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Remind me again why this is news worthy? Everybody knows the SEC is the major league of college football
Well if you must know, I bet there's more than what's in your trophy case.
C'mon guys, you have it all wrong. It's the system that made him act out like this. The system is not providing enough opportunity for this young man.
But if MLB is run as a business, and he sells more jerseys than any other Mets player, then why wouldn't the owner want him on the roster? I already know the line about he takes a spot away from another "more" deserving player. If you own the business you have to ask, Does that other player sell as much product as Timmy? His Rockstar status isn't what it used to be but he still attracts the attention everywhere he goes. Now go buy a t-shirt, a hotdog and enjoy the game. If there is one this summer.
If we can't agree on that then you have no credibility in any of your biased comments. Cubby took over from Richt a team with back to back 10-3 record. Mullen took over a team that had a 4-7 record, thats "4". Don't even try to compare the great rebuild that Cubby had to endure, thats a stretch of your imagination, Mate.
I can't see how a stadium is going to be able to open up for fans in two months. College football may go the way soccer is going. Play the game but no fans in the stands, only crowd noise piped in from the speakers to make it seem real.
I think we can agree that Cubby walked into a much better situation than Mullen. If you recall the "Can't coach" McIlwain disaster then you can easily see this, yes? Even though McIlwain beat the fleabags and won the East two in a row, remember that? Those Gator teams sucked (lost to a D-ll team) and still beat those Fleabags. If you give Cubby a Corvette and Mullen a Kia and say lets see who can win a race around the block 3 times, it's really a no brainer. You Fleabags keep bringing up Mullens record at MSU against Cubby's defense, but don't consider the fact Mullen was still driving a Kia and Cubby was riding shotgun with Saban's defense "Not" Cubby's. I mean really? What team could stand up against Saban in the West during that time? The clock is ticking on Cubby because if the can't win the big race with his brand new shiny Porche then the rumblings in Athens will be loud in the Gainesville truck stop.
Now Humpy, isn't it the better coach that can take on a 3-star and turn him into a legit player? So it should be a good fit for both. Your school has a polished recruiter that isn't that great at coaching/teaching (thats why he MUST recruit top level, always, or it's over). Title-town has a really good coach/teacher thats not as polished a recruiter and will take the 3-4 star and develop the heck out of them. I'm happy where we are. Hell, i'm happy where you are. You guys (fleabags) seem to worry about where "we" are too much. I do appreciate the concern but, we're good.
Your not even sure what team you support. Is it Urban Meyer, or the Flea-factory, or the USC Condoms? Maybe all 3? Either way, your a wee bit confused and delusional
Maybe if your comments weren't stupid and non-stop negative about other teams they would take the ball-gag out of your big fat mouth.
Just wondering... Is the Gator page a place that Fleabags go to post stupid comments to themselves, since nobody else wants to communicate with them? You 3-4 keep showing up here and it seems you should have better (positive) things to do with your life.
You must be sump'n if Saban and Muschump offered. Welcome to the swamp young man.
Colonel, i don't understand the mathematics on your last comment, please explain? UK is 2-0 all time against them, but they accounted for 3 losses last year??
And yet the Flea-factory recruited him anyway. Kinda makes your comments STUPID, doesn't it
Coming from an Ol Miss Rebel, thats the pot calling the kettle black. Oh Shizzitt, there i go again, forgive me
Just to clarify to "Humpy", I said Tebow lost one in a row ("charge the field game". I also said Trask lost 3 in a row, maybe not as a starter, but he was there for the greatest streak in college football history "The fleabags win 3 in a row against the mighty Gators". And this is the year they go for 4 to extend the greatest streak with the greatest coach that can do nothing wrong ever, well except fake punt, he does sorta, kinda screw that up, every time.
Surprised Humpy didn't see that Trask has lost 3 in a row and Tebow only lost the one "charge the field" game. A much better article for SDS to explore is: Why is the flea-factory always the first to comment on a Gator article?
The thing that trolls most like to eat is attention. How about everyone on SDS stop throwing food to them with your replies. We can starve the "keyboard cowboys" by not feeding them.
If Danny's wife asked me to dance with her, all i would say is "Yes Ma'am"
Thx, for the kind replies UGAfolks. I know that idiot trolling with his tasteless comments does not represent the Athenians. When another university is having a sincere struggle, it's refreshing to see that we're all in this together.
Sad news, thoughts and prayers to his loved ones.
He's not the first or last 20 yr. old to do something stupid. I wish he would've come clean after the play/game, instead of after the season. Also would've liked to see Stoops sit him a few games for that error in judgement. Says a lot about the coach's integrity too that he didn't sit him out. Maybe it would go away faster if he would've dealt with it in the moment.
I didn't get to finish. I wonder how the Booches will react to this sarcasm?
Well, there we have it, it was all racist. Did you say her Daughter didn't make the "white" cheer squad? Oh my, somebody is going to burn a mall in Lexingston down for this? I wonder how the B
Are you so stupid that you don't think injuries take place and change things in football? The returning QB got hurt in the early part of the season. Gators had to play next man up, who happened to have a pretty dang good season for a guy thats not played much since high school, wouldn't you say stupid? I mean 10-2 record, with a team that couldn't run the ball against anyone, OL couldn't run block, Don't have any 5 stars, didn't have the worlds greatest asst. coach from Bama and still only lost two. Pretty amazing isn't it stupid?
I'm with you Rico, A&M might win one of those 3. Then again, they may come out of nowhere like LSU did last year. This season is going to be very different for sure.
They know not what they say, they just feel a need to say it. 49 and counting, all for the purpose of instigating and inciting. What is it you so badly need to prove on this page that keeps you saying the same things over and over? Even the other teams are noticing your irreverence for being civil.
Well over 40 (fleabag) comments and still counting. I just jumped on the Fleabags posting site to read an article about "Cubby" and there was only one comment from the Gator side (the usual insti-Gator). When your only purpose of being on the Gator page is to incite others then you've lost your accountability. Don't hardly ever here negative comments from Bama, Aub., UT, etc. Only from the fleabags, who constantly stalk on this site. Do you have any other reason for being here, besides instigation? I rarely even look at other teams sites, but I have to go on my own teams page and read the constant barrage of shizzitt coming from the same 3-4. Why is that? Why do you comment 40plus times (all negative) and never anything actually related to SEC football? Answer that, and then tell me who lives in your head
C'mon Humpy, lets do the new dance called "The Danny". Whenever theres a Gator article and over 10 comments are from fleabags we have to do "The Danny". It just gets in your head doesn't it? I hope i never have to support a coach that doesn't expect to win'm all.