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^ obvious State fan. Sides with State, bashes Ole Miss. Hmm... Boy, I've never seen this before.
...and I'd like to see things from your perspective but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass.
What you see as a homophobic comment is simply a 100-level Psychology class slapping you in the face. You speak his name at every turn! Admit you've got a little hitch in your step for the man. G'on, girl, get it!
LSUSMC just described you to a T, em. You do nothing but hate on us. You're not one of us. This exaggerated hatred you have for Bjork is starting to come off as quite the opposite. It's apparent you want him in your mouth.
I think it's funny you're starting to give me just as many shoutouts as the man-crush you have for Bjork. He and I seem to own a bit of space in your head. Joke's on you because it's clearly you with the obsession. It's just weird and your efforts to redirect the attention away from you is laughable. But, please, carry on.
How much more of a douchebag can you become?
There you go again with this "carpetbagger" nonsense. You just can't get Bjork out of your head! HE OWNS YOU! What is your major malfunction?
UK, TN, and Vandy suck so much, a team with a bowl ban has a better chance of winning it all than they do! Laugh my narrow ass off.
Hello, Bulldawgrock. Back again with another account, I see.
I can't decide if toying with yokels is frustrating or fun. Maybe both?
It's not just Bama fans. There's people all over the place without anything to be proud of themselves for so they wear a team logo like a plate of armor. "[insert team name] won this weekend. I am a fan of [insert team name]. Therefore, I won this weekend." An idiot's guide to deductive reasoning.
Correction - UGA is on the rise, not you. Assuming you really are a UGA fan, whatever success they have doesn't spill over to you. Queue the tears now.
x ilovemyvols x, Just because I'm an Ole Miss fan replying to a post doesn't mean I'm saying Ole Miss is this or that. In fact, I'm just another fan in the stands. It would be incumbent for you to know I'm not affiliated with the campus (any more) at all. You can trash Ole Miss you want and it won't affect me. But thank you for clamming up and changing the subject so quickly and as predicted.
Just acknowledge that you're a MS State fan and I will drop it all. I can respect that you are loyal to family.
Is that really your brain at work? Please tell me it's not. You have to joking.
My post history will reveal I'm not obsessed with you. You, on the other hand, are clearly obsessed with another man. Kinda gay.
ilovemydawgs, Tell your autocorrect "you're". YOU'RE (you are) still an idiot.
Uh... no we don't know how Luke would handle it. There haven't been any players get arrested on his watch.
For simple assault? He shouldn't have even been arrested for that. Do you even know what simple assault is?
Again, I'd rather have anything than a nuisance animal. I didn't personally select the rebel, landshark, or black bear. All I'm saying is that statue looks awful.
You're missing the point. The point is there's never a reason to intentionally misspell words and commit grammar errors. Which only says one thing: you're incapable of proper grammar because YOU'RE an idiot. You couldn't put a sentence together if your life depended on it. English is your primary language - of which you've been speaking, writing, and reading your entire life. Yet you're too big of a retard to have learned it. All this to say, you shouldn't even be sharing your opinions when you're clearly an uneducated moron. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you haven't even nailed down the basics yet?
Youtube: "Codie Shuffield vs Greg Hardy" The fight was in 2008 despite the video being uploaded 2 years ago.
ilovemydawgs, pay attention. I'm about to help you out. They're = they are. Their = shows possession. There = specifies a location. You're = you are. Your = shows possession. We're = we are. Were = past tense of "are". Where = specifies a location. Than = a comparison. Then = a point in time. To = where it's going. Too = an excessive amount. Two = a number. It's = it is. Its = shows possession. Print this out. Keep it in your Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles wallet. You're an adult now. It's past time you stop screwing all these up. No room to get butthurt because you know I'm right.
I remember in 2008, when Hardy was an NFL free agent, 17-year-old Codie Shuffield beat him in a fight at an organized boxing match in Oxford. There was a huge size difference, Hardy being huge. The 17-year-old was a chunky redneck.