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Dang Ben, this article almost made it without any posting of the flea-factory. COME ON MAN, you only increase their ego's when you talk about them.
I just enjoy it when the UG's comment on anyone thats no longer playing or coaching for the "Flea-factory" is a traitor, turncoat, turd, or just plain terrible and didn't deserve to wear the red jersey. Even though when they were in the red circle they were the greatest. Didn't hear anything negative about Mays or Pittman until they decided to get the hell up out of there. Even Coley had nothing negative while they were winning, but after the Cocks butt-stomped them he had to go.
When the weed is calling, he just can't stop himself. Too bad, hope he finds a way out of the fog. Seems like it's always the WR's are the "Prima Donna's" and i can't figure out why it's that position.
This article was about Miami and somehow a disturbed UCF fan turned it into an article about that great university. I can now understand how easy it was to turn a season into a mythical "National Championship". UCF had it's five minutes of fame, go away.
Agree with UGADAWG, Bama has been on quite a roll and it doesn't look like it's ending as long as Saban coaches. I do have one point to make on the Yankee dynasty, and i'm not against the yankees making the list but Don Mattingly never won a World Series. Not sure why his name is listed in that grouping. He's a Yankee great but not on great Yankee teams.
First it's Dan Kanell and now Urban the quitter. Next thing you know the Gators will be on the cover of sports illustrated. The prediction curse strikes again
Were you bullied as a kid ? Are you the guy they stuffed in the trashcan, maybe hung on the locker hook ? I mean WTH? nobody was saying anything out of line and here you are going stupid, so again i say WTH?
Sounds liker the east is rising up. If they all end in a tie what happens, do they give it to Vandy just because ?
Tebow, Wuerfful, Fromm, Herschel, Bo, all great dudes for the SEC. Did i spell Wuerffel right, i never could get that spelling down
RoosterC - Our coach doesn't have any shark photos either. Maybe you were referring to the fired coach before him that "along with your now present day coach" helped create that dumpster fire that our coach is now dousing with water. Good luck on continually being 4th-5th place in the east, you got a winner.
A lot of that is bad tackling technique, but the kid has great hands, runs thru contact and speed too. He's an athlete and thats what you want in the slot.
Jealousy is a terrible thing to waste and the UGG's are doing the very best not to waste the obsession and jealousy. They prove the point every Gator article, over and over.
Why would SDS even take a quote from and ACC perennial. He's probably still wondering how the Crimi-noles got left out of the NY6 bowls. I think the SDS boys tend to throw gas in the air and sit back and watch the fire
Now there's a reasonable comment from a "Dawg" fan on the Gators posting board. If they could only be like you goodfreshman. I don't think the other 2-3 get the fact that they are throwing rocks at our University, coach, program, etc. and don't understand why they get thrown back at them.
None of my business but i wouldn't want my kid playing for a yelling, screaming coach like Sgt. Carter (i mean Butchy). Of course Saban has been doing it for years now and he doesn't seem to have a problem getting recruits to come play. I guess it's ok to yell and scream if you win, just not attractive to me.
Tell that to the coach with the retro 66' Paul McCartney hairdo and the youth XS visor. Maybe he'll give you a chest bump and can land on his feet instead of his arse
What does it say about you if you cannot pull yourself away from the oppositions home site? It says you are obsessed with his home site. Sorta like if your neighbor had a hot wife and you couldn't keep from peeping in the windows hoping to catch her naked because she's hotter than your wife and you can't stand to miss your opportunity to see her. Gotta run, my neighbors wife just got home from work.
Somebody must've left the gate to the kennel open again, theres runny poop on the floor. Go back get in your crate and lick yourself little pup, nobody wants or cares about what you drop on the cage floor. Your only over here because it smells better.
I think UT is on the rise in the east, you guys just need a few stellar recruiting classes. The reward for getting closer to the top is you get to enjoy 3-4 of the UG's best representatives on your posting site. You'll know when you get to be a threat to them, enjoy.
If we can find someone to fill Greenard's twitch & Reece's leadership the "D" should be awesome
I believe Nick has tried the nfl and it didn't workout so well. You can't scream at multi-millionaires and think they'll jump like he does at Bama every game. The biggest difference in your top 3 list is two of them have won multiple Natty's and your boy hasn't.
I don't know the answer to that, but bringing in a 2-star QB that hasn't played much since 10th grade in high school and winning 11 games seems to be working pretty well. Not trying to be a smarty pants but what other coach could've pulled that off?
I think they ended better than they started, but you still have to beat somebody to declare your back. Winning 6 in a row against those teams doesn't necessarily mean you'll dominate the next decade. Inside a locker room you can declare whatever you want. Good momentum for next year though
Reading these Bama vs. Auburn posts are like reading Gators vs. Uga posts. Warms my heart that no matter what side of the SEC you stand on it's them vs. us. Always entertaining and go SEC no matter who you pull for.
Paying big money doesn't always buy you a good coach. Think Taggert, Frost, Chip Kelly, etc. Even having previous HC experience doesn't guarantee a good coach (Ed Orgeron) had two different stops that didn't turnout until LSU bit the bullet on him. But you need to change team loyalty's if McIlwain is hired, he's out of his league in the SEC. Central Michigan (no expectations) is a good place for coaches like that. I couldn't even watch games anymore when he was at UF.
Hopefully, wherever he ends up the game slows down for him in his head. He has incredible athletic ability, but his time at UF was a roller coaster ride. I don't remember another player that could make me jump for joy and throw the remote at the tv within two plays of each other. Maybe Jeff Driscal, and it all worked out for him.