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We play UNC in Chapel Hill in 3 weeks. If that team is a "cupcake", what does that make your team?
Notre Dame finished the regular season 12-0. If they shouldn't have been in the CFP, who should've taken their place? 2-loss Georgia? Ohio State with the beatdown loss to Purdue?
SC can play a couple of ACC teams a year (& get their arses whooped!) but every other game is Vandy, Tennessee, Arkansas & Ole Miss. I would include Kentucky on that list but you really can't consider them an in-conference cupcake with the way they've owned y'all the last 5 years.
"...510 yards against Clemson" That game was one hell of a moral victory for SC!
The purpose behind Coach Meyer's particular choice of words was to etablish plausible deniability to the inevitable charge of being a weaselly liar when he takes the USC job.
From this Clemson fan's observation, it seems that Muschamp has done yeoman's work recruiting, considering what he's up against & the talent depletion he inherited. Even going into year 4, with some okay-to-good classes, he still has some obvious holes to plug, & he's nowhere near closing the talent gap with Clemson & Georgia. We know he can recruit, but the question is whether he can develop his talent, motivate his players & get consistent play out of his team. (I mean, they put up 600+ yards & 35 points on the #1 defense in America & then turned in that clunker in the Belk Bowl.) Maybe his staff adjustments will help some in that regard.
I think he be might he referring to the geographical proximity of Clemson & Georgia - & the fact that both programs are drawing from the same well for talent - rather than a dig at the ACC. Though we've obviously done pretty well these last few years, Clemson outrecruiting Georgia is not something we're used to seeing.
Yeah, this is the same game Cock fans played 2 years ago: it's called called "Pin the asterisk on Clemson's national championship". Because lord knows they aren't ever going to even sniff one themselves.y y
C'mon y'all. For the sake of argument, let's do a bit of role-reversal. If Alabama had won 44-16 & I as a Clemson fan came in here to make this argument, I'd get laughed out of the room.
If it were only a matter of wins & losses, Durkin might deserve to keep his job, as it certainly seemed that he had that program trending upward. If the Maryland administration were focused only on that bottom line, he just might possibly be able to survive this scandal. But the more pertinent question is whether the program can continue to move forward under his leadership now that so much bad has gone public. Durkin has a track record as a good recruiter, but henceforth would parents be willing entrust their sons to play there? And there is also the matter of whether the university could live with the stain on its image that retaining him would entail. Add on top of that the certainty of lawsuits & litigation (which will likely drag on for several years), & the totality of it I think is just too much for Durkin to be able to survive. Maryland may be desperate for athletic success, but occasionally one faces something more important than wins & losses. The obvious call will be to cut their losses now & start over.
I'd be shocked if Brent Venables were to leave Clemson right now. His team is about to play for an ACC title & spot in the College Football Playoff; throughout his career he's been nothing if not loyal, so it's hard to see him just up & leaving with so much on the line. He is, by all accounts, quite happy in Clemson, making $1.7m as defensive coordinator & linebackers coach. What is more, his son Jake is set to join the Clemson team as a linebacker next season.
For the short term at least, it's safe to say that Dabo Swinney isn't going anywhere. He has deep roots in Clemson, and his son Drew is a freshman receiver on the Clemson team. Same for Brent Venables -by all accounts he loves living in Clemson, and his son Jake will join the team next season. Now, Dabo has never made any secret of his love for the Crimson Tide and his pride in making their team as a walk-on and winning the '92 national title. But he also has a lot of sweat equity in the program at Clemson - he's been here 15 years - and right now there is no reason for him not to stay put and reap the rich harvest he and his coaches have sown. I doubt that Dabo - or any other proven winner of a head coach for that matter - would be keen to succeed Nick Saban at Alabama, where the only direction he could go would be down. Though further down the road - say, in 7 or 8 years - perhaps he might choose to succeed the coach who succeeds Saban.
Do you think these are the same students who would attend football games on campus? Every large, public university has activists, but I doubt these are the students who get excited about college football. Believe it or not, there are conservatives in Berkeley; just as there are liberals at Ole Miss. Whatever one's personal opinions, football games are usually a politics-free zone to most fans.
I suspect that reports of the ACC's imminent demise are greatly exaggerated. Seriously, where does anyone get this idea that the ACC is teetering? In 2016 at least, it was provably the best conference in college football. Maybe things appeared differently back in 2010-11, but these days its future appears bright. The SEC, to its credit, has never sought to add teams that didn't already want out of their old conferences. I'm not aware of any feelers that Clemson, Virginia Tech, Florida State or N.C. State have put out toward joining the SEC. Is there anything to this article other than fantasy & speculation?
I attended the Clemson-Pitt game back on Nov. 12. Our defense simply couldn't stop Pitt's offense that day. I came away truly impressed by Coach Canada's ability to identify our defensive weaknesses & devise an offensive game plan to exploit them. But it always comes down to personnel.
Rather than brief clock stoppages after 1st downs, it has been the replays that have been mainly responsible for slowing the game down (along with excessive TV timeouts too). I continue to believe that replay & the ability to review/overturn calls on the field has improved the game, but hopefully some way can be found to speed this along.
Lane Kiffin can't open his mouth without something asinine coming out of it.
