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Hilarious coming from a South Carolina fan.
I just looked at UK's schedule and it seems very favorable. If Levis and the new OC mesh well it could definitely be another 10 win season
8-4 or 7-5. With so many changes and question marks at not only UF but other programs, a lot of the games are toss-ups. UGA is the clear front runner, but the rest of the east can't be determined until they start lining up against each other.
I used to live in Louisiana. The worst thing you can do is not be genuine/yourself. I think he will be fine, but drop the fake accent and just win games.
Lincoln Riley is full of it if he really expects people to believe the first time USC contacted him was "early Sunday morning".
He is correct, fit only matters if he isn't winning. If you win, fans don't care where you come from or how much of an outsider you are. Winning cures all. "BUT", if he doesn't win he will quickly find out why SEC jobs are known as pressure cookers.
If I were a TN fan I would be concerned. I mean you have 2 major programs out there with vacancies (OU and LSU), but not many names to fill them. Aranda said to be working on an extension with Baylor, so that leaves Campbell......who else is there? Heupel is "definitely" getting a call from OU.
Charlie Strong was never the head coach, he got a HC position at Louisville. All of the other coaches you named absolutely deserved to be fired....other than maybe Zook. You are right though, expectations have increased. Once these coaches started making $5-$10 million a year, people want results. Mullen was making $7.5M and didn't want to recruit!?!?....unacceptable. Coaches forfeited their allotted patience for money. So I can absolutely see why coaches would stay where they are getting patience from their fan base and just leverage the SEC interest for an extension.
I was wondering who was left to get. Dominoes are starting to fall. With the head start that LSU had in the coaching search, it only makes sense that all of their eggs were in the Lincoln Riley basket. And after Kiffin looked like he trolled LSU's coaching search yesterday, I doubt he is the choice. The hot name coaches are leveraging extensions. I just don't know who is left out there for major schools like LSU and OU.
You don't stick with a guy just for the sake of not turning into another program. Everyone who has been fired since Spurrier undoubtedly deserved to be fired....with the exception of Zook (maybe). Muschamp was in WAY over his head, McElwain was a terrible fit from the jump them made up death threats, and Mullen almost seemed like he was trying to get fired in the end. I like Mullen, I wanted him to be the coach after Urban left, but the trajectory and outlook of the program under Mullen don't look good. You can not recruit if you are winning, but you can't not recruit AND not win while your main rival is putting together #1 classes. Mullen wasn't going to transform into a great recruiter all of a sudden.
How are the expectations ridiculous though? You are located in one of the most talent-rich states. The coach is expected to keep said talent, in state. If other coaches can convince those same kids to move across the country to other states, it's not a ridiculous expectation that the coach persuade them to play closer to home. And any school that has won championships, that will always be the standard.
It's easy to say UF chews up and spits out coaches on the surface, but that's not exactly true. High expectations....of course. Muschamp and McElwain were in way over their heads. Both were terrible fits...especially McElwain. Both totally deserved to be fired. Zook I will say is the one coach who probably got screwed. Whoever came after Spurrier was going to be on a hot seat regardless because he was replacing a legend. Mullen could have still been the guy, but when the season is in shambles and we look down the road at recruiting, that was his undoing. Continuing to hitch his wagon to Grantham got his seat hot, but the recruiting is what ultimately did him in.
Seems a little much, but it was funny. Especially the part where he was graduating. lol
How was it a "tough decision"?! LSU RB Ty Davis-Price vs UF: 36 attempts 287 yds LSU RB Ty Davis-Price vs Ole Miss (very next week): 17 attempts 53 yds This coming after last year being the worst defense in the history of UF football! This firing should have been the easiest coaching decision Mullen has ever had to make.
Florida is definitely not fine. You are correct though, expectations are and will continue to be high. UF is located in a state that has always been overflowing with talent. There is never an excuse not to recruit...you just need someone to convince the talent to stay home. Because of the talent here in the state, the expectation will always be Championship....I mean how can it not? Maybe if the school were located in a different state. Bama, GA, and Clemson all come to FL to recruit the best players. Championship is always the expectation, but you must beat GA and FSU in order to gain patience from the fan base. If you don't/can't do that, you will not be the coach of UF for long. That's just the reality of the position.
Most of Mullen's problems start at recruiting. As the leader of a program (or leader of anything for that matter), you cannot have a staff that has the same weaknesses as yourself. If he knows he isn't the greatest recruiter, he should have a staff of great recruiters. Programs are built and sustained through recruiting. Until emphasis is placed there, it's not going to get turned around. That and the "loyalty" flaw he seems to have. smh
The only thing Saban is leaving Bama for is retirement. I mean, he already has a statue there. Why would he leave everything he has built to go to one of his current rivals? That just doesn't make sense.
LSU RB Davis-Price stats: vs. Florida = 36 attempts for 287yds vs. Ole Miss (very next week) = 17 attempts for 53yds Mullen has sabotaged his own good will built up with the fan base by his loyalty to Grantham. If something doesn't change quickly, his seat could get very hot.
Yet you have no issue with the transfer portal when it came to Arik Gilbert.....so weird how that works. Pot meet kettle.
I think Ole Miss is going to pull the upset. Corral had a great game last year against Bama, and he is better this year. I think it comes down to whether or not Bama's defense improved enough to slow Corral down this year. Bama's offense is still potent...but not all world like last year. Looking forward to a great game.
Brady is definitely trying to drop 50 on Belichick
Man you beat me to it! I thought Justin Shorter would be the FIRST name on this list. I just expected wayyyy more from him.
I'm pretty sure Urban would never go to LSU, especially not over USC. Look at his track record. Ohio State had an easy road to the playoffs and were already a top program. USC is in the PAC...doesn't get much easier than that (although they are starting to look a little better). Cali is rich with talent, USC has name recognition and pedigree, and no real barrier to the CFP.