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Sounds like he wanted to play with his brother. I don’t think the sky is falling in Athens. I hate to say it but I think Kirby slides in another 5 star tackle, hits the transfer portal for his QB. Looking forward to Jacksonville this year.
Are you sure Alabama is ranked above Florida? They have the same record, and Florida has the only top 25 win of the two over an Auburn team that beat Alabama. I’m not sure who would win head to head, but Florida has the better resume and Bama has lost it’s most exciting player.
I agree 1000% I couldn’t believe how slow they went on that drive. And to not even attempt an onside kick when you’re going against a Georgia offense that’s been moving the ball all day, Mullen deserves more criticism than Grantham in my opinion.
While I don’t think Florida is in the national title hunt this year, if Franks went down Trask has shown he can be as good and Emory Jones has a higher ceiling. I still think we go 9-3, or 8-4 with either of them under center.
What 5 coaches do you put above him in the SEC? Saban, Kirby, and Fisher I’ll give you, but Mullen has shown to be as good or better than Orgeron, Stoops, and Malzahn.
With Kirby I doubt you will be hurting for talent anytime soon. He’s a hell of a recruiter.
Very true, Kirby is a hell of a recruiter. Hopefully Mullen has another good year, I think if he does we compete with y’all and Bama in 2020.
Y’all hired the DB coach who gave up all those touchdowns
He’s definitely a Colorado/west coast guy. Just never a good fit in Gainesville. Maybe he’ll have better luck there.
I’m impressed he can remember who he played this year. Must have eased up on his medication.
Taggart is a clown. Maybe he should worry more about teaching his team fundamentals like how to line up correctly, and worry less about pre-game dancing and Dora backpacks.