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I do like the "CrabmuncherU" reference Humpy. Do you have a trademark on that one ? I would like to use that as often as possible. Nothing better than your starting QB walking around with crablegs down his pants. Now that the Bucs have cut him he may go back to his old ways of taking that which doesn't belong to him.
Humpy, the difference in our comments is your cohort was trashing Gators for playing such a crappy FSU team, when in fact so do the fleabags. Makes it a moot point and not a puff out your chest moment. I don't pay much attention to who the fleabags play OOC because i don't care that much. Same reason i don't stalk the fleabags posting site on SDS, i just don't care who you signed, committed/decommitted or won over to the darkside.
UGAGRAD417 needs only to look at the fleabags upcoming schedule (2027-2028). It seems that his team has scheduled the "FSU Criminoles" for home/away games. Typical fleabag comment, to trash the Gators, but it's ok to do in Athens.
That was quite a "trounce" of a commentary by you, and not your normal self. Must be this virus thing going on. Hopefully, it'll get better for you. Now go lay down and take a nap, get some rest, and try to make it through a day without your stupid comments over and over. If you want to entertain, go back to your side of the fence and entertain your litter.
North Fla. and South Ga. are about the same thing. The only thing that makes them different is a state line. Every state has racist people of all colors. Lets try to keep this site about the SEC teams we support.
She was pretty before, but in a Gator uni she's really looking sporty. Timmy did ok for a jock.
Good post Humpy ! Can i come to your house ? I'm out of toilet paper and i know your a hoarder. It will also be a great story to tell the Grandkids. I got my buttwipes from a Dawg
I pity the QB that has to step in under Tom Brady whenever he goes
All i can say (and i've already been excused by "Boxcar Willie" above) is: If you want him then go get him. If you have him and like it, then keep him. Peace out from an alleged 21 yr. old that doesn't know anything, and really could care less.
Doesn't the Flea-factory already have the greatest defense since the 86 Bears. And i would think to be a great d-coordinator you would need to understand what an offense is doing. Chump never understood what an offense was in his short time at UF.
Quote from Nick Saban: This is one of the most prestigious awards anyone can ever get.
Welcome to the show young man. Hopefully, you'll get to hold up one of those championship trophies before you leave. Get with Mr. Pitts to show you some of his moves.
I appreciate the two Natty's won by Meyer teams. I have no respect for the way he checked out with the lies. Heart trouble, headaches, want to spend time with my family, etc. One year later he's coaching in Ohio. I call BS on the whole shootshow he brought to UF.
Dan wasn't talking Urban was. That was what the article is about, maybe you should read it before throwing out the hate
I don't see where anyone was trying to buy something. It's just assumed that if you win a prestigious award you attend the ceremony. I was impressed with Burrows year that he had, not so much with him being too snooty to attend.
Just keep your head down Darrell, me and humpy only throw soft rocks. We're both too old to get into a real tussle like some of these posters going at it on here. Since we realized we're brothers from a different Mother, or is it Lads with different Dads, it's a lot more fun to throw'em too.
Well played my brother. I'm going to leave the rock in my back pocket for now. I'm hoping to have a chance to throw it back at you this coming Halloween. But just to be correct, my Gators beat the "U" and Saint Bobby's old team this year, that gives us the Florida Champ trophy. Fleabags are not invited to that party. Dangit, now my rock is gone.
Talkin bout my Momma? Gators and Fleabags have fought over much less than that since 1980. Don't let the 99' fool ya, i watched ol Buck throw it to Lindsay and hate those replays they show every year. And we could be brothers, so "Our" Momma was workin the Dollhouse. By the way, hows Dad and little Sis doing?
Drumstickhumpy, it's too bad we can't know each other. I would enjoy sharing a cold one and some sarcasm with you at a ballgame. Maybe throw a rock or two at each others institution of choice.
You can't have enough linemen in the SEC (on either side of the ball). That seems to be the most injured position and depth is a necessity, even though some of our previous coaches didn't see it that way.
I find it shocking that the "Athens Flea-factory" would offer such a lowly 3-star. Since they take up residence here, i know a good explanation will be forthcoming
Funny that it's being called a "flip". UF is always a top 10 academic school, and a little harder to gain entry than some others
Because Jimbo is a great example of a coach carefully choosing which recruits play for him, "Famous Jameis". Yep, if Jimbo doesn't want him he must really be bad news, cough, cough. I don't see anything in his history that says he's a trouble maker. Lots of high school kids make a mistake or two before they can get on the right path. I think he didn't get his way, probably showed his immaturity, lesson learned, move on.
I have never commented on the Ga. page before. I like to throw rocks back at you guys when your on the Gators side of the fence and throwing yours. But i have to apologize for the low-class comment from the post above about your new recruiting asst. That was uncalled for and very disrespectful to her. I doubt the poster knows her or her Family. I hope our rock throwing at each other can stay civil. Lets keep this rivalry going for 30 more years, Go Gators, had to throw that last rock before i got out.
So... If you got orders from the "Curb-Dog" to not be talking anywhere but on the field, why are you here on the Gators posting board talking ? Just let it go
No doubt. I'll sit at the table next to Laura Rutledge any day. And get paid for too, what a gig Timmy has.
Maybe you should tell that to the other 6 schools that he's considering offers from. Auburn, UGA, LSU, TAMU, FSU, Penn. St., they'll need to know that little piece of info from you.
Whats the old saying? "You just can't fix stupid" and you 2-3 continue proving that point
And just for the record, i've never called you a Georgia moron. You guys have 2-3 of those (just like UF does) but your better than that.