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Bunker Buster

Recent Comments
As long as it's written with sound logic, I wouldn't oppose it.
Standby for a '1000 Reasons A&M Fans Should Give Up On 2017' article.
Damn! You handled his opinion well. Your skin is like wet 1-ply toilet paper.
Well, since Luke hasn't been named Head Coach yet, the AD is going to be looking for one. That's how it works. Is this the first time you've ever seen an Asst Head Coach become Interim before? He's not saying Luke WON'T be Head Coach. He's just saying he's searching for one.
Your second sentence is so belligerent, I can't help but ask for the sources that formed your opinion. The NCAA isn't just 4 dudes sharing an office, drinking Scotch all day.
You couldn't have proven my point any more. There's no way in hell one could disagree with my second sentence in my most previous post. But you did. Just comes to show you've got some deep-seated issues.
Whatever the rank is, MSU should be 9-0 by Nov. 11th. UGA will be a bigger test than AU. I just don't see BYU, UK, TA&M, or UMASS beating the team LSU faced last weekend.
Per ekinggill88 - "AL dot com did a little research on the richest Football programs in the SEC; We came in at 62.19 million (192 million in total athletic revenue, no. 1 in the country), State came in at 31.3 million. Not only are we a bigger national brand, we have double the football revenue."
It is. And maturity extends beyond how long you've been alive. Lose your house and suffer the loss of a family member or dear friend and you'll be the first in line to slap someone who turns the cause of it into a joke. I'm not saying you have to actively show respect for the people affected by the storm. But sometimes being a man requires you to just shut the hell up.
You may not have suffered, but others have lost literally everything, including family members, dude. I can tell you're young.
And I'm also giving my opinion on what this article is about - MSU's upcoming games. I think MSU is going to roll Auburn and maybe UGA. That's fair enough for me to say without me being a fan of MSU.
I thought we put all that preseason yim yam to bed. I expressed my thoughts on MSU a couple days ago in another article. Basically I hate MSU, that much hasn't changed. But I give credit where credit is due. I'm simply acknowledging Fitzgerald as a good QB.
Whoah! Stategrad, I do not claim him as one of us. He doesn't get invites to my football soirées.
As an Ole Miss fan, I disprove TClark's 'Best of 3' PSA. Especially so because the series is 49-11. Speaking of beating Alabama during those specific seasons, I'm pretty sure those wins are going to be vacated. The Sugar Bowl victory will definitely be yanked. For the love of God, edit the Ole Miss logo off your account before you cause any more damage to our fan base.
In all seriousness though, I think State will roll past UGA and definitely Auburn. If they do that, the next games will simply be tune-ups before the Bama game. I think they'll get there. Fitzgerald is the real deal.
All the State fans in here are like a kid who's never skated on ice before, and isn't expecting not to fall down. "Oh, geez. Oh, geez! One foot at a time.. eeeeasy does it!" Guess what happens next in this story.
To be fair, all teams fall under one of those two criteria.
Aside from Bielema's ugly record at Arkansas (and 2016's Arkansas v Auburn game), the Hogs usually play solid ball. I see Arkansas pulling out the W in this one.
UGARMYRet, is there some correlation between Aggieland and the TA&M's football program? You're saying because TA&M is losing games, Aggieland can't make predictions? How does that work? That's like someone asking you if you'll be able to walk again because Nick Chubb hyper-extended his knee.
This won't turn into anything. This is an 'opened and shut' allegation. Kind of a shot in the dark from Mars if you ask me. Just seems like he's got a vendetta against Ole Miss and is trying firing aimlessly in the dark to keep the black cloud over Ole Miss. Such a weak and easily-falsifiable accusation just shows he's ran out of gas.
The picture at the top of the article looks like a kid drew Coach O. He looks like a wax figure out in the sun.
As much as I hate MS State, and I mean on a VISCERAL level... Fitzgerald is impressive to watch. I have to give credit where credit is due, no matter what my opinion is.
I would keep Eason benched this weekend, no matter how bad he's screaming to go in. UGA has a great QB in right now and there's no reason to rush anything. Let the kid get 100%, and I mean a SOLID 100%, and UGA will have 2 great QBs to thumb through. If he can't do the duck walk, he shouldn't get the Jeffrey Simmons test.
That was an epic win. And for the win to occur in that fashion, against a HUGE rival no less, is what these guys will remember for the rest of their lives. Stop being so dried up.
Ahhh, he got cold feet! He realized he wrote too big of a check!
I just finished reading the novel, "Fearless". It's about a young, troubled guy from Arkansas who joined the Navy and became a Navy SEAL, for DEVGRU (aka SEAL Team 6). He was a sniper. Long story short, at one point in training he lost his dominant eye, his shooting eye. Literally had his eye shot out. The fake eyeball had a Razorback on it. Looked INSANE. Instead of discharging him from the Team, the Navy made him go through Sniper school again, to prove he could make it with his left, non-dominant eye. He made it. He was a die-hard Razorback fan. I won't spoil the story for those who want to read it. One of the most inspirational stories I've ever read.
Yes, the MS State win over LSU was ginormous and exciting but, Bill, need to dial it back a little bit. #1? Really?
Came here to say that. My guess is he's just blowing hot air. That's his way of submitting to the LSU fan base who probably wants to cook 'em up and eat 'em now.
Aight, fruitcake, I hope you're hungry because you're going to eat those words. Or suck on 'em, whatever it is you do in your free time.
State is going to pie Auburn right in the face.