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Leghumper, you are refreshing and logical. I guess every team has haters and i myself throw out barbs towards those 2-3 that continually try to agitate and aggravate (guess it's working). I wouldn't mind breaking bread with a refined fellow like yourself and talk about SEC football.
Talk about a broken record. You Fleabags can't even form a logical sentence. All you have is a 3 year streak thats going to end. Mullen is winning 10 games a year with the previous coaches players, a 2-star (hasn't played since high school QB), an OL that can't run block, one-dimensional pass happy offense (and every defense knows that before they play, and still wins 10 out of 12). I'd like to see another coach in the nation win under those circumstances. Oh i forgot, let me do this for before you do "24-17", there now you don't have to even get back on here.
They are all too worried about LSU right now. But they'll be back, you can count on trollers to do what they do best.
Gator fans will never forget the last second pass to Cleveland to beat Vols in the swamp. Bet the Vols never forget it either. Best of luck to Franks wherever he lands.
The gate is always open for friends, family and anyone else wanting to break bread with other SEC or college football fanatics. Of course, when you leave the gate open it leaves the possibility of unwanted's to slide in. i guess it's the chance you take trying to be friendly with all. Every fan base has them and they know who they are. It would be easier to not have a gate if the agitators would go away. The only purpose they have for commenting on another teams site is agitate as many as possible. So thats the reason for the fence.
1980 was a long time ago and most of these trolls weren't even alive the last time the flea-bags won a Natty. These trolls keep grasping at whatever they can hold on to, but it's not the star #1 recruit from last year. They are so desperately obsessed with anything Gators. Why would anyone want to live on the Gator page non-stop if they weren't obsessed?
Football is a team sport. You don't win because of one guy making a TD and you don't lose because of one guy missing a field goal. I watched Bama get called for more false starts on the last two drives than i've ever seen them commit (maybe in a season). They are usually more disciplined than that. They lost due to lack of team focus. I hope the kicker can move past this, 19-21 yr. old college kids shouldn't have to apologize for a bad play or missed kick.
If the "Corch" made comments that were within reason, he probably wouldn't be labeled as an ignorant troller. I take that back, he "is" an ignorant troller. I would ask that he remember last year and the "Flea-dogs" #1 recruit (Fields) leaving due to playing time, and is now having an outstanding season at Ohio St. At least Krull is graduating before leaving.
So "VANOLE" keeps referring to the SEC as a trailer park trash conference, and yet here he is on Saturday Down South smack talking. Does the ACC not have a platform for you to troll?
If A & M finds a way to win the next two games you guys will be getting some national attention from the football wizards. Don't remember what your schedule ranking was but it has to be one of the toughest i can remember in a long time.
This new era of 20-25 yr. olds aren't of the same mindset of years long past. They want it now or they don't want it at all. And most of this group would prefer you give it to them, so they don't have to work for it. The Transfer Portal is a prime example of that. If a kid is down in the depth chart and he thinks he should be playing he just leaves the program. He doesn't want to work harder to try and earn it. I exclude Kyle Trask from that and certainly there are other kids that stay on too. I may change my name to old geezer, i'm starting to sound like my Dad.
I wonder if in your real life, and your not in "Keyboard Cowboy" mode are you really this stupid & ignorant
Does anyone have a flea collar i can borrow? They seem to be creeping into my lawn (just as i predicted).
Can't wait to hear all the flea-bags blast Coach Mullen for not being on top of his team. It's always the coach or QB that gets all the credit or the blame for all good and bad within a program. Ultimately, the head of any organization shoulders the blame due to some person not doing their job correctly. You are as good as the people you hire around you. Maybe it will be lessoned learned because that should not happen at a big time program like UF. Learn and move forward.
I doubt recruits choose a school over one game win or lose. I do agree Mullen has Gators on the upswing and there's excitement back in the swamp. It was drudgery watching games when "Champ and MciIfart" were leading the troops, or should i say "Not" leading in anyway. I look forward to the UGA vs. Gators battles in the years ahead. Should be fun SEC football to watch.
