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I've reached an age where my brain went from "You probably shouldn't say that," to "What the hell, let's see what happens."
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He'd be UK's once every century signee.
Quick! Somebody stop Captain Quantrill from reporting this as attempted assault, assault, attempted battery, battery, hazing, and terrorism!
The commentators during the game said Vandy had one of the best secondaries in the nation.
As usual the bigger picture has eluded you once again. I feel so sorry for you.
Wow! Arkansas over Auburn? Cole who? No way. Also, Vandy's secondary ranked #4 in the nation and Ole Miss tore it to shreds. How's LSU's secondary? I'm not being sarcastic or passive aggressive. I really am asking about LSU's secondary.
I'm not comparing you to a feminist because women believe in equal opportunities. I'm comparing you to a feminist because feminists have a reputation for being completely psycho and fanatical. Pull your head out of your ass and you'd comprehend my previous post correctly.
They're just trying to keep him because of his love story with Ole Miss. We need someone to not only win games, but to stop other teams from using us to set themselves new school records.
You gotta keep in mind SDS stays desperate for stuff to cover. I have no clue why I even visit this site. It's like The Onion of sports - complete bullshít to the point of entertainment.
Just like a woman; taking one statement and completely changing its meaning. Teduardo didn't say "they should give this teacher a raise..." That's in YOUR head. Think of my posting this as the world, life rather, speaking to you through me: GROW A PAIR. STOP YOUR TITTIN'. Your fanaticism has "feminist" written all over it.
He'll change his mind once the NCAA molly wops Ole Miss into oblivion. The kid is 16; he doesn't even know what or how the NCAA deals with cheating programs and how kicking the chair out from underneath one will affect him personally as a player.
Agreed. This world and all of its political correctness is going to Hell in a hand-basket because of all the pussies in it.
That's the way of the world. It's people like Captain Quantrill that breed pussies. The dude can't breathe he's crying so hard about this.
Yeah, he'll probably be fired because not even this type of horseplay between an figure of authority and a student is tolerated. You're right on that. Just one thing: your fourth sentence. Who said "boys being boys"? Because that wasn't me. I said "guys being guys". Those two things can be construed differently. And no, I would not describe it as "HS coach taking his frustration out on HS students via criminal discipline methods". It's people like you that make this world so damn politically correct. No one can do anything anymore without someone throwing the word "lawsuit" around. Eventually some kid is gonna be standing in line at lunch and his leg will fall asleep and then his parent (someone like you) will sue the school for having their child standing around and then it'll be goodbye f*ckin' standing around. The political correctness is just way WAY out of control. You need to chill. No need to go burning down buildings over this.
Quantrill, you're looking at it as a mother would. Grow a pair and see that their all fooling around. You're using such loaded words to try and prove your point "balling his fist and striking a minor?" Dude, dial it back a little.
Looks like guys being guys, foolin' around. If the coach really is as domineering as this article suggests, he would have hit him a lot harder. Of course, this type of behavior is forbidden by school officials. But it really doesn't look as f'd up as people want to believe it to be.
LSU might beat our "arse" but Ole Miss will beat State's ASS!
Gonna be some pads poppin' this weekend! That stadium is gonna shake from all the boo's once Coach O runs out.
I knew that Florida fan was going to be on here! When I saw it I said, sad fan is sad!
You know you're a loser, so I'm cool with you trolling. By the way, how have you managed to stay alive?
Right. I hate to see some great player high-tail it when confronted with a little competition. One of the reasons I love CFB so much is because there are similarities between the fundamentals of the game and life in general. When you face adversity, a winner digs his heels in and faces it. Nobody ever learned anything about themselves by backing down from a little well-versed competition. Eason has the goods, he's just taking longer than we'd like for him to adjust. He got injured too early this season to really warm up to the season and show us if he's gotten better. He got injured before he could show us he's worked out the kinks. If I were Eason, I'd be damned if I let some greenhorn come in and take QB1 while I'm healthy.
"...he will leave after his sophomore year if he is as great as we all think he is." Gone where? CFB players can't declare for the draft until they've used up 3 of their eligibility years. He won't be going anywhere after his sophomore year.
This video was intended to be intimidating but it's just lame because Ole Miss reeeaaally sucks at football.
After reading this article and some of these comments, I'm left shaking my head. I know this is all just speculation and way-too-early talk but, we're about to see how much grit Eason has. A trooper would step up, bust his ass, and earn QB1 no matter who the competition is. Fromm, Fields, whomever! Eason, you better get up and get to work or you can just let some Freshman push you out of the door. I say screw that. Grit your damn teeth and earn that spot back.
A player has to sit out a year if he transfers to another school within his conference. If he transfers out of his conference, like from SEC to the Pac-12, he won't have to sit out a year.