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I think i already qualified the way i use the word (in my circle). No i wouldn't go up to a stranger and call them "either" word. No more than i would walk up to a stranger and call them Grandma or Grandpa. Your reply was stupid because there are terms/words that people use in their own circle that are not proper to use in another's circle. What is said in my circle may not be what is said in yours. Lets respect each others circle, neither is right or wrong if kept in the circle.
So Bro, you didn't get that comedian gig you were looking for did you?
Delance? If we have no better choice than Delance for starting OL, then i hope someone can light a fire under his tail.
Being from the south (and still living in the south) i use the term "Redneck" often in conversation. Regularly amongst friends and even when referring to myself that word describes some one or some thing that is happening in our daily life. It has never been used as derogatory unless we are making fun of ourselves or someone else's action. I would say that is a southern "term of endearment" and has no racial tones in our daily language. It probably is the same as a black calling another black that most definately derogatory word thats commonly used among themselves.
When did the word redneck get banned from the english language?
Didn't notice anything different in that video. Pam has always been a Hotty. Maybe today she was a little shivvery in the frozen tundra
Otis, the season is over now, you guys won again. Be happy and lets move on can we?
Thats gotta scare the shizzitt out of you if your right Mr. Nostradomous
So... i'm not allowed to voice an opinion, in your opinion? I see how this is gonna work for the next 4 years. Must be a great feeling to tell people to F-off just because you don't agree with what they say. Your not quite the norm when it comes to Bama fans, but you be you cupcake.
Ha, my end of story ad is for wild Alaskan Salmon. Guess they figure i can hear well enough, but i need to eat a more healthy diet
Urban, why are you doing this? Slow it down big guy, it's the headaches, they will come back. And your family is missing you already.
He was/is a special talent "pre-injury" and i wish him well in his rehab. That said, he didn't look so good running in the NC game, not sure that was the best decision for his future.
It always mysteriously goes away and i can give you a few "million" reasons why
So what your really stupidly saying is this: If your team is down players they can't expect to win many games right? So Gators were down players against Okie, so they shouldn't or couldn't have expected to win. Thats what you said in your newest book, or the 50,000 word essay, correct?
I want to know why is Spurrier wearing an Oklahoma jacket? Did he lose a bet?
I'm thinking "CWROLLERskaterTIDE" has been sharing a kennel with a few of the annoying fleabags. Take your win and act like you've been there. Your coach shows you how to do that every week, just follow directions.
I was thinking the same thing Mountain Dog. Do you think he knows this is the last one for him? I think he will be the greatest ever, so please retire so someone else has a chance.
Shadow, you need to either slow down typing or enter spell check into your life.
SDS and (Michael Wayne the Brat) and their affinity for stirring the pot. I feel like i'm reading the Enquirer for college football, yuck.
Whatever happened to "Shut your hole, know your role"? You have been blessed with athletic talent, use that. If you were blessed with mgmt. skills we can assume you would've been in mgmt. and wearing a tie to work. I can probably say you won't be cashing 156 mil. checks.
Herbie would love for OSU to beat Bama, he's a homer. If they did win he would say he predicted it. He's the best at saying things everyone else already knows. Go SEC!!!
You left out "My family misses me". It's really not a very manly reason for a coach to retire, so thats why all the medical conditions came about. And then a year later i guess my family gets tired of me being home and i have to jump back in, but only if the team has a chance to be a winner.
I guess beating a football powerhouse like "Cincy" allows you to puff up like that. Well done with all those stars, you beat expectations again. Maybe next year your coach can decide who gets to be QB before you lose the east and not after, LMAO.
Spurrier always had a good OL too. I don't care who's carrying the rock, they won't get far if there's no hole to run through. Pierce is a bruising back, as well as Nayquan Wright. Bowman will get thru that first level and be gone. I think Malik Davis and Lingard just aren't the same after the knee injury.
The coaching carousel is always rolling. I don't remember Saban ever being called "The Greatest" until he landed at Bama. And i do agree he is the greatest. Just funny or weird how a coach can be just be ok at one school, hit the lotto at another, and then go back to being just ok at another. Maybe they need to learn that when you find home you should stay put (like Saban).
Longtime77, i agree with that take but this years Gator defense did their own version of how to rest. They would just let the other team score in as few plays as possible and then they could take a break on the sideline. Seems to have worked out fine for them.
I don't know or even care what Kirby did recruiting. I know we usually spar back and forth about our fav team but when the shizzitt hits the fan, i would be proud to stand and serve with Humpy, TDOW and fuzzvol. You are brothers in arms (at least until football season comes back around). Then you'll be on your own.
Last year they had more talent than this year and they couldn't seem to get it together. I don't usually harp on coaches but if you can't seem to get your team ready to play as hard as possible, then your not coaching. If your not coaching why are you here?