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Bunker Buster

Ole Miss Alum / U.S. Navy Veteran IYAOYAS
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Don't speak too soon. UK is getting stopped by VANDERBILT.
I get you don't like me. You don't have to agree with what I say. But how can you say that being cancer-free is a bad thing? That's what you said, SevenTeeth. And no one cares about you, hailstate. This is 2018 and you still use hashtags. Let me guess, you also wear a fanny pack.
Says the psycho who comes down hard on someone for celebrating another man becoming cancer-free. You forget your comments remain after you publish them. You deserve the worst this world can do to you.
You need a mental health assessment. There's no way you could know what I'm talking about because you're the subject. You need help.
The jig is up, Bulldawgrock. You just exposed yourself.
Kirby, you're using something (logic) he's not familiar with. It's just blind insults with him. You're only getting an ERROR 404 when you ask him questions like this. You see, he thinks about those things that HE would consider upsetting had something said them to him. When he lands on something that would upset him, he believes that if he says those things to someone else, they would be upset. In other words, it's not really about me, but him - he's trying to self-medicate his misery by bringing other people down. It's cathartic for him. The dude is obviously harboring a lot of sh*t. He wants me to be liberal, therefore I am. That's his form of deductive reasoning. It's his way and nothing else. So while he sits at home rattling away on his keyboard, racking up his little "victories", the joke is on him for being such a loser.
Now how did I know when one dumbass got on the horn the other one, you, would come running?
Think about what that statement actually means. At first you said it's unbelievable that I'm "creeping on a chick". Then you attached "NOT", which means it's not unbelievable. You are UNBELIEVABLY obsessed with me, Bulldawgrock/The Mayor. Get banned again.
Alabama, dumbass. The East plays the West in the SECCG. Watch more football and then we'll talk.
I used to think I could project whether or not a QB would be drafted, and what round. I certainly didn't think Danny Etling would've been drafted, but he was. Maybe Nick Fitzgerald'll get drafted even when there's no way in Hell he's good enough for the NFL.
So you're used to being called a retard, I see. You know, if you think everyone around you are idiots, it usually means YOU are the idiot! This is obviously something that has never sunk in!
You'd take Fromm and Fields over Tua and Jalen? Did you eat something you found on the ground?! I hear what you're saying though. We shouldn't sacrifice Fromm after this game. No one's perfect. Few people can walk into a night game in Death Valley and wallop the Tigers. I'm sure he's kicking himself harder than we can about it. No one feels worse than him. On the bright side, UGA's playoff hopes are still alive. I'd like to say it's a cake walk from here on out, but it's only going to get tougher. We all know who UGA will play in the SECCG. While I like Fromm and Fields, and hate losing money, I'd have to take Tua and Jalen in that one. Keep your head up, Dawg.
There are no external influences that landed you in the SDS comment section as a troll. You had every opportunity to make something of yourself. Yet, here you are, and there he (Kirby) is - a multi-million dollar HC in the SEC. Even a retard could point out who's balling out in life and who's not. Let that sink in.
Thank you for your service, big guy. I was talking to qastor, who has likely not been in your or Bentley’s shoes. (not to suggest Bentley knows anything about real pressure like you’ve experienced either)
Standby for the NFL to create a new rule. Rule #6,424 states: "No player shall, in the process of tackling, eluding, passing, catching, blocking, running, standing, walking, sitting, sleep-walking, drinking water or any other beverage, or talking about football or really any other subject that requires the movement of the mouth to form words... ...interfere with another man's dreads. Violators of said rule are subject to $27,600 fine.
I'll venture to bet you have no concept of the pressure placed on a starting QB in the SEC... at 20-years-old, no less. Every now and then the kid has to purge his emotions. Being able to balance his emotions with all the pressure and stress that comes from football, not to mention school work, and the idea that he's about to go Pro and sign a multi-million dollar contract... again, at 20-years-old... Man, give the kid a moment, will ya? Granted, some handle their emotions differently. If smashing a chair with his helmet is all he needs to get his head right, then whatever.
Dude, you just made me laugh so hard. My nose just spurt coffee. “Put an end to that cult WACO STYLE”!! I’m picturing a chaotic disaster! (better edit, SDS?)
Kinda hard to see what the helmet truly looks like with purple and red lights shining on it. Put that joker out in the natural light and show us.
Are you seriously bragging about TN having won more games against Alabama than anyone else? Put that polished turd back in your pocket.
Yes, that's exactly what they say... a bit dog BAKES first. Now who can argue with that? We are all indebted to you for clearly stating what needed to be said. Not only was it authentic Starkville gibberish, it expressed a courage little seen in this day and age.
I like how they took great care in not saying those three deadly words - WE WANT BAMA Have mercy on the brave soul who utters those words.
When a team wins, so does the coach. When a coach wins, so does his staff. No, he won't accrue wins and losses on his resume as an offensive analyst. His victory will come in the form of not getting ripped into by Saban, which I'm sure is exactly what happens when they lose games.