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Haha dude... you are the biggest douche bag in the world. That's why SDS deleted your flagship comment.
AirRebel, I can't compare Stidham with anyone in the SEC yet. We haven't even seen him play yet. I won't discredit his performance in the Big 12, but it's just not good enough to throw him into the conversation of SEC QBs. I hope he does well. Awesome QBs are fun to watch. As far as I know, he's only played a tiny handful of smash mouth football games. He's about to face a consecutive six-game SEC team gauntlet. He'll be judged after that trial by fire.
These are your words: "I think there’s more to come on this escort service stuff which will pale IN comparison to a few improper benefits from our two players’ testimonies." You now say "there's no link". So, you're comparing and then there's no link. My brain is engaged, bubba. I see a fallacy.
Since we're spelling things out now, allow me to be the first to inform you that Freeze's escort shenanigans have absolutely nothing to do with the NCAA investigation/violations. That's a completely separate issue from Ole Miss' violations. Have you just been commenting on articles without reading them first?
The Flagship University in Mississippi, who just so happens to own a 19 game margin over State, disproves your PSA. Ole Miss may currently be a raging dumpster fire but Mititipi Tate will always be the little brother. The fact that you're so desperate to capitalize from Ole Miss' troubles is just downright cute. 63-44 <- remember that.
Since they have immunity, they'll jump at every opportunity to burn Ole Miss. Why wouldn't they? Leo doesn't hide his hatred for OM. This kid is going to sing like a damn parakeet.
You sound like a level-headed guy. If you want people to think you have sense, you should kick the habit of using "U", "n", "ur" in place of "You", "and", and "your". Don't take offense. I'm just saying, it's hard to follow your argument with all that nonsense.
This is an odd hire. This hire is obviously just a friend hooking a friend with a much-needed job. There's nothing appealing about his work as a DC. Corrao's 2016 defense gave up 292 points... in GLIAC! Are you kidding me? This chuck is going to get eaten alive in SEC ball. Jesus, wtf.
Yeah me and your wife don't know what to do with him.
You're right. Ole Miss has absolutely 0 room to talk. But it's not them talking. It's me. I'm not Ole Miss. Having cleared that up for you, I say it's going to be a shít show.
The UK v SC game will be the game that determines who the worst team in the East will be. That'll be cringeworthy to see; similar to watching girl's basketball.
zzzZZZOOOMMMmmmmm ✈️ (that's the sound of your request currently being dodged by a mile)
And speaking of age, there's another article bashing him for his age, I think it's ridiculous to count a 63 year old man out because of his age when there's a 65 year old guy who's simply dominating football (Nick Saban). That's proof that age has nothing to do with Miles's coaching abilities.
While I agree wholeheartedly what you're saying, I say take Miles. At this point, Ole Miss doesn't have the luxury of picking and choosing. Amid the senseless babble and grass-eating lies a man who holds a record of 114-34 in the arguably the toughest division in football. Let's not forget how quickly the media and fans will turn on a coach after a couple dry years. This is such a dog eat dog sport, we all tend to burn people at the stake for too little. But, I digress. I think OM should go after Miles in that beggars can't be choosers. Ole Miss' status right now is so far down in the dumps and such a raging dumpster fire, they don't really have a choice. Remember how quickly SEC opinions can change... Just watch, if OM doesn't take Miles, then 1 year down the road after Miles has wound up somewhere else, OM is gonna be sitting there thinking DAMNIT we should have gone after him while he was interested. Instead of looking at Miles's babble and character, I choose to look at his experience. For Ole Miss, something like Miles is their White Knight. Beggars can't be choosers, especially if the only reason people hate Miles is because of his age, talks a lot, and lost a few big games. No, OM has no other choice.
To be technical, I've actually never threatened anyone with violence. I've only proposed a face to face meeting. That's not illegal. Much to your disappointment, I've never threatened anyone if you read my posts carefully.
Gotta love how you, again, dodge the last SEVEN lines of my post. You're nothing. You're a loser piece of shít. Carry on with your inevitably short life.
Just like I thought. You've shown that you're posting on other articles long after I called you out. See, people? He's a liar and a coward. I've called him out before. He asked me for my location as if to come meet me. I gave it to him. He never responded. Dude has more crap in his pants than an entire daycare center.
You're not a Christian. We've all seen the low down dirty insults you throw at people. Your type of behavior wouldn't even be an inkling of a thought in the mind of a Christian. By the way, you lied when you said you've known me for 8 years. You say you're a Christian? And you're not lying? So prove you're a Christian by not lying. Reveal the truth by telling these people that you do know me by publishing my name here. Tell them where I'm from and where I live as well. Tell them my age. Tell them what I look like. Go on. We're waiting. You're a lying scumbag.
Ok, so how about you just drive your punk ass over to the Whirlpool Trail entrance and meet me directly across the street from the pedestrian crosswalk with that yellow plastic thing in the center of the road. I don't know how you being from Oxford makes me any less from Oxford, or how it makes you superior to me in some way. I'll take your little smirk as a juvenile one.
Ok, Bulldawg, if you're not lying here, and you do know me from social media, release my name! Tell the world! Dodge this request!
So you're agreeing with me you are on another man's nuts. Roger that.
I'm reading some of your most recent posts. You sound 14.
Have you been living under a rock? Do you know how recruiting works? Apparently not. Educate yourself then we'll talk.
My German pales in comparison to your gayness. Look at what you're doing. You're following around another man on websites. You either wanna fight or f*ck, and we ain't f*ckin.
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Agreed. We shouldn't expect anyone to pick up the phone until we find out what the NCAA has in store for the program.
Hey, don’t let me stop you. You wanna get your pleasure from your boy up the street, by all means. Enjoy Hepatitis C.