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Another SDS clickbait article thats so wrongly titled.
TDOW, the "Uncle Joe" comments were spot on. I hope the far lefter's do as much damage as possible in 4 yrs., so they will never win another election.
I hope UT will rebound from this bottomless tarpit they seem to be stuck in. The SEC East needs them to be back to that 1990s powerhouse team they were back then. That is, except when you play the Gators, naturally.
I'm looking forward to this season more than the past few. Yes, there are question marks but Gators have plenty of playmakers on offense and defense. I'm slightly more concerned about a proven kicker that can make a FG with 2 seconds left. We don't have that star quality talent at punter/kicker this year, and the Townsend family have no more boys coming up (i think).
Sure you have, it was the Bama vs. Fleabags last time they played for the NC. You know Saban paid the refs to call it all for Bama. And in the end your team lost, again. It made me sad, very sad.
"Florida's Phlandrous Fleming", bet you can't say that 10 times really fast?
That yardage & TD's was about the same thing Trask and company put on the Flea-factory last year. The score wasn't nearly as close though. Maybe you should unplug that keyboard and let it cool off for a bit.
If only your great "loaded/5-star" team put as much energy into winning championships as you do creeping on this posting board.
My gosh, he's hiring the enemy. Whats the old saying? Keep your friends close and your enemy's closer.
Thank for stopping by Humpy, it really means a lot that you cared enough to post. With your sarcasm and Queen Megans books you guys could probably start your own football website. By the way, the good spirits are kept in the back of the cellar for friends only, just sayin.
The flea-factory has been loaded every year for the last 10 years. Every year we get to hear excuses why they lost to the Cocks, why they didn't beat Bama (it was the refs or evil Saban), why the Gators stomped them last year (it was injuries). And all those times they were loaded, and loaded teams still win because they outplay the refs, they overcome the injuries (next man up, right?), and yet........ that trophy polisher that Kubby hired has no work, he/she needs something to do. Maybe instead of polishing "make believe" trophies they can change job titles and be the flea-powder application-coordinator????
The shine is starting to wear off that "mystical" championship trophy, so they support the billboard industry instead of agreeing to play a better schedule with better competition. More signs and t-shirts, that'll make us relevant.
Another day, another "Numb-nutz" comment from a fleabag. Are you poo-pooing the article cause the Fleabags weren't considered as his dream school? And by the way, it was this last signing class since the Gators signed a 5-star safety out of Miami, if you really needed someone to tell your comment was stupid.
Wonder how good the Vols would be today if Kiffen would've stayed there and been the coach all these years later?
Jerry's greatest move as a GM was the early 90's Hershel Walker trade with Minnesota. He needed to go out John Elway style and retire after that because he's been blundering the Cowboys ever since.
Maybe you don't get as much attention when you live and play in a place nobody cares about. You have thuggery too, you just don't get noticed, is that what this is about?
I have no idea why a fleabag would try to be a troll about a basketball team. That would be a reason to LMAO.
Strickland has promoted some great changes and upgrades with Gator facilities. He doesn't get the credit deserved for changing the "Mediocrity" that Jeremy Foley allowed to happen. He also is not responsible for the hiring of Muschump, McIlwain or even White. I do agree that if White doesn't create some change he will need to go, along with Grantham. You can't just keep doing what your doing if it's not working. I believe Todd's defense will be much improved this season. I want to see players that want to be out there, not jogging to cover someone like Marco Wilson playing to not get hurt (just like Vernon Hargraves in his last year), not getting lined up, etc. Play the hungry players, period. I don't see how Whites going to pull his team back together, but if he can my hats off to him.
If Gators can throw shoes 30 yds. then surely they can throw footballs 80. Watch the video and STHU.
But he's winning and all is good in Tuscaloosa. I'm only making the point that winning helps overlook some "unfortunate" things. Thats at any program, not just Bama, by the way.
If the Gators don't have enough players to field a team next season, does that mean we don't have to watch them lose games they should win?
Whats really a LOL is you and the "truthtroll" talking to yourselves on a Gator board. Saying Gators trying to spin it, when in reality your the only thing spinning here.
Heard thru the grapevine they were illegally trolling, lol
Makes as much sense as you and Mr. Bratton associating the Phins with the Gators, which Pitts is not a part of. I get the Urban Meyer / Jags connection because he is on that team. Dolphins, Bucs and Jags are not Gator articles unless a Gator is on one of those teams. Bama has no pro team, they have cotton fields, maybe SDS can come up with an article about that too. My beef is with SDS writings but you seem to want to jump in and be a part of it too.
Last person out please shut the door. Actually, leave it open so Mike White can get out too.
Cotton fields in Alabama, farmer jones tractor turns the dirt in said cotton fields, Michael Wayne Bratton wears those cotton t-shirts, not a hard concept to grasp Darth, wouldn't you say? Eagles get 3 (possible) 1st round picks next year, another not hard concept to grasp. And his name is not Barton, spelling has always been a problem for Bama'ns, but my Mom was born and raised there, so i'll be nice for her sake. Apologies to all the Bama'ns that can spell.
I see what your saying Dawg, but until the draft happens Pitts could go to any team. Most NFL projected drafts (usually) never go the way they are projected, with the exception of the 1st pick. I guess the Dolphins are counting on him still being around at six.
Michael Wayne Bratton, what does this have to do with the Florida Gators?