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The very definition of talking trash would be going on another teams site and saying anything annoying or negative towards that team. Sort of like going into another neighborhood and letting your "Dawg" pee in the neighbors grass. The neighbor sees what your doing and comes out the door and yells "What the h#ll you doing in my yard" Go back to your own street and pee in your own yard. All 20 yr. old football players talk smack, thats what they know. Whats your excuse Poodle pup?
And just when i thought "Red Rover Fans" didn't have anyone that could write anything worthy of reading, BC in NC writes an endearing opinion of Franks. For the rest of you, Felipe is someones son, maybe someones brother, family member, and a standup young man (IMO), the negativity is uncalled for. Thank you sir, it is refreshing to have another SEC fan that can form an opinion of another teams player and not make it disrespectful. Best of luck this year on the season, until ya'll play the Gators (i hope we win that one) as much as you do. I wish these other visitors of the gators site could be as respectful as yourself. Remind me again, why are you trollers on this site ?
The rivalry games are why we all love college football so much. The constant trolling is ridiculous and annoying. I don't even have time to go on an opponents site and see how many players they have rostered, who they have for commitments or who's in trouble this week. Root for your team (especially, when they play against a rival), but no need to comment on another's site, keep the hate on your own site, with your own people.
I don't know of another team that gets trolled more than the Gators. Must be some kind of passive-aggressive envy or some sort've undocumented pigskin disorder. I surely don't go on other football teams articles and make inflammatory comments. I guess Gator fans should say "thank you" to all of you Keyboard Cowboys, so thanks for caring what Gators do. By the way, they mostly lay and wait for an easy target, sort've like you guys are doing on your keyboards, except you have no bite.
Dismissed, let go, walked out on his own kicking and screaming, his Mommy told him to leave, whatever, does it really matter? He's CHOSE to be a Gator and i bet theres not 1 "Puppy-Dawg" thats too happy about that. Whats one less 5-star on a team with all those embarrassing riches. No worries, this is the year to win the big one for you guys. Oh wait, they said that when the last Corch was there too.
I think some of the rival fans believe that Mullen isn't doing enough to control his players. Coach Dan doesn't live with these young men, can't follow them around campus and can't control what they do after dark. They all get coached in the trouble out there in the world, some hear it and some don't. The problem is 20 yr. old "almost men" having no accountability due to no male role models in their younger lives, nobody held them accountable to acting right around women, being supreme athletes in high school and always doing whatever they wanted. And now they go off to college, are responsible for only themselves and they have no idea what that means. This leads to trouble and don't think it won't come knocking on every college door in the USA. People are accountable for they're own actions, not the coach. He's gone from the program along with the other 4 perps that committed egregious actions against women. They all forfeited their right to a college education at a prestigious college and now must find a ladder to climb out of their own hole.