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Yet you have no issue with the transfer portal when it came to Arik Gilbert.....so weird how that works. Pot meet kettle.
I think Ole Miss is going to pull the upset. Corral had a great game last year against Bama, and he is better this year. I think it comes down to whether or not Bama's defense improved enough to slow Corral down this year. Bama's offense is still potent...but not all world like last year. Looking forward to a great game.
Brady is definitely trying to drop 50 on Belichick
Man you beat me to it! I thought Justin Shorter would be the FIRST name on this list. I just expected wayyyy more from him.
I'm pretty sure Urban would never go to LSU, especially not over USC. Look at his track record. Ohio State had an easy road to the playoffs and were already a top program. USC is in the PAC...doesn't get much easier than that (although they are starting to look a little better). Cali is rich with talent, USC has name recognition and pedigree, and no real barrier to the CFP.
I think it's time to start a gofundme to get you some serious help.
Actually I think that makes it worse that Negan writes all that for free. lol
One draft turns you into "DBU"?!.....interesting. lol
Very tough season to gauge. I feel like UF could definitely beat Bama...mostly because it's early and B. Young has not yet gained experience...so I really feel that game is a toss-up. UGA and LSU are also very winnable games. The component that will make or break this season for the Gators will be the defense....more so than EJ or the O-line.
I'm still baffled as to how Grimes did not get drafted. I thought he was projected 3rd or 4th round.
Unbelievable! This guy comments on every UF article with stuff not even related to the article..."AND" responds to himself. smh I guess I am just in disbelief at the absence of logic.
I have run these drills numerous times through the years. I have no problem with the drill in football practice. My biggest issue with this is how quickly the coaches laughed....as if they knew exactly what was about to happen. Not a fan of that at whatever age group this was....or lining up the more advanced kids vs. those just starting out....in this specific drill.
When did FSU win 8 NC's?! 93, 99, and 13 is all I know of.
Grantham might want to care what the fans think because if he trots out a defense remotely close to what we saw last year (i.e., players unable to get lined up correctly pre-snap....8 games into the season), he will be out of a job.
I'm not a Bama fan, but if you think 10 teams are passing up DeVonta Smith you need to retire from doing mock drafts.
I hate Notre Dame, but how do they not go in over OSU? 10-1 with that loss being to Clemson is better than 6-0. You gonna put in a team that played 5 less games!?!? Ridiculous
Good game Bama. Both offenses are potent! Proud of my Gators though.
Florida is a very tough place to coach. Mullen understands that dynamic....which I believe also aids in his success. McElwain and Muschamp were clueless about that aspect
This is long overdue!!!! Hopefully it helps Grantham pull his head out of his @$$ so he can figure out a way to slow Bama down just enough. Cautiously optimistic.....
Sir, you are getting paid MILLIONS...the direction of the program is absolutely your job!! This guy needs to be fired, he is clueless. But as a Gator fan, give him another extension! lol
I'm still in shock that Muschamp got another head coaching job after Florida. It was painfully obvious that he was in over his head. Guy just isn't a good head coach. Defensive coordinator is his ceiling.
I have to call a spade a spade...this defense has been TRASH so far. Push up front is minimal, coverage is very spotty, and tackling has been the biggest disappointment BY FAR. Grantham needs to get this fixed quickly because although they offense looks really good, if they stall at all, UF is in trouble having to depend on that defense...as currently constructed.
Inevitably?!? If it were as "inevitable" as you make it seem I would think it would have sometime in the last 40 years. But congratulations on the "we beat Florida" trophy that goes in your trophy case.