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Can't really talk about both wins against Alabama and Chad Kelly at the same time. He wasn't even at Ole Miss in 2014.
By 'Jr', I'm guessing you mean your wife. By 'smacking', I'm guessing you mean sucked my cock. Then, yes. All of the above.
While you're partially right, we have to remember that football is a very physical, macho sport. Tempers flare and competition gets heated. It doesn't take much for a player to lose his cool. I'm not justifying this behavior at all. I'm not saying there's room for it. I'm simply saying that every player in the NFL has gotten into these skirmishes before. The practice field is where players work on not only their skills but their tempers. It's a learning environment. If I were his coach I'd light into him for this and bench him for a little while but I wouldn't go as far as to say he's a thug.
They got under each other's skin. This is Beckham Jr. and Norman all over again.
He's so quick the cameras can't pick 'em up! If this subject is covered again in an article, Haynes will be on it after this season.
I don't see a whole hell of a lot of malice in this. Although a DUI is a DUI, this one isn't quite as obnoxious as an alcohol-related DUI. It's embarrassing, no less. I guess what I'm saying is this type of DUI can be forgiven easier than if he were shíthouse drunk.
He's only caused 2 FF his entire career. The Ole Miss fumble was a good one. That fumble was the last nail in the coffin for us.
He'd be a fool to commit to Alabama at this point. He won't see the field enough to put up big numbers.
All these attempts by State fans are classic 'little brother' crap. We all know which place is more desirable. Again, I would rather be eaten by wild hogs than win the lottery in Mississippi's meth town.
Anyone who refers to Justin Beiber as "the Bees" is a true f@ggot. Really.
Are your eyes painted on? Can't you see that the fan base is against it? I've never see a bigger idiot in my life.
Quantrill, you refuted a comparison. I provided no comparison. YOU'RE* a retard.
Quantrill, I never compared Ole Miss to Missouri. YOU did. Just because I'm an Ole Miss fan ragging on Missouri doesn't mean I'm saying that Ole Miss is better at this or that over Missouri. Since YOU'RE comparing the two I'll agree Ole Miss finished horribly last year. You happy? I'm not refuting that. But Missouri blows dogs for quarters - everyone knows that. Again, some things don't need further explanation.
I think it's unfair to compare the two schools' violations, to be honest. Ole Miss' violations are serious. Louisville's serious. But the violations are completely different. I won't down play either school's actions to compare one to the other. We can't predict what the NCAA will do to Ole Miss based on what they did to Louisville. Think of it this way: your kid looks you dead in the eye and smacks the crap out of you in front of guests. What do you do? Ok, now this one. Your kid gets a DUI. What do you do? Both actions are very serious but neither action can be compared to the other. Both warrant different responses. In other words, this article is stupid to compare Ole Miss to Louisville.
Captain Quantrill, we don't need to use tangibles when insulting Mizzou. Do you need a visual aid when figuring out what 2 + 2 is? No. You just know it's 4 because you learned it a long time ago. Some things don't need further explanation.
Want a new truck? Decommit from Clemson and commit to _ _ _ _ _ _ _.
...uncertainty of Arden Key's presence on the defensive line? He went public with his coming back.
Bulldognuts, you wish you were as smart as me, that's why you feel that way! Got any more brainbusters you need me to iron out for you?
World Champions? WORLD? More like National Champions. What other countries are on any NFL team's schedule. Did the Patriots go on to play another country's champion?
This is just pre-season jargon. Everyone in here has their panties in a bunch over someone else’s opinion. The journalist has his. You have yours. Stop b1tching about your team not being #1.
It's impossible to prove Rebel Rags didn't "give" them anything. The keyword here is 'give'. It's not like there's a serial number on the items that can be traced back to a receipt. All the players would have to do is come up with something with the Ole Miss logo on it and there ya have it. To your second sentence: Rebel Rags found themselves at the center of the allegations and they're filing a suit to cover their asses. This is standard of businesses finding themselves anywhere near hot water. They have a business to run. There's literally no proving anything WASN'T given for free. It's all a he-said, she-said. Asking someone to recover a receipt for a hat or a shirt from years ago is absurd. Just because they wouldn't be able to doesn't mean they're guilty. I'm not taking sides, I'm just looking at it from the court's perspective.
Then his prediction of 'worse' is reinforced. It'd be something else if he had listed Merritt and said A&M would be better. I don't think Hubenak has what it takes. When under center, he had all those guys who are now gone at his disposal and still couldn't make waves. He has less to work with now. Then there's Sumlin. Sumlin knows he has to put up at least a 9-4 season to keep his job. He's going to be asking Hubenak, provided he wins the starting job, to do things he can't do out of desperation. This is only my humble opinion.
You do know this article is about receiving, right? Wilkins with 500 yards RECEIVING? If Wilkins puts up 500 yards receiving then something has gone horribly wrong. No. Just, no.
I love how throw around the pronoun 'you' alot. Not only that, but you act as if roughneck actually had something to do with the violations. "Geez, OWN what you did!" "...but who in their right mind would WANT to get in the middle of YOUR mess." Your post is all kinds of f*cked up. You make no sense.
I'm pretty sure he couldn't care less about you either. Meanwhile, he'll continue to live in a town where his employers support him and his town supports him, among other things. You, on the other hand, will get back to internet trolling on Friday nights. We've all seen it. Boy, I'm tellin' ya, I've never seen someone ball out so hard in life the way you do.