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Matthew 7:5 would be fitting for the comments here. I'm not condoning or denying what happened. I wasn't there and i doubt any of you naysayers were either. Let the justice system work it out.
Trolls are like the monkeys you see at the zoo. They poo on themselves, crank on themselves, pick bugs off each other, stick their fingers in things they shouldn't be sticking them in, etc. All for attention. Please don't feed the trolls.
I guess i'm reading a different article. I didn't see mention of "Hands of Stone", "Depth chart status", or "Wouldn't see the field".
Someone stated earlier that Sara Evans seems to always be surrounded by drama. I wasn't aware of anything like that but i don't keep up with her either. Anyway, no matter what you can't hit her or drive a vehicle into her, that never ends well.
Going to ball with the former or is it fictional National Champs and reigning state Champs, i get it. Best wishes
My money is on Greg winning any intelligence test. How smart must you be to throw shade at another university right before an NFL team is going to offer you millions of dollars to come play a game.
I think Mom and Dad will find it easy to be in Gainesville on Saturdays and Jax. on Sundays
Phil, you are not being very nice again
The article said that he stated it's the best decision for him to enter the portal (play for another team) but he would always be a Gator. How can those two comments go together?
clausen i like the way you think. That plan will force the other conferences to actually have to play someone to move on.
Hold on now G-cuatro-tres, it's not always a Gator to blame
I'm not in total disagreement with you "MrTruth", i think the OL has been mentally weak for a few years. My only thing is that Michigan has a power run game, How did that look in the Orange Bowl?
Kirk, you don't always have to be a "Richard". Go enjoy the season and get out of here.
Great Gator and had an awesome attitude even though he didn't get the carries we all hoped for. Best wishes for him at the next level.
Sure Nature, and i bet all the kids growing up playing today got participation trophies with the names on them. And the Moms all brought cupcakes after the game. I doubt Saban talks nicely to O-linemen that false start over and over. They needed a coach that chewed that azz more than Hevesy could do.
Like Mike, if i could be like Mike. Good player and good representative of the Gators
Humpy conjures up important features like (the truth) in the hope you won't bother to look them up. When you do bother it's very telling.
Emory Jones, i can't recall his STATS but they are good. He's a FORMER 5-star (i think) and he CAN run, maybe, BUT MAYBE NOT. He needs a little more development, or maybe he goes to another school. either WAY he's a good kid. AND athlete. He threw a FEW ints. BUT. he is a "SMART" kid that may end up AT uga. since they NEED more QB's to SIT on the bench so a 2 star WALK-on can start the games. When he finally blossoms i hope it's at Georgia.
Nash, "Todd - the great" thought he was mining for diamonds not coal
Following a coach to a new destination (by a player or asst. coach) is not news worthy
Tidefan8x5, i usually agree with the comments but not this time. You are right in saying SDS made the post, but it's a choice you make when you post something with the sole purpose to instigate another fanbase, like the fleabag from above. The best part is he's so stupid and "so-smart" and it shows with every post, the very limited vocabulary, the jr. high name calling, obsessively posting the same words over and over. I'm really not certain he's not a child on Mommy's laptop.
Cincinnati will not return to the CFP anytime soon. And you guys need to stop with the Danny Dumbazz comments. He loves the publicity good or bad.
I've never known a strength coach that's gotten as much publicity as Savage. I couldn't name the strength coach at any of the top ten programs in the country, so i assume it's best if they stay behind the scene. I know the players really liked him but i didn't see us over-power any team we played. Body building isn't the same as strength training. Not a knock just an observation.
Whatever happened to the girl kicker? She made Vandy a "must watch" football team, lol
Are you too stupid to understand a new coach coming in with 10 days to recruit isn't going to burn down the barn with a high ranking class. Lets see what happens next year and the next.
The rocks don't hit the target anymore Humpy. Nobody was shocked by the Gasp-bowl, but you keep trying
CoJo, That was supposed to go to the fleabag above. I don't know why it can't land where it's supposed to.
You sit in that wornout corduroy covered lazyboy recliner (with cat hair all over it) pecking away on your Mom's laptop and have the scones to call someone else a bust. The things you post over and over tell me and everyone else life didn't turnout the way you planned. Who's really the bust?