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You must win immediately at Bama, LSU, and UF. Now that the bar has been raised at UGA I would put them in there too. AUB, Tenn, and TAMU have very short leashes. Most other schools will be a little more patient.
Feleipe will get an NFL tryout because he has the size and arm talent of an NFL QB. His biggest flaw however, rests between his two shoulders. McElwain I am not sold on as an SEC coach. His time at UF was very weird. I think he thrives in positions that are not in the spotlight, and although Mizzou is not technically in the spotlight, it's still in the SEC. Muschamp has had the same issues since he was the coach at Florida. I don't see how in all this time he has not come to the conclusion that HE is the problem. smh ah well
I stopped reading at "best quarterback I have ever seen".....smh.
I was in sheer amazement that Muschamp even got another head coaching job in the SEC. Muschamp has always been in over his head. He is a great recruiter on the defensive side of the ball, but neglects the offense. Recruits, but doesn't develop. Should never be more than a Defensive Coord.
Excited for the future at UF....specifically what the offense will look like with Jones at QB.
Officiating has been horrid this year. Just bad overall. I understand that officials are going to miss calls, but they are missing some pretty egregious stuff...for all teams!
This is GREAT news. I almost forgot Toney was on the team he has been out so long!
This game will be close like it is almost every year. Has Burrow progressed from last year....yes. However, he will not put up video game numbers this game. The only real edge I see LSU having is it being in Death Valley at night. I think my Gators find a way to pull it out if they take care of the football.