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I just doubt he'll fall that far. He's going to be the first non-qb taken.
none of them are breakout receivers tho. I really think Tua needs some better weapons and they need to improve that HORRID O-line. If they do that the run game will take care of itself.
It's going to happen regardless of boomers whining about this or NIL.
and you lost 44-28 to our program and haven't won a natty in 41 years. If that makes our program terrible, what does it make yours?
You're* Glad to see you're putting that UGA education to good work.
It doesn't matter if we have mid-major Mike as our head coach.
If you don't give a "ratz arse", whatever that means, about what we think then why are you on this page?
Gump, the problem was that none of those claims seem to be true based on what we know about fields, while letting some other, actually known thing about other QBs go under the radar. For example, no one voted Zach Wilson to be a team captain but that never comes up. Mac Jones's DUI never comes up. Probably because both those guys are good players and any doubts we had about them because of that are put to rest. Yet, when it comes to Fields, people question is motivation for really no reason. He had cracked/broken ribs vs Clemson and still played his heart out. To top it all off, these questions game from people Orlovsky said were "in the know" or "would know about this" or something like that when, again based off what we know, that's HIGHLY unlikely. It just seems like bad journalistic practice IMO.
Jesus Negan... How many accounts have you had now? I don't know but, the "definition" of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result. Maybe lay off the trolling for a little bit and keep the same account for more than 3 months this time, yeah?
and if Scott Stricklin doesn't fire Mike White then fire him. Many UF athletic teams are going down the toilet with him at the helm.
It's not just "a segment" of the fanbase that wants Mike White gone. There's just "a segment" of the fanbase that actually wants him to stay. Here are the stats for the Mike White reign of terror as of now: - ZERO NBA draft picks - ZERO Top 20 Final AP finishes - #39 and #75 ranked recruiting classes ('20 and '21) - Zero conference titles - under 60% wins in SEC games - Zero SEC championship game appearances - Zero wins over FSU - Reached Sweet 16 one time in six years Fire Mike White.
Of course the friggin' barn has a storied fishing team lol
Kirby finally got out of his own way and let the offensive coaches coach. Better get my 1980 jokes in now.
This guy really said fan base LOL!!!! Tennessee has the most delusional fans in the freakin' country!
The reaction couldn't be more perfect from a VolTard could it? The guy just gives you a great road map to be relevant again, and gives you all a spark of hope down the line, if only Vol fans would engage in reality. But nope! Vol fan goes for the delusional instant gratification of "if we could just get the right guy in there!" LMAO. Fans are also a huge reason as to why Tennessee will never be elite again.
Negan all I saw was a long list of excuses. I love it when UGA fans call out Mullen for excuse-making, and then whenever I bring up the 44-28 DRILLING of UGA this year, the first thing UGA fans do is draft up a list of excuses that look like the Vietnam memorial. Hypocrites!
Excuses Excuses Excuses Excuses... UGA fans love to call out Mullen for that, and when we lose it doesn't matter who's out. But when GEORGIA has people out for a game that's all we hear about. Figures. With all the talent UGA wastes it's all they can do.
Where did Kirby doing less with more fall on the Power-5 Head Coach meter? UGA: where 5 stars get developed to 3 stars!
at least we're not 44-28 U... oh wait!
UGA is PBU, How the hell are you gonna steal a parking boot! lol
Jesus Christ, it'll be okay. I promise. No one is coming for your family, gump.