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The man who uses a word like "success" in internet trolling. Since you feel superior for winning at trolling, you're about as successful as the pile of dog sh*t that happened to find itself under my boot.
Dude, you are such a douche. I seriously doubt you have "hundreds of friends" as you claimed in the past. Who even says that? I'll tell you. Someone who doesn't have any friends. You're the kind of douche who keeps track of the number of women you've been with.
He's joking, people. Shaq has quite the extensive education. He's bullshi**ing.
I don't get it. Is it because he has all of his teeth and appears to be a healthy person?
At times, it was actually more entertaining pushing 2 full pallets of 5.56 off the edge of the flightdeck into the ocean in the middle of the night. I swear there's nowhere else in the world one could witness such a waste. At least we didn't have to clean guns afterwards. Having to clean afterwards was the main reason we all ducked our heads when the words "crew-served weapons shoot" were announced. Screw that, just push 50 thousands rounds into the ocean and fill out the paper work.
Oh, I gotcha. As an AO in Weapons Department on the USS Peleliu, a handful of us would load up a couple hundred mags each of 5.56 for a "ritualistic" ammo dump at the end of the fiscal year. The purpose of an ammo dump was to lower our inventory of 5.56 so we could put in a request to Big Navy for a new allotment. We'd end up getting more ammo in return than we originally had before the ammo dump. Blasting away on full auto with the M4 and M16 was fun for the first 10 minutes but then looking down and seeing a giant pile of magazines like, fuuuuuuuck who wants to take over. Full auto is fun as Hell, nonetheless.
The real thing? What do you mean?
Esec, your post is like Brick Tamland randomly screaming "I LOVE LAMP"
Yes, it is. Thank you for entering your two cents in the conversation regarding the difference between Ole Miss fans and the university... I was right all along, maybe I should find another sports website because this one is full of people who simply just can't keep up.
Kentucky's rosters are jacked up everywhere. I just looked them all up individually and, yes, you are correct. I apologize.
Correction: Ole Miss is trying to dupe the rest of the nation... The fans don't play any part in proving Hugh Freeze is this or that, dumbass.
Those players in that show were painfully retarded. There was one guy, John Franklin III, who appeared to have his head on right. But the others? Wow, #90 was the reason I almost shut it off. The Head Coach, despite his great winning record, was white trash to the core.
Watch the video of Harris, "From Homeless to No 1 Recruit How Najee Harris Went from Streets to Alabama". It's pretty tough to hear a detailed account of his upbringing.
Vol Nation trying hard to dupe people into thinking he's the #1 overall recruit in the nation. Great player, I'm sure. But nation?
Good luck with that! $20 says... well, let's just keep an eye on the funny papers. Someone show this guy the Hot Crazy Matrix on YouTube.
5 of which are Freshman... I'll give some credit to the 3 sophomores you named.
I hate the media. They'll go after anything. "Oh, my God! He... he... he drank...alcohol?" *mob screams GIT EEM!
Read my post again. Those good LBs are losing their backups. Jones and Allen may be good but they can't play full-speed play after play after play, with no breather. I wouldn't say the LB position is strong.