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You’re (note the spelling) correct, CFB Fan! They should write about exciting sports happening this week, such as USA Hockey or perhaps NCAA Lacrosse. Look around, there isn’t much that’s newsworthy happening in college sports this week. I think a better solution would be you driving I65 south into Mobile Bay?
Wow - a lot of sour grapes here. Murray played more, created more opportunities for his team and played far more creatively than Tua. The Heisman is an individual award and much to Alabama’s chagrin, it went to the individual with the best stats and leadership qualities. I blame Kevin Sumlin for letting this guy get away from A&M, but congrats, none the less!
Bad? I’ve been tailgating in The Junction for three years, now (daughter and wife both State raised). I honestly have never seen a fight, wrestling match or even slap fight break out and we’re next to the KA house! Ole Miss, when you care enough to show how classless you can be...
What amazes me is that Finebaum I considered to have a relevant opinion. 20 years ago, he was a superb sports writer. Today, he is a caricature of Alabama infatuation and self-love. He should be ignored or at best, treated like the old, loony uncle at family reunions.
Owned? Like most Bama fans, you need to learn what the words you use actually mean. We played poorly in the 4th quarter and that's the only thing that allowed Bama to cover. I didn't expect a win, but you need to check your ego. As I told my nephew - that's a great win, but it doesn't put bread on your table.
Dude - get a life! It's just a college football game. You guys will lose Saturday and you can go crawl back into your troll cave.
Cowherd marginalized himself years ago. He is just another not-so-good Jim Rome wannabe (and Jim Rome sucks).