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Glad he will recover, and it sounds like it could've been much worse. Seatbelts my friends, they could save a life if you wear them.
Funny thing happened today. The great institution of Athenia lost a 4-star recruit to, you guessed it, "The U". Theres only (1) Gator comment on there. Very telling indeed about who's the obsessed Moe-rons.
The gatorlake dude is only a troll dressed up in his halloween costume pretending to be a Gator fan. He hasn't had a positive post in his life and he probably is Megan in disguise. Don't feed trolls
I've always wanted to go to a night game at LSU but having beer cans thrown at you doesn't sound like fun. Had a great time at Williams-Brice and Jordan-Hare. The atmosphere is electric at both and the home fans are cool. I have to go see what all this talk is about Clemson. Report back after this season.
Blind loyalty is what makes us fans Numb-nut. You pull for the team you want whether they win or lose. The last coach left a mess to cleanup and you think it happens in 6 months. I think Napier is doing a very respectable job considering Mullen won what, 4 games last year. And if you don't like the music on the radio you can always switch channels to UCF. I doubt anyone will miss that Debbie Downer attitude of yours.
Chiefmike, What's even better is they know exactly what our coach is getting paid under contract and how many pennies he would be owed if let go. I don't know that fact or even care to spend my time finding out. Rent free is fitting in this case.
Transfer once, ok maybe things just weren't working out. Transfer twice, eh, maybe you should look in the mirror at the problem. I wish him well at the "Neon School of Rehab" or the college of "Trust Gus to Make you Better". He'll end up at one or the other.
They were probably encouraged to enter the portal and go where they will get some PT, though they haven't entered it yet. I like the fact that the coach is trimming the dead weight. No knock on these players, but if you aren't going to see the field maybe a change is good for everyone. Now he has to replace that with better than what he was handed.
Mrtruth, the Samford team said to tell you they didn't want to be labeled as "over-matched"
"Dynamism", Thanks Neil, i've learned a new catchy word. That new Gator offense will be dynamism for years to come.
I agree with the award going to Coach Tony. Most awards are for the regular season and not for playoffs or championships. UT had the best regular season of any team this year, and Coach T should be Coach of the Year. Now if he can just get them to play baseball and not be so darn cocky they might be liked by others a little better.
KYHoosier is right, nobody knows what to expect from the Gators this season. I DO expect them to be more focused and disciplined than last season's debacle. How many wins that becomes is anybody's guess.
Boondock, be careful, Gwhite is still in the building. Don't get him going again.
Hope the kid can recover and be a productive player. I'll never forget 'The Catch" in the Swamp to beat the Vols.
Baseball is a finicky game. The best teams on paper don't always win the title. I don't usually agree with "Ronmexico" but this time he is right. UT will not be the best team in baseball when this season comes to an end. The Champion will the team that holds the trophy when all is said and done. Miss St. may not have had the best record last season but they are the best team from 2021, and will be remembered for that. Gwhite, please stop, you are embarrassing the UT program with these stupid takes of yours. Nobody will remember the season UT had except the UT fans. It won't matter how many recruits you get, they don't give trophies for best record. They give trophies for the team winning the College World Series. You guys won't be getting that this season. Great run, but it was not to be this year. Enjoy the run you had but please stop arguing about being the best team, you are not even in the World Series. Next season you will have a totally different team. My Gators were the best team in 2020 but nobody remembers because the season was shutdown from the "Rona" virus. Get over it and move on.
Like Bro, like man, if i can like talk up Tua to like be the man then like man, i'm going to like get more like you know bro, like more balls thrown my way, like for real Bro.
I'm certain that if he ends up in a dog collar looking jersey it will be because of all the behind the scenes work you did.
Arch & Ewers both come from well off families. They could give away every NIL dime they have and still never be broke. Now take the kid that never had a dime and give him a couple mil and see how fast he gets to broke. They need financial advisors to help them navigate all those $$.
I always pull for SEC teams in any tournament or championship. Last football season was easy, i pulled for Bama and not the hated rival. This baseball season my team is out, so i root SEC, but the UT team and some fans are arrogant (as the coach is) but i'll still pull for them to takedown the Gold-domers. You guys have a team that can win the next two.
crimsonus, if OJ still has his Heisman, then surely Barker can keep his Bama records. No knock on Bama, just our justice system.
Oh and UT fans, stop throwing shizzit on the field. It's not a good look at all.
Apparently you aren't a lip reader OHRUs. He said Mr. Ump i don't like that you called a strike on me when it really wasn't a strike. It was a bad call, but it was a 1-0 count and not something to lose cool over. The UT players are taking on the personality of Coach Tony. Being passionate and hot-headed is helpful in football but not so much in baseball. I like what Coach Tony has done with the program but his hot temper will be his downfall.
Vols are a pretty balanced team this season. They should make easy prey of the leprechauns.
I was gonna say mustard and golfballs but we can go with brooms
The more i hear about this kid the more i'm reminded of "Johnny Football". And i was trying to forget about him.
With those freshman pitchers getting plenty of experience this year and possibly Barco returning, i don't see Sully going anywhere.
Mike, maybe you meant to say "should" instead of 'could". I don't think there is a rule that pertains to calling a batter out for walking to first. There's actually a part of the game when the pitcher throws you four balls you get to "Walk" to first.