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This guy really said fan base LOL!!!! Tennessee has the most delusional fans in the freakin' country!
The reaction couldn't be more perfect from a VolTard could it? The guy just gives you a great road map to be relevant again, and gives you all a spark of hope down the line, if only Vol fans would engage in reality. But nope! Vol fan goes for the delusional instant gratification of "if we could just get the right guy in there!" LMAO. Fans are also a huge reason as to why Tennessee will never be elite again.
Negan all I saw was a long list of excuses. I love it when UGA fans call out Mullen for excuse-making, and then whenever I bring up the 44-28 DRILLING of UGA this year, the first thing UGA fans do is draft up a list of excuses that look like the Vietnam memorial. Hypocrites!
Excuses Excuses Excuses Excuses... UGA fans love to call out Mullen for that, and when we lose it doesn't matter who's out. But when GEORGIA has people out for a game that's all we hear about. Figures. With all the talent UGA wastes it's all they can do.
Where did Kirby doing less with more fall on the Power-5 Head Coach meter? UGA: where 5 stars get developed to 3 stars!
at least we're not 44-28 U... oh wait!
UGA is PBU, How the hell are you gonna steal a parking boot! lol
Jesus Christ, it'll be okay. I promise. No one is coming for your family, gump.
dude it's the AAC. There's a relatively low bar for the "right guy"
Nah, those were the 20 completions for 341 yards and 4 touchdown passes in one half again an "elite" dawgs defense! 44-28!
Definitely, and we saw a little bit of Richardson's athleticism during his drive in garbage time vs Oklahoma. He's fast for such a big guy. Apparently he was one of the best on the team in agilities and workouts as a true freshman. He's gonna be a FREAK in a couple years.
Kirby Smart does less with more! What's the use of getting all that talent if you can't coach it? UGA: where 5 stars go to get developed into 3 stars.
Enjoy it while you can before you Athletic department get hit with some hardcore sanctions.
Go around licking every doorknob you find. I'm sure it was a hobby for you before the pandemic anyway. I'm sure if I put your 69 IQ mind to work trying to find a corner in a circular room you would be entertained for hours. ironic for you all to call me a "science denialist"... tell me, what studies do you have to indicate that masks don't work.
Nice Ad Hominem, but it has nothing to do with the actual point being made... Are you going to actually respond or are you going to put your hand over your ears and scream "LALALALALA IM NOT LISTENINGGGGGG" as the facts hurt your feelings?
I'm an essential worker too, moron. I'm exposed to other people every day. Piss poor attempt to box me into your straw man. What exactly makes you more qualified to comment on the seriousness of COVID, then? Are you an epidemiologist? Do you have access to the wealth of data the CDC has? Have you actually read anything that isn't FOX, Breitbart, Newsmax, etc? If you're about to cite the 99% number then you're already outing yourself as a room-temperature IQ mouth breather.
So next time a hurricane comes I'm glad you want the announcement to be "Don't worry! Hurricanes have a 99% survival rate! Just go out and drive and have fun and don't take any precautions when the Hurricane hits!" These Texas snowstorms have a 99% survival rate, why not open Texas up? Why are people being asked to say in their homes and why are businesses asked to close? Do you see how dumb this is?
that makes no sense lol. DeathSantis is pretty hated here in Florida for how terribly he's handled this thing and how he's handing out the vaccine based on the affluence of retirement communities rather based on the actual need of retirement communities or communities with a higher percentage of elderly people.
I really hope you're one of those older bandwagon fans leftover from the '90s or late 00's and didn't actually go to UF. That would be really embarrassing to the faculty and staff of the University to know they failed you so badly.
SOMEONE's always gotta bring politics where it doesn't belong... Hey, just so you know Alachua county is super blue, and Florida is a purple state. If someone being a democrat is really that big of a deal-breaker for you then I have some really bad news about the students and students athletes for these colleges you root for. Just sayin.
Chill there, Dawg. Pitts is, at least, a generational talent at TE and there's no reason to believe he won't be at least very solid in the NFL.
Don't tell anyone but Georgia couldn't have picked a better time to put all the pieces together. UF will be coming back down to earth, Bama will be reloading, LSU is kind of a wild card... the door is open for UGA. I guess I'm gonna have to get all my 1980 jokes in now. But don't tell anyone I said that.
Yeah, the show-cause order is still in effect, but the probation has already been served I believe.
from 2010-2020 mizzou has had more seasons at or below .500 than bowl wins. Talk more about head coaches when you fix that.
It's one of those seasons. Hopefully things don't completely melt down like in 2018.