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I've reached an age where my brain went from "You probably shouldn't say that," to "What the hell, let's see what happens."
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This is a sports website. We all converse about each other's teams. You're seriously going to tell someone not to talk about any other team except for the one he pulls for? Your post history is full of you commenting about other teams. Which is fine, because that's what this site is for. Maybe there was some truth to gman's post you didn't like.
You're not fool proof and I'm willing to bet you wouldn't think you deserve to be had simply because you were fooled. No one can see around every corner. You weren't in the room when Ole Miss met with Patterson, nor were you around during any other conversations. Were you? It's not as black or white as you say it is. Saying he DESERVED it? Really, dude? Is this how you're processing all this?
Siding with you, Bamatime. The answer to the question of who do we believe is simple. One person is a proven lying sack of you know what and the other guy is just trying to get out from under the shadow of Ole Miss. Who else SHOULD we believe? "Sources"? The best source of information comes from the front lines and that person is either Patterson or Freeze. Let me reiterate: Freeze is a proven liar and multiple people have come forward saying Freeze lied. It should be noted that NO ONE has come forward to say these people are lying about it either.
From the link the article: "In the filing, Patterson states Ole Miss officials "plotted" to keep him and other Rebels recruits in 2016 from finding out about the true scope of the NCAA charges."Boom. Simple as that. This ain't hard to understand why he deserves a waiver.
Unless he was lied to about the truthfulness of the allegations. As far as recruiting goes, coaches, being in positions of power (actual legal terminology), have an ethical obligation to not lie to student athletes. Lying includes omitting information. This means, plain and simple, if the kid was lied to, he can use it as a defense. Maybe they didn't tell Patterson everything. Maybe they downplayed things to get Patterson to sign. Who knows? Fact is, the best source of information will come from Patterson.
This idiot should have known things would come crumbling down. People love to see popular people fall. If this all gets worse for him, he may need to continue selling drugs because the NFL won't touch him after this behavior. Expect some fake ass personal letter of apology from Francois. "I acted out of character... blah blah blah." We've seen it a hundred times.
Didn't he have a horrible Spring Game? As far as numbers go...
Scurry along, guy. No need to continue this pissing contest.
Right. I wish him just as much luck as the next man. But the first matchup between State and FL needs to go in State's bag. That's a must win for y'all for just to show 'em.
Other than the Egg Bowl, I think State's most anticipated game will be the matchup against Dan Mullen's Gators... in Starkville. I don't see a warm welcoming for him, and nothing's more dangerous than a determined hillbillies.
Dude! Drop the boxing pitch. There will always be wealthy people who will allow their kids to play football. It only takes 22 kids to have a game. That number is easily achievable by all classes of people. You are so hellbent on your own logic and so hellbent on rejecting any opinion that's not yours, it's pathetic. Enough of the teen logic, Private.
"Only the poorest of young kids will even play"? Okay, I see your logic is out there where the buses don't run. We're done here.
I'm not saying people think their entertainment is more important than brain injury. Read this slowly:Regardless of the risks of football........ people will still play. If that player picks up a pen and signs a waiver and gets hurt........ the fans wanting smash mouth football aren't to blame.
Well, you willingly kept playing! That's on no one but you!
Despite what rules the NCAA comes out with from here on out, there will always be people willing to play smash mouth football. You know, the type of football where even targeting was legal. Instead of the NCAA trying to play the parent, they should just ask these kids to sign a waiver that says something to the effect of "This is football. If you get hurt, don't come crying to me." People will still be in line to play. If the NCAA did away with horse-collaring, chop blocking, targeting, clipping, etc. I guarantee you players would still play and ratings would rise again. People favor violent sports. Why put a leash on ourselves?
Pointless, you say? Okay, let me spell it out for you. Tennessee football is garbage and will go 0-7 in the SEC again this year.
You don't handle defeat well AT ALL. Typical State fan with superiority complex. Look up 'superiority complex' because I think you're doing THAT right.
GATOR, bringing up something completely irrelevant to the conversation like LSU's QB situation doesn't, in any way, mean anything about FL's QB situation. Just because LSU hasn't named QB1 yet doesn't mean FL is any better off because of it. Those spheres don't intersect at all.
They're just sprung on some dude with the street name "Quarterback Whisperer" aka Dan Mullen. Give 'em a frog and he'll turn it into a prince, so they say.
Volbeef is crying. A team with a bowl ban has a better chance of winning the SEC than Tennessee!
This article is about SEC sack leaders in 2018, not who's sack you're on in 2018.
ironic - "Happening in the opposite way to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement because of this." In other words, a Mississippi State fan mocking a program for doing what his own program is doing. That's closer to the definition of hypocrite, but your comment is steeped in irony nonetheless. Go on, bring up the history of Ole Miss all you want, but make no mistake, Mississippi State ain't as clean as you stand by it to be. Oh, look, the definition for denial is squeezed right there. How 'bout that.
Aggieland, your comment doesn't contribute to forward progression of anything other than your own idiocracy. Speaking of contribution, how does your comment have anything to do with the topic of discussion?
Please. Looking for things to hang our hat on as always. It doesn't matter how many passing yards a team has, who makes up their receiving corp, or what their passing game ranks nationally as. If said team is getting beat 66-3 and losing AT HOME to teams like 2-5 Arkansas we shouldn't be looking to hang hats on anything. A good football team is comprised of many moving parts, all of which are doing their job. We can't say Ole Miss is a good team just because we've got a decent QB and some good catchers - it's more than that. All this to say, the only thing that matters is that scoreboard at the end of the game.
Do I have to break out the crayons for you? You're trash talking Ole Miss for paying players. You're a Mississippi State fan. Mississippi State pays players. How is not ironic to you? How are you not a hypocrite? (These are rhetorical questions by the way because I know all this is a bit over your head).
I don't take every opportunity to bash Trump. This article is about a trip to the White House to meet, guess who. There's tons of people who feel the same way I do about a trip to the White House.
LFSteve, your analogy has nothing to do with what I'm trying to say. But if you must use it, go ask the entire Golden State Warriors BB team why they turned down a White House invitation. It's not just me who's taking this position. You need to know WHY people are denying the invitation before you take a position.