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Well, according to the book written above this is Jawjas year. I didn't read any of it because it's repetitive of all the other books. So let's all celebrate with a case of Twinkies for the house.
The village idiot has spoken. No 5-star RB should ever go to UF or Mullen. He sends these subliminal messages thinking all recruits actually listen to him. As you can tell, the UGA recruits have listened and all because he said so or predicted so. So all you recruits that are waffling about where to go, please listen to the village idiot, he knows what he's talking about. Now lets all go get a box of Twinkies and have a snack.
Go Gators, now all we need is Evan Stewart to say G-ville is the place for him and we could have one heck of an offense in a few years. With Evers handing off to Gibbs or faking it and then slinging it to Stewart, good times indeed.
Nash, you usually don't pay attention to the insults and i admire you for that and thank you for being normal in an abnormal environment. Normally myself and a few others just throw the crap back at them because someone has to. While guys like you spell out stats, tendencies, history, etc. Together, we all make a good team with good balance. Go Gators
I'm trying to figure out where "Zookitty" came up with the "We give Florida beatdowns on a regular basis"? Did i miss some games ? I want to say the head to head is 5-4 Gator lead, and thats really not a beatdown on a regular basis. Gators were down for the first few years Mizzery was in the SEC, so congrats on those beatdowns, i guess.
ReasonableGator, you are trying to explain a reasonable rule to an unreasonable and extreme case of ignorance. They say the hit wasn't illegal, even though it was called illegal, it really wasn't, because it's them, and all the refs are out to get them. They don't and won't get it until the next game. Then it just starts all over again. Its been this way for over 40 years and even though it's not going to happen, THIS IS THE YEAR, it all comes together.
CoJo, this "poser" marine is slowly joining the ranks of the obnoxious. He had to be first on another Gator posting board. He didn't get the memo Marines don't talk shizzt, they finish it. And by the way, your welcome for stealing my trademark term "Athenians", you stole it from me, lol.
And once again the village idiot proves my point for me. I do apologize for saying in the past that you favored Little Debbies. I see your favorite treat from Moms grocery store visit are Twinkies. Again, my apologies for mixing up your snack pack favorites.
Your right, it's only a BIG deal if he committed to the Athenians. Then and only then would he be the greatest to ever play the game. Just ask your sister Megan (the villiage idiot), he keeps an awesome stat book on every high school badminton player in the country. Maybe he'll share it with us one day.
I don't understand your comment or what it has to do with this article. So thanks for checking in, the obsession is strong and i know you can't stop it without first admitting you need help.
Class of 94, i agree thats a good health plan but it doesn't work in big time college football. Yes, we should beat them without Brenton playing but then Bammer would be his first game and every player needs game reps. to get up to speed. If the football and baseball teams learned nothing else from this past season, "Do not take anyone lightly".
Agree Marsh, but it's one time i do think throwing a shoe was justified. Just wish it would've hit him in the face.
Just swallow the little pills they give you and go back to sleep
Who is Rodney Garner? Only asking because i figured you guys could tell me faster and too lazy to look him up.
And we wonder why crime is on the uptick. These thug rappers are depicting debauchery and hate as a glamorous lifestyle.
Thats literally "Taking one for the team" or i guess it could be "Holding" one for the team
I guess the other schools are bent over a barrel. If they lose OU and Texas they lose the conference. Increase the revenue for them to stay and the other schools lose payout money. This is a choose your poison if ever there was one.
You tend to look towards the obsession first, then go backwards to things that should matter most. It's like a drug addiction.
Thats classic, an Athenian crying to another team (PLEEAZZE MISSOU) beat the Gators, because your team couldn't pull it off, LMAO. Your a blabbering joke on this site and i'm sure you can't stop, because why? It's an obsession, the Gators own your every thought, every day. Go ahead, i can't wait for the reply. Will it be another classic or just the typical standard "Your a Turd" type of reply. So childish, you and your sister Megan need to find a job.
True HuntVol, the buzzards fly around until they smell something and then "Bam" they are on you. Just to be the first to pick the meat off the ribs.
Honesty wouldn't involve them winning a NC, but they said they did
Mizzou getting pummeled by Texas in a conference game in 3 years, i'm calling it.
Humpy, are you for real? RIP? Coach Bowden isn't dead yet. I remember all of those great battles between UF vs. FSU. It seemed like Coach Bowden always had the HBC's number, though the Gators won a few "big" games to remember. I still have hate (not really hate, just great dislike) for Danny Kanell for that choke game. Think what you may about Coach Bowden but he made college football better, God Speed Coach.
If he wants to be like Nick he needs to win more games
Last i checked Gervon Dexter is 5-star DL, Jason Marshall is a 5-star DB, both from Florida, but Mullen can't recruit. See whats wrong with your dumb statement?
Brenton has been spectacular at UF, thanks for asking.
That kid has a good head on his shoulders. Not just because he wants no part of social media or NIL, but because he not only wants to know what he's doing in any certain play but why he's doing it. That knowledge will take him far into the next level. I wish him well this season, well... except for a certain Saturday, i hope he has a head cold or something, lol.
Wolfy, you could've stopped at #1. Saban (Publicly) undresses his DC, OC, player, asst. coach, tv cameraman, down marker/chaingang guy, whomever is in the line of fire, and almost every game. Biggest winner of championships in our time. He's at the very least a decent coach.
I think thats why Gilbert left didn't he? Oh well, the "Great Rehab Institute of Jawja" will fix him