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I've reached an age where my brain went from "You probably shouldn't say that," to "What the hell, let's see what happens."
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Your stupidity on the attack again... lol... were*
CNN headline: Jimbo sexual assaults woman by caressing her hand then flees into tunnel at sporting event.
Something about your post leads me to believe you suffer from daily headaches.
It wasn't an option because that's not how the Heisman trophy is awarded. It goes to a single player not a corp*.
I'm giving you permission to say my name. Go on. I call your bluff.
What can I truly say about a person who uses his shoe size as a scare tactic and claims to know me for 8 years. You have mental issues. You're the oddball of society.
You'll hear what you want to hear. By the way, no one sides with such a podunk wad of crap like you so there is no 'you and them'. You've no one. You're a sad little man who spends his nights alone sitting in front of the computer eating TV dinners. A pathetic little nobody you are. I really do feel sorry for you. You're unworthy of anyone's best wishes during the holidays. I sincerely hope something outrageously horrible happens to you. Enjoy Christmas by yourself sobbing while everyone else enjoys family and friends, you white trash snake-huntin' loser.
How is Tunsil's admission of receiving money any different from Leo Lewis's admission of receiving money? Will anything come to fruition with this? Keep in mind Lewis did have immunity but State didn't.
What is it with this knowing me for 8 years crap? Answer that. Who exactly are you aiming that at? Me? Or whoever else is reading it? It's weird and makes my skin crawl that some dude on the internet thinks it's somehow a weapon he can use against people. It's weird dude. You're either a child or you're a man - a man who needs to drop that behavior. Which is it?
Because you don't know that for certain, you're only saying that so as to be offensive. You really don't know for sure.
I said that after you took a shot at my stint in the service. Don't go there.
Because that's my stamp. And to answer your question, the crosstie is for idiots. Some people let people blab by staying quiet.. others like to step in and prove to them using logic how stupid they are. I don't feel like the quote on my profile is disrespectful. Life is too short to mince words or shying from the truth no matter if it hurts someone's feelings. People are too sensitive and they'll always find a way to be offended, so what the hell, why not say how I feel. If people are going to get offended anyways, then I might as well not bite my tongue. And yes I've been to many games. Why is it so hard to believe a person has been to games? What does that mean if I have or have not? Nothing it doesn't mean anything. By "I'm just another fan in the stands" I'm saying I'm not anyone to call any big shots or have anything more than my own humble opinion. Which brings me to my next point, I talk smack to people who talk smack to others. I hardly ever strike first. I always step in and smack the one who's flying off the handle, which happens to be you most of the time.
We may have our disagreements and I don't need to prove to you that I'm a vet. But if it helps, I was in Class 108 at Great Lakes Naval Recruit Depot. I went to Pensacola, FL for A School for 4 months. I left Atlanta, GA on a nonstop flight to Dubai where I boarded the USS Peleliu. I was an Aviation Ordnancman for 3rd Batt. 5th Marines 15th MEU for 5th Fleet, Strike Group 3. You can disrespect that if you want but make no mistake if you want to take that road, go right ahead. You're not worth my time.
This is the 4th team he's played for and he still can't get right. Sorry, dude, but you're not going to the NFL. Your folder is too thick with trial and error.
I couldn't care less right now. I'm still stuck on the fact that you have the audacity to insult a veteran's departure from the service. Who are you?
As long as he shows up at practice and shows up on Saturdays to win ball games, who cares what kinda woman he wets his whistle with?
That's a given. He's waiting to find out his draft stock before he decides. If he's predicted to be a 1st round pick, he's definitely gone. I think he'll be a 2nd round pick.
You're asking the wrong person. I'm just another fan in the stands.
No, I don't think that. What about my post leads you to believe that's what I was saying?
I was thinking the same thing. I've never heard of a person who disrespects veterans. I won't even go there. You've got me beat on who can take the lowest road, Bulldawgrock.
I'm in the wrong line of work if a man who leads a 125th ranked defense gets paid a million bucks. I'm know my place in this world and know I have no business telling a man how to do his job but I seriously think I could lead a better defense than McGriff. Seriously, the talent was there and he still didn't know how to use it effectively. I understand this past season was his first season and it takes time to create something, but damn. I'd like to expect him to cut that rank in half by next year but with these sanctions and players transferring out, I think our defense is going to be just as atrocious next year. Either way, $1,000,000? Geeeez
^ stands by a team of players claiming State paid him to play. Funny how people like to point at others while they're own program is just as guilty. This isn't coming from me.. It's coming from your own damn players. Say what you want about Ole Miss but you know I'm right and we both know you'll dodge my valid point like the hypocrite you are.
So long as we're clear I will never take my foot off the neck of State fans. At every flash of good news for State I will be there to extinguish it. I don't care how that makes you feel and I don't care how pathetic you make it out to be. I hate State fans and will probably have something horrible to say about y'all written on my tombstone. The hate is a lot worse than you think it is.
That's literally one of the two reasons Saban left Miami. He didn't have enough control over the players and he didn't have enough control over the program. In the NFL, he was trying to build a system with specific people/skill-sets in specific places. But at the drop of the hat a player would get traded which would send Saban back 2 steps. He learned that the only way to be in total control of his staff he would need to be in CFB.