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Poochhumper, i've always liked to read your takes, even though you don't show much love for our coach. I don't have much respect for yours either, so i guess it's a wash. What i am really glad of (and you probably are as well) is that those 2-3 "Nut-holes" from Athens have taken good advise and are laying low in the basement with the computers off. Maybe they have a tutor giving them writing lessons or how to work the caps button. Good luck on the rest of the season, Go Gators.
The question that the "CaptainQuestionEverythingGators" asked was why didn't the QB Whisperer (Mullen) identify Trask and start him over Franks. I would ask, was the Captain at the Gators practices the past 3 years, or summer workouts, or spring games? Did he notice Trask lighting up scoreboards in a previous life? I would ask, Why was Tom Brady not the first pick in the draft when he came out of college? Every person matures at different times and speeds. Some showout in practice, some are gamers, and some never get it. Maybe The Captain can identify the next great QB for the Missou coaching staff. I'm sure they're calling him for advise and guidance.
Sounds like The Wolfman took it as a Gator made up these predictions. I don't understand his thoughts on winning based on last year or the year before, or even what LSU did. This years Gator vs. Missou. game has nothing to do with what happened last year or the year before, or the LSU or even Auburn game. Each game has it's own merit based on who comes to play on that day (see UGA vs. SC). You can have an opinion but you don't need to be so angry and reactive. History has nothing to do with what team wins "this" year.
Pitre, If you weren't so negative and looking a reason to be maybe you could see past your nose and understand what the comment means. Since the LSU game is now in the books, then what he said was correct, the game with the Gamecocks is now the more important (or bigger) game. Nobody was being negative until you showed up, so who's the idiot now?
Congrats Tigers, your team deserved the win. It was toe to toe until the 4th, Gators couldn't keep up after that. Thought Burrow and the receivers were in a zone and could do no wrong. Thats how SEC football is supposed to be, two sides playing hard and either one could win. Good luck rest of the way and hope to see you in Atl. for the final.
I wouldn't let that one fan (probably a college kid) ruin the reputation of the LSU fanbase. They love the Tigers just like we love the Gators. And they have some awesome tailgate food at the games and they don't mind sharing with the opposition on game days. I had a great experience when i went to a game in BR.
You do realize that "NOBODY" reads the crap you write on here. Now get out of the bathroom your Mom needs to fix her hair for work.
The UGA people that i know aren't real proud when that guy chimes in. Do you think he knows that the Caps button is only for starting and forming a sentence? Another thing, if your only on the Gator page to instigate and aggravate why doesn't SDS just shut him down.
Agreed. If black is not in your schools color scheme then why would you wear black?
8_GeauxLSU, NashvilleGator said it best, a few bad'uns shouldn't reflect on the many good'uns. Theres always that guy no matter where you go. And just when we were all having good SEC verbiage too
Every college has a person (nutritionist) that tells these players over and over what they need to stay away from. Just because your local drug store sells it doesn't mean it's legal to put in your body. I'm just glad we don't have to listen to Ol Butterteeth spin the yarn anymore.
Sometimes we can have really good interactive conversation between SEC football fans and sometimes the idiots from "all" sides open their computers and embarrass us. If only the keyboard cowboys would have power failure in their basements
The hounds from Athens may not like him anymore (do they like anyone thats left them?), but the Gators have one of the hottest defenses in the nation right now. Can't argue with success, unless your ignorant, as some of the loggers on here have shown themselves to be. The thing about being ignorant is you don't even know it because your ignorant.
"Skam" wasn't a better QB than Tebow at the time they both were at UF. He developed into a better pro style QB, obviously. And if it were not for a stolen laptop thrown out a dorm window to hide evidence, War Eagle would never have that Natty. If Ol Miss would've paid more $$ to Daddy he never would've been at Auburn either. You should be proud.
Its always a good thing when your own "folks/fans" tell you your being stupid and to shutup and sit down. Now if he'll only listen.
Theres a reason Townsend is on special teams and not an SEC running back. Punt the stupid ball. Of course, if he made it we would all be praising him for going for it.
