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Cooch, you are out of line when you start calling other programs coaches "dumb". You already know your an embarrassment to your own fans, so get outta here, really, nobody wants to hear your "Dumb" opinions
Drinking and Twerking in a public place should be a criminal offense. Or maybe thats how they roll in checkerboard square
I'm betting that was a joke for the picture, the good stuff came out later
Just show up to play as hard as you can every game and success takes care of itself. Being on a team means others are counting on you to do your job.
Does "Queen Megan" have an alter ego? Sorry but i don't have enough time to read garbage. Maybe you and the "Queen" can get together and write children's books
You all do realize your trying to have a conversation with a troll, right? Buford is just one of her personalities, and she's a bit disturbed as to what she identify's with. One day she'll come out to play and be free of her turmoil.
She was on private property where they make their own rules. I thought the resource officer gave her every opportunity to either put on a mask or leave. She chose to be ignorant and above the rules, so she must be held accountable. Just like on the streets, if you obey the rules nobody gets hurt if you don't someones getting hurt and it's usually "Not" the officer.
QueenMegan, i wonder if your typing speed matches your intellectual maturity? If so, you put a lot of time and effort into those diatribes that nobody bothers to read. When i see it (and i'm sure most others too) i just roll right on by because your words mean nothing (just a lot of words) and i'm not wasting my time reading that garbage.
No need to apologize, we already know. Every team has a few, just wish they would stay in their own yard to go potty
Is that his new nickname "Coach Killin" or was that a misspell?
Legit comments "Box", first games were a bit rough for everyone. First game with not much scrimmaging is even rougher. You guys need work on offense, our guys need work on defense. I'm thinking by the time the first week of Nov. comes along we'll both have the kinks worked out, maybe, hopefully, so we can go at it full strength, no excuses.
Do you identify as a "No team" fan? Doesn't that mean the same as staying in the closet?
I agree with the "flightdoc" above, Kiffen is at a big time program. Ol Miss is an SEC staple (maybe just not in winning championships) but they have a passionate fan base, plenty of big donors, good facilities, great atmosphere, and theres always the grove for tailgates. I don't believe it's a stepping stone to a higher level, they just need to start beating the Bama's, Aub. and LSU's.
Great win State but it's the first game, everyone probably had tired guys yesterday. Still a great win in the SEC, and i think every team will be different in this different kind of year.
Nah, they'll change his name to "NewCooch41yr.(2021)". Lets have a party to celebrate the anniversary
Mckay, thank you for putting the little doggie back in his crate before he poops himself
Losing 7-2 vs. Arky right now, you might better climb back into the underground storm shelter. You Fleabags looking like you may beat Vandy, and thats if Covid takes out half of their starters.
Mullen is the right man for the Gators. Now Grantham needs to pull his weight and get that D to turn it up. Tackling was bad, no QB pressure, backend was not even there, reminded me of the Miami game last year. Make the adjustments and get on with the season
Tired of watching Okie get slammed every year in the playoffs anyway. They may be the best in the BIG12 but they don't matchup well with the defenses in the south
Scored a bunch but can't stop a broken watch. Corral did whatever he wanted today, tackling was horrendous, and where is the pressure, i didn't see any? Guess i'm glad Trask and Pitts are Gators.
As fast as he is maybe he should consider playing the slot, or go back to defense. Not sure if he has his heart set on QB but he's not going to be one in the NFL, so play a position you project to be at the level. Not a knock on him, just my opinion.
I guess i don't understand that math. If they lose at least one then how is their record 8-2 or 7-3?
Oh my, i'm sure he'll get to say that plenty whether in Oxford or Gainesville
Whats that saying they always say, Oh yeah, rent free everyday
Boxster, i'm in agreement with you, wouldn't that same rule apply if your out on the streets and a cop told you to stop and/or stop resisting and you don't feel like you had to? You would then be arrested for not following simple directions or even shot if you have a weapon
Who can predict anything this year. Texas may sound crazy but who really knows. I doubt anyone outside of "The Bayou" predicted LSU's 15-0 season last year. It gets started tomorrow, and best of luck to whomever your team may be. Wish all a safe season, with the Covid, injuries, opt-outs, and anything else that happens in football.
He didn't really need to be "More" swaggier, thats what a lot of his problems stemmed from. I hope it all works out for him, except that one weekend he comes back to Gainesville.
I remember last year in The Swamp that great Aubbie defense looked confused, along with their QB.
TeBOWtheGreat, your opinions really aren't needed here and your own fan base thinks your an embarrassment. Why don't you give up the fight and let the players decide and we all know you've never been a player.
98, i think he meant to say SEC title, not Natty. That team was the first to be considered really good compared to the previous Gator teams of the 70s - early 80s.