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Whoah there, Sparky. He's going to have to prove himself at the JUCO level first. He's got a snowball's chance in Hell of getting into a D1 program after this. It's not like he was a stud. A Junior with only 4 catches and barely 150 yards? Lol He's a nobody. It'd be different if A.J. Brown broke a girl's rib, strangled her, and threatened her life. He probably wouldn't be released from the team. But if he was, he'd walk straight into a starting role at another D1 school. Not this shmuck. He's toast.
A bowl game is great and all but 95% of his stats will come from regular season play. Wideouts needs quality QBs to get them the ball, and he's got one right here in Oxford. The NFL won't look at him differently because his team got a bowl ban. Bowl bans don't really hurt individual players. A bowl ban is more damaging to a school's revenue.
Right. Some people just jump in front of the arrow all on their own.
Nick Sabanites are spreading throughout the SEC.
Pay attention for once. They're not doing it to spit in the face of military service. They're doing it because our country is ran by a tyrannical, narcissistic racist who just so happens to be the face of the United States. By kneeling they're saying they're not onboard with what Trump is doing. They're also kneeling for all the black men who've been shot by law enforcement lately. Those who kneel are showing the world they don't agree with what our country represents if violence is being accepted and nothing is changing. Whether you agree with it or not, they're protected by the 1st Amendment to kneel during the National Anthem. Don't be mad at them. Be mad at The Constitution. They're not spitting in the face of military service.
Firstly, I'm male, so no lesbian action for you. Secondly, I never made a remark about your post (weird that you would make that up). Lastly, I mistakenly mentioned UCF. I meant to say Central Michigan. Simple mistake. But I love your passive-aggression. Speaking of coming off like a female... you sound like my ol' lady.
The point behind telling you I've been on this site longer is that I know when you popped up. There's only a few people on this site that have been around for years. Everyone knows I'm on this damn site way too much. Believe me and everyone else who's been here long enough, you donned your UGA jersey when they started winning. Kick, scream, and deny it all you want but you can't void the truths you don't like.
Well I've been on this site a lot longer than you and you didn't show up until UGA went to the playoffs. I'm also from Oxford, born and raised less than 2 miles from campus and lived in a house less than 1 mile from campus on Beanland Drive. I can promise on my dead relatives I've been an Ole Miss fan since I could walk. You, on the other hand, didn't start rearing your ugly head until UGA got on the map. THAT is what I call jumping on the bandwagon.
He's a loyal fan? LAUGH MY ASS OFF TO THE BONE You have just broken the internet, sir knight.
I honestly believe this. I believe Saban has figured something out about this game that most coaches can only dream of. If you work directly for someone like that, you're bound to pick up a few techniques. Yet another reason Jimbo at T&AM worries me. Pruitt is yet to be determined.
No way he's as dumb as Hugh Freeze. Too soon for a similar screw up. Give it time because everyone loves cocaine and strippers. Just not now.
Who's that coming down the track? It's a bandwagoner wearing a UGA jersey with the tag still on it! ... aka Tim Rupert
Ya gotta be careful there, bud. History is history. Things change from season to season. You were reeling me just the other day there are no guarantees.
Jesus, you're now demoted from Radio to Gilbert Grape. I'm trying my best but you are literally too stupid to insult.
That's pretty funny considering I was calling him a future inmate ever-so-recently. He'll eventually get hooked up for something stupid like selling dope to an undercover officer.
Have you seen Ole Miss' run defense? Our Linebackers are in the dorms watching their own game on TV, as it's happening live. Every now and then one of them will go, "Dude... are we supposed to be at the game?"
Oh, I just saw where you said the same thing recently. Why do you say he's an embarrassment to all of Dawg Nation when you believe he's a TN fan?
That's his goal. His original account was VolTrainConductor. After his 0-7 seasons in SEC play, he resurfaced as this weak tug job, iLoveMyDawgs to destroy UGA fan reputation.
Ah, yes. You can't control your retarded impulses. I relish in the fact you'll never become anything worth a damn. Not because I like to see people fail, but because I like to see douchebags fail. Enjoy that welfare cheese because there is no 'up' for you... ...Radio
There's a negative correlation between intelligence and the usage of "bruh".
Ebonics to English translation: [laughing] You all don't give my favorite player, Cook, the attention he deserves. He's going to surprise you. That's the best I can do.
Speaking your language, you indigent.