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When it gets to the point where someone actually has to say "There is always a chance", there usually isn't one.
"JoMo has turned a great team into a good one." In 9 years, Mullen had ONE winning season in SEC play. "Great team"... Before you lash out about Ole Miss being garbage, I'll beat you to it by saying Ole Miss sucks too.
You two need to get together and bang each other in the a$$.
First off, you and I were never having a conversation. Secondly, the person I was having a similar conversation with were talking about the UGA v UK game, not the Bama game. The UGA v UK game was a blowout. I'm sorry, who are you again?
I think Snell will be limited for the rest of the game. After seeing the play on which he went down, that's likely a strain on his ACL. I hope he's not limited but we don't get to decide the impact of injuries.
So you've been clicking on my username to stalk me, obviously. You're pathetic. Check this... a grown man following around another man on the internet. Doesn't that sound pathetic to you? Check yourself because you're leading the life of a punk.
You get mad that I said Alabama won't blow out LSU? Man, you get worked up too easily, you psychopath.
We'll talk after the game. You better have a really good explanation on queue when the game isn't a blowout.
The fact that you need an answer is even more shocking than why I did it. Don't you understand, Bulldawgrock/The Mayor/olemissforever
Quite frankly it doesn't matter what rebuttal you have. I'm right and you know it.
Remember Bulldawgrock? And The Mayor? Both of those accounts mentioned me in every post, if not simply directed at me all together. It's obvious this hailstate quack is the same person. I could not pity them any more than I already do. A grown person with absolutely nothing in life to distract them from following someone around on the internet is sad.
LegendDD2 is a total moron that conveniently joined this site the year Georgia has fielded what could be their best team in history. He is an insecure loser that rides off a school he did not attend and will be gone the moment Georgia loses a game in the futureā€¦ Sorry, douche, but not sorry, I had to do it. You just set yourself up. It was too perfect. It makes to much sense. You are the epitome of the what a loser is.
Playing the #1 team in the country usually does expose weaknesses. But that doesn't guarantee Burrow and Co. a loss. I never listen to "anonymous coaches" anyways. They don't have the backbone to say it publicly. In fact, SDS, shouldn't even publish these weak people's opinions if they're not willing to show their faces.
At least they have a chance of beating Alabama. Whoever your team is has likely already been beaten by LSU and Alabama. If not, your team will be very soon. I'm sorry, I have to ask, who are you again?
Sports gurus with mountains of credibility are saying the game is going to be close. I'll believe them instead of you. Just because you want it to be a blowout doesn't mean it will be a blowout. You have no evidence to back up your claim, except with belligerence I'm sure.
That literally means nothing.
Why are you calling people "niggha"? You cry and point the finger at everyone calling people racists yet you call people "niggas" every other post. You sure do bring a lot of crap to this site.
Okay, since this is a SPORTS SITE, why are you asking me about things not sports related, f@ggot.
I'm glad for the majority of the the Kentucky fanbase. As an Ole Miss fan I've endured many, MANY years of bottom-feeder entertainment, just like UK fans have. It was nice to see some sunshine in 2014 and 2015 for a change. I bet Lexington is as buck as it can be right now. Go Cats. Beat Georgia.
21 of your last 25 posts are shots at me. Your life is beyond pathetic.
There are other reasons why Ole Miss is the flagship of the state, you moron. It's not just about football. Ole Miss could lose it's football team forever and we'd still be the flagship. It's clear you've never attended Ole Miss, or else you'd know this. It's also clear you don't know what makes a university a flagship university. But by all means keep pounding that chest, State fan.
paris10 never trolls you, SevenTeeth. You're always the one riding his coat tails. What's up with that? If you had anything closely resembling a life, that man wouldn't even be on your radar.
You must be new to this site. The help paris10 needs, no one can give him. That goes for most folks on this site.
That was a good vid. I'm pulling for UK this weekend just because the football world would explode if they beat UGA. I've had enough of UGA fans in the last 11 months.
It appears they've already got a QB competing for it. He's gotten them to #3, which is about as good as they could be, even if they were undefeated. I mean, if LSU were undefeated right now, Clemson would still be #2. Am I saying Burrow will take LSU to the Natty? No. Am I saying he could? It's looking like a 'maybe'.