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I've reached an age where my brain went from "You probably shouldn't say that," to "What the hell, let's see what happens."
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You are absolutely out of control. Unlike your football team, there's still hope for you.
Bamatime, the man is fuming about this!Voltard, desperation is a stinky cologne.
You couldn't have proved my point any better. Thank you. Is that your defense for how great Tennessee is? By touching on something totally unrelated? There's a couple words for that, ya know: TEEN LOGIC.
Nevermind the fact that Fromm is an absolute animal with the rock, and no one has seen Fields take an SEC snap. Don't forget high school ball is different than college ball. Fromm may not have been a #1 HS QB but he's shining in college ball. Fields has all the boxes checked on paper, but let's not go throwing Fields the QB1 spot until he at least earns it. He's competing with a guy who thought he would ride the bench all season to suddenly having all that pressure land in his lap, and taking his team to the Championship game. That's worth more credit than what I'm willing to give some kid who's never taken a snap in college ball.
I seriously doubt either will leave regardless of the circumstance. Eason left because Fromm is a beast and then UGA began a man-crush on Fields. Eason became their towel boy after that.
Volbeef, do you not know how pathetic it is to dwell on such a lousy statistic? Do you really believe TN being "the last team to go 0-8" means something?You can't polish a turd but you can roll it in glitter (which is exactly what you're doing). It's funny you don't have anything better than that to defend Tennessee.
It's obvious you don't have much to work with as far as comebacks go. Your method of winning a conversation means leaving the topic at hand to attacking people who like to have a good time on Saturdays. Is this your idea of taking the high road?
And you act like there's no truth to my post. Lol. UT did tell Hurd the same thing... and not only did he leave, he left in Spurrier fashion! Laugh my ass off.
For a fan whose team just went 0-8 in conference games, you ought to know your place.
Pretty sure everyone including UT told Jalen Hurd the same thing.
That's funny because the place you claim is your home, Ono Island... IS ON THE COAST. Now I'm really asking. How stupid are you? Do you have to try?
Mike, click on Bulldawgrock's username and look at the caliber crap he spews. Ask him what his IQ is and he'll tell you it's in the "mid-140s". He's also the type of person who injects his shoe size into arguments. I'm sorry to say, but Bulltit has been ruining MS State fans for a long time.
Again I say, I couldn’t give two f*cks about your mom. If she’s responsible for bring you into this world, she deserves to be punched right in the pussy. Your second home isn’t on Ono Island. Your shoe size isn’t 16. Your IQ isn’t mid-140s either. You forget we’ve known each other for 8 years, remember? What silly ass game are you running and why do you feel the need to tell us these things? It's obvious you need us to believe these things so you'll feel better about yourself. Something tells me you're the type of person who takes their own life at some point.
Bulldawgrock, you need to be nudged back into middle school.
Dude said 'bounty on his leg'. BOUNTY... ON HIS LEG.
First off, I couldn't give two f*cks about your mom. If she's responsible for bring you into this world, she deserves to be smacked. Secondly, your second home isn't on Ono Island. Your shoe size isn't 16. Your IQ isn't mid-140s either. You forget we've known each other for 8 years, remember? What silly ass game are you running and why do you feel the need to tell us these things? Do you need affirmation?
Your mother should have swallowed you. I bet she regrets ever having you. What a success story you turned out to be.
Bulltitty enjoys having my name in his mouth. Guess what else he enjoys in his mouth.
Bulldawg, it actually has everything to do with Leo. You're bashing Ole Miss FOR DOING WHAT LEO SAID MISSISSIPPI STATE IS DOING!!!!
Where have you been? Ole Miss was found guilty of lack of institutional control and failure to monitor.
NCAA violations gain the FBI's attention? Programs cheating is construed as actual criminal activity? I thought the judge, jury, and executioner was the NCAA for NCAA violations.
If Ole Miss doesn't leave the NCAA alone the NCAA is gonna break out the leather belt again; only this time it'll be a worse beating. I still can't believe Ole Miss only got a 1 year bowl ban. I was fully expecting the Death Penalty.
I hope FL takes a big dump on MS State this year. Not only will I get to see State pick up a loss at home, I'll know all you MS State fans' feelings will be hurt. Dan Mullen has disrespected his former family at State by leaving when he said he wouldn't and flipping recruits and staff members from State. Expect him to find more ways to disrespect you hicks.