" . . . still dumb founded that they hired him." I can't help but think that Will Muschamp was probably their 4th or 5th choice, but the crux of the matter was that nobody else with any better credentials wanted this job. Unlike Georgia, South Carolina was & remains a multi-year rebuilding project. For all his success at USC - unprecedented in their entire history of playing intercollegiate football - Steve Spurrier when he bailed on them last year in mid-season left next to nothing in terms of SEC- or ACC-level talent. But one thing he did leave them with was greatly raised expectations. Until their 2010-2013 run, USC fans would celebrate being bowl-eligible, & would be ecstatic over 8 wins in a season. Nowadays that won't suffice to keep the boosters & fans happy, especially after their arch-rival made back-to-back appearances in the College Football Playoff & won the 2016 national championship. On top of the unrealistic expectations, USC in-state has to recruit against Dabo Swinney. Whatever his shortcomings as a coach at Florida, Muschamp does bring a reputation as an ace recruiter. Only time will tell if he'll get the job done at USC, but in my opinion they could've done a lot worse. If they're willing to give him time, he should be able to get them back to competitiveness in the SEC East, though I'm skeptical about them getting back to 11 wins any time soon.
I'm not privy to any inside information, but it does appear that Kiffin must have wanted out from his position at Alabama. It's pretty far down the ladder from HC at Houston to HC at Florida Atlantic. Personally, if I were an AD, I wouldn't even think about hiring him. It's not that he can't coach & win, just that he can't be counted on to stick around long enough to build a program. Lane Kiffin's only loyalty is to himself.
I'm by no means a denialist about the racism of our past & present society. But baseless allegations of "racism" get tossed around so much that the word at some point gets stripped of any meaning. Yes, Clemson has some ugly racism in its past. So does practically every other formerly all-white public university in the South. My father played for Clemson in the late 1950s, & he told me what it was like back then - not just Clemson but the entire South. Clemson's record on this matter is certainly no worse than comparable southern universities; in fact, it's better than many of them. Heck, there was a time in the not-too-distant past when a black person would be arrested just for setting foot on USC's campus. In stating that, my intent is not to get into a tit-for-tat argument over this matter. Rather, my point is that we fans should try to avoid tossing around accusations of racism - especially unfounded ones - as we snipe at one another. Really, we just shouldn't go there, for none of our hands are clean.
Gee, SC fans just bursting with Bama pride!
Wow, losing to S.C. must be a stink that can never be rinsed off.
I don't know if Baylor's interim HC wants the job permanently or not. But Baylor does have a really good one right now in Jim Grobe. West Virginia is playing well right now, but Dana Holgorson's teams have been mediocre at best since 2012.
I'm sure it's Herman's agent who is doing the talking at this point, not the HC himself. But perhaps it's just that his players & coaches can already read the writing on the wall, so to speak. In addition to the losses to Navy (somewhat understandable) & SMU (total head-scratcher), there was the close call against Tulsa. We all hear about how this or that coach has a great "football mind" or is an offensive or defensive "genius". But in my opinion, the true measure of a head coach is how he responds to adversity, how he can find answers & motivate his team when things aren't going so well. What matters is where a program stands after 5 years rather than 1 or 2 years. With regard to Herman, right now we just don't know.
So a neighbor claiming to smell marijuana is enough probably cause for police to get a warrant? Or do police even bother with that anymore before executing a search?
It looks like the hurricane will have come & gone from Gainesville by game time.
"Dabo Swinney and Clemson. The man is a glorified cheerleader" Do you really believe this? What would make you think this? On the specific point here, Clemson entered last season ranked #12, & did not crack the top 10 until after beating then-#6 Notre Dame to improve to 4-0. Not nearly the same level of hype as Tennessee this season or Auburn last season.
As for UNC being legit, I'll believe it when I see it. Gene Chizik can coach defense, but I'm not convinced that the Tarheels will be able to stop UGa's running game. Though they're still loaded with plenty of offensive weapons, I'm not convinced that the they'll be the same juggernaut as last year minus Marquise Williams. I expect Georgia to take control of this game in the 2nd half. Georgia 34 North Carolina 24.
"Clempson loses to teams they shouldn’t" Clemson presently has a 39-game win streak against unranked teams, 2nd only to Alabama. Its last such loss occurred in November 2011. Not that it couldn't happen on the Plains this Saturday - Auburn may play lights out, pick up a few turnovers, block a punt, return a kickoff for a touchdown, & hold Clemson to less than 38. But it ins't going to happen because SEC or all that "Clemsoning" BS.
Agreed. THIS is the reason that we shouldn't automatically assume that Dabo Swinney would jump to Alabama. Following a legend is always a challenge, especially when the only direction one can go is down. Frank Solich was quite successful following Tom Osborne at Nebraska, but he still got fired after a 9-3 season. Would Dabo risk his fantastic career arc by going to a school where 9 or 10 wins a year just isn't goint to cut it? Jimbo Fisher has been exceptionally successful following Bobby Bowden at Florida State, but everyone knew he had some rebuilding to do as their program had slipped into mediocrity between 2004 & 2009, so he at least was granted a honeymoon period. To be sure, there's pressure to win at Clemson, but at Alabama that pressure is just off the charts. What is more, Dabo has deep roots in Clemson (13 years now) & has built it into a recruiting juggernaut that shows no signs of slowing down. And let's not forget that Dabo played at Alabama while Bill Curry was head coach & coached there on Mike DuBose's staff (not a glorious period in Crimson Tide history), so he knows first-hand how nasty some fans can be when things aren't going their way.