Mudragon, i disagree that the Gators don't get any respect. The fact that those "Hounds from Athens" are on this site way more than their own and way more than any other schools shows the respect. They will never admit it but the truth hurts. And now the latest coming from Athens? I think i only hear crickets.
"Tony the Tiger" might need to wee-wee in someone else's cereal, because his Tigers are not so great, even if you added some lucky charms
So, what your saying is that when Jim Donnan and Ray Goff (and even Richt) were getting there hindends handed to them by Spurrier you guys had great respect for him? I think after he scored more points in the Hedgehole than anyone ever, you are trying to make me believe he was well loved by the canines? Nobody in the SEC liked Spurrier other than Gators.
A "Turd" is something a canine drops on grass. Or you could say something a canine has been dropping on fields of grass for the last 40 or so years. Has it really been that long for you guys ? Ok, go ahead, give me the score from last years game, i'll wait for it, go ahead, it's the best comeback ever. And not to mention, comeback is what the flea factory has been trying to do for 40 years.
Did they teach "ransom note" writing at the high school you attended? You say he got his teeth kicked out. Were they actually teeth or just little decaying, rotten stubs?
But you can polish the shine off an almost 40 yr. old trophy from looooong ago, can't ya ? Now you can give me your best comeback, last years score. Go ahead, i'll wait for it.
Out of the past 11 posts on here 9 were from Fleabags. Wonder who writes comments on the poochies site if they all pitch tents on the good side of the campgrounds? Maybe they just like to talk amongst themselves. Maybe they stay over on the good side because the dogcatcher is after them and they aren't wanted in their own neighborhood.
They just can't help themselves. It must be so exhausting to live every moment of ones free time camped out on another teams site just waiting for that perfect moment to say something negative to that teams fans. How empowering that must be to feel like you personally had a say in which team wins and loses. Congrats to all you Flea Factory trolls, you win the battle of the keyboards. You Fleabags are the best "Keyboard Kowboys" any team could ever have. Now go chase some cars or sniff some hind ends or lick each other, whatever you Fleasbags do.
I am flattered that the Flea Factory and the Jr. Tigers (LSU/Auburn is the for real Tigers) are intently scanning the Gators page for whatever tidbits they can uncover. I wonder why they never make these preposterous comments on the Bama page ? Bama is kicking their teeth in every year and yet they have no moronic comments from the flea factory on that site.
Just wait for it "Out West", your about to get the score from last years Cocktail Party, and then a rant about how bad the "flea factory" is going to beat down the Gators this year. Thats all they got because there is no relevance in that program and they have thin skin. Why do you think they stalk the Gator page? I don't even look at the Flea factory page because i don't care whats going on in that puppy mill.
If ongoing and repeating over and over comeback is past scores (since thats all you got) then lets really go back 30 years and repeat scores. Since 1990 the Gators have a 21 - 8 winning record vs. the Flea Factory. That will give a good indication of a track record. Also, since you love to live on the Gators page more than your own how about bringing something interesting other than just repeating a score from last year or year before. That gets old and dusty, like the last Championship trophy your team has won.
Thats right, ol' "butterteeth" whooped up on Dawgs and won back to backs with the worst team Gators ever put on a field. Beat ya'lls tails with a team that stunk. Just think how it's gonna be when Mullen gets his own system in there, and he's not putting out the dumpster fire (O linemen) Butterteeth left behind. I hope the flea kennel is still talking smack, cause there will be a day when it goes back on a downward trend, happens to every Dawg team ever. Why are you here anyway? Shouldn't you be celebrating being 4-0? Played 3 weak teams and a ND team that can never, ever win a big game. You should be out humping a stuffed teddy bear or something. By golly, who let the dogs out
Thats a game Gator fans wouldn't care if nobody won. But, McElwain did make the comment at his Gator introductory speech that he could win with his dog at QB. Not sure what happened to his dog but if he would've played her he might still be coaching at UF. Glad he kept her at home, we have our guy now.
Do computers have spell check in Auburn ? Or is that just how they write ?