan and alum I say nothing but "welcome". Mizzou is a great school with great traditions, and is our fourth AAU school as well. The MU Journalism School is top ranked and I hope that the graduates of that program will go on to media jobs that will allow them to tout the SEC even more. Texas A&M and Mizzou were both fantastic adds, and the Big Ten missed their chance to add them.
Hilarious, as usual. The epic butthurt from Gump-nation is even bigger in the wake of this loss than it was in 2010 when Cam went into T-town and took a second half dump all over Bryant-Denny-Tuberville-Malzahn Stadium. And Alabama has never actually lost a football game either, in the mind of Alabama fans. In a game that they have "lost", the refs either screwed them or the other team cheated. Or some combination of both. There is a reason that their fans are consistently ranked as the worst fanbase OF ANY SPORT.
Spreads: 1. South Carolina -10 2. Tennessee -7 3. Alabama -10 4. Auburn -1 Over/Unders: 1. Denard over 50 yards 2. Clowney over 1.5 sacks 3. Bray under 1.5 INT 4. Arkansas over 500 yards of total offense 5. Mettenberger under 250 passing yards 6. Murray over 3.5 TD passes
VaTech and NCState. Two enormous untapped TV markets for the SEC. Look at Texas and Missouri as the most recent example.