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I've tried to write the word Ch ri stmas two different ways and got placed in moderation captivity. SDS can kiss the derriere that is attached to my backside. It's been a joy to read and write on these articles with you fine people. I am out when that word becomes banned. Go Gators - In all kinds of weather.
Doc, if you wish the Gators to victory then you are there
Can someone do a health & wellness check on "Gwhite", he's not answering the door anymore
Go Gators - win one for "ballgaganegativeGatorunderthedock"
Should be a fun game to watch for a fan of college football. It's refreshing to see how great leadership can affect a football team from where they start to where they finish.
Ballgagugaloverunderthedock, you still haven't answered my question - Who should they hire as the next coach? And don't say "anybody is better than what they have". Thats what negative minded people say, and we all know you don't have a negative bone in your ballgag.
Jimbo would tell you it's the best job he's ever had
So "editllor" if i called in to a radio show would you quit your job too?
Are you yelling or is the CAPS button malfunctioning on that little laptop
Docgator, you are thinking of Shiano as the coach that was fired (or never hired) from UT before he arrived.
I think Kiffen is content at Ol Miss, until another school opens up the checkbook, then you'll see how happy he is.
So.... he didn't really say he's staying or that he's going did he?
IMHO, the Aggies don't need better recruiting they need better coaching. I don't make those decisions but if they hire Sanders to be the coach (and he's not a good one) they will deserve all the circus treats that comes with that.
Doc & Marsh, you two should go pickup GaGa, have some adult beverages, and walk him back when the 3-Ms were head coaching and the Gators sucked. I believe they had a new head coach every 3 yrs. or so. Is that what he wants to do again? And my only question is this and he's never answered: Who would you like the Gators to go hire right now?
I can't see any way the Gators get to a bowl. In that down time Billy had better be going to each recruits home and hugging Mamma's, kissing babies and helping little brothers with their homework. His future will be determined by holding that class together. Well, now thinking about it, his future could be very prosperous if he doesn't hold that class together. He and Jimbo can celebrate together if he gets canned next year.
Kick'em when their up, kick'em when their down Kick'em when their stiff, kick'em all around - Don Henley
TAMU is a recruiting hotbed and the past few classes were stellar. That will make TAMU attractive to almost any top tier coach. There's a high-end coach out there that will want that pay day.
He could use a treadmill too. Starting to look like Charlie Weis
If he wasn't good enough to start or get some PT with this Gator OL, where oh where does he go now but backwards? Not necessarily a knock on the kid, and i wish him well. This is the biggest downfall to the portal. Play me immediately or i leave mindset is ruining any hope of the team concept. No work harder for what you want mentality.
That's all true I-20, but what's another 100 mil to make his headaches go away? He's at least good for a couple of NC's and then they'll have to get rid of him for trying to pay a cheerleader to do a lap dance.
I would rather read a post from "Dawgtime" than the idiocy of "GaGa". What's even more perplexing is GaGa predicted 2 wins, we've surpassed that and he's mad, wth? I'm not happy with the non-tackling, No-pressure on the QB, false starts, stupid penalty's, dumb play calls, etc. that have been ongoing but i'm hopeful this experience and the incoming recruits can bring it back. Even though i see we've just lost a commitment to Aubbie. Hopefully, this staff and the new staff coming will be better next season. I'm tired of starting over, Go Gators.
I thought Mertzy played really good and take away the big splash runs from the Heisman hopeful QB the defense was better. A couple 4th down stops and a big goal line stand in the 1st qtr. Not gonna be a great season for winning anything but who thought it would be?
Raymond is like most all players/teams/coaches that have been to the mountain top. It takes grit, determination, stamina, perseverance to stay on top. Otherwise you become lethargic with your accomplishments. That's what makes Saban so great, he keeps upping the struggle to his players.
@AndrewPeters, the title you chose is a bit misleading Andrew. It says Nic Saban comments on Dabo's remarks. In the article you write a quote by Nic Saban that says he didn't hear what Dabo had to say. What would be the better title for this article?
Just how big an ol boy are ya? - Roy D Mercer
VaVol, i don't see a way the Gators can win any of those last 3 games. But, that's why you go play them anyway, just in case. Win or lose Napier's saving grace will be keeping that recruiting class in the top 5. If he starts losing in that dept. next year will be his last.
GatorinBama, it's called an "ignorant obsession". They can't make comments (on any article) without including the Gators. The best part is they don't even know it because they're ignorant.
Wonder which "other" coaches he's referring to?