Is it just me or do some of the Fleabags need to go back to spelling class. I really don't know what your saying but more importantly, why? I guess you can really go out on a limb and give me the score again, 24-17. There i said it for you, not sure you could do numbers either, 24-17, there it is again. Here's one for the "Flea factory" 3 Natty's since your last one. Herschel doesn't have anymore eligibility left, sucks for you.
Maybe i read this article wrong but i thought it was about FSU firing a coach. Somebody must've let open the doggie door because the poop is everywhere.My oh my, how quickly they can get all full of themselves. There's a lot of dust on that last Championship trophy. How bout winning one in this next decade before you go pooping all over the neighbors yard.
You sir have got to be the most ignorant human on this planet. I bet the flea-factory is proud to have you on their side. Your post (or should i say books) are not legible or make any sense. Please get back to your basement and lick yourself.
Why is there a "bamaman234" always on the Gators post throwing troll at an UGA fan ? I don't understand the attraction to be on the Gator page, when you can mouth off on your own site with with your own kind. Maybe you and Harvey Updike can get together and cut down some trees.
He might have never had one at SC but he had good ones at UF. Jeff Driscoll was one of the top QB recruits out of high school. By the time Muschamp and his sorry coordinators ruined him, he ended up transferring his senior year. Had a great senior season at another school and was drafted in the NFL, go figure.
I don't have a personal relationship with "SOS", maybe you do, and he's not a HBC anymore. If he ever gives me stink-eye for changing the Ol' for an H, i'll be more than happy to bow to the HBC and kiss the ring. This Florida fan does know who the rings belong to. UGAs are 39 years old and counting.
No bulletin board material there, and bet Kirby would say about the same type of thing if asked. Wish the OL' Ball Coach was back in the trenches. He would give the opposing team a reason to get fired up with his comments. And wouldn't even care because he knew he was going to win anyway.
The title of this article says the Iowa St. AD calls out the Gators AD. I believe what he was trying to say is, NO, we don't want to play any team in the SEC due to the fact those teams play defense and our league is not inclined to do that. He didn't actually say that but thats what he meant to say.
Or maybe he just didn't try to intentionally hurt opposing players by twisting their ankles like the ones that start
I know the Gators have had a fair share of dummies (as all teams do), but it's pretty easy to let go of a player that has played in one game and made one tackle. It's a little harder to let go of a player that's a high value starter when they get into trouble. Saint Bowden was the greatest at deflecting attention when his "band of thugs" got in trouble. He didn't believe in punishing the whole team by dismissing one of his "Stars". Good for Will for sending the player on his way.
Poochhumper, i've always liked to read your takes, even though you don't show much love for our coach. I don't have much respect for yours either, so i guess it's a wash. What i am really glad of (and you probably are as well) is that those 2-3 "Nut-holes" from Athens have taken good advise and are laying low in the basement with the computers off. Maybe they have a tutor giving them writing lessons or how to work the caps button. Good luck on the rest of the season, Go Gators.
The question that the "CaptainQuestionEverythingGators" asked was why didn't the QB Whisperer (Mullen) identify Trask and start him over Franks. I would ask, was the Captain at the Gators practices the past 3 years, or summer workouts, or spring games? Did he notice Trask lighting up scoreboards in a previous life? I would ask, Why was Tom Brady not the first pick in the draft when he came out of college? Every person matures at different times and speeds. Some showout in practice, some are gamers, and some never get it. Maybe The Captain can identify the next great QB for the Missou coaching staff. I'm sure they're calling him for advise and guidance.
Sounds like The Wolfman took it as a Gator made up these predictions. I don't understand his thoughts on winning based on last year or the year before, or even what LSU did. This years Gator vs. Missou. game has nothing to do with what happened last year or the year before, or the LSU or even Auburn game. Each game has it's own merit based on who comes to play on that day (see UGA vs. SC). You can have an opinion but you don't need to be so angry and reactive. History has nothing to do with what team wins "this" year.
Pitre, If you weren't so negative and looking a reason to be maybe you could see past your nose and understand what the comment means. Since the LSU game is now in the books, then what he said was correct, the game with the Gamecocks is now the more important (or bigger) game. Nobody was being negative until you showed up, so who's the idiot now?